Characterization of an Underwater Positioning System Based on GPS Surface nodes over IOT Using RF Technology
A.Raj Kumar & Kondra Gopi
Finite Element Analysis of Thin Spherical Shells for Different Materials and Geometric Imperfection
V.Prasad & B.Praveen Kumar
A Study on Cost Analysis of Low Fines Self Compacted Concrete of M30 Grade by Replacing Cement with GGBS Upto 50 Percentage
Puripanda Eswara Rao & Amanana Venkatesh
Experimental Study of D I Diesel Engine to Estimating the Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics using poon oil-based fuels
J.Murali Naik & Dr.B.Anjaneya Prasad
Different Motion Vehicleic Car Control Using Arm Based on IOT to Produce Cloud Service
Kanukula Raju & Marimganti Nikhilstharam
An Analytical study on Impact Loading between Concrete and Reinforcing Bars Bond
Telagamsetty Ramesh & Amanana Venkatesh
Entrepreneurship Devolopement in India – A Study
A Novel Design Architecture for Folded Configurable IIR Filter
P.Naga Devi & A.Arunkumar Gudivada
Smart Surviellance Farm Monitoring System Using Raspberry PI
Imran, Imthiazunnisa Begum & K Tirupathi
Thermal Analysis of Sheet Metal During Ultrasonic Welding
P.Ravikiran, Suresh Babu Sattaru & Pondrati Padmavathi
Thermal Analysis on Heater Tank Used For Domestic Purposes
B V E Sarat Kumar, Suresh Babu Sattaru & Pondrati Padmavathi
Trends of Indian Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms – A Study
Mr.Syed Samiullah Shah Hussaini, Mr.Ramesh Alur, Dr.M.P. Shiva Kumar & Dr.Mohd Akbar Ali Khan
Competent Cache Supported Route Planning on Road Maps
Lakshman Tunk & Ch Srivalli
Analysis and Mitigation of Resonance Propagation in Grid-Connected and Islanding Microgrids by Using Fuzzy Logic
G.V.Naveen Kumar & C.Viswanath
Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Controlled Shunt Active Filter
V.Chandra Sekhar & Mr.Kona Chandra Sekhar
Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Sag Compensation Using Fuzzy Pi Controller
Chintha Kavitha & Dr.K.Padma
Simulation of Low-Frequency AC Transmission with Offshore Wind Power for Induction Motor Load
M.Sudheer & Dr.K.Padma
An Optimal Output Feedback Controller Design Method for the Load Frequency Control of A Realistic Power System with Multi-Source Power Generation
Shaik Bashavali & Dr K.Venkateswrlu
An Adaptive Control Strategy for Low Voltage Ride through Capability Enhancement of Grid- Connected Photovoltaic Power Plants
M Mojesh & J.Siva Sai
Outline for Delicate Blunder Moderation Efficient Protection of Parallel Filters Utilizing Error Correction Codes
M.Jhahnavi, Kancharla Monica & Pradeep Kumar.K
Parallel Self-Timed Adder, Without Any Carry Chain Propagation Performing Multi Bit Binary Addition
P.Deepa Reddy & Pradeep Kumar.K
An Enhanced Mechanism to Detect Distorted Fingerprints
Sravanvardhan Rao Souda & Jangam Ravi
An Efficient Scaling Approach for Shape Based Image Compression
Jangam Ravi & Sravanvardhan Rao Souda
Hybrid Approach for Web Services Protocol for a Recommendation System
Ravi Kiran K, G.Venkata Siva & Swathi K
Design and Implementation of Anti-Theft ATM Machine Using Embedded Systems
V.Venkateswaramma, N.Vinod Kumar & Md Zubair
An Experimental Analysis on Thermoelectric Air Cooling and Heating System
Bhumireddy Ravindrareddy & K.Anil Kumar
An Efficient Cache Mechanism for User Search Using Feed Back Session
Vakulabharanam Sai Bhagyasree & Dr.Y.Venkateswarlu
A Thesis Report on Secure and Energy Efficient Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chebrolu Solman Raju & M Neelima
Building Private and Effective Inquiry Administrations in the Cloud with Scratch Information Bother
Suresh Garapati & P Sasi Kumar