VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4, April 2016

Need of Corporate Governance in NBFCS and MFIS in India
Kumar Srinivas Rao Patnaik
Zigbee-Based Communication System for Data Transfer Within Future Micro Grids
Revathi Cheermalamarri
A Density Based Traffic Control System Using Image Processing
L.V.Sai Pratik, K.Amish Reddy & N.Rajeev Varma
Classify the Search Under the Guidance of the User
Dontulapally Monika Reddy & Bakiya Lakshmi
Low Power Transmission Gate Full Adder in 22nm for Extended Region of Operation
L.V.Santosh Kumar Y, A.Gowthami, P.Varalaksmi, Ch.S.S.A.V.Ram & D.S.C.Dora
Noval Architecture of UTMI Module in USB
A.Trinadha Rao, CH.Ganesh, M.Sravan Kumar, S.V.Vinay Kumar & P.Lavanya
Open Source Enterprice Resource Plaining
Tanneeru Khanna Vijay & Nrusimhadri Naveen
Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM Technology
Nabarun Ghosh & Koushik Bishayee
The Combination of an 11-Level Inverter Plus D-STATCOM for Wind Energy Systems
M.Venkateswara Rao, Sk.Ameena & P Balanagu
Enhanced Semi Global Alignment Approach for Detecting and Updating Masquerade Attacks
M.Archana, K.Savitha, J.Deepak & P.Indra Kiran
Improving Image Search Using Click-Through Logs
B.Madhuri & P.Usha Gayathri
Secure AODV Routing Protocol Using Digital Signature
K.Ramya Madhavi & Sesham Anand
Enhanced Multi Clustered Security System For Wireless Sensor Network
R.Sushma & Md.Abdul Azeem
Location based query on location Server for Privacy Efficiency
R.Ravali Raj & N.Priyanka
Survey of Digital Watermarking Techniques
Ashwini.R, Geethanjali.C, Lakshmi, Manjula.R & Dr.A.Meera
Raspberry PI based Home security Robot
Pooja Rani
Secure Session Management for Internet Services
D.Sandhya, G.Mounika, Ruksar Fathima, Reshma Sheik & B.Pavani
Advanced Hollow Pipes Made of Ceramic Air Cooler
Dr.Banoth Mohan & Satish Konatham
Theoretical Perspectives on the Program of Protection & Promotion of Women in India
Pati Krishna & Hari Narayan Sahu
Distributed Concurrent and Independent Access to Cloud Database
Amanpreet Saini, B.Divyalakshmi & Mr.Ram Mohan Rao
An overview of Recruitment and Training Programmes of Reserve Bank of India
Tanniru Praveen Babu
A Novel Parallel CRC Generation with Secured LBIST
N.Prasad & P.V.V.Rajesh
Automated Test Packet Ladder
Puskuri Rahul & G.Rama Rao
Scheming various Architectural Designs to improve Efficiency, Scalability and Fault-Tolerant in Distributed Computing.
Surya Pavan Kumar Gudla & N.Preeti
Newly Developed Panel Tree and Tracking with Laptop, Mobile and CFL Bulb as Load with LCD Display
S.M.Zafarullah, L.Raju, Kartheek Kandhi G.Harish, K.Sree Priya & K.Sri Teja
The Concept of Juvenile Justice before the Onset of Delinquency – Analytical Study
Ms. Jyoti Suvarna
Providing Security, Integrity and Privacy in Attribute Based Encryption
Paruchuru Udaya & Mr.Mudusu.RamBabu
Experimental Investigation and Numerical Analysis on Water Jet Nozzle
G.Srikanth Reddy, K.Dinesh Reddy & K.Sairam
Dynamic Analysis of Transmission Tower
Sk.Musthafa & Sk.Yusuf Basha
The Performance of Concrete Mix Containing Steel Slag and Compare it With The Conventional Concrete Mix
D.Rakesh & K.Srinu
Dynamic Analysis of RC Frame in Relation to the Storey Drift and Lateral Displacements, Base Shear Using Software ETABS
A.Naresh & N.Nageswarao
Comparison in Results and Analysis of Lateral Displacements Storey Drift of the RC Frames With Dampers to The RC Frames Without Damper Element and With Walls to Without Walls at all Seismic Zones in India
K.Prasanth & N.Nageswarao
Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Framed Structure with Flat and Conventional Floor Slab System
K.Venkatarao & N.Nageswarao
Planning Analysis and Design of Residential Building, Quantity Survey
B.Pradeep Kumar & Sk.Yusuf Basha
Structural Health Monitoring By Piezoelectric Sensor and Shape Memory Alloy Actuator
M.Suresh & K.Srinu
Case Study-Evaluation Studies of Fluoride Contents Pre, Post and Monsoon Season in and Around Existing in Groundwater of Ibrahimpatnam Area RR.Dist, Telangana State
T.Sanjeeva Kumar
Performance Evaluation of Sphere Decoding Algorithm for Spatially Multiplexed Multiple Input and Multiple Output System
Banda Santhosh & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Performance analysis of Power Allocation Schemes for Cognitive Radios
Madha Swecha & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Design, Manufacturing and Analysis of a Wood Gasifier for Internal Combustion Engines by Using Wood Pyrolysis
K.Veeranjaneyulu, P.Chittibabu & P.Pavan Kumar
Modelling and Static Analysis of Car Chassis with Different Materials
Rayavarapu Sai Venkata Krishna Rao, Vishal Tirutopu & B.Bheema Raju
Mobile Monitoring and Tracking System
G.Kiran Kumar, N.Venkata Kranthi, G.Sampath Kumar, S.Sai Krishna, R.Sai Charan, S.Prakash Reddy & T.Dharma Reddy
Digital Fuel Meter
G.Kiran Kumar, M.Venkat Bharadwaj, K.Ashok Reddy, G.Piyush Jain, Nampalli Venu, S.Gopi Nath & Venkata Siva Rao
Cryptographic Techniques to Prevent Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks
G.Kiran Kumar, T.Sreenidhi, M.Udayasree, B.Swapna, A.Prasad, G.Saketh & N.Sirisha
The API Route Mapping
G.Kiran Kumar, M.Rakesh, T.Sunil Sheshan, J.Nikhil, V.Venkat, B.Joshiram & Poonam Khare
A Fuzzy Based Simplified Control Technique for a Dual Unified Power Quality Conditioner
G.Kalyani, V.Ramanarayana & Dr.Ch.Rambabu
Image Processing Techniques for Glaucoma Detection: A Survey
Abdul Rehaman.K, Rashmi Ravi, Vishwas M Shetty & Vivek Hegde
Automatic Modulation Classification and Blind Equalization for Cognitive Radios
P.Yashwanth Reddy & G.Naresh Kumar
Design and Analysis of MEMS Based Micro-Cantilever Shapes for Sensitivity Improvement
P.Naresh, P.Manju Latha, M.Prasad, Y.Ashok Kumar & N.Akhil
Impact of the Application of International Accounting Standards to Attract Foreing Investment in Developing Countries
Mustafa Salih Dakhil
Authorized Data Deduplication Using Hybrid Cloud Architecture
S.Harisha, D.Mahipal & Mrs.Sujatha Rajamani
Speak Up Android Application
K.Priyanka, K.Anvesh & Mr.Ch Subba Reddy
Resource Allocation Methodology Using Virtual Machines for Hybrid Cloud Computing Environment
M.Soundarya, K.Vyshnavi & C.Bhanu Jyothi
Efficiently Sharing the Report by Combining Cloud
A.Srikanth Kumar
A Survey of Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection
A.Sree Ratna Mala & M.Shanthi
Compression of Monochrome Stereoscopic 3D Images with Minimal Quantization Error
B.Shravani & Mr.E.Raju
Protecting Privacy on Online Social Networks Based on Anonymization and Graph Structure
M.Bhargav Kumar, Sheikh Gouse & K.Sumathi
Simple and Innovative Document Image Binarization Using Adaptive Image Contrast Method
Prasanth Kumar Embeti & Mr.A.Balaram
Detecting Initial Stage Wounds in Diabetes Patients Based on Mean Shift Algorithm
P.Pooja Mouni, A.Sravanthi, N.Sowmya, Ashish Agarwal & B.Krishna
Islanding Discovery/Detection in Distributed Generation Using Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier
Madhumitha.R & Dr.Jamuna.K
Downlink Throughput Enhancement of a Cellular Network Using Two-Hopuser Deployable Indoor Relays
Shaik Kahaj Begam & Ganesh Babu Pantangi
Performance Analysis of LCL Filter for Grid Interconnected System with Active Damping
M.Durga Prasad, Jisha Bhubesh & K.Soujanya
Design and Implementation of Multi Purpose Robot for Military Application
P.Prashanth, P.Harshitha, P.Rajyashree & Mrs.J.Mrudula
Generation of Electrical Energy from Foot Step Using Rack and Pinion Mechanism
Md.Azhar, Zitender Rajpurohit, Abdul Saif, Nalla Abhinay & P.Sai Chandu
Power Generation from PUMP JET of a Personal Water Craft (PWC) Using Magneto Hydrodynamics (MHD) Generator
A.Vishnu Vinayak, Athidev Chandra Gowli & Baby Teresa
Welding Defects and Rectifications on Aerospace Metal
Ch.Isaac, K.Mahesh, V.Shiva Prasad & Venkata Phanibabu.V
Portable Camera Based Assistive Text and Label Reading For Blind Persons
Undurthi Tanuja, P.Harika & J.Umamaheswari
Improvement of Power Quality of a Distributed Generation Power System
Panga Harish & Mr.K.Madhava Rao
Reducing Number of Switches Using a Nine Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter
Botcha.Sudheer Kumar & Ch.Anil Kumar
Implementation of Hybrid AC/DC Micro Grid to Reduce the Processes of Multiple Conversions
Madaka Srinivasa Rao & B.Venkataramana
Area Efficient Z-TCAM for Network Applications
Vishnu.S & Ms.K.Vanithamani
Strength Optimization of Landing Gear’s Leg for Aerial Vehicle using ANSYS Solver
K.V.N.S.Rama Krishna, S.Chaithanya & A.S.Bhanu Prasanna
Ultrasound Waves Employment in the Medical Diagnostic for
Lıver and Gallbladder

Faik H. Antar & Roaa M.Hussein
Map Reduce Using Big Data and Hadoop: A Review Paper
Dr.Ramana (Naik) Banothu & Dr.A.Arun Kumar