A Study on Stress among Employees in Banking Industry
Rohit Yadav
Booster in High Dimensional Data Classification with Q-Statistic
Mallampati Visweswararao, Varaprasad Gajjala & Karamala Suresh
A Novel Hybrid Authentication Based Key Exchange Protocol for Secure Transmission
Jami Harika & Dr.U.D. Prasan
A Review on Primitive Components of Reversible Logic Gates for Synthesis
M.Ranjith Reddy & Siri Chandana.G
An Investigational Analysis of Factors Influencing Safety for Construction Projects
Rushwanth Chowdary Nara & A.Krishna Reddy
Design of Leaf Spring Using Composite Material
Chinmayee Das & Dr.Prabhu Prasad Mishra
Design and Analysis of Cam Shaft in Automobiles Using FEM
M.Roshan Kumar Patro & Dr.Prabhu Prasad Mishra
Spectrum Sensing of OFDM Signals over Multipath Fading Channels for Cognitive Radios
Alnaz Mahween & B.Tulasi Sowjanya
Interference Reduction Using Coupled Detection and Estimation in Cognitive Radio Networks
Shamlet Sudeshna
Manufacture And Assembly of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Bharata Abhinav, Jaymin Patel, J Sai Krishna & K Deepak Reddy
A Step-up Resonant Converter for Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Sources
Nilesh M.Bonde & Prof. A.V.Tamhane
Effective Cluster Based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability in MANETS Project Report
Mandadapu Sravya & Ch.Mandakini
Safety Implementation of Control Bonding For Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals
Santosh Verukonda & M.Chaitanya Mayee
Implementation of Ericsson’s Workforce Management
Rakesh Binny Dasari & Mr.R.Surya Kiran
Simple Phase Shift Controlled DC-DC Converters for High Voltage Applications
Rajeshri Pawankar & Rashmi Singh
Flow Analysis on Automobile Radiator
Ranam Prathyusha, K.Aparna & G.Vinod Reddy
Soft-Switching DC-DC Converters Based on a Phase Shift Controlled Active Boost Rectifier
Rajeshri Pawankar & Rashmi Singh
Exhaust Manifold Optimization of Multi-Cylinder Petrol Engine by Using FEM and CFD Analysis
Cheekoti Shekar, K.Aparna & G.Vinod Reddy
Controlling Method of MMC HVDC Based on ARM Current Under Unbalanced Condition
Yarrabotula Koti Reddy & K.Thirumaleswara Rao
Mining Infrequent Itemset Using Association Rule
P.Kavya & A.Kalai Selvi
Best Keyword Cover Search
P.S.V.Aravind, P.Anjaiah & Dr.K.Rajendra Prasad
Automatic Semantic Content Extraction from Video Using Ontology and Rule Based Model
Vijaykumar Modi & Prof.Rashmi.S.R
A Cyber – Physical System for Environmental Monitoring Through IoT Module
M.Deepthi & V.Vijay Bhaskar
Design and Analysis of a Large Transportable Multilayer Composite Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Vessel
Yedindla Shasibhusan Rao, Gopinath & K.Sridevi
Realization of Programmable Logic Array using Compact Reversible Logic Gates
Mounika.N & V.Vijay Bhaskar
Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about Floods
G.Priyanka & A.Srinivas Reddy
Performance Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Indala Nageswara Rao & Mr.V.V.R.Murthy
Static and Vibrational Analysis on Automobile Composite Seat
G.Prasad & Hepsiba Seeli
GPS and GSM Wireless Technology Implementation in Haze Monitoring
Nimmala Ramesh & Dr H.N Pratihari
Deblurring Text Based on Spatially-Adaptive Image Algorithm
3-Degrees of Freedom Robotic ARM Controller for Various Applications
Mohd.Maqsood Ali & G.Vamsi Krishna
Smart Home Control System
Perumandla Babu, S.Krishnaveni & A.Praveen Kumar
Remote Voice Controlled ROBOT
Tanniru Sukanya, B.Suresh Ram & G.Karthik Reddy
Low Quantum Cost Construction for Adder and Symmetric Boolean Function
Kandakatla Sravanthi & Anam Srinivas Reddy
Low Power 8-Bit ALU Design Using Full Adder and Multiplexer Based on GDI Technique
Mohd Shahid & Syed Samiuddin
Transistor Level Implementation of Vedic Multiplier by Using GDI Method
Region Based Undetectable Multiple Image Water Marking
K.Anitha & Mr.Mahesh
Non-Intrusive Planning the Roadside Infrastructure for Vehicular Networks
Kasoji Meena & P.Sayanna
IoT Based Occupancy Monitoring Technologies for Energy Efficient Smart Building
A.Bhagath & Dr.D Subba Rao
Design of 64-Bit Reversible BCD Add-Subtract Unit using Parallel and Pipelined Method
Shaik Imdad Hussain & G.Bharathi Subhashini
Vehicle-Assisted Device-to-Device Data Delivery for Smart Grid
Karipe Meena & P.Sayanna
Autonomous Wearable System for Vital Signs Measurement with Energy-Harvesting Module
Mara Yagna & P.Sayanna
Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about Floods
M.Sreekanya & P.Sayanna
Vehicle-Assisted Device-To-Device Data Delivery for Smart Grid
K.Pradeepthi & R.Prashanthi
Measurement System with Accelerometer Integrated RFID Tag for Infrastructure Health Monitoring
V.Sunitha & T.Usha Rani
IOT BASED Smart Health Care KIT
Kotthapalli Jhansi & N.Uma Rani
Automation of Dry-Wet Dust Collection to Support Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and Monitoring Over Internet of Things (IOT)
P.Manasa & P.Sayanna
Dual Threshold Voltage Design for Low Power VLSI Circuits
Sampangi Venkata Suresh
A Empirical Study on Various Factors Relating to Development of Financial Inclusion in India
Optimization of Process Parameters to Minimize Surface Roughness and Maximize MRR in Turned Parts by Experimentation
Somarapu Shiva Chandan & Sri.G.Gopi Nath
Student Entrepreneurship and Self Sufficiency: An Empirical Study Special Reference to Student Entrepreneurial Activities in Kasaragod District, Kerala
Vijaya Kumar V & Savitha P V
Smart Home System for People with Multiple Disabilities Using Zig-Bee
P.Pavan Kumar & K.Naganarasaiah Goud
Fault Detection in Parity Preserving Reversible Circuits
B.Mounika & S.Rajitha
Expanded Repeating Pattern Extraction Technique (REPET) With LPC Method for Music/Voice Separation
Raju Aengala, Nagajyothi D & Dr.Siddaiah P
A Smart Switch to Connect and Disconnect Electrical Devices At Home by Using Internet
Gattu Mahesh Kumar & M.Ranjith Reddy
Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems
G.S.Satyagowry & Koneti Kavitha
Modeling of Adders using CMOS and GDI Logic for Vedic Multipliers
Ms.K Rashmi Reddy & Dr.M Kavicharan
Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about Floods
N.Raju & Dasari Rajesh
Vehicle To Vehicle Safety Device – An Ease for Safe Driving
R.Vamshi Kiran & V.Soujanya
New Low Glitch and Low Power Flip-Flop with Gating on Master and Slave Latches
Dandu Yaswanth & Syed Munawwar
Design of an Efficient Full Adder for Low power Applications
Patan Yeesan Ahammad Khan & S.Rambabu
Design A Redundant Binary Multiplier Using Dual Logic Level Technique
Sreenivasa Rao & Jayanthi
Impact of Escalation of Digital Competence on E-Governance
Dr.Vinod Kumar & Dr.Davinder Pal Singh
Effect of Wollastonite, Flyash and Silica Fume on Strength of Concrete
K.Masthanvali & D.Thrimurthi Naik
IoT Based Boiler Temperature Monitoring and Controlling System
Y.Nandini Reddy, B.Raju, L.Ruben & M.Krishna
A Conceptual Framework for IoT-Based Healthcare System Using Cloud Computing
Akulavari Bhagyasree & P.Sayanna
Energy Efficient Wireless Monitoring System for Agarian Areas in Indian Agricultural System
Andrews Shara Jonitha & S.Rajitha
Group Data Sharing via Cloud Storage using Key Aggregate Encryption Technique
Dileep Dias & P.Bikshapathy
A Novel Converter Topology for Reactive Power Compensation in Grid under Non-Linear Load Conditions
A.Chandrakanth & Daravath Ramesh
Data Management with De-Duplication System in Cloud Computing
Battu Rakesh Raju, Dr.G.Sharada & Dr.Sujatha Dandu
Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Coffee Husk Extract
Narasaraju Murthy ENK, Akheel Ahmed Syed & V.Kalyanaraman
The Nutraceutical Revolution – Revisited
Akheel Ahmed Syed & Narasaraju Murthy ENK
Customer Satisfaction Towards Online Banking With Reference to Banks Located in Urban and Rural Areas-A Comparative Study
Behaviour of Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Concrete (SIFCON)
Hari Devender Anchoori
An Efficient Review on the Various Factors Relating to Development of Financial Inclusion in India
Ravikanth Mittapalli
A Study on the Various Factors Relating to Development of Financial Inclusion in India
Samala Hema