Access Policy Consolidation For Event Processing Systems
Arun R Nair & D Teja Santosh
A Security System That Addresses the Problem of Dynamically Mining and Extracting Information
G R Rajitha & M Akkalakshmi
Redundancy Removing Protocol to Minimize the Firewall Policies in Cross Domain
Kamarasa V D S Santhosh & G.Sri Sowmya
Event Based Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using DOS and CCOS Methodology
V.Teja & D.Vijaya Lakshmi
Providing Intelligent Traffic Management Service for High-Speed Networks by Using Fuzzy Logic Control
T.Lakshmi & K.Sudheer Babu
Highly Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage with Key Aggregation Cryptosystem
T.Divya & Mr. Arif Mohammad Abdul
A Load Balancing Model Based on Cloud Partitioning for Public Cloud Using Game Theory
K.Mahesh & Mr B.Rajendra Prasad Babu
Improving Effectiveness by Clustering of BioMedical Documents Using Semi supervised Clustering Method
M.Mounika & Dr. Sudarson Jena
Security for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
P.Bhavana & Yugandhar Garapati
Detecting and Mitigating Collaborative Attacks using NICE in Virtual Network systems
Y.Srilakshmi & Mr.S.D.Vara Prasad
Study of Key Pre-Distribution Schema in WSN Based on Unital Design Theroy
P.Priyanka & Mrs K.Nikitha
Providing Ranks to Services in Cloud Computing Environment Based on Quality of Service
V.Mounika Iashwarya & B.Mallikarjuna
Study of Association Rules In Horizontally Distributed Databases With High Security
M.Bhargav Kumar & CH.Venkatarami Reddy
An Area Efficient Multiplier Design Using Fixed-Width Replica Redundancy
P.Madhura & Mr.V.Jayachandra Naidu
An Efficient Design of Memory-Based Realization of FIR Digital Filter
Ms.K.Neeraja & Dr.C.Chandrasekhar
Review on Methods of Content Based Image Retrieval
Miti.H.Desai & Neeta Chudasama
Physical Design Implementation of I2C Bus Master Controller
Panthnagi Saidulu & N.Nirmala Devi
Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage by Using Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem
K.G.Kedarnath, M.Sowmya, N. Musrat Sultana & K.Shirisha
(K, X)-Bottleneck in the System For Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
D.Lakshmi Chaitanya & G.Shiva Kumar
Path Aggregation for QOS Provisioning for Peer-to-Peer Streaming
M.Prathyusha & G.Anitha
An Improved Opinionated Ranking Retrieval System from Blogs
N.Sprushya & M.Swapna
Thinking in the Marketing Capacity Building Practice Marketing
Baqerkhudhair Abdul Al-Abbas Alhadrawi & Dergham Mohammed Shati Khaqani
Hiding an Image into Multiple Videos Using Message Digest Algorithm
Avinash & Vivek Jaladi
FPGA Controlled Rover through Android Smartphone
Damarla Ramya & V.C. Madavi
A Case Study on Built Operate and Transfer
K. Muni Swamy & A. Rama Krishnaiah
Design and Analysis of Fly Wheel and By Using CATIA and ANSYS Software
Pagoti Lokesh & Mr. B.Ashok Kumar
Implementation of Health Monitoring System for Heart Pulse Using Pletysmographic Sensor and Temperature Detection Using Wireless Communication
D. Monica & B. Suneela
Modeling and Simulation of Power Control of a Wind Turbine Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator System
G.Ashwini, Mr.G.Srinivasulu Reddy & Dr.I.Prabhakar Reddy
Design and Implementation of an Advanced Home Automation System using Android and GSM Technologies
Mrs. Geetha Mrunalini.Kadiyam, Mr. K.Rajasekhar & Mr. A.Pravin
Multi biometric system using Face Recognition by SIFT Algorithm and RFID with SMS reporting system
S.Saleem Azad & Syed Samiuddin
The Load Balancing Strategy to Improve the Efficiency in the Public Cloud Environment
Majjaru Chandra Babu
Novel Design and Implementation of Self Organizing Trust Model for Peer – Peer Systems
E. Latha & T. Moulika
An Adaptive Downloading Service from Object Storage Cloud
T.Avinash & T. Moulika
Design and Implementation of Complex Multiplier Using Compressors
Shaik Mohammed Sadiq & P.Prathap
Identity-Based Integrity Verification Using PDP in Multi Cloud Storage
Ch.Baji Babu & Mr.Ch. Mohan Babu
An Efficient Design of Frame Synchroinization in FPGA
Bhumi Reddy Maha Lakshmi & Y.Murali Mohan Babu
Synthesis and Simulation of Look-Ahead Clock Gating Technique
J.Pradeep & R.Mahesh Kumar
Observer Synthesis for Nonlinear of Switched Dynamical Systems Application to Bioreactor
T.Sanjeev Rao, D.Swathi & M.Praveen Kumar
A Novel Algorithm for View and Illumination
Face Recognition

Pulagam Madhavi & Mrs.Udayini Chandana
Automatic Ventilation of Vehicle Interior Using ARM7
N Rajesh Reddy & K Venkatramana Reddy
An Improved Speech Denoising and Enhancement Based on Radon Transform and Local Ridgelet Transform
P. P. S. Subhashini & J. Ravindranadh
Implementation of Zigbee Based Smart Grid to Remotely Monitor And Control Using Renewable Energy Sources
V.Prasanth & K.Venkatesh
Power Quality Improvement of Electrical Railway System by Fuzzy Logic Based Direct Power Control with Space Vector Modulation
M.Sandeep Kumar & M.Lokesh
A Novel Architecture for Booth Multiplier Using MCSLA and CBL
D.Ravindra Reddy, Mrs.D.Rama Devi & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Secure Cloud Transactions by Performance, Accuracy and Precision
Patil Vaibhav Nivrutti & K Suresh Kumar
Traffic Sign Recognition for Advanced Driver Assistance Using Matlab and Embedded Systems
Pola Naveen Kumar & Mr.B.Nanda Kumar
Mutual Authority Using Privacy Preserving and Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing
Ali Abdulbaqi Abdulazeez
SEFM-Cloud: A Structure of Social Video Efficient & Flowing Adaptive Mobile Video in the Clouds
Ahmed Khaldoon Abdulateef & T. Ramdas Naik
Togther4Ever: A Social Network with a Social Life Based Friend Recommendation System
Aiman Muneam Suhail
Design and Implementation of Aging-Aware Reliable Multiplier by Using Booth Algorithm
Thakur Vishesh Singh, K. Kumara Swamy & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Effectiveness of Fiber Optic Cable Technology in Domestic Communications
Sridhar Goud Arelli
Comprasion of Compressive Strength of M20 Grade Fly Ash with Rice Husk Ash Concrete
Reshma.S & Dr.S.Siddiraju
A Novel Approach for Automated Color Segmentation of Tuberculosis Bacteria through Region Growing
M. Hemalatha, A.V. Kiranmai & D.Sreehari
Data Hiding Technique Using Pixel Masking & Message Digest Algorithm (DHTMMD)
Avinash & Vivek Jaladi
Secure and Constant Cost Hybrid Cloud Storage Auditing With Deduplication
Divya Vijay Kandalkar & Prof. R.R.Bhambare
Survey Paper of Discrete Wavelet Transform-Based Satellite Image Resolution Enhancementmethod
Saudagar Arshed Salim & Mr. Vinod Shinde
Advanced SPWM Controller with 3 Phase Ups System Operating in Extream Nonlinear Load
Archana R. Sonawane & Prof.R.R.Bhambare
Reduction of Noise Based on Partial-Reference, Dual-Treewavelet Transform Compressing
Manisha Vidyasagar Gawai & Prof.R.R.Bhambare
Survey Paper on Edge and Corner Detection Algorithms
Mrs.Payal S.Khawase, Prof.G.M.Phade & Prof.P.A.Dhulekar
Design of a Single Phase Clock Multiband Flexible Divider Using Low Power Techniques
J.Santoshini & Rani Rajesh
An Assessment on Cloud Computing Data Security and Exploration
V.Ashok Gajapathi Raju & G.Nagendra Kumar
Seismic Events Identification below the Surface by Using 3d Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing Techniques in Ramnad Sub-Basin, Chennai, ONGC
Priyanka Palivela
Advance Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
J. Kiranmai & K.Raju
A novel method for Online Shortest Path
M.Prathibha Bharathi & T. Moulika
Privateness-Protect Diffuse Keywords Classified Searching Over Cloud Computing
Ali Naji Yasser & T. Ramdas Naik
Implementation of Novel BP Algorithm for LDPC Decoding on a General Purpose Mobile ARM11 CPU
R.Ramyashree, K.Bramaramba & Prof. A.Gopala Sharma
Controlling and Monitoring the Various Applications of Embedded Wireless Sensor Network
S.Priyanka & M.Srilakshmi Ravali
Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations
Parkash Ratan & Chandra Jogi
Evolutional History of Fable Stories and Their Influence on Culture in Ancient World
Arjuman Sultana Nishat
An Automatic Analysis Technique in Order to Deduce Search Results From Search Engines for Efficient Machine Processing
Kadambala Sankar & Chintada Sunil Kumar
Modified (2PVCP) to Balance Performance, Accuracy and Precision for Transactions in Secure Cloud
Salam Allawi Hussein
Data Ownership Collaborative Evidence for Verifying Integrity in Multi-Cloud Storage
Alyaa Abduljawad Mahmood
Filtering False Evidence Sequentially and Distributed By Extending Bayesian Malware Detection to DTNS
Mahmoud Saeed Al-Jabari & T. Ramdas Naik
Identifying and Removing, Irrelevant and Redundant Features in High Dimension Data Using Feature Subset
Ghazi Fuad Khamis Rabi Abunqara & T. Ramdas Naik
F. Scott Fitzgerald`S the Great Gatsby as A Significant Work of the Lost Generation
Ammar Zuher Ahmed
Design of 8-Bit MCC Convey Chain Adder with Using Two 4-Bit Chains in Domino Logic
Mrs.Farha Anjum, Mr.Mohammad Iliyas, Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma & Dr.R.Murali Prasad
Power Quality Improvement by using DSTATCOM for Distribution System
Mohd Abdul Kareem & Dr.Dalvinder Kaur Mangal