VOLUME 3, ISSUE 3, March 2016

Design and Analysis of Aerospace Vehicle Cockpit Element
P.V.Krishnam Raju & Sri Sandhi Raja Sekhar
Hybrid Energy Conversation System Connected To Grid Using
Integration of PV with Power Quality Improvement

Sipra Abhilash, Bandari Anil & Annadi Mrudula
An Efficient Distributed Trust Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Dheeraj Udayaravi Moorti & Shih Yu Chang
Enhanced Packet Delivery Based Trust Management System for MANET
K.Lakshmi Narayanamma & V.Jai Kumar
Fabrication and Analysis of Friction Stir Welded Joints of Two Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys At Different Tool Profiles
J.V.S.Karuna & J.Bala Bhaskar Rao
Analysis on Crack Propagation in Ti-6al-4vskin under Tensile Loading
S.Seerat & S.Khaleel Basha
Implementation of Remotely Verifying Integrity of Regeneration Codes Method in Cloud Environment for Safeguarding Outsourced Data
Anil Nukathoti & Pilli Dharmendra Kumar
Achieving Improved Result Quality and Higher Accuracy Using Scalable and Efficient Service Integrity Verification Framework for Saas Clouds
Saleem Sayad & Pilli Dharmendra Kumar
Auditing Correctness of Shared Data using Ring signatures Technique in Cloud Environment
Kancharla Joseph Abhilash & Pilli Dharmendra Kumar
Detecting Fraudulent Activities to Bump Rankings of Mobile Applications
Mrs.K.Sangeeta, Mr.Dr.Ramesh Challagundla & Srinivasu Gubbala
Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Using Privacy Preserving Public Auditing
Mohd Abdul Imran & Abhay Kumar
Impact of Debt on Financial Health of Select Companies
Dr.K.Rajender & S.Narender
Separable Reversible Data Hiding For Enhanced Image Security
Peddinti Vamsi & Dr.S.Phani Kumar
Thermoelectric Device (Heating or Cooling) By Using Solar Energy
M.Saikrishna, K.Prudviraj & R.Swetha
Performance Analysis of Solar Distillation with Reflector
R.Swetha, K.Prudviraj & M.Saikrishna
Hybrid Based (Solar + Wind) Automatic Highway Lighting System
K.Prudviraj, R.Swetha & M.Saikrishna
A Survey on Intelligent Learning Approach Using Ant Colony
Optimization Based Distributed Intrusion Detection System

B.Ravinder & Dr.M.Gopichand
Refrigeration from Low Grade Energy for Cabin Cooling of a Vehicle
K.Prudviraj & M.Saikrishna
Pneumatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine
K.Krantikumar, K.V.S.S.Saikiran & Jakkoju Sathish
Modeling, Design and Fault Analysis of Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Sarab Jwaid Mousa Al-Chlaihawi
Design & Implementation of Variant Techniques using Types in Network-on-Chip
Durgha Prasadarao Muddapu & Srinivas Cheedarla
Simulation and Dynamic Response of Closed Loop Speed Control of PMSM Drive Using Fuzzy Controller
Anguru Sraveen Babu & K.Venkateswara Rao
Enhancement of Performance of PFC Bridgeless Buck-Boost Converter For BLDC Drive By Using Fuzzy PID Controller
Mallikharjuna Rao Boda & E.Anil Kumar
The Result of Confinement on Dynamic Response of Lean-Premixed Swirl-Stabilized Flame and the Structure of Overall Flames
Estimating the Characterization of UMW by Correlate in online Sensor Signals with the Welding attributes
Ramesh Babu Yeluri
Implementation of Cascaded Multicell Trans Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with V/F Control
K.Bhanu Prasad & Mr.Abdul Rahiman
Enhanced Privacy and Secure Data Mining Protocol For Horizontally Distributed Databases with Cost Effectiveness
Ashish S.Malapure & Vivek Kshirsagar
Proposed Strategies for the Education of Gifted Students in Primary Schools and Opinion of Teachers on It
Dr.Hadi Katfan Al Shon & Dr.Abdul Kareem Jasim Al Umrani
Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Using Privacy Preserving Public Auditing
Mohd Abdul Imran & Abhay Kumar
Impact of Debt on Financial Health of Select Companies
Dr.K.Rajender & S.Narender
Design & Implementation of LDPC Techniques for Memory Applications
Samudrala. Krishna Kanth & CH.Shyam
Load Frequency Controls of Three Are Interconnected Power System with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Approach
Anil Kumar Obulasetty & Rami Reddy Ch
An Approach for Telugu to English Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation System
Mr.G.Lakshmikanth & Smt.B.Dhana Lakshmi
Improved Accuracy of Sharing Reactive Power by Error Reduction in Islanded Micro grid
N.Praneeth, K.Navarani, K.Umadevi & K.Venkata Aparna
Multilevel Inverters Implementation with Voltage Restore Process
N.Praneeth, S.Swapna & Yeruva Susmitha
Adjustable BLDC Motor Drive with Z-Source Inverter for Medium Power Speed Control Applications
M.Naveen Krishnaiah, M.Sravanthi & Mr Rajasekhar Gorthi
Controlling Non-linearity at High Voltage using Sliding Mode Controller compared to Proportion Integral Controller
B.Prasanna Lakshmi & K.Lalaiah
Efficient and Effective Harmonic Cloud Computing Platform for Better Resource Management with Higher QOS
Jorige Rajashekhar & Arifa Tehseen Ara
A Framework for a Decision Support Model for Supply Chain Management in a Small Scale Manufacturing Industry
Valasani Arundhati & Prof.Dr.B.Durgaprasad
A Scalable Cloud Computation and Service Correlation Framework Strategy in Cloud Computing
Sohan Reddy Mereddy
A Survey on VANETs Applications and Its Challenges
Razia Begum, Dr.Syed Raziuddin & Dr.V.Kamakshi Prasad
Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion Systems with Integrated Active Filter Capabilities
Potu Vineetha & Bhashabolna Rajesh Varma
Isolation of Pathogenic Bacteria from Some Canned Food in Local Market
Athraa Ooda Hussain
Transmission Line Security System Based on RFID and GSM Technology
Swati Chandrakar
Multi Band Hysteresis Modulation Based Current Control Technique for Seven Level Grid Connected Voltage Source Inverter
E.Narendar Reddy, D.R.K.Mahesh & G.Anil
Dynamic Stability and THD Reduction Governing of an Integrated Grid-Connected Offshore Wind Farm and Marine-Current Farm Using FACTS (STATCOM)
Vangapalli Kiran Kumar, Mosam Abhilesh & Indoori Srivani
An Improved Adaptive Frame Algorithm for Hazy Transpired in Real-Time Degraded Video Files
S.L.Bharathi, R.Nagalakshmi, A.S.Raghavi & R.Nadhiya Sandhya Rani
Online Speech Enhancement Using Fast Adaptive Kalman Filter with Signal Subspace Algorithm
G.Srilakshmi & A.Vineela
Drug Reviews Probability Aspect Using Mining Model
Sudheer Gedela
Substitution into Meta Cloud from Vendor Lock
Palisetty Devanadha Harihara Vasu
A Trust-Based Brokering Scheme to Cater the Array of Dynamic Service Behaviour from Different Cloud Sites
Ganta Sricharan, Kuwar Chetan Kumar, Palle Anil Kumar & Y.Deepthi
World Wide Web: Web Page Segmentation
Bosubabu Sambana
Web Search Engine
Bosubabu Sambana
A Brief Review on World Wide Web
Bosubabu Sambana
Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol using Trusted Third Party Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
Bosubabu Sambana
Design and Performance Analysis of 1 bit Full Adder in 45nm Technology Using Multiplexer Based GDI Logic
A.Murali, B.R.Chaitanya Raju, G.Navya Chandrika & G.Siva Nagendra
Restructuring Indian Automotive Industry
Komanduri V.V.K Rangacharyulu
A Survey of an Attribute-Assisted Re-Ranking Model For Web Image Search
D.Laxmi Prasanna & B.Rajendra Prasad Babu
Shape Optimization of a Heavy Vehicle Chassis for Maximum Load Conditions
V. Mouni Sashi Tej, Avinash Gudimetla & GVN Santhosh
Thermal Analysis of Bimetallic Piston Using Different Material Combinations
Maraka Veerendra Yadav, Mr.A.V.Sridhar & Mr.V.V. Rama Krishna
An Optimal Usage of ADHOC Wireless Networks in Real Time Disaster Management System (RDMS)
Dr.M.Nagalakshmi & M.Vineela
Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Distribution Generation System Using DSTATCOM
Pendyala Ravindar, Naveen Kumar D & Gajjeli Rajesh
Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Distribution Generation System Using DSTATCOM
Pendyala Ravindar, Naveen Kumar D & Gajjeli Rajesh
An Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using Wavelet Based Grazing Estimation of Signal Method
Nahid Jabeen & Dr.Sachin Saxena
Design of 8-Bit MCC Circuit in Domino Logic
Mrs.Farha Anjum, Mr.Mohammad Iliyas, Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma & Dr.R.Murali Prasad
A Review on WiMAX Security
G.Rama Subba Reddy & Dr.Akash Saxena
Enhanced Voice-Activity Home Care System
Perla Krishnakanth
Stand Alone PV Based Single Phase Power Generating Unit for
Rural Household Application

Krishna Degavath
A 24-Pulse AC-DC Converter for Vector Controlled Induction
Motor Drives by using Pulse Doubling Technique

Krishna Degavath
Control of Corrosion on Underwater Piles
J Santhosh Kumar & Ch Kusuma Keerthi
Earthquake Resistent Building Construction
M Murali Krishna & A Rama Mohana Chary
A Fuel Efficiency of Compressed Air Light Weight Vehicle Design in Automotive Industry
K Vamshi Krishna & Singa Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy
CNC Machine
G Shravan Kumar & Gangisetty Raviteja
Fabrication of Solar Powered Wood Using Multi Operations Using Machinery
KVN Nikhil & Cherukupalli Sudhakar
Disc Brakes
Naveen Ganji & P Shiva Kishore Reddy
Human Face Expression Based Robotic Limb Movement
Tharun Vallabhaneni & Prodduturu Dasthagiri
Jet Engines
Ajeet Soni & Shanbaug Naveen
Space Robotics
A Ajay Kumar & B Nagasiva Prasad Reddy
Non-Conventional Power Generation Through Knee
J Charan Kumar & Sanyasi Lokesh