Smart Healthcare Monitoring System Using IOT
Mohammed Abdul Farhan, Imthiazunnisa Begum & K.Tirupathi
Performance and Comparison of Various Classifiers Using Psoriasis Skin Image
Devki Tembhurnikar & Mr.Manoj Kumar Singh
Enhancing the Heat Transfer Rate for Multi Cylinder Engine Piston and Piston Rings
Amir Sohel & Mr.D.Sharan Kumar
Thermal Analysis of Combustion Outer Case for Turbo Engine
Md.Farhajuddin & Mr.S.Rajesh
Enhancing the Performance of an Engine Block by Varying Cooling Fluids
Md Shakir Ansari & Mr.D.Sharan Kumar
Design and Thermal Analysis on Engine Cylinder Fin through Various Fin Fabrics
Shaik Imran Farooq, Mr.D.Sharan Kumar & Mr.G.Satish Kumar
Automated Billing System in Super Markets Using RFID Technology
Indra Reddy YC, Keerthana N, KavyaShree S, Deepthi M & Shiva Prasad KM
IoT Based Voice and SMS Update Notification System Using Raspberry PI
Suresh Ballala, K.Varalakshmi, K.Raghavendra & Dr.I.Satyanarayana
Implementation of Four Wheeler Parking Management System
Rai Bhagyasri & Dr.D.R.V.A.Sharath Kumar
Farm Automation by Embedded Sensor Networks
Syed Hameedullah, Dr Nahid Jabeen & Asifa Sultana
Remote Usage of Vehicle Tracking, Accident Detection and Condition Observing System
Kommu Siviah & Talachuru Prakash
High Precession on Vehicle Navigation in Urban Environments Using Mem’s IMU and Single Frequency GPS Receiver
P.Sayanna & Vanaja Pundra
Reduction of Bit Error Rate Using Secured LDPC Crypto Coding
Kottapalli Sushma & Dr.B.Venkateshulu
Vehicle Assisted Device To Device Data Delivery for Smart Grid
Rangala Manasa & Mr.Badavath Mohanrao
Environment Monitoring and Device Control Using Embedded Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
S.Nagendra Babu & B Kiran Kumar
Intelligent Patient Health Monitoring Over an IOT Environment
P.Prashanth & G.Devendhar
An Intelligent Helmet for Wireless Sensor Network
D.Sandya & Y.Venkateswara Reddy
Design and Performance of Under Floor Swirl Diffuser at Different Operating Angles Using FEA
Rachamarla Pradeep Kumar, P.Saritha & J.Pradeep Kumar
Design and Analysis of Micro Vertical Axis Wind Savonius Turbine
T.Krishna Veni, V.S.Lakshmi Ravuri & J.Pradeep Kumar
Modeling and Analysis of Excavator Bucket with Replacing Material
Chinta Ranjeet Kumar, BH Sridhar & J.Pradeep Kumar
Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures Using Fiber Reinforced
A D V G Sai Kiran & M Krishna Kumar
A Profitable Macro Cluster Generation Utilizing Top-K Shared Micro Clusters in Information Streams
Nagamalleswararao Tadikonda
A Proficient and Effective Multi Keyword Positioned Search System on Cipher Cloud Data
Kommana Nagendra Kumar
WECS based VSC for Grid Stability
R Dinesh Kumar
PV Based Multi-Stage DC/AC Converter Fed to Single-Phase DC Motor
R Dinesh Kumar
Shunt Active Power Filter Using PV System
R Dinesh Kumar
Future Prospective of Friction Stir Welding for Different Industrial Applications
E.Arun Kumar
Predicting Private Information and Detecting inference Attacks on Social Networks Data
K.Laxman, N.Shanker & P.Vamshi
Performance Evaluation of Grid Connected Two-Stage PV-Array Converter under Non-Linear Load Conditions
Dilip Kumar Reddy & Manasa Nanduri