Improvement of Voltage Stability Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Mr.Burla Tirumala Venkatesh Babu & Mrs.Desireddy Dwija
Verifying the Reliability of Images with a Joint Encryption and Watermarking System
R.Harika & K.Kranthi Kumar
A Novel Image Transmission Technique Using Visual Cryptography with Blowfish Techniques and RSA Algorithm
Bonela Sudha & S.Dayasagar Choudary
Traffic Sign Recognition for Advanced Driver Assistance using Digital Image Processing
K.V.S.Ganesh & N.M.Ramalingeswara Rao
Decoupled Interlinked Dual Voltage Source Inverter with DC-Link Capacitor for PQ Improvement
Ch.Nagendra Babu, M.Naveen Babu & S.V.D.Anil Kumar
Cryptanalysis of Different Data Encryption Standards to Improve Robustness
J.Santosh Kumar & P.Dalinaidu
Design of Threshold Logic Flip-Flops for Achieving Efficient Performance of System
K.Lakshmi Narayana & B.Satyasai
An Area Efficient Parallel Distributed Arithmetic Based VLSI Architecture for Design of 2D-DCT
P.Kishore Kumar & K.Govindarao
High Efficiency Chopper with Hybrid-Type Full-Bridge
Pooja Zhambare & Prabodh Kumar Khampariya
Design of Reversible FIR Filter for Speech Signal Processing
P.Shiva Kumar & D.Sankara Reddy
A Novel Hybrid PV/Wind/Battery based Generation System for Grid Integration
B.Venkata Seshu Babu, B.Ashok Kumar & Dr.A.Purna Chandra Rao
Modeling & Structural Analysis of Hydraulic Tire Curing Press
Meghanath & T.E.Niharika
Design and Analysis of Form Tool
Satish Kumar & T.E.Niharika
Modelling and Analysis of Four Wheeler Rocker ARM
Shridhar & T.E.Niharika
Index Based Round Robin Arbiter for NOC Routers
Zakkam Swetha Unmila, M Rajakiran, K Geetha & Dr.R.Ramachandra
Home Automation Robot Using Wireless Technology
G.S Surendra Babu & A.Nagasravani
Android Based Metal Detecting Robot to Assist Bomb Detection and Rescue Team
Ms.Ch.Nissy, Dr.B.K Madhavi & Ms.Sadhu Satya Shravani
Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control and Stolen Vehicle Detection
Swarup Kulkarni & Dr.Roshani Raut
Lung Cancer Detection Using Marker-Controlled Watershed Transform and K-Means Clustering
Md Zia Ur Rahman & M.Jagadeeswar Goud
Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall Pattern in Lower Ganges Basin
Kush Kumar Dey & Dr.Vijay Kumar Dwivedi
Design and Analysis of Press Tool Assembly
Raveendra & Ch.Nagaraju
Design of Helical Gear and Analysis on Gear Tooth
Indrale Ratnadeep Ramesh Rao & Ch.Nagaraju
Berger Checks and Fault Tolerant Reversible Arithmetic Component Design
Uppara Rajesh, E.Ramakrishna Naik, K.Geetha & Dr.R.Ramachandra
An Arithmetic and Logic Unit Using GDI Technique
Yamini Tarkal Bambole & Mahesh Dattatray Gaikwad
An Optimized Design of Reversible Carry Look-Ahead Adder Using RPA
Dr.R.Ramachandra, K Geetha & D.Nandini
Attendance System by Face Recognition Using SIFT Algorithm and SMS Reporting to Parents Mobile Phone
Gandhi B, Ega Soujanya, Veeravelly Navya & Lakkaraju Sai Naveen
Enhancement of Power Quality of Power Distribution System Using Modified iUPQC Controller
Dr.D.Bala Gangi Reddy & Bolishetty Harish
Employee Engagement and Job Stress- An Overview
N.Venkateswara Sharma
Low Power Test Data Compression Techniques for Digital VLSI Circuits
Mr.Mohammad Iliyas, Mrs.Farha Anjum, Dr.Anil Kumar Sharma & Dr.R.Murali Prasad
Fracture Analysis of Cracks in Composite Cylindrical Panels
Lakpathi Naveen Kumar & Pawan Kumar Nagalgidde
An Improved Image Enhancement Method Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and CLAHE
P.Chinna Rajakullayappa & K.E Rajivaranjan
Single-Stage and Boost-Voltage Grid-Connected Inverter for PV/Fuel-Cell Generation System
Mr.Velpula Anudeep Srinivas & Mr.P.Balanagu
Impact of Investor’s Awareness on Indian Capital Market- A Study
Mr.G.Venugopalaswamy & Mr.B.Sharath Kumar
Consumer Behaviour Towards Small Cars In Hyderabad: An Empirical Study
D.Ravinder & G.Srikrishna
Smart Sensor Interface over IOT Using Raspberry PI Board
M.Nagulu Naik, Sreekanth & Sooram Anil
Study Role of Coenzyme Q10 in Improvement of Reproduction Efficiency in Female Wister Rats
Shaymaa Zgher Al- Rumaidh, Asmaa M. Salih ALMohaidi, Majida G.Magtooph & Sanaa T.Jawed
Precharge-Free, Low-Power Content-Addressable Memory
V.Deepa, K.Sravani & Karnarti Bhargavi
An Active Efficiency Rectifier with Automatic Adjust of Transducer Capacitance in Energy Harvesting Systems
B.Swetha Salomy & P.Asiya Thapaswin
An Implementation of Encoding Scheme for Power Reduction in Network on Chip Links in FPGA Technology
K.S.Pavan Kumar & J.Sukumar
Design Considerations of a Fault Current Limiting Dynamic Voltage Restorer (FCL-DVR)
Aithagoni Lavanya & Mr.Jhon Welse
Design and Implementation of the Algorithm for RB Multiplication to Derive High-Throughput Digit-Serial Multipliers
V.Latha & Mr.G.Sunil
ARM7 Based Vehicle Theft Identification with Location Alert
Nalluri Sravani, Mr.V.Arun & Mr.Adapa Venkata Paramkusam
An Efficient Noise Reduction Technique by Using Spectral Subtraction and DWT
K.Mallikarjuna Reddy & Y.C.Ramakrishna
Expand the Association Rule Mining Technique for Finding Related Medication to Risk of Diabetes
Yegireddy Anil Kumar & Konni Srinivasa Rao
Securing Online Reputation Systems through Temporal Analysis
Addulla Ragini
Influence of Parent Concrete on Recycled Aggregate Concrete Using Pozzolanic Materials
Moore Deepak Reddy & Prof.K.Rajasekhar
Experimental Studies on High Performance Concrete Using Metakaolin
Annadanam Sudhakar & Prof.K.Rajasekhar
Design of FM0 and Manchester Encoder and Decoder for DSRC Application Using SOLS Technique
G.Anudeep, Mohd.Shahbaz Khan & B.S.Priyanka Kumari
A New Gate for Low Cost Design of All-optical Reversible Combinational and sequential Circuits
B.Ganesh, Gopi Kondra & Dasari Raviteja
Implementation of Long Range Smart Tracking System Using Internet of Things
Naganjaneyulu N, Prashanthi E & P.Madhuri
Secure Authorization Protocol and Pervasive Computing Environments Authentication in Cloud Computing
Pavan Nadagundla & M.Naresh
Effect of Rice Husk Ash on Properties of Concrete Using Steel and Polyester Fibres
G.Dileep Kumar, Prof.N.R.Gowthami, S.M.V.Narayana & T.Naresh Kumar
Certificate less Public/Private Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
S.Bhargavi & Dr .H.Venkateswara Reddy
A Novel and Secure De-Duplication Mechanism of Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized De-Duplication
Ch.Ramesh Kumar, S Vigneswari & Kaluri Venkatesh Babu
Image Encryption & Decryption by AES 128 BIT Core using FPGA Implementation
S.Sai Sabarish & N.Ratna Deepthika
Super Sensitive Home Security System with Auto-Dialer and 60DB Loud Siren
Bhagyshree Waghmare, Madhuri Harane, Saurabh Bidkar, Manoj Ubale & Prof.Ramkrushna C Maheshwar
Effect of Sand and Fly Ash on Spent Wash Quality
Bharat Kumar, Arun Upreti, Divyanshu Barthwal & Rajat Singh Bisht
Implementation of RF Controlled Robotic Boat with Wireless Video Transmission to Remote Television Using Raspberry Pi
Allula Rajini & P.Rajendra Chaitanya
Smart Agriculture System Using GSM
Nagarani Chitukula & D.Srikar
Automated Exudates Detection and Grading of Diabetic Maculopathy in Digital Retinal Images
Thangalapally Soujanya & K.Gopal
Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems
Dabbara Jagadeesh & Vangara Poorna Chandar Reddy
An Experimental Analysis of Delamination Factor of a GFRP Composite Material on Radial Drilling Machine
Nageswara Rao Manchi & Srinivasan Lakshmanan
Realization of BIST Architecture Using SRAM Cells Based on Input Vector Monitoring
Mangi Vivek Raj, Dr.A.Balaji Nehru & P.Navitha
Implementation of Parallel Encoder and Decoder for Long Polar Codes
Ms.S.Anusha, Mr.P.Nagaraja Kumar & Ms.V.Sumathi
Power Management in Isolated AC Microgrids using WECS and BESS
Md.Aqib Javed & K.Santosh
The Dual Features of Crossbreed Unwired Nets in the Data Broadcast Method
N.Srivani & Mr.R.S.Murali Nath
IOT Based Home Automation Using E-Mail
G.Nagaraju & R.Sravan Kumar
Advance Security System with Intruder Image Capture and Forward Through Email
Pabboju Chandrashekar & G.Lalitharani
Optimal Power Flow Using Particle Swarm Optimization
M.Chiranjivi & Abibual Abate Mitaw
Effect of Sand and Fly Ash on Spent Wash Quality
Bharat Kumar, Arun Upreti, Divyanshu Barthwal & Rajat Singh Bisht
Analysis of the System to Produce 150watt Thermo Electric Power from Waste Heat of Any Furnace
S.Suhasini & K.Hemachandra Reddy
Analytical Investigation of Fin Tube Evaporator by Using Different Refrigerant’s
Mr.Ravinuthala Shiva & Mr.Golla.Naga Kumar
Design and Analysis of Cylinder Head
Mr.G.Venkanna & Ms.G.Pranathi
Design and Analysis of Disk Brake
Vishlawath Raju & Ms.G.Pranathi
Modelling and Assembly of Single Plate Clutch
V.Nikesh & G.Pranitha
A Novel Hybrid Non-Isolated Distribution Generating System Based on Wind and Wave Power Generation Systems Using a DC Microgrid
A.Rajasekhar Reddy, Y.Narayana Rao & Dr.A.Purna Chandra Rao
Implementation Area Delay Efficient FM0/Manchester Encoding Using SOLS Technique
G.Lavanya & Pradeep Kumar.K
An Optimized High Throughput Aging-Aware Reliable Multiplier with Variable Latency
Shaik Masma & K.Balamurali
Image Enhancement and Performance Assessment by Using JSM
S.Supriya & J.Sukumar
Design for Soft Error Mitigation Efficient Protection of Parallel Filters Using Error Correction Codes
V.Fazeelath & Pradeep Kumar.K
Static and Model Analysis of A Twin Seater Aircraft Fuselage
Dr.M Satyanarayana Gupta & Raghava P
Design and Analysis of Multi-Link Structure For Rear Independent Suspension of Heavy Vehicle
L C Ravi, Sri Mahantesh Katagi & P.Jeyavelm
Automatic Intelligent Plant Irrigation System Using Raspberry PI and ATMEGA 328
G.Raju & T.Sravan
RFID Based Security System for Mining Industries
Valasani Nagarjuna, K.Naresh & Mohd Abdul Sumer
Fracture Analysis of Cracks in Composite Cylindrical Panel
Kumara Swamy P & K.Rajashekar Reddy
Intelligent System for Monitoring and Controlling of Grain Condition Based on Raspberry PI
T.Sravan Kumar & Kare Balraj
An Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using Wavelet Based Grazing Estimation of Signal Method: Special Reference to Speech Signal
Nahid Jabeen, Dr.Sachin Saxena & Dr.R.Murali Prasad
“Work from Home”: Changing Workplace Reality
Natasha Tageja
Are you an “Ethnocentric Buyer”?
Natasha Tageja
Hybrid Three-Port DC–DC Converter for PV-FC Systems
P.Srihari Babu, B.Ashok Kumar & Dr.A.Purna Chandra Rao