An Evaluation Study on Women Employability Programs in India (A Study with reference to Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation)
Business Process Management in Indian Railways (A Study with Reference to East Coast Railway)
Design of Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Improvement
B.Eswara Rao
Design and Tuning of P, I, D Group Controllers for Position Control of BLDC Motor Drive System
R.Suresh & N.Prema Kumar
Pipelined VLSI Architecture for In-Exact Speculative Adder Using Carry Look Ahead Adder and Brent Kung Adder
Mehnaz Begum & K.Anil Kumar
Design and Synthesis of Reversible Decoder and Encoder Using Verilog HDL
G.Mounika, K.Bindumadhavi & K.Anil Kumar
Cognitive Radio Networks: A Dynamic Investigation
G.Kushala, M.Bharathi & M.Ajay Kumar
Development and Deployment of Wake on Lan (WOL) Handler in Network Environment
Radheshyam Isarapu & D.Lalitha Bhaskari
VLSI Oriented Vedic Division with Redundant Number Systems
Goli Manoj Kumar, Vinod Kumar Ahuja & K.Anil Kumar
Encoding and Decoding of T-OCI Codes on NoC Router
G.Sravanthy & K.Anil Kumar
Scan Based Built-In Self-Repair (BISR) For Embedded Memories
B.Navya, K.Bindumadhavi & K.Anil Kumar
Design and Analysis of Tooth of Excavator Bucket Using Different Materials at Different Widths
G Harish, B Krishna Kanth & G Sireesh Kumar
Design and Analysis of Helical Coiled Heat Exchanger
Ch.Ganapathi Rao, M.Rajesh & P.Damodhar
Design and Analysis of Exhaust Manifold with Modifications in Long Bend Side Exit, Long Bend Middle Exit
B.Kumara Swamy, P.Ajay Kumar & T.Papa Rao
Design and Implementation of High Speed and Low Power Adder by Using Prefix Tree Structure
Ganji Anitha, Neelapala Sai Sruthi & Savitha Suman
A Survey on Low Latency towards 5G: RAN, Core Network and Caching Solutions
Udayagiri Mounisha & Smt.Shaik.Taj Mahaboob
Advanced Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT
Mattli Susheela & T.Rama Mohan Reddy
Design of an Induction Motor with Torque and Position Control
M.Divakar, J Uday Venkatesh & L Dinesh