Facilitating Second language learning through the use of the mother tongue in Teacher talk.
Narendra Kumar H & Nagaiah B
Advances in search engine technology and their impact on libraries
Dosapaty Vasu
Importance Of Man Power Planning In Organizations
Upcoming Mechanical Engineering Techniques
Krishna Kumar K & Habtamu Bekele
3D Model Search Engine Technology
Nuzhath Unnisa
Enactment Exploration of Cloud Structure for Virtual Pcs
V.Vijay kumar, J.Praveen kumar & Dr.P.Rama Mohan Rao
Information Technology And Higher Education
Dr. P. Venkateshwarlu
Implementation of Scientific Calculator Using CORDIC Algorithm on FPGA
B.Swapna & S.Sai Sree Andal
FTTH- An Overview
P.V.Murlidhar, P.Sitarama Raju & K.Gopala Krishna
On mining of prediction for discovery Smart phones applications in Daily Life
S.V.Subramanyam, Satish Manchana, Nune Sreenivas & P.Vamshi Krishna
New Frontiers of Network Security: Detection of Network Attacks using Cluster
Mr.Ishraque Tanveer Khan & Mrs.Neha Valmik
Big Data:Data Mining Challenges and Related Research
Mrs.Seema Singh Solanki & Syed Abed Ali Hashmi
Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation Controller Z-Source Inverter with Single Stage Power Conversion
N. Amala Sri & K.Ravi Shankar
High Performance Hardware Implementation of AES
C.Rajendra & M.Ravikumar
Remote Monitoring & Control System Using Embedded Web Server on Arm 11
Mohammad waseem Akram & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Simulation of Current Source Driver Circuit with PFC for Induction Motor Applications
A.Bhanuchandar & M.Balasubba Reddy
Forecasting Diabetes Mellitus Using Different Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining
Pathan Jawwad Khan & Auti R A
Simulation and Design of Simplified Single-Phase Multistring five level Inverter Topology for Distributed Energy Resources
C. Suresh Babu & S. Harinath
Comparison of Cloud Computing Service Models: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
Polshetwar Poonam V & Mr. Saad Siddiqui
Energy Efficient Target Tracking Using Sleep Scheduling In Wireless Sensor Networks
R.Roopavathy, Dr.Ch.Balaswamy & Mr.V.Jaikumar
A Novel Technique for Efficient Quality Analysis of Mri Image
M.Mahesh & Ch.Rajendra Prasad
Industrial Data Locker Using Android Plat Form
Ms.J.Bharathirani, Ms.R.Mahalaxmi & Mr.K.Niranjan Reddy
Update On Islamic Deposit Insurance Issues
Dr.Adil Abdulsalam Ashhoob & Mr.Abdulhakim guma mahfud
Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and Classification
Palagiri Sushma & SK Yaseen Basha
Interoperability of Inter-Cloud Cloud Computing System
Sayed S. Ateeq S.Rafeeq & Mrs. Seema Singh Solanki
Technical Efficiency of Islamic and Commercial Banks: Evidence from Pakistan Using DEA Model (2007-2011)
Dr.Adil Abdulsalam Ashhoob & Dr.Jumah Ali Asoessi Darbouk
Cloud Computing: Data Separation Issues
Mrs. Seema Singh Solanki & Shaikh Nabeel
Using Identity Based Cryptography (IBC) Increasing Security for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Ms.Ashwini Choudhari, Prof.Santosh Takle & Prof.Saad Siddiqui
A Synthesizable Design of AMBA-AXI Protocol for SoC Integration
S.Indira Gandhi & P.Koteswar Rao
An Efficient architecture for 128 bit Carry Select Adder
P.Kalpana Devi & G.Swarna Kumari
Design and Implementation of Advanced Modified Booth Encoding Multiplier
B.Sirisha & G.Swarna Kumari
FPGA Based Design And Implementation Of Image Edge Detection Using Xilinx System Generator
Sk.Areefa Begam & T.Narendra Kumar
Flexible Rule based system to Filter and Moderate the Messages in User Profile pages on Online Social Networking Sites.
Vanga Vikranth & Dr.K.Baburao
Privacy Protection & Surveillance over Online and Mobile Social Networking Sites.
Malipeddi Kishore & MVB Chandra Sekhar
A Hybrid Grid Connected PV Battery Energy Storage System with Power Quality Improvement
S.V.Suresh Kumar, Seetha.Chaithanya & G. Venkata Suresh Babu
A Novel Approach to Resource Allocation & Distribution in ever changing environments of Cloud Computing by Utilizing Virtual Machines (VMs)
Bellamkonda Sree Deepthi & Mrs. P.Sujatha
Image Encryption using AES Encryption Algorithm.
Vijay S Karwande & Nida Mirza
A Novel approach on Image in painting Algorithm for Text Removal Using Kriging Interpolation Technique.
Padya Raja Singh & Mr.M.KattaSwamy
Reduction of Power Consumption Using Multi Bit Flip-Flops.
P. Vijaya & B. Poornaiah
Enhancement of power quality by using renewable source based STATCOM for wind power stations.
Sekhar Gollapalli, Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy & Dr. P. Udaya Bhaskar
Harmonic mitigation in secondary distribution by using cascaded based nine-level inverters in solar generation stations
Sandeep Mamidoju , Dr. J. Bhagwan Reddy & Dr. P. Udaya Bhaskar
Constraint Random Verification of Network Router for System on Chip Applications
K.Navyareddy & G.Hussainbabu
A Novel Architecture for single Precision Floating Point Multiplier Based on Vedic mathematics
Ch.Nagapavani & P. Koteswar Rao
Compressor Based Area-Efficient Low-Power 8×8 Vedic Multiplier
J.Sowjanya & P.Sujatha
An effective and area efficient single Precision Floating Point Multiplier Based on Vedic algorithm.
Kathula. Sai Sandeep & S.K.Rasool
An Efficient Design of Memory-Based Realization of FIR Digital Filter
Ch.V.Ramesh Babu & S. Chandrasekhar
A Novel architecture of 64 bit MAC unit using Dadda multiplier.
T. Murali Krishna & S.K. Rasool
A Novel Architecture for 32-Bit Signed Multiplier Using CLAA and MCSLA
Mukhesh Kumar Koripalli, E.Vinay & G.Vengala Rao
Design and Simulation of an Improved PV-Array Energy Conversion System using Five-Level Multi-Boost Inverter.
Velugu. Nagaraju & Devarashetti. Nagaraju
Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) Based Sensor less Induction Motor Using Artificial Neural Networks
L.Santosh Kumar, P.Taviti Naidu & D.Prabhavathi
Ranking Adaption Model for Specific Domain Search
A. Sudhakar & V. Ananth Krishna
Design and Implementation of Advanced MAC Unit
M.Jijiya Bai & P.Sujatha
Secure Data Transmission Using Cryptography and Steganography
Sandhya.J & G.Hussainbabu
Optimum AC-DC Interconnected Grid Control
A.Rajesh, K.Sudheer & M.Balasubbareddy
Single phase nine- level grid connected photovoltaic system for domestic applications
U. Raghunath Muralidhar, Grandhi Ramu & P.V.H.S.Krishna Teja
Design and Implementation of DS-CDMA on TMS320C6713 DSP Kit
Pendli Naresh & Potharaju Vidya Sagar
Brain Tumor Recognition/Classification By Using Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network
Mr. M. V. Ramana & Dr. B. Venkata Raman
A Low-Power Phase Locked Loop Using Self Healing Pre-Scaler/VCO
Sudhakar Reddy Chevuri & B. Poornaiaha
Improved Hand Tracking System Based Robot Using MEMS
M.Ramamohan Reddy & I.V.Prakash
The Hardware Implementation of Motion human detection based on background subtraction
P.V.V. Narayana, M.Pavitra & Mr. V. Phani Bhushan
Analysis of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive Combine With the SVPWM
T.Sindhu Varalakshmi & L.Veerakotlu
Portable Camera-Based Assistive System for Product Label Reading with voice output for Blind Persons
Gade.Bhagya Lakshmi & Mr.T. Sreenivasu
Power Quality Improvement for grid Connected wind driven Induction Generator By using STATCOM based control scheme
Y.Vijaya, T.S.Sastry & Dr. S. Siva Prasad
A Dynamic Cloud Based Mobile TV Using Social Network
Gannarapu Hema
Vampire Attacks: Draining Existence from Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Network
K.Siva Krishna, H.Devaraju & Y.Ramesh Kumar
A low power single phase clock distribution using VLSI technology
S. Naga Ramu, Rama Subba Reddy & P.Ramesh Yadav
Design of NOC Based Permutation for Multi Processor SOC
A. Sarath chandra & K. Seshukumar
Power Quality Improve in Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems by using PV based D-STATCOM
Sd.Nagur Babu, P.Raghava Rani & Yohan Babu Puvvadi
Robust and secure PCQP Technique of Location Based Service to Improve K-NN Search Using Secret Circular Shift
Lokireddi Chenna Reddy & Chalasani Rama Devi
Power Flow Control in HVDC-Link Using Artificial Neural Networks
Potnuru.Chandra Mouli, M.Anusha & D. Prabhavathi
Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Control for Speed Control for PMSM
Bhavani.Rayala, D.Prabhavathi & K.Prakasam
A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems
M Shobha, K.Durga Rao & Tegala.Srinivasa Rao
An efficient process to audit the cloud storage system by third party auditors without compromising on User data privacy
Yadavendra Kumar Cheruvu & Mrs.P.Sujatha
Distributed auditing mechanism in order to strengthen user’s control over data in Cloud computing Environment
Chandra Sekhar Murakonda &Hanumantha Rao Murukutna
Anonymously Sharing of Data by Using Group Signature and Encryption Techniques in Dynamic Cloud Computing
V Sarojini Naidu & Mrs.P.Sujatha
Mining Internet Web Forums through intelligent Crawler employing implicit navigation paths approach
Jidugu Charishma & S.Venkat Narayana
Parallel andOptimization Aggregation in SQL ToOrganize Data sets for Data Mining Analysis
Mr.Fahad Bin Awad Quraishi & Ms.Ifath Nazia Ghori
Authorised Data Retrieval For Anonymous Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
M.Nagalakshmi & P.Jhansi Devi
Design and Analysis of a Commercial Complex by Using Post Tension Method (Stilt+12Floors)
V.G.Kiran Kumar, N.Lokeshwar Reddy, N.Vijaya Kumar & P.Guruswamy Goud
A Current Review on Directional Antennas in Ad-Hoc Networks Routing to Minimize Detection Probability and Wormhole Attacks
Mr.Srinivas Ambala & Dr.Sudhir Dawra
Multistage Encoding Methods in Testing Digital VLSI Circuits
Mr.Mohammad Iliyas, Mrs.Farha Anjum, Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma & Dr.R.Murali Prasad
The Impact of Time Stress, Management Support and Role Clarity on Job Stress among Employees in Information Technology Sector
Dr.Pawan Kumar Verma & Vikram Valmikam