Smart Healthcare Monitoring System Using IOT
Mohammed Abdul Farhan, Imthiazunnisa Begum & K.Tirupathi
Performance and Comparison of Various Classifiers Using Psoriasis Skin Image
Devki Tembhurnikar & Mr.Manoj Kumar Singh
Enhancing the Heat Transfer Rate for Multi Cylinder Engine Piston and Piston Rings
Amir Sohel & Mr.D.Sharan Kumar
Thermal Analysis of Combustion Outer Case for Turbo Engine
Md.Farhajuddin & Mr.S.Rajesh
Enhancing the Performance of an Engine Block by Varying Cooling Fluids
Md Shakir Ansari & Mr.D.Sharan Kumar
Design and Thermal Analysis on Engine Cylinder Fin through Various Fin Fabrics
Shaik Imran Farooq, Mr.D.Sharan Kumar & Mr.G.Satish Kumar
Automated Billing System in Super Markets Using RFID Technology
Indra Reddy YC, Keerthana N, KavyaShree S, Deepthi M & Shiva Prasad KM
IoT Based Voice and SMS Update Notification System Using Raspberry PI
Suresh Ballala, K.Varalakshmi, K.Raghavendra & Dr.I.Satyanarayana
Implementation of Four Wheeler Parking Management System
Rai Bhagyasri & Dr.D.R.V.A.Sharath Kumar
Farm Automation by Embedded Sensor Networks
Syed Hameedullah, Dr Nahid Jabeen & Asifa Sultana
Remote Usage of Vehicle Tracking, Accident Detection and Condition Observing System
Kommu Siviah & Talachuru Prakash
High Precession on Vehicle Navigation in Urban Environments Using Mem’s IMU and Single Frequency GPS Receiver
P.Sayanna & Vanaja Pundra
Reduction of Bit Error Rate Using Secured LDPC Crypto Coding
Kottapalli Sushma & Dr.B.Venkateshulu
Vehicle Assisted Device To Device Data Delivery for Smart Grid
Rangala Manasa & Mr.Badavath Mohanrao
Environment Monitoring and Device Control Using Embedded Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
S.Nagendra Babu & B Kiran Kumar
Intelligent Patient Health Monitoring Over an IOT Environment
P.Prashanth & G.Devendhar
An Intelligent Helmet for Wireless Sensor Network
D.Sandya & Y.Venkateswara Reddy
Design and Performance of Under Floor Swirl Diffuser at Different Operating Angles Using FEA
Rachamarla Pradeep Kumar, P.Saritha & J.Pradeep Kumar
Design and Analysis of Micro Vertical Axis Wind Savonius Turbine
T.Krishna Veni, V.S.Lakshmi Ravuri & J.Pradeep Kumar
Modeling and Analysis of Excavator Bucket with Replacing Material
Chinta Ranjeet Kumar, BH Sridhar & J.Pradeep Kumar
Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures Using Fiber Reinforced
A D V G Sai Kiran & M Krishna Kumar
A Profitable Macro Cluster Generation Utilizing Top-K Shared Micro Clusters in Information Streams
Nagamalleswararao Tadikonda
A Proficient and Effective Multi Keyword Positioned Search System on Cipher Cloud Data
Kommana Nagendra Kumar
WECS based VSC for Grid Stability
R Dinesh Kumar
PV Based Multi-Stage DC/AC Converter Fed to Single-Phase DC Motor
R Dinesh Kumar
Shunt Active Power Filter Using PV System
R Dinesh Kumar
Future Prospective of Friction Stir Welding for Different Industrial Applications
E.Arun Kumar
Predicting Private Information and Detecting inference Attacks on Social Networks Data
K.Laxman, N.Shanker & P.Vamshi
Performance Evaluation of Grid Connected Two-Stage PV-Array Converter under Non-Linear Load Conditions
Dilip Kumar Reddy & Manasa Nanduri
A Novel Method for Interconnection of Bipolar HVDC Networks Using Multilevel DC/DC Converter (DC-MMC)
A New Multi-Input Fed Bidirectional Converter with Independent Power Flow Control
Kamera Kesari Mounika & Tajvar Sultana
A Novel Transformerless PV Inverter with Reduced Leakage Current and Effective Control
Ankuri Umarani & Tajvar Sultana
Implementation of PV Solar Farm as Statcom during Night And Day Hours in a Distribution Network
Energy Efficient Sensor Mapping and Monitoring with Cloud Offloading Using IoT
Deepa Das & K.Ranga Sai
Remote Weather Station Design Using Zig-Bee
Smart Home Automation by Using Android Mobile
A Wireless Approach for Automation Using Zigbee Communication Technique
PNS-FCR: Flexible Charge Recycling Dynamic Circuit Technique for Low- Power Microprocessors
N.Lakshmi Tejaswani Devi, Manas Ranjan Biswal & Rupalin Nanda
Performance Analysis of Low Power CSVCO for PLL Architecture
D.Rajiv Roy, Dr.Nihar Ranjan Panda & Manas Ranjan Biswal
Cloud Computing Libraries in the Era of Information Communication Technology
Ramesh Pulkaram
Experimentation on Performance of Preheating Bio Diesel Blends Using Exhaust Heat from VCR Engine
Tirumani V Dharmaraju & Muppidi Rambabu
Pollution-Related Magnetic Signature of Atmospheric Fine Particulate Suspended Dust Collected By Cloth Samplers in Visakhapatnam City, India: A New Tool for Detecting and Monitoring Sources of Air Pollution
K.Ravi Chandra & Dr.G.Srinivasa Rao
Single-Phase Single-Stage FC System with BESS
Babaiah Suguri
SEPIC Converter Based BLDC Motor
Babaiah Suguri
MPPT based DC/DC Converter Integrated to Utility Grid
Babaiah Suguri
Image Processing Techniques for Lung Cancer Detection Using SVM and Marker-Controlled Watershed Transform
Shweta.C Thote & Thota Ravi Theja
Electronic Health Record for Improve Patient Safety Based on Cloud Computing
Thirumanapally Prashanth
A Secure Off-Line Micro-Payment System
Thirumanapally Prashanth
Tracking of a High Dynamic Projectile Using Extended Kalman Filter
R.Priyanka, P.Anusha & G.Murali Krishna
Single-Stage PV System Integrated To Grid
Babaiah Suguri
Management Education At Cross Roads in India: Issues & Challenges
Dr.S.Ramakoteswara Rao
Comparative Study of OPC and PSC with Partial Replacement of Different Pozzuloic Materials
A.Leela Kumar, Dr.K.Rajasekhar & E.Gopikrishna
A Complete Study on Behaviour of Geo-Polymer Concrete with Admixtures
M.Munilakshmi, Dr.K.Rajasekhar & E.Gopikrishna
A Study on the Hardened Properties of Light Weight Aggregate (Pumice) Concrete
E.Bhargavi, Dr.K.Rajasekhar & E.Gopikrishna
Role of Embedment Length on the Bond Characteristics of Fiber Based Self Compacting Concrete
M.Apsar, Dr.K.Rajasekhar & E.Gopikrishna
Modeling and Optimization MIMO-OFDM in Wireless Transceivers for Transient Carrier Frequency Offset
L Rajeshwar Reddy & Belcy D Mathews
A Study of Non-Performing Assets of Commercial Banks and It’s Recovery in India
Kumar Thammanaveni
Modeling and Analysis of Railway Wagon
B.Vinod Kumar, M.Suneetha & Dr.N.Venkatachalapathi
Health Care Monitoring System Using IOT
Mohammed Sheik Musthafa & N.Raju
An Integrated Control Strategy for a Wind Energy Conversion System
Banoth Ravi
Simulation of Grid Connected PV System with Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Banoth Ravi
Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Scenario
Ashok Manda
Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
K.Shravan Naidu & J.Rajasekhar
A Novel Method in Securing Shared Data in Public Cloud with User Revocation
K.Sai Kumar & V.Sridhar Reddy
Resistance of Bacteria towards Antibiotic Drugs and Techniques to Overcome Them
M.Swetha Rani
Significant Role of HRM in The Current Scenario – A Review
Kandula Madhavi
Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impact on Developing Countries with Special Reference to Indian Retail Sector-A Study
Consumer Purchase Intention with Reference to Brand Image of Products–A Review
B.Rajender Goud
A Study on the Financial Inclusion and Its Evolution in India
Erram Ramesh