A good paper will:

Consider a significant problem;

Propose an interesting, compelling solution;

Demonstrate the practicality and benefits of the solution;

Draw appropriate conclusions;

Clearly describe what the authors have done;

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, interest, clarity, relevance, and correctness.

Submissions will be subject to meticulous review by the experts and the top quality papers will be awarded. All papers will be published on the YuvaEngineers website.


Only FULL PAPERS are accepted for review, and papers must comply with the recommended formatting guidelines.
Submitted papers should be original and must have not been published nor submitted for review/publication to any other editorial. Please do not copy from Internet and submit them. We don’t encourage any kind of plagiarism. Try to put articles in your own words. Give credits and references to original authors and researchers where ever necessary.
Papers must be written in clear English language.
Good papers will be of a minimum of pages and a maximum of 8 pages. Idol size would be of 4 pages.
All figures, tables, references, etc. are included in the page limit, and must be placed in the appropriate positions in the body of the paper.
Papers must be submitted in MS Word format only.

Process of Submission:

1..Covering Letter to be Attached as Below:


Please find my submission of Technical paper entitled ‘___________________________________________’ with reference to your Call for Papers.

I hereby affirm that the contents of this Technical Paper are original. Furthermore, it has neither been published elsewhere in any language fully or partly, nor is it under review for publication elsewhere.

I affirm that all the authors have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the Technical Ppaer and their inclusion of names as co-authors.

Also, if my/our Technical paper is accepted, I/We agree to comply with the terms and conditions as given on the website of the journal & you are free to publish our contribution in any of your journals/Magazines and website.



Affiliation with full address, contact numbers & Pin Code:

Residential address with Pin Code:

Mobile Number (s):

Landline Number (s):

E-mail Address:

Alternate E-mail Address:


The Technical Paper should be submitted in Hard copy and aswell as Soft copy. Soft copy should be in CD/DVD. Your soft copy will be published on website giving credits to you.

3…AUTHOR NAME (S) & AFFILIATIONS: The author (s) full name, designation, affiliation (s),College/Institution, Year & Department, Guide Name and Designation(If Any), address, mobile / landline numbers, and email / alternate email address should be in italic & 12-point in Georgia Font. It must centered underneath the title.

4..ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Acknowledgements can be given to reviewers, funding institutions, etc., if any.

5..ABSTRACT: Abstract should be in fully italicized text, not exceeding 250 words. The abstract must be informative and explain the background, aims, methods, results & conclusion in a single para. Abbreviations must be mentioned in full.

6…Format:Manuscript must be in BRITISH ENGLISH prepared on a standard A4 size PORTRAIT SETTING PAPER. It must be prepared on a single space and single column with 1″ margin set for top, bottom, left and right. It should be typed in 12 point Georgia Font with page numbers at the bottom and centre of every page.

All Headings and Sub-Headings must be bold-faced, aligned left and fully capitalized and typed in 12 Point Georgia Font.

Figures and Table: Please do not copy figures and tables from net. Draw them on your own. Sources of data should be mentioned below the table/figure. It should be ensured that the tables/figures are referred to from the main text.

7..REFERENCES: The list of all references should be alphabetically arranged. The author (s) should mention only the actually utilised references in the preparation of manuscript and they are supposed to follow Harvard Style of Referencing.

For Books

List all authors by last name and initials, separated by commas if there are more than two authors. Put an “and” before the last author in the list. Then put the year of publication, the title of the book (in italics if possible), the publisher, the city, and the number of pages in the book.


Ingmanson, D. E. and Wallace, W. J., 1985, Oceanography: An Introduction, Wadsworth, Belmont, CA, 530 p.

For an Article from a Journal or Magazine

List the author(s) of the article using the same format given above for books, then give the year, the title of the article or chapter (no quotes, italics or underlines), then the title of the journal or magazine (in italics if possible), the volume number of the journal (do not use the publication date), and page numbers where the article can be found:


Vink, G. E., Morgan, W. J., and Vogt, P. R., 1985, The Earth’s hot spots, Scientific American, v. 252, p. 50- 57.

For Internet sources

Give the author’s last name and initials (if known) and the date of publication (or last modification). Next, list the full title of the work (e.g. the specific web page), and then the title of the complete work or site (if applicable) in italics (if possible). Include any version or file numbers, enclosed in parentheses. Most important, provide the full URL to the resource, including the protocol, host address, and the complete path or directories necessary to access the document.

8….Copyrights/Ownership: Author(s) retains the copyright/Publication rights (if any) with out any restrictions for all the papers published with our Journal. Authors should read Policy and Ethics and should enclose copyright declaration form.

9….Send your entries to “Yuva Engineers, D.NO: 11-4-650, 204 Sovereign Shelters, Redhills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad – 500004

10……Details Sheet: Please Attach a separate sheet with your details: Name, Address, email, Telephone number, Branch of Engineering, Semester studying, College name and Address. (If more than one student is submitting the paper, Attach separate sheet with details)

Any Enquires/Doubts/Questions: or +91 9866110776