Fuzzy Controlled Unified Power Quality Conditioner with DC Voltage Feedback Controller
Patnayakuni Sri Dharaneesh & R.Srinu Naik
Design of PSS Based Static VAR Compensator Using Fuzzy Controller
K.Subrahmanyeswara Rao & R.Srinu Naik
Voltage Stability Assessment Using Energy Function
Y.Swathi & Dr.CH.V.V.S.Bhaskara Reddy
Fuzzy PI Controller based Hybrid Active Power Filter for Combination of Linear and Non-Linear Loads
Banisetti Veerabhadra Rao & Kona Chandra Sekhar
Critical Nodes Identification Using Participation Factor
B.Rajasekhar & Dr.Ch.V.V.S. Bhaskara Reddy
PI Controller Tuning Using Boundary Locus
Nallamothu Sony & Dr.Ch.V.V.S. Bhaskara Reddy
Stability Enhancement Systems Equipped with Various Controllers using Wavelet Technique
K.Bala Krishna & Dr.K.Rama Sudha
Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive using Fuzzy Controller
S Sahitni & R.Srinu Naik
Model Reference Adaptive Control for DC Motor and Induction Motor Drive
Raju M M S S N Penimosowa & K.Chandra Sekhar
An Active Harmonic Filter Based On One Cycle Control
Chukka Ravi Teja & K.Chandra Sekhar
Thermal Management Study of Avionics Equipment Cooling
K.Tulasi Padmavathi, A.Vinutha & Ch.Venkata Anvesh
A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing
B.Vineela & Mr.S.Keshava Rao
Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud
Bokam Ganesh & Mr.Dr.A.Bala Krishna
Multi Level Inverter Based Active Power Filter for Harmonic Reduction
K Siva Gopi Raju & K Padma
Effect of Titanium Nitride and Zirconium Nitride Coatings in Single Point Cutting Tool
Dinesh Mishra & Dr.Ravi Mohan Saxena
Design and Analysis of Transient Operation Assessment of RFCLs in Bulk Power Systems
B.Yogananda Reddy, E.Nagabhushana & C.Viswanath