Implementation of Collision Free Full Identity Malleable Identity Based Key Encapsulation Mechanism (IBKEM) For Quick Search
Bassam Moosa Najim
Cost-Minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services into Hybrid Clouds
Shaik Thahmeena Farheen & Shaik Mabjan
A Voltage Regulator for Power Quality Improvement in Low-Voltage Distribution Grids
Solleti Hanuman Sairam & A.V.Suresh
Performance Improvement of an Engine Block by Using Various Cutting Fluids
M.Varaprasad & K.Ashok Kumar
Effect of Cutting Fluids on H.S.S and Carbide Cutting Tools by Thermal Analysis
Mopuri Siva Reddy & N.Jashuva
Thermal Analysis of a Flat Plate with Different Materials under Forced Convection
M.Kishore & G.Krishna Kishore
Experimental Investigations on the Effects of Cerium Oxide Fuel Additive as Nano Particle in Palm Oil Biodiesel
Vanthatipalli Manoj Kumar & Mr.K.Rajasekhar
Performance and Experimental Analysis of Two Stroke Petrol Engine Using Ethonal as an Alternative Fuel
Nakka Anand & Mr.K.Rajasekhar
Secure Data Storage in Clouds by Using Decentralized Access Control
Ahmed Tameem Mohammed
Numerical Analysis of a Plain and Finned Circular Tubes With Twisted Tape Inserts
B.Sujan Kumar Reddy & Mr.B.Chinna Naganna
Performance Analysis of VCR System with Twisted Tape Condenser by Using R134a Refrigerant
Gorla Pushpavathi & Mr.K.Ashok Kumar
Performance and Emission Evaluation of Diesel Engine for Different Volume Concentrations of Cotton Seed Bio Diesel
K.Vijaya Sri, A.Mohan, A.M.V.Praveen & P.Premkumar
An Experimental Study on Strength Parameters of Concrete with Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Robo Sand
G.Sreeja, T.Sarada, Dr.Pallavi Badry & P.Nageswara Rao
FIFO Based Testing Using Bit Swapping
Pathan Aayesha & Md.Shamshad Begum
Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Sag Compensation
B.Eswara Rao