Design and Characterization of Parallel Prefix Adders
S.Sri Mounika, K.Aksa Rani & M.S.Shyam
Causes for Non-Performing Assets in Public Sector Banks
Kumar Thammanaveni
Fault Coverage Circuit architecture using efficient Hardware for Testing Applications
Krishna Chaitanya & K.Bindu Madhavi
Appropriated Concurrent and Self adequate Clientele Access to Encrypted Impair Sources
Chilakapati Neelima & K.Nagaraju
Secure and Efficient Cloud Data Storage Using Homomorphic Schema
Bandaru Ramesh & NSR Phanindra Kumar
A PFC Cuk Converter for BLDC Motor Drive with One Cycle Control
Ganesh Reddy Katla & G Anuroopa
Design and Analysis of a Tubular Heat Exchanger Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Method
Pappala Santosh Saikumar, Sattaru Suresh Babu & Kotipatruni Ratnakara Rao
SPV Array Based PMBLDC Motor Controlled By MPPT Based Buck-Boost Converter
B.Swetha & Thotakura China Durgarao
Low Leakage Current and High Efficient Transformerless PV Grid-Connected Inverter
Banoth Ravi
Performance Analysis of 31 Level Cascaded Multi Level Inverter
Chinthamalla Sreenu
A Novel Method to Manage Inter-Cell Interference for Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks in 5G
Enhanced File Sharing System in P2P with Access Availability for Social Networks Using Node Storage and Meeting Frequency
Makkuva Pradeep Kumar & P.J.V.G.Prakasa Rao
Study and Analysis of Routing Protocols RIP and DSR Using Qualnet V5
Nallamalla Anusha & K.S.N Murthy
Zigbee Routing Opnet Simulation for a Wireless Sensors Network
Duvvi Divya & J.Ratna Kumar
Design of Low Complexity Fault Tolerant Parallel FFT Based on Error Correction Codes and Parseval Checks
Vasam Sathish
Efficient Implementation of Bit Parallel Finite Field Multiplier Using Redundant Basis
Vasam Sathish
Work Balance of Employee Women
Siraveni Rajitha
The Cost-Effective Iterative MapReduce in Big Data Environment Actualized on Hadoop
Rayapati Lakshmi Kumar & Mr.Chinnam Yuva Raju
Self Healing Concrete
Shubham Dighole, Vicky Kankariya & Jahabaj Pathan
Fracture Analysis of Delaminated Composite Beams
Vinay.S & K.Bicha
A Study on Prevention of Food Spoilage With Reference To Micro Organisms
M.Swetha Rani
SD Card with Interface Using PSOC
Kasimbee Shaik
Design and Original of a Reversible Gates and Its Applications
Kasimbee Shaik