IJMETMR : International Journal & Magazine of Engineering, Technology, Management and Research is an international peer reviewed, open access, online journal published by Yuva Engineers for professionals and researchers in various disciplines of Engineering, Technology and Management.

IJMETMR is an is a science and Technology enrichment initiative designed for professionals & Researchers across the world. IJMETMR’s goal is to inspire young engineers and professionals to develop an interest in research and development, in doing so, recognise the importance and excitement of engineering, technology & management for the upliftment of entire Mankind.

Periodicity: Monthly, 12 Issues Per Year

Language : English

ISSN (Online) : ISSN 2348 – 4845

(Our parent publication “Yuva Engineers” Print Journal is having ISSN No: 2320 – 3706 )

Subject Category : Engineering, Science, Technology and Management.

Published By : Yuva Engineers, India.

Aim of the Journal:
The Journal Aims is to promote research and development of Engineering, Science, Technology and Management. The journal is working with the aim to provide a platform and publish original research work, review work, ideas and Designs.

Open Access Statement:
IJMETMR is committed to the real and immediate open access for academic work with out any registration or payment. All the articles are free to access from the date of publication without any kind of restrictions. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited. Authors retain copyright to their work.

Scope of the Journal:
We seek technical papers describing ideas, groundbreaking results and/or quantified system experiences. We especially encourage submissions that highlight real-world problems and solutions for it. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Electrical Engineering:Applications of Electrical Engineering in Biomedicine, Computers, Geosciences, Optics and remote sensing.

Renewable, green and alternative energy.( Wind energy, wind turbines, Solar energy, Photovoltaic cell technology, Hydro energy, Ocean energy: tidal and wave, Biomass and Biofuels)

Power Generation – Conventional and Renewable.

Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Electricity Grid

Solar and fuel cell technologies

Energy efficiency. Lighting efficiency

Intelligent Electric Power Systems, Technologies and Components

Energy storage

Electrochemical batteries

New generation batteries


Nuclear energy

Power line communications and their applications

Transient & Lightning Protection

Electricity supply, power grids & management

Measurement & Testing

Novel applications and real-world deployments


Communication Engineering:

Quantum Computing & Coding

Error Controls Agent Computing & Multi-Agents Systems

Defining Spectrum Rights and Open Spectrum Solutions

Quality of Services and Communication Protocols

Satellite and Optical Communication Systems

3G/4G Network Evolutions & CDMA/GSM Communication Protocols

Mobile Computing, Transmission/Switching/Distribution technologies

Communication Theory & Signal Processing for Communications

Wireless Communications, Wireless & Mobile Networking

Optical Networks and Systems &Next-Generation Networking and Internet

Communication QoS &Reliability and Modeling

Ad-hoc, Sensor & Mesh Networking

Multimedia Services, Communication Software & Services

Communication and Information System Security

Radio, satellite and space communications

Teletraffic models and traffic engineering

System control and network/service management

Network and Internet protocols and standards

Client-server, distributed & Web-based communication systems

Broadband and multimedia systems & applications

Trials of advanced systems and services

Wireless communications

Quality of service, reliability and performance modelling

Cross-layer design of wireless networks

Protocols for mobile applications

Broadcasting and multicasting

Next generation communication networks, protocols & Services

Optical networks and technologies

Mobile wireless middleware & applications

Wireless ad hoc, sensor & mesh networks

Multimedia and digital signal processing

Communications for disaster management

New techniques in RF-design and modeling


Mechanical Engineering:


Fluid Dynamics

Compressible Flows

Automotive engineering

Computational Mechanics


Heat and Mass Transfer

Nanomaterial Engineering

Plasticity Mechanics



Multibody Dynamics

Robotics, automation and control

Nonlinear Dynamics

Structural Dynamics



Noise Control

Material Engineering

Acoustics and noise control

Transport Phenomena

Manufacturing Process



Management Studies:

Organizational Behavior

Management Information Systems

Legal Aspects of Business

Accounting For management

Production Management

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

Financial Management

Quality Management

Project Management

Strategic Management

International Business

Cross Cultural & Global management

Behavioral Finance

Finance Engineering

Consumer Behavior

Logistics Management

Training and Development

Learning and Development

Retailing and CRM in Banking

Tourism Planning and Management

Hospital Management

Total Quality Management


IT in Business Management

Knowledge management

Any Other Topics Related to Management


Electronics Engineering:Circuits & Devices

Digital Signal Processing

Electromagnetics & Microwaves

Optics & Optoelectronic Effects

Devices, Systems & Semiconductors

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Digital and multirate signal processing

DSP algorithms and applications

Chip design for Communications

Adaptive signal processing

Sensor networks

Speech technology

Time-Frequency and Wavelet Applications

Modelling and Simulation

Circuits and Electronics for Data Conversion and S-D Modulation

Capacitor/Current Techniques

Prototype Devices and Measurement

Circuits for Antennas Technology

Electron Devices and Systems for Radar and Sonar Systems

Fuzzy Logic and Circuits Design



Digital and Mixed-Mode Circuits

Non-Linear Circuits

Military Electronics

Electronics for Space exploration

Consumer Electronics

Any topics related Electronics


Computer Science Engineering:

Parallel Processing and Distributed Computing

Foundations of High-performance Computing

Graph Theory and Analysis of Algorithms

Artificial Intelligences and Pattern/Image Recognitions

Neural Networks and Biomedical Simulations

Virtual Visions and Virtual Simulations

Data Mining, Web Image Mining and Applications

Data Base Management & Information Retrievals Adaptive Systems

Bifurcation, Biocybernetics & Bioinformatics

Blind Systems, Neural Networks &Control Systems

Cryptosystems &Data Compression

Evolutional Computation &Fuzzy Systems

Image Processing and Image Recognition, Modeling & Optimization

Speech Processing, Speech Synthesis & Speech Recognition

Video Signal Processing, Watermarking & Wavelet Transform

Computer networks & security

All topics related Computer Science

GIS, remote sensing & surveying


Information Technology Engineering:

Internet protocols & services

ICT applications in education & training

eLearning, eBanking & e-Governance

Internet applications

IP mobility protocols

Virtual environments and social networks

Communications software and services

Programming models and languages

System security and data integrity

Operating systems

Protocols at all layers (physical, link, network, and above)

Data storage, retrieval, and processing

Wireless LANs and adhoc networks

Internet communications


Civil and Architectural Engineering:

Architecture and planning

Collaborative design and construction

Disaster preparedness, response and recovery

Long span bridges

Wind and Structures

Novel technologies

Environmentally & ecologically friendly construction materials

Smart and adaptive materials

Smart and sustainable structures

Transportation safety

Road & pavement engineering

River & waterways engineering

Irrigation and groundwater engineering

Water management

Model of flood mitigation

Urban drainage & sewerage engineering

Water supply engineering

Industrial and domestic waste treatment-recycling

Solid waste management-technology

Gas emissions handling-treatment

Port harbor engineering

Coastal protection and environment

Geotechnical engineering

Earthquake engineering

Environmental modeling

Environmental management


Chemical Engineering:

Inorganic Chemistry

Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Materials Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Intelligent polymers

Analytical Chemistry

Green organic synthesis routes

Catalysis & reaction engineering

Chemical reaction engineering

Chemical engineering equipment design and process design

Interfacial & colloidal phenomena

Membranes and membrane science


Distillation, absorption and extraction

Ionic liquids/electrolyte solutions

Biological and Medicinal Chemistry


Surface Science

Separation and purification

Forest product processing

Milk product processing