Relay Selection for Geographical Forwarding in Sleep-Wake Cycling Wireless Sensor Networks
K.Venkata Rangarao & Mr.A.Veerabhadra Rao
Reduce Risk using Demolished Building Materials
Katta Siva Priya & Sri.S.K.Jain
Partial Replacement of Cement By Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Rice Husk and Stone Dust
K.Vara Mounica & Sri.S.K.Jain
Search Rank Fruad and Malware Detection in Google Play using Dot Net
K.Radha Krishna & Mr.A.Veerabhadra Rao
Outsourcing Proofs of retrievability using cloud computing systems
G.Rajendra kumar & Mr.A.Veerabhadra Rao
Studies on Effect of Tool Design and Welding Parameters on the Friction Stir Welding of Similar and Dissimilar AA6061 and AA5052 Aluminium Alloys
Ms.V.Surya Datta Nagasri Sushma & Sri CH.L.Mohan Kumar
Analysis of Heat Transfer in a Cylinder Comprises Composite Spheres over the Flow
Suresh Kumar Khatroth
Computation of Stabilizing Region Set of Controllers and Design of PI, PID Controllers for Interval Plants
Ch.V.V.S.Bhaskara Reddy, B.Amarendra Reddy & V.Siva Chaitanya Kumar
Design of Digital Fir Filter Design on FPGA
Parney Ravi Babu & Md.Shamshad Begam
V-f and P-Q Control of Solar Photo Voltaic Generators with MPPT and Battery Storage
K.Chandrasekhar & N.Raghunadh
Implementation of IoT based Dual Axis Photo-Voltaic SolarTracker with MPPT using ARDUINO UNO and OCTABRIX
Ms.Naidu Pavani & Dr.R.Vijaya Santhi
Study on Safety Performances of Two Lane Rural Highway under Mixed Traffic
Akkidasari Lalitha Jones & Mr.Ch.Pavan Kumar