Smart Text Reader from Image Using OCR and OpenCV with Raspberry PI 3
J.N.Balaramakrishna & Ms.J.Geetha
Electronic Eye for Home Security Using OpenCV with Raspberry PI 3
P.L.C.Krishna & Ms.J.Geetha
Photovoltaic Based EV/HEV for Bi-Directional operation in AC and DC Grid with PWM Control and PV Converters
Sahu Gopi Gowri Santosh Kumar & A.Srinu
Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption for Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
Syed Zuber, P.Anjaiah & Dr.K Rajendra Prasad
Security in Cloud Computing For Contemporary Trends
Riyadh Abdulamer Abdulhusein
Analysis on Apriori Algorithm by Applying Correlation Threshold on Market Basket
K Y B V Padmavathi & Kuravati Chinna Nagaraju
Seamless Power Supply of Grid Connected PV System
Kodi Gnananand & Ch.Ravi Kumar
Improvement of Voltage Stability Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Mr.Burla Tirumala Venkatesh Babu & Mrs.Desireddy Dwija
Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Large Scale Data Processing Using SVM
N.Deshai, Dr.I.Hemalatha & Dr.G.P.Saradhi Varma
Numerical Investigation of Film Cooling For a Section of High Pressure Turbine Blade
Kandi Hemalatha, M.Prudvi Raj Akshay Sai Kumar, Prof.Ramji & Trushar B.Gohil
Design and Strength Analysis of Nose Landing Gear
M Mohan Raju & Stalin Patan
A Novel UPF Rectifier for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System
M Shamily Rathan & Dr.B.Venkata Prasanth
A Hybrid Wind – Power Energy System
Ankit Agarwal & K.Sivarama Krishna
Disclosure of Positioning Misrepresentation for Portable Application
Nirupam Samanta & Ms.S.Shalini
A Novel UPF Rectifier for a Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System
M Shamili Rathan & Dr.B.Venkata Prasanth
Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil with Groundnut Shell Ash and Ferric Chloride
G.H.R.Sampan & Dr.D S V Prasad
Torque Ripple Minimization and PFC of BLDC Motor Drive Using Bridge Less LUO-Converter
Mr.Sriperambudur Naga Santosh Kumar & Mr.G.Jagadeesh
Design Area efficient of Advanced Encryption Standard Based on FPGA
Dr.Arvind Kundu, Mr.M.Suresh Kumar & M Karthik
Synchronised PMU based Cascading Failure Protection Strategy for 220 KV Interconnected Transmission Network
Ajay Kumar Lal
Thermal Analysis on Heat Distribution in Fins of Compressor Cylinder by Varying Profile Using Fem
Bade Yellaji, Dr.D.Sreeramulu & S.Krishna Madhavi
Design Shape Optimization to Ceramic Turbine Vane Using Fem and Matlab
P.Ramakrishna & P.Santhi
Cooperative Load Balancing and Dynamic Channel Allocation for Cluster-Based MANETs
B.HariKrishna, K.Laxman & P.Vamshi
One Cycle Control of Shunt Active Power Filter
R.Nagamani & Rajesh Satti
Simulation of Active Power Filter for DC Capacitor Voltage Fluctuations and Harmonics Reduction
Kolli Sandhya & R.Shiv Kumar
Design of Solar Cell Based Static Compensator with Hysteresis Control Technique
Gottapu Ravi Kumar & A.Nagamalleswararao
A Novel Method to Manage Inter-Cell Interference for Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks in 5G
The Impact of HRM Practices in MNC Companies
Nenavath Nagender
Role of Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Ashok Manda
A Study on Dimensions of Quality of Work Life of Employees