Characterization of an Underwater Positioning System Based on GPS Surface nodes over IOT Using RF Technology
A.Raj Kumar & Kondra Gopi
Finite Element Analysis of Thin Spherical Shells for Different Materials and Geometric Imperfection
V.Prasad & B.Praveen Kumar
A Study on Cost Analysis of Low Fines Self Compacted Concrete of M30 Grade by Replacing Cement with GGBS Upto 50 Percentage
Puripanda Eswara Rao & Amanana Venkatesh
Experimental Study of D I Diesel Engine to Estimating the Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics using poon oil-based fuels
J.Murali Naik & Dr.B.Anjaneya Prasad
Different Motion Vehicleic Car Control Using Arm Based on IOT to Produce Cloud Service
Kanukula Raju & Marimganti Nikhilstharam
An Analytical study on Impact Loading between Concrete and Reinforcing Bars Bond
Telagamsetty Ramesh & Amanana Venkatesh
Entrepreneurship Devolopement in India – A Study
A Novel Design Architecture for Folded Configurable IIR Filter
P.Naga Devi & A.Arunkumar Gudivada
Smart Surviellance Farm Monitoring System Using Raspberry PI
Imran, Imthiazunnisa Begum & K Tirupathi
Thermal Analysis of Sheet Metal During Ultrasonic Welding
P.Ravikiran, Suresh Babu Sattaru & Pondrati Padmavathi
Thermal Analysis on Heater Tank Used For Domestic Purposes
B V E Sarat Kumar, Suresh Babu Sattaru & Pondrati Padmavathi
Trends of Indian Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms – A Study
Mr.Syed Samiullah Shah Hussaini, Mr.Ramesh Alur, Dr.M.P. Shiva Kumar & Dr.Mohd Akbar Ali Khan
Competent Cache Supported Route Planning on Road Maps
Lakshman Tunk & Ch Srivalli
Analysis and Mitigation of Resonance Propagation in Grid-Connected and Islanding Microgrids by Using Fuzzy Logic
G.V.Naveen Kumar & C.Viswanath
Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Controlled Shunt Active Filter
V.Chandra Sekhar & Mr.Kona Chandra Sekhar
Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Sag Compensation Using Fuzzy Pi Controller
Chintha Kavitha & Dr.K.Padma
Simulation of Low-Frequency AC Transmission with Offshore Wind Power for Induction Motor Load
M.Sudheer & Dr.K.Padma
An Optimal Output Feedback Controller Design Method for the Load Frequency Control of A Realistic Power System with Multi-Source Power Generation
Shaik Bashavali & Dr K.Venkateswrlu
An Adaptive Control Strategy for Low Voltage Ride through Capability Enhancement of Grid- Connected Photovoltaic Power Plants
M Mojesh & J.Siva Sai
An Enhanced Mechanism to Detect Distorted Fingerprints
Sravanvardhan Rao Souda & Jangam Ravi
An Efficient Scaling Approach for Shape Based Image Compression
Jangam Ravi & Sravanvardhan Rao Souda
Hybrid Approach for Web Services Protocol for a Recommendation System
Ravi Kiran K, G.Venkata Siva & Swathi K
Design and Implementation of Anti-Theft ATM Machine Using Embedded Systems
V.Venkateswaramma, N.Vinod Kumar & Md Zubair
An Experimental Analysis on Thermoelectric Air Cooling and Heating System
Bhumireddy Ravindrareddy & K.Anil Kumar
A Competent Cache Mechanism for Consumer Search Using Feedback Program
Palla Pavan Kumar & Mr.Chinnam Yuva Raju
Secure and Vitality Productive Information Conglomeration in Remote Sensor Systems
Dommeti Lakshmi Prasanna & Mr.Chinnam Yuva Raju
Building Private and Effective Inquiry Administrations in the Cloud with Scratch Information Bother
Suresh Garapati & P Sasi Kumar
RGB Image Encryption and Decryption Using Two Stage Random Matrix Affine Cipher Associated With Discrete Wavelet Transformation
Ravi Kiran K, G.Venkata Siva, Kalumsaraswathi & Saderla Siva Nageswara Rao
A Multi-Decision Area Based Approach for Solving Correspondence Problem in Stereo Images with High Accuracy
Mr. Sumit Chauhan & Mr. Yatin Agarwal
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Vibration Analysis of Hybrid Composite Aircraft Wing
P.Kripa Rao & S.Nagaraju
Business Services of Public Sector Non-Life Insurance Players
Parallel Self-Timed Adder, Without Any Carry Chain Propagation Performing Multi Bit Binary Addition
P.Deepa Reddy & Pradeep Kumar.K
Outline for Delicate Blunder Moderation Efficient Protection of Parallel Filters Utilizing Error Correction Codes
M.Jahnavi, Kancharla Monica & Pradeep Kumar.K
Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Checking in Public Cloud
Gondesi Srikar Reddy & S Jhansi Rani
Investigations on Impalnted Anetnnas for Various Medical Applications in Human Structure
Vallabhaneni Bindusree, Anitha Pothineni & Durgaprasad Kuna
An Advanced Ambulance Rescue System Using Prioritized Traffic Switching
Konda Sharanya & T.Surender Reddy
Feature Based Patch Image Denoising Model
G.Sujitha & P R Krishna Prasad
Modified Carrier Based PWM for Quasi-Z-Source Inverter-Based Grid-Tie Single-Phase Photovoltaic Power System
B.Ajaybabu & P.Lakshman Naik
Grid Connected Single-Phase PV inverter with Novel Control Strategy of Suppressing DC Current Injection to the Grid
Shaik Tajuddin & P.Mahmood Khan
Challenges and Prospects of Cashless Economy in India
Dr.S.Ramakoteswara Rao & Sripada Naresh
Economical Asset Distribution of Commitment Directing Transfer Hubs
Manchili Raghu & B Sai Deepthi
Whack of Next Manufacturing Revolution
Ponugoti Dishant
Improvements in Design and Manufacturing of Cam Shafts for High HP Engine
A.Bhanu Prasad & M.Arun Kumar
Analysis and Optimization of Automotive Shock Absorbers with Integrated
Mushipatla Avinash Reddy & M.Arun Kumar
Design and Fabrication of a Vertical Gamma Type Stirling Engine
Ch.Sandeep Chary & M.Arun Kumar
Analysis on Simulations of Automobile
Dunna Sandeep & D.Rahul
The Performance Test of Different Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) Blade Shapes Using Experimental and Numerical Methods
P.Murathi Anil Kumar & Dr.R.Ramachandra
Opportunistically Identify and Routing Packets Using D-ORCD Method in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Shaik Tanveer Ahmed, N.Shanker & K.Laxman
Characteristics of Paratransit Service a Case Study of Hyderabad City
Sabbani Venkatesh & S.Dilip Reddy
Silty Soil Stabilization Using Bituminous Emulsion
Sabbani Venkatesh
An Arduino-Based System for Controlling UAVs through GSM
Perla Krishnakanth
A Study on Organizational Climate and Its Effects on Job Satisfaction of Employees
Space-Time Block Code in MIMO-OFDM Cyclic Prefix Cancellation Schemes for Mitigating ICI
L Rajeshwar Reddy & Belcy D Mathews
A Study on Participative Leadership Culture and its influence on Organizational Climate
I.Vamshidhar Reddy
Building the City of Tomorrow-A Smart Initiative for Techno Smart Life
Janjarla Shireesha
Electronic Learning Resources and its Usefulness to Teaching Staff Working in MBA Colleges in Hyderabad
Rajshekhar Arasada
Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in Contemporary Period
Ashok Manda
A Novel Method to Improve the Power Efficiency of the Renewable Energy Systems Using MPPT Controllers
Banoth Ravi
An Efficient Method to Improve the Power Quality of Grid Connected PV System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Banoth Ravi
A Study on Impact of Work Culture on Job Satisfaction of Employees Working in Bpo Companies in Hyderabad
Nenavath Nagender
A Study on Prevalence of Infection of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus in India
M.Swetha Rani
A Study on Employee Motivation with Reference to Women Employees Working in Selected IT Companies
Kandula Madhavi
A Study on the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian
Erram Ramesh