An Efficient Implementation of Vedic Multipliers Using Reversible Gates
S. Sirisha & K. Archana Bhange
Distributed Arithmetic Unit Design for Fir Filter
B. Ayyappa Reddy & G. Sambasiva Rao
High Performance Architecture for Secure and Delayless Packet Classification
J.Jaiveni & G.K. Senthil Kumar
Caring Perceptive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization
J.Manjusha & S.Murali Krishna
Crisis on Water Portability in Fulouride Region of Ibrahimpatnam, RR District, Telangana State, India – An Approach Through Geochemical Evaluation.
T. Sanjeeva Kumar
Verilog Modeling of Wi-Fi MAC Layer for Transmitter
Bommareddy Ravi Kiran Reddy & S.Hari Babu
Design of 3-ɸ Current-Fed Unfolded Inverter
S.S.Deekshit, A.Srinivasulu & S.Sreelakshmi
Random vortex method (RVM) for viscous flow
Amirreza Mohammadian, Dr. Suresh Akella & AMK Prasad
Experimental Analysis of I.C. Engine Components and Improvisation of the Radiator Design
I.S.N.V.R .Prashanth & Suresh Aadepu
Slicing: A new approach for collaborative data publishing
Muntha Shalini, M Rao Batchanaboyina & A. Jagadeeswara Rao
PV Array Based Closed Loop Control of Quadratic Boost Converter
M.G.Mahesh, A.Srinivasulu & S.Sreelakshmi
Fast Fourier Transformation of Vibration Signals Using Qt Creator
T.Vishali & G.L.Sumalatha
Line Interactive Based Designed UPS for Micro Grids
Viral P. Parmar, Keyur R.Kinariwala & Mithilesh Verma
Design of Vedic multipliers for High Speed, Low Power using OptimisedReversible Logic Gate
Umarani.U.Joshi & N.Ashok Kumar
Efficient Carry Select Adder Using VLSI Techniques With Advantages of Area, Delay And Power
Amarata.M.Rohira & N.Ashok Kumar
Design of UART Serial Communication Module and Simulation Using VHDL
Leena L Kanjani & N.Ashok Kumar
Arithmetic & Logic Unit (ALU) Design using Reversible Control Unit
Sayalee.S.Gunturkar & N.Ashok Kumar
Inter-Area Oscillation Damping In Power System Using Fuzzy Logic Wide Area Damping Controller
Mr. Y Siva Prasad & Mr. P Naga Prasad
Design, Automation and Analysis of Chocolate Filling Machine
R.Rajesh & T.Mastanaiah
Design of High speed multi-redundant adders using Compressors
Kagitha Bapuji & R.Veera Bhadraiah
Byte Level Encryption and Authentication Algorithms for Data Revocation in the Cloud
P.Santosh & B.Vineela
Preservation of the Privacy of Collected Data Samples without Reducing Utility of the Training Samples
Vana Surendra Kumar & Jayanthi Rao Madina
Flexible and lightweight Storage Auditing Mechanism in Cloud Computing for dynamic operations
Suresh Arangi & Jayanthi Rao Madina
A comprehensive Intrusion detection & discovery technique designed to perform in wireless and Mobile AD-HOC Networks.
G.Vijay Kumar & Jayanthi Rao Madina
A CAN Bus Based System for Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in Wind Turbine
Koteshwararao.J & T.Laxmi Narayana
Energy Aware Sensor Node Design With its Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
Prashanth.K & Y.Sudharshan Reddy
Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control in Embedded Systems
Y.Sasikanth & D.Karuna Kumar
Secure and Lightweight Network Admission and Transmission Protocol for Body Sensor Networks
M.Vamshi Krishna & K.Nagaja
Experimental Study on Concrete by Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Fly Ash and Egg Shell Powder
Shaik Akhil Mastan & V.R.Prasath Kumar
Battery Powered Heating and Cooling Suit With location spotter
C.Vinod Kumar & P.SivaKalyani
Chatting Box for Physically Challenged using Zigbee.
Prof. Priyanka Suhas Karjal & Prof.Budiga Vakanna
Implementation of an Ultra-Lightweight Block Cipher
Sri Ramudu & G.Shanthi
Implementation of High throughput Soft output MIMO Detector using PPTS Algorithm
Sharath Chandra.M & Dharma Teja.L
A real-time Packet Classification Scheme Combined with Cryptography to Mitigate Jamming Attacks
Mavidi Chakravarti & B.Vineela
An analytical and simulation model in order to reduce the content provisioning cost on Mobile Social Networking Sites
Saikiran Narayanasetti & Jayanthi Rao Madina
Role of Ergonomics and Anthropometrics in Furniture Design
Survey Paper on Big Data Processing and Hadoop Related Technologies
Mahammad Shabana & Dr. Ravindranath
Fuel Cell Based Power Management Technique in Grid Connected Bidirectional DC-DC Converter
M.Gopichand Naik & T.LovaLakshmi
Comparative Analysis of Shunt and Series Controllers Based Voltage Source Converter in DG Systems
Gajjeli Rajesh, Pendyala Ravindar & Naveen Kumar D
Improving the Surface Properties of Medium Carbon Steel by Adding Alloying Elements Using Laser
B.Ramesh Chandra