A Behavioral Characterization of Proximity Malware Detection Approach Which Based on Bayesian Model
J.Sairam Reddy, K. Kirthikumar & B.Jaya laxmi
A Hybrid Broadcast Encryption and Group Key Management System for Simple and Cost Effective Communication
G. Rahul, K. Ranjith & K. Shirisha
A Signature Allocation Based Security System to Minimize The Infected Nodes & Detection Of Malware and Restricting Its Further Propagation
G.Akhila, K.Prem Kumar, K.Dinesh Reddy & V.Chandrasekhar
A Dynamic Analysis Approach Based On Semantics and Labels In Order To Get Search Results from Search Engines for Effective Machine Processing
Ch. Abhichandra Reddy, D. Sukanya, G. Sudeep & A.Sandhya Rani
A Real-time Packet Classification System Based On Combining Cryptographic Primitives with Physical-Layer Attributes To Address Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks
G.Deepthi, H.Akshay, G. Rajesh, A.Suresh Rao & T. Swetha
Allocation of Datacenter Resources Based on Demands Using Virtualization Technology in Cloud
G.Rajesh, L.Bobbian Naik, K.Mounika & Dr. K.Venkatesh Sharma
Effective User Navigation through Website Structure Improvement
M Sai Krishna, P Prabodhan Rao, S Rahul Singh & U Mahendar
Experimental Study on Strength and Sorptivity Properties of Geopolymer Mortar
Derangula Padmaroja & Dr .P. Sri Chandana
Analysis For Development of Deferment Bituminous Roads in Kolar District
Mr.Arimbhakam Rajasekhar & Mr.M.Bala Subramanian
A New Authentication Mechanism Based on Graphical Password
V Ramesh, Dr. P. Venkateswarlu & S. Sree Hari Raju
Power Quality Improvement Using Distributed Power Flow Controller (DPFC)
P. Hema Chandu, E.Kiran kumar & Dr. V. C. Veera Reddy
Inferring User Search Goals for a Query by Clustering the Feedback Sessions
Shaik.Masthan & K.Srinivasa Rao
Secure Data Storage Schemes Based on Identity
Mukka Sushanth Kumar, Nachu Priyanka & B.Ranjitha
A New Video Data Hiding Using Forbidden Zone Data Hiding
B.Bhavana, B.Poojitha, C.Premdas & M.Naveen Kumar
Security for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Network by Using CP-ABE Algorithm
A.Swetha, K.Roja, K.Suneel & R.Dileep Kumar
Maintaining and Tracking the Day To Day Activities of Any Prison
B. Raghuveer Reddy, Ch.Abhilash, D.Meenakshi & U.Mahender
Novel Design of Solar Electric Bicycle with Pedal Assistance
T.Bhavani, K.Santhosh kumar, K.Dhiraj kumar & Sistu Udai
Attaining Proficiency of Encrypted Cloud Records with Substitute Based Substitute and Multi-Keyword Classified Substitute
G.Divya, G.Venkatesh & P.Satish Reddy
Captcha in Graphical Password Scheme Using Hardoi Authentication
Bhukya Dharma & P.Satish Reddy
Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Single-Input Multiple-Output DC–DC Converter
Thrinad Chokkakula, Ranadheer Inteti & N Kiran Kumar
An Improved Tree Using Discrete Haar Wavelet Transform
C.V.P.R.Prasad & Dr. Bhanu Prakash Battula
Automated Data Relocation Quality Assertion
M.Karan, T.Vamshi, N.Pruneeth & T.Premchender
A Method to Filter Redundant Messages from OSN Consumer Screens
K.Sharath, G.Aishwarya, P.Nikhil & T.Premchender
Protection of Energy Storage System in a Distribution System Using Fault Current Limiter
T.Venkata Satya Manoj & S.Khadarvali
Power Quality Improvement Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) With Renewable Energy Sources
Metta Satish, Ranadheer Inteti & P Sandeep
An Enhanced Primal-Dual Vertex Cover (EPDVC) Method for TotalVariation Based Wavelet Domain Inpainting
Shahin Kausar Shaik & Zuber Basha Shaik
An Improved DELAY-POWER Efficient Modified Carry Select Adder Design & Implementation Using VHDL
Ravi Kiran Kurella, J.E.N Abilash & N.Srikanth
Data Embedding Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching
A.Pratap Reddy, G. Sumathi, D.Anusha, P.Sainath Reddy & P.Kishor
An Innovative Method for 3rd Party Auditing With Improved User Data Privacy Protection in the Cloud
K Ravi Kiran, B Sushanthi Reddy & V Archana Reddy
Design & Development of Aonla Fruits Seed Removal & Shredding Machine
Akash P. Ganvir & N. P. Awate
Role of Microfossils Specially Foraminifera in Hydrocarbon Exploration
Dr. G.Suryanarayana
An Authorized Duplicate Check Scheme for Removing Duplicate Copies of Repeating Data in The Cloud Environment to Reduce Amount of Storage Space
Jannu.Prasanna Krishna & Macha.Ganesh Kumar
Preserving Data and Identity Privacy in an Un trusted Cloud Environment Where Membership of the Group Is Changing and Dynamic in Nature
Marripally Sathish & P.A Hima Kiran
Privacy Preserving in Two Authenticated Servers by Key Exchange
Mr.P.Anji Babu, G.Tabitha, J.bhaskar & J.Soumya
A Study on Quality Infrastructure Support in 4G Networks
B. Bindusha Reddy, Sravani Kanala & T. Sai Amrutha Varshini
A Survey on Human Computer Interfaces
V. Sri Mathruka, S. Syamala & N.V.K.Ramesh
Multipass Welding
Dr. Suresh Akella & Mr. Ramesh Kumar Buddu
A Novel Reserving Room Approach for Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm before Encryption on Encrypted Digital Images
Krishnaveni Chatlawar & M.J.Lengare
Discrete Wavelet Transform-Based Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Method
Krishnaveni Chatlawar & M.J.Lengare
An Efficient Architecture for BISR (Built-In Self-Repair) Using Extended Essential Spare Pivoting (EESP) Algorithm
A.Vishnupriya & J.Madan Kumar
Formal Privacy Model in Order to Extend DAAS Descriptions with Privacy Capabilities
P.Anusha, R.Ashok Raju, V.Chandana & G.Venkatram Reddy
Grid Connected Photovoltaic Battery Energy Storage System with Active and Reactive Power Control at Distribution System
Keyur R.Kinariwala, Viral P. Parmar & Kapildev Arora
Simulation & Analysis of Performance of DER in Smart Grid Using Micro-Turbine
Purvi K. Patel & Pankti Shah
Power Quality Improvement Using D-STATCOM with PI & Fuzzy Logic Controller
Pooja S. Shah & Ajit A. Rathod
Control Strategy for wind Energy and Hybrid Generating Systems Based on the Concept of Power Electronics
NagaRaju. Annam, Dr.Bhagwan Reddy.J & Dr.Sardar Ali
High Speed IEEE-754 Double Precision Floating Point Adder/Subtractor and Multiplier Using Verilog
K.Sridhar & S.Nagaraj
Work Related Disorders to Workers in Industry-Ergonomic Approach
A Diffusion Method General Framework on Mining World Wide Web for Recommendations
K.Tejaswini, T.Divyani, Y.Bhanu Prakash Reddy & M.Archana
PV/Battery to the Grid Integration of Hybrid Energy Conversion System with Power Quality Improvement Issues
NagaRaju. Annam, Dr.Bhagwan Reddy.J & Dr.Sardar Ali
Cleansing, Profiling & Extracting Customer Data for Developing Clusters to Identify Customers Using Data Mining
D.Sravya, G.Vihang, K.Rakesh Reddy & B.Ranjitha
Estimation of Heavy Mineral Resources in Bendi Coast, Srikakulam District, their Techniques Involved in Separating the Individual Minerals from Raw Sand
Geophysical Surying, Mining Methods, Research and Development in Kothagudem Region Coal Mines
T. Satish Babu
Scalable and Secure Personal Health Records in Cloud Using Attribute Based Encryption with Checkability
Dr. Adloori Ramesh Babu, Dr. M Jagadeeshwar & Dr. Shriramoju Suman Kumar
Secrecy Accessing System Based on Mobile Jammer Using Pre-Schedule Time Duration
J. Sherline Priyadarshini & T. Nagalaxmi
Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner
Madhusudhan Reddy.V, Venkateswarlu.G, Mahesh Babu.N, Ramakrishnam Raju. K, Siva Kumar Reddy.B & Mr.B.Venu
Design and Simulation of Data-Driven Clock Gating Technique for Sensor Network
Pydipeddigari Ganesh & L.Narayana Rao
Use of Waste Plastic in the Production of Light Weight Concrete
M. Muzafar Ahmed & Dr. S. Siddi Raju
Investigations on the Use of Waste Tire Rubber Pieces in the Production of Light Weight Concrete
K.Charankumar & Dr. S. Siddi Raju
Assessing Collaboration Framework in Multi-Cloud Environment
Annapurna Saikia & B.Krishna Prasad
Efficient Co-Operative Key Exchange Protocol
K Bhoopal, P Manikumar, P Priyaraaga & G Deepthi
Lesion Detection and Characterization with Context Driven Approximation in Thoracic FDG PET-CT Images of NSCLC Studies
Miss.M. Sree Vidya & Mr.K. Lokeswara Reddy
Ensuring The Integrity of Data In Cloud Based on Homomorphic Verifiable Response and Hash Index Hierarchy
M.Vineeth Reddy, N.Manoj, P.Nikhil Reddy & P.Kamakshi Thayee
Data Protection as a Service Suite Which Offer Security and Privacy from Malicious Applications
R.A.Priyanka, Divya Shyam Swamy, N.Ujwal Reddy & T. Shashi Kumar
An Efficient, Effective and High Probability Clustering Based Algorithm For Feature Selection
Niharika Ankam, Pravallika Boddu, Vinay Chary Cholleti & Mr.China Paga.Ravi
Design of the Radix-10 Based BCD Multiplier Based on Multi-Operand Addition
Nagarjuna Amara & K.Syam Babu
Wireless Android Smart Phone Controlled Robot through FPGA
D.Ramya, Sri R.Bala Bhaskar & Dr. K.Sreenivasa Ravi
Effect of Silica Fume on Strength and Durability Parameters of Concrete
Siddam Reddy Anilkumar Reddy & Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy
Natural FIBRE Reinforced Concrete
B. Ankaiah & Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy
Operational Control of Two-String MPPT’s in a DC Distribution System
K.Sasikala, K.Malleswari & Shaik.Ali Ahmad
Solar Based Three-Level NPC Inverter with Advanced Control Strategy To Manage the Grid Requirements
Mohammad Nasreen & Venkateswarlu Ambhoji
Power Quality Improvement in Local Grid by Using STATCOM
Mogaparthy Vijay & Venkateswarlu Ambhoji
Associate Isolation Protection in Personalized Web Search
M.Aswini, R.Mrudula & P.Satish Reddy
Key-Cumulative Cryptosystem for Accessible Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
MVV Gupta, G.Venkatesh & P.Satish Reddy
Protected outsourced Attribute based Signatures
B.Vinod Kumar, T.Bala Krishna & P.Satish Reddy
Comparative Study On Indian Credit Rating Agencies –Rating Methodology, Process, Rating Symbols & Services
Ms. M Sandra Kirthy
A Real Time Approach to Digital Video Watermarking for Copyright Protection Applications
Dr. P.V. Naganjaneyulu
A hybrid Peer-to-Peer System to Provide Efficient and Flexible Distributed Data Sharing Using Top Caching Algorithm
Gangolu Rama krishna & P.B.V.Raja Rao
Damping of Interarea Oscillations of Power System using Integrated System of UPFC-SMES
N.Venkata Siva Reddy & K.Vasu
An Efficient Method for Detection and Classification of Exudates Using Morphological Process in Fundus Retinal Images
Lohitha Karnati & Shatabdi Nandi
A Contemporary Custom Power Device Based on Dual Angle Control to Mitigate System Faults
G. Sriram Prasad, G. Devadas & K.Soujanya
A Systematic Motor Drive with Autonomous Power Control Based on Cascading Multilevel Inverters Using SPWM
P.Manokeerthi, G. Devadas & K.Soujanya
Improving the Image Quality by Using the DCT Coefficients
M.Vanitha & K.Venkataramana
Unified Power Flow Controller to Improve the Transfer Capability of a Power System Using ATC Method
Vasupalli. Manoj
Analysis of Net I/O Performance By Using Enhanced CBIR Systems
M.Archana, A.Roja, B.Soundarya & D.Sneha
A procedure for Data Discrimination Anticipation
P.Prathyusha, M.Sneha, Md.Reshma & Ch.Ravi
Image Based Retrieval Using Edge Detection Algorithm
Kiran Kumar K, Ramyakrishna I, Mary Santhi Sri T, Vamshi Priya V & Avinash Reddy G
Secure Data Sharing in Mobile Network through Dynamic Routing and Encryption Techniques
Appidi Vineetha, Kuppala Kondaiah, Atkuru Harshita, Swathi Chowdary Chennareddy & Potluri Vaishnavi
A Case Study on Face Recognition Techniques
D.Sai Sirisha, P.CH.B.Sruthi & G.Subhramanya Sarma
Fuzzy and Hysteresis Current Control Based SMES to Improve the Performance of DFIG for Wind Energy Systems
A. Siva Prasad, B.Sreenivasa Raju & K.V.Satheesh Babu
Investigations on Strength and Durabilty of Concrete by Paritally Replacement of Cement by Flyash and Sand by GBFS
Saran Raj & Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy
High-Strength Structural Concrete with Recycled Aggregates
Arem Naresh & Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy
Determination of Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Mineral Admixtures
Mekala Prathap Reddy & Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy
Flexural Behavior of Steel Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete Beams
Konda Rushi Kesava Reddy & Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Reddy
Optimizing Injection Moulding Production Rate
Savara Chiranjeevi & Mr. B.Ashok Kumar
Design and Analysis of Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Sandwich Composite Structure
Gopi Krishna Bagadi & Sri B Rambabu
Design change for Thermostatic Expansion Valve Body Assembly and its Static Analysis
Gorle Raghavendra Gowri Shankar & Mr. K Deepak
Design and Fatigue Analysis of Turbine Rotor Blade by Using F.E.M
Murali. K & B Rambabu
Structural and Thermal Analysis of Vented and Normal Disc Brake Rotors
Yaswanth Moogilipuri & Mr. K Deepak
Design and Structural Analysis of Screw Gears
P Kameswara Rao & Mr. B Rambabu
Optimizational Analysis of a Windmill Hub
P.Rama Chandra Rao & Mr. K Deepak
Analysis and Development Characterisation of Automotive Wheels
Sunil Kumar Bisoyi & Mr. B.Ashok Kumar
An Adaptive Noise Cancellation And Comparision
Nahid Jabeen & Dr.Sachin Saxena