An Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete Replacing Natural Sand by M-Sand Using Silica Fume as a Admixture
P Lakshmaiah Chowdary & P Ramu
Marketing Mix of Service Industry: A Case Study on Axis Bank
Gedela Rakesh Varma & Prof.Jaladi Ravi
Design and Analysis of Domestic Windmill Blades Using Composite Materials
V.Maheswara Rao, M.Lakshmi Sramika, P.Purushotama Anil Kumar & G.Ramu
Navigation System for Blind People
Ashwini Dudhale, Suvarna Divate, Shital Gavasane & Prof.J.A.Nanajkar
Analysis and Comparision of Different Composites on Truck Leaf Spring
Ampalam Divya & M.Lakshmi Sramika
Speed Breaker Power Generation System
Rajat Bametha, Anoop Jadwani, Manvendra Pratap Singh & Prof. Abhishek Dabb
Grid-Connected Full-Bridge Inverter Based on a Novel ZVS SPWM Scheme
Ashok Kumar & Dr.K Sudhakara Reddy
Simulation and Analysis of Thermo Mechanical Coupling Load and Mechanical Dynamic Load for a Piston
Bhavani Shankar Kalluri & SK Hidayatulla Sharief
RFID Based Ticket Collecting System
Piyush M.Rajeshinde, Narendra Rathod, Ajay Ubale & Mrs.V.V.Hanchate
Modelling and Structural Analysis of Camshaft of Locomotives
Pilla Venkata Ravi & SK Hidayatulla Sharief
Android Based Switching of Electrical Appliances as Smart Electricity
Ashutosh Raina, Rahul Kumar, Ajay Kumar & Prof.V.S.Bugade
Design and Development of Four Way Hacksaw Machine
Umesh Nachan, Rohit Singh, Rutij Phaltankar, Ajay Prasad & Prof.Rohit Patil
A Cluster Based Approach for Maximizing the Energy Efficiency of Wireless Small Cell Network
Irshad Khan & Dr.R Krishnan
“Digitalisation: India’s Road to Transformation”
Natasha Tageja
Implementation of Hi-Tech Agriculture with Soil Humidity Based Automatic Irrigation System
Takkasila Akbar Saleem & Mr.K Sreenivasa Rao
Wireless Motion Control of an Intelligent Wheelchair Using Hand Gesture Recognition Technology
Ajit M. Choudhari & Dr.J.V.L.Venkatesh
Design, Analysis and 3D Printing of Bellows Coupling
Kedarisetti Gowthami & Mrs.D.Shakeena
Design and Structural Analysis of Truck Rear under Run Protection Device with Rapid Prototype
Bollapragada Phani Kumar & P.Phanindra Kumar
Design and Analysis of Train Brake
T.S.S.Santhosh Kumar & Mrs.N.Venkata Lakshmi
An On-Chip AHB Bus Tracer with Real Time Compression and Dynamic Multi Resolution Supports for SoC
Maneesha Bandla, N.Koteswararao & Naga Ravi Kiran.D
Design and Development of School Children Transportation Safety Environment System Using ARM
Thirupathi Mahesh & N.V.N.K.Suresh Kumar
Building Automation Control System Using ARM7 and IOT
Amaranadh Bolla & S.Naveen Kumar
Audio Cryptography System
Shaik Abdul Muneer & G.Mahaboob Basha
Repeating Pattern Extraction Technique (REPET): A Simple Method for Music/Voice Separation
Ms.Sunena J.Rajenimbalkar & Dr.Sudhir S.Kanade
Enhanced Security for Online Exams Using Group Cryptography
Shaik Abdul Muneer & G.Mahaboob Basha
Energy Load Balancing and Scaling in Cloud System
Akshatha.B, Arun Kumar.R, Dhanesh.C, Kiran Kumar.J & Dr Rajashree V Biradar
Design of a Low Power and Area Efficient Full Adder Using GDI Technique
C.Bhavya Prasanna & A.Ranganayakulu
Design of TIDF Controller for LFC of Interconnected Power System
Gorle Saideepa & T.Vamsee Krishna
Design and Analysis of Clutch Plate Using Fiber Reinforcement Polymer
K.Lokeshwaran & Smt.T.Suja
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Involute Spur Gears with Circular Tooth Fillet
L.Arunnath & M.Kanthashoba
Energy Management for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Power Train Using PV-Battery Model
Annavarapu Ramya, Dr.K Venkateswrlu & J.Alla Bagash
Agriculture Based Object Automatic Sorting System
Dipti Dapake, Priyanka Barawkar & Prof.V.N.Ghodke
Women’s Security System with Auto Mail with Images and Instant Location
Priyanka Chormale, Priyanka Gardade, Shubhangi Jadhav & Prof.G.D.Salunke
Equity-Linked-Savings-Schemes of Mutual Funds
Bhanotu Babu
A Multivariable Optimal Energy Management Strategy for Standalone DC Micro-Grids
Sai Suprajitha, Sivasai Jonnadula & J.Alla Bagash
Content Based Image Retrieval Using Salient Orientation Histograms
M.Jayasri, R.Sunitha & Prof.R.Suman
IOT Based Environment Monitoring
Yadav Rameshwari Balasaheb & Dr.Sudhir S.Kanade
FIR Filter Architecture for High Performance Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications
Mogili Srinivasa Rao & V Rama Rao
A Face Image Identification Using Artificial Neural Networks
Mr.Sumit Chauhan, Dr.Yatin Agrawal & Mr.Neeraj Kumar Verma
An Enhanced Aggregated Key Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing
P.Appala Naidu, V.Sandhya Rani & Bharathi
Usual Duplicate Detection Using Progressive Algorithms with Improving Efficiency
Dr.Ch.GVN Prasad, M.Veena & S.Sai Sharat Chandra
Design and Analysis of Polymer Matrix Composite Pressure Vessel
Lazer Achish Hezron & Prof.A.Muralidhar
Development and Analysis of Composite Material for In-Situ Hip Prosthesis
R.Gowthaman & Mr.P.Praveenraj
Design to Replace Steel Drive Shaft in Automobile with Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite
A.N.S.Sheik Abdul Rahman & Prof.A.Muralidhar
Study of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Lm25 Stir Casting Method
D.Ganesh Kumar & Tmt. M.Kantha Shoba
Model and Extracting Videos Using Intelligent Methods
Satish D Mali & Prof.Pravin P. Kalyankar
Solar Operated Automatic Irrigation System
G.V.Satya Srinivas, Nallam S.Abhiram & Dr.T.Dharma Raju
Secure Sharing of Outsourced Data in Network Storage
Vinay Kumar Sinha, P.Anjaiah & Dr.K Rajendra Prasad
Fluid Dynamics: MHD Flows Through or Past a Porous Media
L.Rajendra Prasad & G.Viswanad Reddy
A Study on Tribological Behaviour of Aluminium Based Nanocomosite
C.Ezhilmaran & Mrs.K.Anbukarasi
Design Low-Power and Area-Efficient Shift Register Using SSASPL Pulsed Latch
Akshata G.Shete & Aarti Gaikwad
Implementation of Reed Solomon Decoder for Area Critical Applications
Mrs.G.Srivani & Mr.R.S.Pratap Singh
Real-Time Traffic-Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Text
Silpa Kala Thimmadi & J.Sukumar
A Novel Method to Detect and Recognize the Text in Traffic Signs
K.Kalpana & D.Poorna Chandra Reddy
Voltage Source Inverter with Three Phase Preventer and Selector for Industrial Application
Vilas Bhandare & Dr.G.U.Kharat
Application of Statistical Methods in the Analysis of Daily Stock Exchange Data
Vishu Kumar M, Nagaraja Rao Chillale & Mohan Kumari C
Content Based Image Retrival Using Fusion of Colour Histogram and Silent Orientation Histogram
P.Lakshmi Devi & T.Sreenivasa Reddy
A GSM, WSN and Implanted Web Server Engineering For Web Based Kitchen
Nafiza & N.Uma Rani
Design and Analysis of Press Tool for Washers
K.Avinash & B.Ramesh Nayak
Optimization and Characterization of B4C Particle Reinforced AA 6063 Matrix Composites
Nisha M Krishnan & B.V.S.Keerthana
Regenerative Steering Operated Directional Headlights
Bharath S M, Zakirali M, C Vidyasagar, Puneeth C & Nisha.M.Krishnan
Fracture Analysis to Determine Strength of Metal-Composite Joints
Thakur Sachin Singh & Dr.A.Raja Sekhar
Experimental Investigation to Determine Influence of Process Parameters on Surface Quality and MRR in Wire Cut EDM
Kondi Vivek & Sri.G.Gopi Nath
Iterative Cancellation of Non-Linear Distortion Noise in Digital Communication Systems
S.Radha Devi & K.L.Lokesh
Bit Error Rate Analysis of Coded OFDM for Digital Audio Broadcasting System, Employing Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Turbo Codes
S.Radha Devi & K.L.Lokesh
Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems
Adada Pydi Nagendra Babu & B.Nooka Raju
Thermal Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Using Different Fin Cross Section
J.Heeraman, K.Aparna & G.Vinod Reddy
Multi –Hop Wireless Network Aware Routing in Spatial Reusability
Thrisha Ansu & G Bhagya Lakshmi
Wireless Ad Hoc Networks in Opportunistic Routing With Congestion Diversity
B Chandini & G Bhagya Lakshmi
Mobile Users Proofs for STAMP: Enabling Privacy Preserving Location
S Nagaraju & G Bhagya Lakshmi
Routing Queries in Unstructured P2P Networks
B.Siva & G Bhagya Lakshmi
Wireless Sensor Networks Path Inference in: I Path
M.Soumya & G Bhagya Lakshmi
Implementation of Energy Meter Reading System Using an Internet of Things Approach
A.Jaya Lakshmi & S.Santhi Priya
Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud using TFIDF
Annam Pallavi & Ms.J Sireesha
Privacy Preserving on Cloud Storage Using Secure Private & Public Keys
P Sai Priya & Dr K Venkata Subba Reddy
Low-Power Wearable ECG Monitoring System for Multiple-Patient Remote Monitoring
M.Pranavi & K B Madhavi
Enhanced Fingerprinting and Trajectory Prediction in Smart Building Using IoT
P.Alekya & P.Ramya
A Descriptive Study on Green Marketing
Ms.Jyoti Sharma
Implementation of ID2S PAKE Protocol Based on Any Identity-Based Signature Scheme (IBS)
Seemanthula Jagadish & K Sameer
Study on Employee Engagement, Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Organizations with Reference to Fringe Benefits
Dr.Vikram Valmikam & Dr.Srikrishna.G
Fabrication of Voice Operated Intelligent Wheelchair
Hareesh K.S., Remas Rafeeq.K, Libin.V.Lalu, Kiran.K.Murali & B.V.S.Keerthana
Design of Bidirectional Barrel Shifter Using Compact Reversible Logic
Mirupala Venkateshwar Rao & N.Uma Rani
NetVis: Visualization Tool Based on Treemap
Multiproject Scheduling By Prioritizing Projects of Domestic Piped Natural Gas Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Sanchita Sahu & Dr.D.K.Shinde
Color and RFID Based Public Rationing System
Shrutika Yewale, Kshitija Kale & Prof.Ajay Talele
Implementing Filtering Techniques to Prevent Packet Drop Attacks and Detecting Provenance Forgery
Vallavoju Krishna Priya & Javvaji Venkatarao
Fuel Flow Measurement with GPS Tracking
Ch.Rama Krishna & Shivasailesh K