VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2, February 2016

Invariant Image Watermarking Based on Statistical Features in the Low-Frequency Domain
Shaheen Begum
An Efficient FPGA Implementation of OFDM Modem for Wireless Applications
K.Siva Rama Lakshmi & K.Venkateswara Rao
A Signcryption Based Revocable Authentication for Secure & Accountable Data Sharing In Cloud
Hamdy Abdulmalik Mohammed Noman & Ms B.Suvarnamukhi
Design and FPGA-Based Implementation of a High Performance 64-Bit DSP Processor
Bathula Balakrishna & L.V.R.Chaitanya Prasad
Efficient Multi Port Network Router; With performance Analysis
K.Venkat Reddy & M.Ajith Rao
Generation of Built-In Broadside Test based on FPGA
D.Habib Basha & Ashok Garrepally
Study and Analysis of High Pressure By-Pass Control System in Thermal Power Plant
M.Kishore & P. Shankar Babu
A VCM and CCM Controlled Photo Voltaic Cell Based DSTATCOM for Power Quality Improvement
A.Sumasri & M.Vamsi Sree
A Closed Loop Controlled Three-Phase Single-Stage PFC AC–DC Converter for Variable Voltages
Y.Shashidhar & Naresh Bandi
Implementation of PV cell Based Electric Vehicle Integrated of Converter with Motor Drive
V.Srinivasa Raju, Y.Narasimha Rao & P.Veeranjaneyulu
Voltage Controlled DSTATCOM for Power-Quality Improvement with Photovoltaic System
Avinash.M & Yendamuri Srinivasa Rao
Enhancement of Power System Stability in Future Power Transmission System Using Various Controllers and HVDC System
Syed Abdul Kalam Azad & Vuluchala Nirmala Devi
Exploiting Virtual Machine Vulnerability in Third-Party Clouds With Competition For I/O Resources
Buddha Tejaswi & Dr.M.Radhika Mani
Utilize of Solar and Wind Energy for Vehicles
Chandrashekar Goud V & Ravinder.S
Design and Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring Based on IOT Using Lab VIEW
Srinivas Panthati & Mr.A.Aditya Kashyap
Simulation Implementation of ANFIS Control For Renewable Interfacing Inverter with Capacitors in 3P4W Distribution Network
Tanneru Nagendra Jyothi & I.Sobha Rani
An Energy Storage Integration Circuit for Improving AC Line Condition Applied in the 18-Pulse Converter System
Shaik Jameel Basha & A.Hari Prasad
Solar PV based LLC Half-Bridge Resonant Converter using BPWM Control Strategy
Sreenivasa Rao Kalluri & I.Thulasiram
A Novel Fuel Cell based Buck–Boost Voltage/Current Source Inverter using SVPWAM Control Scheme
Maruthi Prasad C & M.Shobbha
Structural Shape Rolling
Akari Kiran Kumar & Dr.P.Mallesham
Simulation of Nine Level Grid Connected Inverter with PWM Technique for Harmonic Reduction
V. Hakalya & E.Anil Kumar
Speed Control of PMSM Drive Using Vector PI, PD and PID Control
B.Vanajakshi & T.V.Subhashini
Design of Efficient Optimized Modified Recorder for Add Booth Multiply Operator
T.Venkata Ritesh Choudary
Design & Estimation of an Efficient Reliable Multiplier Using Adaptive Hold Logic
Nagamanisunkara, T.Balakrishna & Ch.Srinivas
An Efficient Implementation of Combinational and Sequential Circuits with Reversible Logic Gates Using Verilog HDL
Mr.Nalla Kiran Tej & Mrs.G.Srujana
Fuzzy Controlled Active Power Filter for Harmonic Compensation in Distributed Generation System
Divya.G & C.Subba Rami Reddy
An Adjustable speed PFC and Torque Ripple Reduction Using Bridgeless Buck-Boost Converter Fed HCC BLDC Motor Drive
G.Sree Lakshmi & S.Chandra Sekhar
Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Control for Speed Control for PMSM System
Shaik Shaheem & M.Sai Ganesh
Correction Predictive Architecture for Error Correction Code with Low Complexity
Chaganti Varchaswi & M.Adi Seshaiah
Reactive Power and Unbalance Load Controlled by New Adeline Based Algorithm by Using DSTATCOM
Nagarjuna Reddy Panem & J.Alla Bagash
Using Multi Shares for Ensuring Privacy in Outsourced Cloud Storage
Billakurti Venkata Reddy & Mohammed Alisha
A Survey on Classification of Data Mining Using Big Data
Mutcharla Venkata Krishna Subhash & Mohammed Alisha
Secure Data Deduplication with Efficient Key Management in Cloud Databases
Pasupuleti Pavani & Mohammed Alisha
Efficient and Secure KAC Scheme For Distributed Cloud Storage
Kakarlapudi Umadevi & Mohammed Alisha
Design and Development of Mobile Phones for Old/Disabled People
B.HariKishor Rao & Rupal Jain
Implementation of Three Possible Partitioning Methods and a Parallel Activity-Search Detection (PASS-Detect) Algorithm That Coordinates Computations across Nodes in the Cluster
Shaik Omer Alamoodi & Dr.Mohammed Waheeduddin Hussain
Data Storage Security Based on Decentralized Access Control without Knowing Client’s Identity in Cloud
Shaik Tabrez & Mr.Mohammed Khaleel Ahmed
Scintillation Reduction By Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines By Using DFIG
T.Jhansi, Mr.P.Anil Kumar & Mr.G.N.S.Vaibhav
Comparison of Effective area Efficient Architectures for Modified SQRT CSLA
Gunja Naresh & Mrs.Sadguna
Implementation of Wireless Remote Monitoring System with Stable Data Collection and Transmission Quality
K.Shobha, B.Hemavathi & K.Srinivasa Reddy
Design and Implementation of a Decimal Multi-Operand Adder Using A Fast Binary to Decimal Converter
T.J Sunil Daya Sagar & Mrs.Sadguna
Attribute Recognition Model for Environmental Safety of High Speed Railway System
Mohammed Abdulraheem Jasim
Evaluation of the Pseudo static Analyses of Earth Dams Using Fe Simulation and Observed Earthquake-Induced Deformations
Mohammed Abdulraheem Jasim
Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Mr.Alaa Abdullah Noori
Scalable Message Authentication System Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks
Priyanka Boddu & Mr.Rambabu
RES Based Three Phase Multilevel Inverter using SPWM Technique for Grid Connected PV System
S.Jhansi Rani & B.Venkata Ramana
Modeling and Analysis of Perturb & Observe and Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm for PV Array Using CUK Converter
D.Durgabhavani & Ms.P.Suguna Ratnamala
A Modified Bridge-Type Fault Current Limiter for Fault Ride-Through Capacity Enhancement of Fixed Speed Wind Generator
A.S.N.R.Gopal & Ms.P.Suguna Ratnamala
Implementation of Efficient Modified Booth Recoder Using S-Mb Techniques
Bellary Srinivasa Sneha & K.C.Kullayappa
Implementation of Data Encoding and Decoding Schemes in Network-On-Chip
J.L.V. Ramana Kumari & Y.Akshara Chowdary
The Effect of Particle Size Distributions on the Entropy in Magnetic Fine Particles System
Mr.Ali Odeh Keilani, Mr.Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh & Dr.Shahid Husain
Ensuring Privacy of Various Stakeholders In Process of Information Brokering
Lavanya Ganji, A.Bhakiya Lakshmi & Swapna
A Load Balancing Model Based on Cloud Partitioning for Public Cloud Using Game Theory
Prakash Krishna Shinde & Mr G.Prabhakara Reddy
A Mixed Approach of Negotiation in Internet of Things for Cloud Environment
Para Rajesh
Dwelling of Experimental Data in the Concept of Big Data
Venkataiah Cirijangam
CRM in Service Sector – A Study of Perception of Employees and Customers in Insurance Sector in Warangal
Dr.K.Raji Reddy & K.Shravan Kumar
An Arithmetic and Logic Unit Optimized For Area and Power
Mr.G.Mani Kumar, Mr.B.V.Ramana & Mr.G.M.V.Prasad
Reducing Network-on-Chip Energy Consumption through Data Encoding Techniques
J.Naveen Kumar & Dr.N.Chitra
Performance of Buck-Boost Converter with Induction Motor Drive
Rohinika K.Rode & Ashutosh R.Nagawanshi
Implementation of Dual Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Improvement by Fuzzy Logic Controller
Kolli Tirupati Rao & Anilkumar Alamanda
Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Cloud
K.Lavanya & B.V.V.S.Prasad
Distributed, Contemporary, And Independent Access To Encrypted Cloud Databases
Ch.Leela Padmavathi & Ch.Ranjith Kumar
An Effective Method of for Identification of Fault Location and Analysis for Double/Single Circuit Transmission Lines by ATP Methods
D.Saidulu Reddy & Ms.Rema Devi C
Adaptive Opportunistic Routing For Wireless AD HOC Networks
Mr.Jamal Mhawesh Challab
Uncontrollable Cybercrime with Artificial Intelligence Admeasure with Unpredictable Password Mechanism
Yelakapati Estheru Rani & PatanYasdhani Khan
A Study on Unlocking New Horizon in Entrepreneurship With Reference To Kids Gaming Zone Segment
Mr.K.Shashikanth & Mr.G.Srikrishna
Three Phase VAR Compensation Using DSTATCOM for Micro Grid Application
Sravanthi D & Ms.K.Neelima
Feature Subset Selection Methods for High Dimensional Data
B.Anitha & B.Venkataramana
An Study of Factors Affecting on Online Shopping Behaviour of Consumers in Hyderabad
Sai Vishwagna
Revolutionizing Mobile Phone for Tilt Operations Using AT Commands, GSM Modem, Microcontroller from 8051 Family and MEMS Accelerometer
B.HariKishor Rao & Rupal Jain
A Study Report On Importance of “Campus Placement” – A Boon to Student’s Career
K.Shashikanth & G.Pranay
Numerical Analysis of a CFRC Aircraft Delta Wing
Mr.Ather Mohammed, Mr.Shety Anil Kumar & Mr.Shinde Sai Kiran
Impact of Quality of Work Life on the Performance of Administrative Staff Doctors and Nurses in Hospitals
Prof. Y.S.Kiranmayi & P.Vasantha Kumari
A framework for Safeguarding Network Aggregation in Wireless sensor Networks
Jagadish Seemanthula & Mr.Swathi
A Review on The Effect of Particle Size Distributions on The Entropy
Mr.Ali O.A keelani, Prof.Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh & Dr.Shahid Husain
Radix-4 and Radix-8 32 Bit Booth Encoded Multi-Modulus Multipliers
K.Sai Ram Charan & K.Kalyan Srinivas
Speed Tracking of a Linear Induction Motor Enumerative Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Jogapavan Kumar & M.Uma Rani
Enhancement of Performance of PFC Bridgeless Buck-Boost Converter for BLDC Drive by Using Fuzzy PID Controller
Mallikharjuna Rao Boda & E.Anil Kumar
Simulation and Dynamic Response of Closed Loop Speed Control of PMSM Drive Using Fuzzy Controller
Anguru Sraveen Babu & K.Venkateswara Rao
Comparison of Resistive and Active SFCL for Mitigation of Fault Currents and Voltages at Distribution Level
A.Rupa & K.Sathish Kumar
Design of Thermally Induced Seizure in Journal Bearings During Start Up Using Ansys
I.Suresh & Hari Shankar Vanka
Safeguarding and Ensuring Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks
Biddika Bhuganna & K.Satyanarayana Murthy
Application of Wavelet Transform and Its Advantages Compared
To Fourier Transform

Basim Nasih
A Study on Mini-Max Theorem and Its Applications
Basim Nasih
Delay minimization for Carry Select Adder Using Brentkung Adder
K.Naga Kiran & R.V.Kiran Kumar
A Study on Stress Management in Singareni Collieries Company Limited
Ms.G.Kusuma Kumari & Mr.G.Nanda Kishor Kumar
Comparison of Seismic Analysis of a Floating Column Building and a Normal Building Using Etabs-2013
T.Chandra Sekhar, J.Vara Prasad & B.Sudharshan Reddy
Reducing the Fault Currents and Over Voltages and Enhancing the Security of Electric Power System through Active SFCL
Kondreddy Saraswathi & J.Alla Bagash
A Fewer Switches Three Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive
P.Asma Parveen & S.Chandra Sekhar
Design & Simulation of Reduced Switch Three-phase MLI for Induction Motor Applications
Ch.Lakshmana Rao & B.Vinod Kumar
CFD Analysis on Heat Transfer Enhancement in Horizontal Tube by Forced Convection with Inserts
V.Sudheer Kumar & Dr.T.V.Rao
Different Types of Data Compression Techniques in Digital VLSI Circuits
Mr.Mohammad Iliyas, Mrs.Farha Anjum, Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma & Dr.R.Murali Prasad
A Study on Employee Retention in Information Technology Sector
Vikram Valmikam