Hysteresis Voltage Control Technique in DVR fed Induction Motor Drive
R.Kiran, Saleem Pasha & Dr.N.Bhoopal
Hardware Implementation of OFDM Transmitter and Receiver Using FPGA
M.Narasimhulu & Mr.P.Sravan Kumar
An Improved Method for Inter Carrier Interference Cancellation in High Speed OFDM Systems
Manickyam Jhansi Rani, Marni Jagadeesh Krishna Chowdary & Pamulapati Gopi Krishna
Fuzzy Based Positive Sequence Admittance and Negative Sequence Conductance with Dstatcom to Mitigate Voltage Fluctuations
T.Sreenivasulu, K.V.Satheesh Babu & B.Sreenivasa Raju
Design of DC-DC Buck Converter for Airborne Radar Applications
D.Narish prithiba & K.Lakshmaiah
Object Detection and Classification Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform For SMS Reporting System
P.Babu & Lakshmi Devi
Robust Object Tracking using compressive sparse vectors
Pranathi Shirga & Mrs.Udayini Chandana
A Low Cost Transformer less Inverter for Grid-connected Hybrid Power Systems using Virtual DC Bus concept
D.Samba Siva & G.Ravi Prakash
A Study on Investor Pattern on various Financial Instruments With reference to Twin cities of Hyderabad
J.P.Senthil Kumar & P.Naresh kumar
A Novel Architecture for Energy Efficient L2 Cache through Way Tag Information beneath Wright through Policy
M.Suresh, J.E.N.Abhilash & M.Premchand
Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN
M.Raja Hanumanth Reddy & Mr.V.Pradeep
Prosody Based Foreign Accent Identification
M. Sireesha & G. Radha Krishna
Environmental Issues and solutions for Protection and conservation
Meher Sultana
A Survey on Access Policy Consolidation for Event Processing Systems
Arun R Nair & D Teja Santosh
A Survey On Fuzzy Logic Enforced Traffic Management for High Speed Networks
T.Lakshmi & K.Sudheer babu
An Analytical study on Key Pre-distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
P.Priyanka & Mrs K.Nikitha
Mining of Association Rules with Secured Manner in Horizontally Distributed Databases
M.Bhargav Kumar & CH.Venkatarami Reddy
A Security System that addresses the problem of dynamically mining and extracting information from the large log data produced by an extensive variety of security products in a large Network.
G R Rajitha & M Akkalakshmi
Improving Effectiveness By Clustering of BioMedical Documents using Semi supervised Clustering Method
M.Mounika & Dr. Sudarson Jena
A Survey on Public Auditing With a Proof of Retrievability in Secure Cloud Storage
K.J.YashoPriya & S.Phani Kumar
Improving the Effect of Website Navigation Delay Based on Entropy Analysis of Web Pages
G.Anusha & Pavan Kumar
A Novel Design for carry skip adder using purity preserving reversible logic gates
S.Mounika & Dr.M.Gurunandabaabu
Hybrid Powered Energy management system using wireless sensor network
A.Shravan Kumar & L.Chandrashekar
Experimental Study on Effects of Polypropylene Fiber and Granite Powder in Concrete
Siddharth Sen & R.Nagavinothini
Boost Inverter of fuel cell system with a single phase grid
M.Vaishnavi & Sri.N.Prashanth
Posture of Human Beings at Work Place, Workstation Design, Role of Ergonomics
A Recovery Algorithm to Debug Fault Nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network
K.Swetha & Naga Lakshmi
Reducing Jamming Attacks Using Packet Hiding Methods in Network
Kakarapalli Satya & Asapu Satya Mallesh
Intelligent Street Lighting System Sensors with Wireless Sensor Networks
G.Jyothi, B.Obula Reddy & R.Murali
An Embedded Based Protection of Vehicle Interior with Sensors Automation
Nageshwar Reddy & G.sudhakar
Solar Based Maximum Power Tracking System Using ARM7LPC2148 for High End Applications
D.Shireesha & R.Murali
A Novel Delay less Adaptive filter Algorithm for Low Power High Throughput FPGA Design
Mrs.K.Parameswari & Mr.K.Balajee
Simple and Efficient method of Contrast Enhancement of Degraded Document Image through Binarization
Dr.K.Sri Hari Rao, Gouse Begue & D.Satyanarayana
An Efficient Method for Vertical-Edge-Based Car-License-Plate Detection Method
Dr.K.Sri Hari Rao & Bodipudi Greeshma
Novel Method For Distributed space-time-coded protocols for exploiting cooperative diversity in wireless networks
Dr.K.Sri Hari Rao & Katakamsetti Santhi
Design And Implementation of Efficient FSM For AHB Master And Arbiter
K. Manikanta Sai Kishore & Mr. M. Naresh Kumar
Rotation of Coordinates With Given Angle And To Calculate Sine/Cosine Using Cordic Algorithm
A. Ramya Bharathi & Mr. Md Masood Ahmad
Detecting and Mitigating Collaborative Attacks using NICE in Virtual Network Systems
Y.Srilakshmi & Mr.S.D.Vara Prasad
Time optimization of spread spectrum clock generator using glitch free NAND based DCDL
Kattupalli Ramani, K.Anita Reddy & Mirza.Shafi Shahsavar
A Survey on Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Storage
T.Divya & Mr. Arif Mohammad Abdul
Load Balancing Models and Algorithms for the Cloud Based on Cloud Partitioning
K. Mahesh & B. Rajendra Prasad Babu
Detection and Mitigation of Fault in Multi Level Converter STATCOMS with Three Level Converter Topologies
Shaik. Hameed, R.Venkata Subbaiah & G.Venkata Suresh babu
A Hybrid Islanding Detection Technique Using DC Link Voltage Control of Inverter Based DG
K.Siva Reddy, Seetha.Chaithanya & G.Venkata Suresh babu
Refilling Of ‘Hussain Sagar’ With Fresh Water – Engineering & Social Implications
Er. S. Venkateswara Rao, Dr. P.G. Sastry & Dr. Vaishali G. Ghorpade
Secure Data Retrieval For Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Network
P.Bhavana &Yugandhar Garapati
Redundancy Removing Protocol to Minimize the Firewall Policies in Cross Domain
Kamarasa V D S Santhosh & G Sri Sowmya
Accumulating Data into Cloud Storage System with Security Code-Based and Secure Data Forwarding
B.Mohan, Dr. P. Venkateswarlu & M. Naresh Choudary
Nine Level Inverter Design with PV Input
Nallamelli Prem Teja & M. Praveen
Finger Print Based Electronic Voting System Using ARM7LPC2148 for Rigging Free Governance
U.Shalini, Anand Kumar.D.R & R.Murali
Improvement of Reliability of Power System Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
C. Thimma Reddy & Dr. B. Rama Kumar
Solar based Three-Level NPC Inverter with Advanced Control Strategy
Dr. Y.V.Siva Reddy, Mrs. B.Nagalakshmi & G.Sathish Kumar
An Embedded Based Railway Track fault Detection Using ARM7LPC2148
D.Sri Rajitha, L.Chandra Shekar & R.Murali
A Multi Domain Project on Traffic Sign Recondition System for Driving Vehicles
MudiRaj Raj Kumar & G.Sudhakar
Design and Implementation of Real-Time Estimation of Human Skin Elasticity and Hydration System Using ARM Controller
Mr.Akshay A.Ghorpade, Dr.V.A.Wankhede & Mrs.Anuja R.Gangar
Supporting protection Based Personalized Web Search
Naveen Reddy, T.Abhilash & P.Satish Reddy
Material Handling In Industry-Ergonomic Approach
Attribute-Based Encryption on Personal Health Records (PHR) in Cloud Computing
K. Srujana & SK Abdul Nabi
Mining and Detection HACE Theorem That Characterizes the Features of the Big Data
Hima Sampathi Rao & SK Abdul Nabi
Social Network Analysis by Using Graphs to Represent Social Relations
Vandana Janjirala & SK Abdul Nabi
A Novel Multimedia Question Answering Approach for Multimedia Answers By Yield Web Information
M. Krishna Goutham & SK Abdul Nabi
DTMF Based Solar Powered Electric Vehicle with LPG Gas Detection
Deshidisrilekha & R.Murali
Fuzzy Perceptual Watermarking For Ownership Verification in DCT Domain
Geetha Dumpa & K.Meenakshi
An Embedded Based Sensor Node Failure Detection Using Arm7LPC2148
S.Sri Vidya & Anand Kumar.D
An Enhanced Ontology Based Dynamic Data Extraction System
Koduri Vyshnavi, Sadineni Giri Babu & Jagadeeswara Rao Annam
A Cross-Layer System for Joint Compression, Rate Control and Error Correction of Video over Resource Constrained Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Mr.A.Ravi Kumar, Dr.M.Ashok & Dr.Praveen Sam
A Dynamic System to Determine Dimensionality of the Embedded Subspace for Relevance Feedback In Order To Improve the Performance of Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems
Dr.M.Ashok & Mr.A.Ravi Kumar
IRIS Recognition Using Cumulative Sum Based Change Analysis
L.Hari Hari Brahma, Dr.G.N.Kodanda Ramaiah & Dr.M.N.Giri Prasad
CIPHER-Text Policy Attribute Based Access to Cloud
B.Jyothi, T.Sampath Kumar & Dr.P V Guru Rao
A Novel Laplacian Pyramid Approach For Exposure Fusion
Samuel Joseph R & Narasimha Rao J
A Novel Reserving Room Approach for Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm before Encryption on Encrypted Digital Images
Krishnaveni Chatlawa & M.J.Lengare
Application of RFID Technology for Solving Vehicle Emission in Cities
B.Ravi Kumar & Mr.Sudhakar
Pole Climbing Robot for Surveillance Application
MD.Ahmed, Anjay Kumar, Ravada Hema Sundhara Rao & Karimulla Perrla Shaik
Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM/GPRS Technology and Smart Phone Application
P.Ramesh & L.Chandra Shekar
An Efficient Approach of Designing High Speed Dynamic Routing of Switching Networks on a Single Chip for Multiprocessors Communication
M Nagesh, J E N Abhilash & N Srikanth
A New Approach Of Designing High Speed Area & Power Efficient Adders With QCA Majority Logic Gates
S.Rajababu, R.Murali Krishna & S.Srilali
Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using GSM
C.Ruduramurty, Sk.Sheeba Kowsar, Y.Yuva kiran kumar & SK.Mahaboob Basha
Survey Paper on Advanced SPWM Controller with 3 Phase UPS System Operating In Extream Nonlinear Load
Mr. Swapnil S. Aradhi, Mr. Mikin V. Pachpend, Mr. Nitin T. Kakad & Mr. Vivek B. Wagh
Preserving Data and Identity Privacy in an Un Trusted Cloud Environment Where Membership of The Group Is Ever Changing.
Abdul Rais Abdul Waheed & Mr. Nagendra Kumar
An Innovative Group Matching Mechanism Based on Private Set Intersection and Ring Signatures Without Disclosing Any Sensitive Data.
Mohd. Abdul Wase Sabahat & Mr. Nagendra Kumar
A New Control Scheme for Voltage Regulation in Micro Grids to Ensure Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
G. Siva Kumar & R. Narendra Rao
PCA Based Face Recognition and Expression Identification
Kundan Kumar Aksam & B.Sammunayak
A Real Time Secure Image Transmission Using Data Scrambling and Binary Key Matrices
Dr. P.V. Naganjaneyulu
Data Aided SNR Estimation for High Level Modulation Schemes in OFDM Systems
Dr. P.V. Naganjaneyulu
Distributed Concurrent and Valid Access to Preserved Cloud Databases
M.Nagalakshmi & P.Jhansi Devi
A Study on Challenges for Startups in India with Special Regard to Human Resources
Vikram Valmikam
Reactive Power Control using DSTATCOM of Distribution System
Mohd Abdul Kareem & Dr Dalvinder Kaur Mangal