Device Control Approach For Environment Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Network
Pravin Dattatray Auti & Prof.R.B.Sonawane
Zigbee Based Home Energy Management System Using Renewable Energy Sources
Singamaneni Venkatesh Kumar & Mr.V.Prasannanjaneya Reddy
A Research on Machining Parameters On Surface Roughness And MRR of Titanium (Ti-6AL-4V) Alloy By WEDM Using Brass & Molybdenum Electrode
S.Suresh Babu & P.Veeraraju
Modified Booth Encoding Multiplier for both Signed and Unsigned Radix Based Multi-Modulus Multiplier
M.Shiva Krushna & K.Kanthi Kumar
Design of fixed angle rotation using CORDIC
Rajula Saidulu & B.Karunaiah
Accurate and Scalable Correlation Analysis approach for decoding of distributed encode multi view images
V.Pratyusha & B.Rajani
A Specialized UPQC for Combined Simultaneous Voltage Sag/ Swell Problems in Distribution System
S.Ramya & D.Naga Raju
A novel DTC scheme of Control for Three Phase Cascaded H-bridge Converter based Induction Machine Control
T.Kalyani & R.Suresh
Design of an Advanced Wireless Controlled Stair Climbing Robot
Ms.Shilpa Kanchi, Mr.K.V.K.Viswanadham & Mr. Dr.K.Sudhakar Reddy
Flexible and an Efficient Frequency Divider
Gandikota Jilan Basha & G.Venkata Karthik
Energy Efficient Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiple Mobile Base Station
Sameer Muftah Amar Asayh & Prof. Rajiv Ranjan Tewarii
Load Frequency Control of Power Systems Using FLC and ANN Controlers
V. Raja Kumar & Mandru Harish Babu
An efficient architecture of OFDM system to reduce area
Chichu Swathi, Ch Sateesh Kumar Reddy & Poornaiah Billa
A Novel Approach for Authentication Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
D. Prasad & E.Satheesh Kumar
Real Time Bare Machine Sensor Application For ARM11 Processor
Mohammad Azaruddin & Arshad Hussain
Design of Embedded Real Time Video Monitoring System Based on ARM11 Processor.
Haseeba & Abid Hussain
An Improved Technique for Reducing the Jitter Noise Power and Transceiver Impairments in High Speed OFDM Systems
S. Arunasri & Kandula Ravi kumar
Low Power MSIC Signatures for Effective BIST Design
Chekka Narasimha Rao & Nageswar Rao
A Novel Improved Performance of Intelligence Based BESS-STATCOM for Power Quality Improving Features
B. Sunil Kumar & A. Anjaneyulu
A New Advanced 9-Level Multi-Level Topology Fed Induction Machine Drive Application
K. Simhadri Naidu & K. Peddakapu
Self Re-Directed Manets in Wireless Mesh Networks
Gannapu Uday Narasimha & S. A Mansoor
Prospect Analysis of Penumadam in KG Basin With Special Reference To Well Site Geophysical And Geological Techniques.
P.Sankar Rao
Generation of Distributed power and Grid Integration by Power Management and Control of a Hybrid Active Wind Generator
P. Dhanunjaya, M. Suresh kumar & G.N.S.Vaibhav
A reliable & secure Probability approach for intrusion detection and Rouge Node eviction in a complex Wireless Sensor Networks.
Yadavendra Kumar Cheruvu & Mrs.P.Sujatha
Anonymously sharing of data by using Group signature and encryption techniques in dynamic Cloud computing.
V.Sarojini Naidu & K.Babu Rao
Protecting Wireless Networks from Identity Theft (Spoofing) using the spatial correlation of received signal strength.
Gudipudi Chandana Theja & SD Nagul Meera
A Cooperative Wireless Network for tight closed loop applications in Critical Oil/Gas Industry.
Rahul Raghunath Chavan
The Chameleon Organization assumptions and Futures digital age OrganizationProf.Yousef Al-taie Hagym Sultan & Baqer khudhair Abdul Al-Abbas alhadraWi
Embedded Surveillance System Using Ultra Sonic Sensor Coding With Multiple Pir Sensor
Narige Satish & K.Kanthi Kumar
Reactive Power control in HVDC System using Multi Level Current Reinjection Converters
L.Prem Sundeep Kumar & G.Venkata Suresh Babu
Design of Low Power CMOS Comparator in UDSM Technology
Nandha Kumar.P & K.Ravi
Virtual Private Connectivity between Class Rooms
Ms.A.Hemalatha & Mr. P.V.S.Prabhakar
A Radio Resource Allocation Algorithm in Future Wireless Communication Systems
D. Prasad & E. Satheesh Kumar
Survey on Recommender system using collaborative filtering Techniques
Jyoti Pandey & Prof.Manisha R Patil
Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Sameer Muftah Amar Asayh & Prof. Rajiv Ranjan Tewarii
A High Step-Up Three-Port DC–DC Converter for Stand-Alone PV/Battery Power Systems
Ch.Srinivasulu Reddy & S.Amala
Energetic Packet Erosion in Hybrid IP Sprinkling Posterior Contrivance
N.Uma Rani, K.Avinash & K.Jaya Shree
A Scalable Mobile Presence Services with Efficient Study in Social Network Applications
E.Ravi Kumar, Ch.Koteshwara Rao & Jagadeeswara Rao.Annam
A Decentralized Service Discovery Approach on Peer-to-Peer Networks
Gumma.Parvathi Devi & N.Ramanjaneya Reddy
Fabrication of an Intelligent Irrigation Monitoring System Using Wireless Network
Veera Samson Janga & Raghawa Yathiraju
Biometric System Based Electronic Voting Machine With Security Algorithm And Password Protection on ARM Microcontroller and GSM
Namala Naresh Kumar & E.Venkat Reddy
An Ensured Patient Healthcare Monitoring in Cloud Infrastructure
M. Varnani Raj & V. Mallesi
A Low Power Single Phase Clock Distribution Multiband Network
A.Adinarayana & T.Muralikrishna
Advanced Wireless Sensor Network Based Remote Control for High Efficiency Street Lighting System
Mr. Amey S.Laddad & Mrs Gayatri M Phade
Efficient Sensor Node Authentication via 3GPP Mobile Communication DOC
D. Prasad & E. Satheesh Kumar
A Novel Control of Multi-Input Dc-Dc Converter for DC and AC Nano Grids
Shravan Kumar B & K. Rama
Design of sensor less induction motor based on MRAS using PI & FUZZY Controller
M.Srikanth & Mrs.K.Rama
An Experimental Study on the Influence of Cutting Parameters on Thrust Force” While Drilling on Different Materials
J.Sudheer Syam Kumar & S.Raja Sekhar
Android App Based LED Dimming Technique
B.V.U Maheswara Reddy, G.V. Ramana Reddy & L. Srinivas Reddy
Design and Performance analysis of Reversible logic multiplexer using Nano-scale Technology
Jasmine & P.S.Krishna
Consignment Stability Multi-Channel Trade System with Dribble Portion
Nandam Pavan Kumar & Khamar zahan
Tree Based Data Collection from Wireless Sensor Networks
Shaik.Asif Basha & Gousejohn
Design of a new Banking Interface System for the Bank to Increase Customer Facilities
B.Srinivas & B.Upender
An Efficient Approach to Authenticated Users in Kerberos-Based Networks
B.Upender & B.Srinivas
Elimination of Calculable Data for Aware-Failure Networks in the WSN
K.Rajashekar & P.Avaniketh
Provable Security Against Incubus Attacks & DOS Attacks Securing From Wireless AD HOC Sensor Networks
P.Avaniketh & K.Rajashekar
A Wireless Based Environment Monitoring Design Taking Parameters Such As Power Consumption, Portability, and System Cost Into Consideration
P V Narasimha raju & G.Chinni Babu
An Innovative Image Processing Method Using Sum of Absolute Difference Algorithm For Real-time Military Applications
K.Kishore & T.Babu Rao
Forms of Dynamic Query for Evaluation of Database Queries Using Interfaces
Mrs.Jayashri M.Jambukar & Mr.Vaidya Milindkumar B
Modeling and Performance Analysis of Mho-Relay in Matlab
Purra Sai Kiran & P. Ramchander
An Image Authentication Technique in Frequency Domain Using Genetic Algorithm
Bharat Gadiraju & Saikanth Vittal
A Survey Paper on Advanced Web Searching Using Lingo Algorithm
Amar Telange, Monika Patil, Amol Borse & Prof.Gitanjali.S.Mate
Design of Five-Level Bidirectional Hybrid Inverter for High-Power Applications
Shaik Yasmeen & Gundala Srinivasa Rao
Data Transport in 4th Generation Cellular networks and a comparative analysis with 3G
D. Prasad & E. Satheesh Kumar
An Efficient Implementation of Fast Clustering Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm over High Dimensional Data
I Surya Prabha