User Interface Development
Srinivas Nagaram
Modelling and Simulation of Cantilever Sensor Using COMSOL Multiphysics
R.S.Shaik shavali Malik, V. Sai Kumar, Sravanan kumar Reddy & Logesh kumar S
A Secure and Improved Intrusion discovery system for the vulnerable Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Golla Subramanyam & C.Md Gulzar
Improved Discretization and Decision Tree Approach For Continues Attributes Dataset
Madda Sukumar & Mr.M.Ganesh Babu
An Innovative Fault Tolerant Searching Algorithm in Hypercube Network Environment for Better Throughput
Laxman Kumar D & K Karthik
State of the Art Design for the Spontaneous and Dynamic Detection of Adjacent Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETS) With Minimal Adversaries
Kavuri Venkataramu & Dr.V.Ramesh
An Enhanced and Naive Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification Based on Weight
Srikanth Mandela & K.Eswar
Power Quality Improving in Non-Linear Loads Using Series Connected Facts Device
Srinivasarao Pedaprolu, Maradugu Mahesh & Yohan Babu Puvvadi
Interference Suppression for CDMA-UWB System using LBER Rake receiver
Nimmala Naresh
A User-Friendly Patent Search Model
Satya Nagamani Yedida & G.B.V Padmanadh
Access to Open Source EBook Management Software in Academic Libraries
P. Dayakar Reddy & K. Indumathy
Digitization of Library Resources and the Formation of Digital Libraries: A Practical Approach
V.Vijay Kumar & Dr.P.Rama Mohan Rao
FOG Computing and Its Role in Internet
Munawar Khatoon
Advanced Embedded Security System With Image Capturing In SD Card
Y.Saahithi, E.Sai Spandana Reddy & P.Samskruthi Reddy
Content-Based Filtering in On-Line Social Networks User Walls
Mr. S. Swami Naidu & Mrs. A.Vanathi
Establishing trust relationship in peer to peer systems
M.Pratyusha & N.Siva Kumar
ASIC Design of Reversible Full Adder/Subtractor Circuits
Srinivas Boosaraju & V. Swathi
CloudDiag for Production Cloud Computing Environment
M. Chiranjeevi & V. Ananth Krishna
Access Policy Consolidation for Event Processing Systems
K. Sainath, R. Anitha & Jagadeeswara Rao.Annam
Cognizant Radio Resource Control in Downlink OFDMA Cellular Relay Network
Linus Antonio OforiAgyekum & TheophilusAnafo
An Efficient SOC approach to Design CRT controller on CPLD’s
Sudheer Kumar Marsakatla & Prof. Chandrasekhar Narikadamalli
Modeling and Analysis of a Novel Voltage Controlled Hybrid Active Power Filter in Distribution systems
N. Vinod Kumar & J.Shivanvitha
Design and Manufacturing of an Indexing Drum for Toolmakers Microscope
Aradhyula Mohan Kumar, B.Biksham & K.Veeranjaneyulu
Anonymization of Centralized and Distributed Social Networks by Sequential Clustering
A.Divya & Dr.R.John Mathew
FPGA Based CAN-Bus Controller Using Dual Redundancy
Gutti. Leela Siva Rama Krishna & Chandrasekhar Narikadamalli
Improvement of Power Quality Index in Distributed Power Grids
M.Maruthi Sathish Kumar & P. Naga Prasad
A Novel Approach for Parallel CRC generation for high speed application
Dasari Mahesh & B. Giriraju
Robust Video Data Hiding
T. Chalapathi Rao
Simulation of Single phase seven and nine level grid connected inverter for photovoltaic system
D Kavitha & G. Prasanth
Simulation of one cycle control based active power filter for harmonic reduction using fuzzy controller
P Sadhana & G Prasanth
Comparison of lyapunov function and delta modulated controller techniques for compensation of active and reactive power in micro grid systems
K.Venkata ratnam, P.Taviti Naidu & D.Prabhavathi
Efficient Mining of Frequent Item Sets from Relational Database
V.Gousebasha & M.Venkatesh Naik
An efficient process for third party auditing for the cloud storage system with enhanced User data privacy protection
VenkataTulasi Krishna .P & Jayanthi Rao Madina
Protection of Outsourced Data using remotely verifying integrity of regeneration codes approach in Cloud Computing.
Chinta Srinu & Behara Vineela
Effective Data Mining Of High Quality Patterns in Sequence-Level and Element-Level Uncertain Data Models
Sumamadhuri Roy & V.Lakshmiprasad
Anonymous access request matching mechanism with security and privacy considerations in Cloud Computing
Panigrahi Venkataramana & Ramesh Kumar Behara
An Empirical Model of Secure Data Transmission Technique with a Hybrid Approach of Cryptography, Stegnography And Rotational Analysis
Bhogi Viswakanth & M Jayanthi Rao
A Novel Design for Safeguarding Network Aggregation by Identifying False Temporal Variation Patterns
Singurusantosh & Ramesh kumarBehara
Efficient Adaptive Fir Filter Design Using Distributed a thematic DA
Ancha Divya & Poornaiah Billa
Power optimization of spread spectrum clock generator using glitch free nand based DCDL
Rayapudi Mary Helen, Poornaiah Billa & Anandbabu.Gopathoti
Efficient Muti Stage IFFT Architecture for Multi Carrier System
Davuluri pushpanjali, Koyyagura sampathsingh & Poornaiah Billa
A Low-Power Phase locked loop using self healing Prescalar/VCO
Sudhakar reddy Chevuri & Poornaiah Billa
Low Power Analysis of Double Tail Comparator for ADC by Using Hspice
A.Murali, E.Mahesh & N. Vijaya Babu
Reversible Applications of Decoder and Its Applications
Poodari Sairam Goud & Naveen Kumar
People Detection and Counting Using Fuzzy Color Histogram
SarithaPaturi & GVKS Prasad
Fuzzy based STATCOM Controller for Grid connected wind Farms with Fixed Speed Induction Generators
G. Thrisandhya & G. Sridhar Babu
Energy Management and Power Control of a solar panel for Distributed Power Generation and Grid Integration
R.Siri & J.Prakash Kumar
Symmetrical and asymmetrical faults controlling in distribution system by using series connected device
Gunda. Abhilash & Dr. N. Bhoopal
A Method for Estimating and Easing of Voltage Flicker in STATCOM
R. Saiprasad Goud & K.Ramakrishna
Analysis of Wimax Physical Layer with Adaptive Modulation Techniques
Linus Antonio OforiAgyekum & TheophilusAnafo
Design and Estimation of delay, power and area for Parallel prefix adders
Attunuri Anusha & P.BalaKrishna
A Tightly Clustering Point Based Divisive Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data
P.V.S Saraswathi, M Rao Batchanaboyina & A. Jagadeeswara Rao
Efficient Model Based Load Balance on Cloud Partitioning for the Public Cloud
Tellabati Nagaraju, S.Phani Kumar, B.Srikanth & Jagadeeswara Rao.Annam
A Technology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Sensitive Data
A. Jagadeeswara Rao, M. Bhargavi & S Phani Kumar
Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme Using Led-Ldr Assembly
K.Balakrishna & I.V.Prakash
A Scalable Server Architecture for Mobile Presence Services in Social Network Applications
Kanaparthi Kedari & Rehana Begum
Creating Evolving User Behavior Profiles Automatically
Patchava Vineela & G.Minni
Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna
V.V.Subba Rao & S.A. Mansoor
Intelligent Robot Motion Control & Data Acquisition System for Industrial Monitoring Using Image Processing Techniques
K Venkateswarlu & Mr. C. Srinivasa Murthy
Clouddiag, An Efficient, Unsupervised Diagnosis For Locating Fine-Grained Performance Anomalies
Mandalaneni Vijaykumar & N.Bhagya Lakshmi
Multi-Owner Data Sharing by using Three-dimensional security pattern in cloud computing
P T Satya Narayana Murthy & V.Venkanna
Arm Hardware Platform for Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System Using GPRS
M.V.Srinivasarao & M.Lakshman Naik
Classified Average Precision Approach for Inferring User Search Goals with Feedback Sessions
Shaik Samsher & N.Bhagya Lakshmi
Design of High Speed UART Using Verilog HDL
A.Anusha & T.Narendra Kumar
Distributed Detection in Mobile Access Wireless Sensor Networks UnderByzantine Attacks
A.D.K.Nirmala & T.Sudha Rani
New Converter for SRM Drive With Power Factor Correction
G. Anusha & A. Naveen Kumar
Modeling and Analysis of 2-Stage Reduction Gear Box
Puttapaka Nagaraju & Ch. Ashok Kumar
Security in wire-less data networks by Encryption and Description
Fareed M.A & Dr. P. Sumithabhashini
Neighbor Position Verification protocol with spontaneous in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Suresh Patra & S.N.V.S.S.S.T. Murty
Efficient Real Time Face Detection Technique Using Harr Classifier
Alupula Adarsh & Ch Papa Rao
Promoted Architecture for the Multi tab 2-D HAAR Wavelet Filter banks
Adhoni Narasimha Rao & V. Murali Krishna
Novel Technique For The Reduction in Wind Power Generation
S R A P Mallap Maddala & Grandhi Ramu
Integrity Verification of Cooperative Provable Data Using Cloud Storage Factors
Podila Brijesh Babu & Padmaja
Fortify Apportion Liability for Data Sharing In Cloud Computing
Syed Mubashirul Huda & G. preeti Jyotsna
Protection of Outsourced Data Using Remotely Verifying Integrity of Regeneration Codes Approach in Cloud Computing
Srinivasa Rao Vykuntam & Mula Sudhakar
Predicting Impact of E-Learning on Students’ Performance
M.Rebekah & Dr A. Ramakrishna Prasad
The algorithm of (t, ∞) OptPrVC scheme Implementation within Dynamic Group for Secure Data Access
Mr.Tatarao Moka & Mr. S N V S S S T Murty
Eliminating Error by Designing a Reliable Router by Effective Routing Algorithm for Dynamic NOCS
Palle Prasada Rao & P. Harinath Reddy
Efficient Test Pattern Generator for BIST Architecture of MSIC Vector
Nalagatla Hareesh Kumar Reddy & Layam Prasad
Simulation of Low Power Energy Recovery Type Synchronous Circuit Design
K S N Venkata Sharath & Mr Kesava Reddy Jangam
Indirect Rotor Field Oriented Control (IRFOC) for Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Using MOSFET
Govind R Shivbhakt & Bhole A.A
Implementation of Intrusion Detection System against Black hole attack in AODV
S.V.Anusha & B.Prabhakara Reddy
Building detection and radar footprint reconstruction With automated method of single VHR SAR Images
P.Muni Bhaskar & Layam Prasad
Buckling And Finite Element Analysis of Cylindrical Pressure Vessel
G. Nomukumar & P. Sreenivas
3D Image cryptanalysis Using Scrambling and Binary KeyMatrices with Logical Operations
Battula Ashok & Ananda Babu Battu
A Novel Design of Modulated Switched Filter Compensator (MSFC) Scheme for the Power Quality Improvement of Smart Grid
K.Prasannakumar & R.Suresh
Design And Analysis Of Heat Stacking Mechanism Used In Packaging Machinery
K.Nagendhar, B. Shankar & Veeranjaneyulu
Design And Analysis Of Pelton Wheel
B.Vinod, B. Biksham & Veeranjaneyulu
Transient Stability Improvement in Three-Machine Power System by Using SSSC with Fuzzy Controller
D.Madhavi, D.Srinivas & G.N.S.Vaibhav
Power Quality Improvement in Load Transformers by Using Series Voltage Sag Compensator
P.Sudheer, B.Hari Prasad & G.N.S.Vaibhav
Optimized Register File Implementation of SRAM Bit Cell
J. Madhavi & M. Raju
Impact Analysis of Aluminum Alloy Wheel
Sivakrishna. V & Bala bashker
Verification of Neighbor Nodes Positions in Dynamic Ad Hoc Mobile Networks
Chada Sravanthi & K.Ravichandra
Single Phase Grid Connected Nine Level Inverter
Venkatesh Vadapalli & B.SH.Suresh Kumar
Development of an Integrated Data-Acquisition System for Renewable Energy Sources Systems Monitoring
Siripuram Sureshgoud & Narasimha Rao
Modelling and Analysis of I.C Engine Crank Shaft by Using Different Materials and Loads
Karri Venkata Sanyasi Amarendra Kumar & Bapiraju Bandam
Modelling and Analysis of I.C Engine Multi Crankshaft and Cam Shaft by Using Different Materials and Loads
K.V.Santhosh Kumar & P. Jagan Mohan Rao
Design, Static Analysis and Comparison of Materials on Train Breake Pad
Vempada Vasudeva Rao & P. Jagan Mohan Rao
Design and Thermal Analysis of Heat Exchanger with Two Different Materials
Lingala Vijaya Sekhar & Bapiraju Bandam
Design of Network Router for System on Chip Applications
Palaparthy Adam & M.Ramakrishna
Web-Based Remote Navigational Robot For Multiclass Human-Robot Interaction
Rollakanti Raju & M.Vijay Vardan Reddy
Optimization of Microcode Built-In Self Test By Enhanced Faults Coverage for Embedded Memory
Ms. M.Anitha & Mr.M.Purna Sekhar
A Reconfigurable low power FPGA Design with Autonomous power Gating and LEDR Encoding
Mr. K. Anji Babu & Mr.M.Purna Sekhar
Area-Delay Efficient Binary Adders in QCA
Mr. B. Harinath Naidu & Mr.M.Purna Sekhar
Design and Thermal Analysis on Cylinder Fin by Varying Its Geometry and Material
D.Merwin Rajesh & K.Suresh Kumar
Intervehicular Communication Using Mobile Adhoc Network
M.S.S.Sriram & Dr. B. N. Jagadesh
Dynamic Query Forms for Database Queries
Ramesh Polisetti & Chitti Babulu Sape
Design of UC/OS – Ii Rtos Based Scalable Cost Effective Monitoring System Using Arm Powered Controller
G.Vamsi Krishna & M.Lakshmi Narayana
Indirect Vector Control of an Induction Motor using Space vector PWM of Three Phase Converters
G Mahabei, Mrs. Sadiya Afreen & Prof.C.B.Vsubbarayudu
Design of LPG mould billet using FEM
R. Datha Satyanarayana & I. Satyanarayana
Stress Distribution in Gear Contact Pair Including Effects Due To Positioning in Gear Box
N. Rohinidevi & Mr. Ch.Ashok
Design, Evaluation and Optimization of Zinc Alloy Wheel for Four Wheeler under Different Loads Conditions
T.Umadevi & Mr.Bshankar
Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Steganography for Transmitting Images
R.Asha & M.Raja babu
PAPR Reduction Using Pre-Coder Based Discrete Hartley Transform in Optical OFDM Systems
Muniganti Bhargav Kumar & S. Kiran Babu
Local Altered and Optimized Center Pixel Weights for Image Denoising
Madhu Gujjala & S. A. Mansoor
A new method for implementation of high speed MAC Unit
Bannoth Anjinaik & Mr. Y.V.S. Durga Prasad
Impact and Analysis of Natural Hazards and Disasters in India
N. Sreedhara Naidu
E-Commerce in Developing Countries: Issues and Influences
Murad Abdoulmola
Design of Control Strategy for Integration of Grid with Hybrid Wind Energy Conversion System (HWECS) For Power Control in Distribution Power Generation System (DPGS)
M.Swapna & Dr. A. Srujana
A novel method to improve Power quality by using wind and solar hybrid system
Shaik.Janimiya & Dr.S.Siva Prasad
Design of STATCOM for unbalanced Voltage Systems with Adaptive multilevel converter (AMC)
Kanugu Sudha Rani & R. Suresh
An Improved Technique for Power Factor Correction in PMBLDC Motor Drive using SEPI Converter for Variable Speed Applications
Sk. Azhar & M. Lokesh
Load Performing in Servers by Using Main Server
Bommakanti Nithesh & Dr. N.Chandrashekar Reddy
Filtering Status Messages in Online Social Services
Penke Vinay Kumar & Dr. N.Chandrashekar Reddy
Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor Based Security System using PSOC
N.Yugandhar Reddy & K.Sridevi
Design and Analysis of Gunboat in Missile
G.Shankar, B.Shankar & Veeranjaneyulu
An Innovative Method To Deal With Data Noise Where Multiple Measurements Are Collected Using Repeated Experiments
Mallikarjuna Lokireddy & Ch. Rajajacob
A graph analysis method with a plenary hierarchical depiction of graphs designed for comprehensive functionalities and interactive visualization
Hareesh Dharmapuri & B.Simmi
Privacy Preserving Collaborative Data Publishing Using K-Anonymity
K.Chandrasekhar & N.Balakrishna
32-Bit Wave Pipelined Sparse Tree Adder
Lakki Reddy Naresh & N.Vijayalakshmi
3D MR Image Compression Techniques based on Decimated Wavelet Thresholding Scheme
Dr. P.V. Naganjaneyulu
Reduction of Peak to Mean Power Ratio Using Pre-coder based Hartley Transform for OFDM Systems
Dr. P.V. Naganjaneyulu
Efficient Information Retrieval for Ranked Query (EIRQ) In a Cost Effective of Cloud
Amabala Mahesh & V.Mounika
EECS: Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sameer Muftah AmarAsayh & Prof. Rajiv RanjanTewarii
Mitigation of Sag in Single and Double Phases Using STATCOM and Ultra capacitor
M.Deepak & A Surya Narayana Babu