Mineralisation of Corundum At Gobbagurti: A Geoscientific Approach
Dr. Narayan Sangam & Dr.R. Pavanaguru
Group Dynamics: A Key Driver For Organization Performance
P. Durga Sailaja & Nisha Begum
Awareness of Banking & Financial Services  E. Hymavathi
Simulation of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) For Voltage Ride Through Capability Enhancement  Mahesh Darru & B.B.Das
Design and Transient Thermal Analysis of a Diesel Engine out let Bi Metal Valve for Open and Closed conditions Mr.P.Venubabu & Mr.S.Chandrasekhar Reddy
A Current-Source-Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive System With Reduced Losses  Avala Rohith Kumar & P. Suresh
Aluminium Roll Bond- A Single Innovative Circuit For Air Conditioner, Car Radiator, Refrigerator And Water Heater. Prof K.Sainath & Dr. Suresh Akella
Composite Material Reinforcement Leaf Spring of TATRA vehicle
Mr. CH.Chitti Babu & Dr.S.Chandrashekar Reddy
Corporate Social Responsibility-Emerging Trends In Hyderabad  Md.Ayesha Siddiq Begum
Material Optimization and Analysis on a frameless chassis construction of Volvo bus Mr.K.Eswararao & Mr.S.Chandrasekhar Reddy
Design and Material Optimization of air Disk brake of Volvo Trucks Mr.N.Suryanarayana & Mr.S.Chandrasekhar Reddy
Digital Combination of Buck and Boost Converters to Control a Positive Buck–Boost Converter and Improve the Output Transients K.Prasannakumar & B.B.Das
New Pulse Multiplication Technique Basedon Six-Pulse Thyristor Converters forHigh-Power Applications Nageswara Rao Dasari & P. Suresh
Prediction of Snow Blizzard Chiranjeevi Rahul Krishna Saride, Kishor Kumar Reddy C & H Venkateswara Reddy
A Novel Configuration for a Cascade Inverter-Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer With Reduced Energy Storage Requirements V. Pradeep Kumar Sornapudi, & B.B.Das
Distributed Detection of Node Replication Attacks In Disruption Tolerant Networks Mr M. Ramesh Reddy, & Mr S.Vasu
Study of Various Low Power And Low Latency Carry Select Adders Ms.Sunku Vyshnavi & Dr.Rangacharulu
Verilog Implementation of Parallel AES Encryption Engines for Multi-Core Processor Arrays P.Srikanth & Dr.Rangacharulu
SHALE GAS – An Alternate Energy Source, its resource in India, world examples, Production & Technology. Nalli Srujana & Narigesu Kumar Swamy
Integration of Web GIS and Remote Sensing for Trees Management Outside Forest L.Narasimharao Nimmakayala & Bhanu Prasad Banuka
Design of New High Step up DC-DC Converter for Grid Connected System T.Venkata Rao & P.Bala Nagu
A Decisive Evaluation of Three-Level AC DC Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive for Residential Applications G.Changala Rao & P.Balanagu
A Study on the Privacy of User Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
I Surya Prabha & Dr Mohammed Ali Hussain
Analysis of Data Mining With IR Technologies in Cloud
Dr.Arvind K Sharma & Sateesh Nagavarapu