High Secure Sensing Reliability Capture Using Ultrasonic and Proximity Sensors on Majority Voting Mechanism (MVM)
Iyli Chandra Shekar, Divya Kanuganti & Pattem Sampath Kumar
Low-Power and Area-Efficient Shift Register Using Pulsed Latches
G.Sunitha & P.Venkatlavanya
Hybrid Image Compression Technique Based on NDWT and FBP
Qusay Esfain Majeed, Tamer Ahmed, Hend A.Elsayed & Mohamed M.Elsherbiny
Structural and Modal Analysis of Bevel Gear Used in Compressor
Mohammed Aiyaz Pasha, Mohammed Junaid Farooq, Syed Imran Uddin, Mohd Muzaffar Hussain, Shaik Abdul Rehman & K.Chandrashekar Goud
Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble Dust and Fine Aggregate with Stone Dust
Bokka NVDS Prakash, B.Sree Kala & Surya Narayana.M
Evaluate the Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete by Using Phosphogypsum and Fly Ash
M.Venkata Sandeep, Prof.N.R.Gowthami, S.M.V.Narayana &
T.Naresh Kumar
Analysis on Turbo Charging of C I Engine for Improving Performance and Emissions
B.Someswara Rao
Experimental Study of Remote Control Lifting Jack and Analysis
B.Someswara Rao
Aging- Aware Dependable Multiplier with Self Evolving Hold Logic using Verilog HDL
K.Veeralakshmi & T.Vidya
Design of Low Power and High Speed Carry Select Adder Using Brent Kung Adder
Dr.K.Srinivasulu & Nandyala Yella Krishna
Industrial Monitoring Android Robot Using Raspberry PI with Cloud Technology
P.Suresh Reddy & C.Sivaiah
Optimizing Data Forwarding from Body Area Networks in the Presence of Body Shadowing with Dual Wireless Technology Nodes
Mr.Chandan Kumar Roy & B Sivateja
Design and Analysis of Approximate Compressors for Multiplication
Ms.Vinutha H & Mr.M Chandra Mohan
A Novel Design of Reversible Combinational and Sequential Circuits Using Mach Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) Switch
Venkataramana Sadhanala & M.Raghunath
Customer Relationship Management in Service Sector – A Study of Bank Managers and Customers in Krishna District, A.P.
Shaik Sharifuddin & Dr.Talluri Sreekrishna
Advanced Booth Recoder for Systematic Design of the Operator
A Veera Babu, Kiran Kumar & R Soloman
Raspberry Pi Based Bomb Detection Robot with Live Steaming and Tracking Controlled With Internet
D.Shekar Goud & M.Yashaswin
CFD Analysis of a Radiator Axial Fan
Mr.Masanpalli Raju, Mr.Veera Naagulu & Mr.C Shashikanth
On Performance Improvement of Wireless Push Systems via Smart Antennas
Y.Jagadeeshwar Reddy
Privacy Preserving of Image and Data Transmission using Hybrid Encryption and Image Mosaic Technique
Killi Satish Kumar & Chintada Sunil Kumar
Change in Physico Chemical Characteristics of Distillery Spent Wash after Adsorption with Soil and Fly Ash
Bharat Kumar, Akash Rawat, Arun Upreti & Divyanshu Nautiyal
Design of Seven and Nine Level Inverter with Renewable Energy (Solar) Input
S.Venkatesh & Ch.Ravi Kumar
Shunt Harmonic Compensator Design for Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Y.Shiva Prasad & R.Ganesh
Design and Thermal Analysis on 220cc Engine Cylinder Fins By Varying Materials
C Santhosh Kumar Reddy & Mr.B.Rahul
A Single-Ended with Dynamic Feedback Control 8T Subthreshold SRAM Cell
R.Swathi, T.Bhavani & Mr.Devireddy Venkatarami Reddy
Determinants of Micro-Credit Borrowings Rural SHG Women in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh (A Regression Analysis)
Gattu Raju Kumar
An Ascandable Contact for Content-Based Image Retrieval in Peer-To-Peer Networks
SK.Bazi Runnisa & Ch.Kodandaramu
An Efficient Design of 8T SRAM Cell Using Transmission Gates
Sameya Firdous & T Nagaraju
Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Parabolic Leaf Spring
Sagarika Jena & Mr.K.Bicha
Formulation for Performing Multi Bit Binary Addition using Parallel, Single-Rail Self-Timed Adder without Any Carry Chain Propagation.
Y.Gouthami & Bala Murali.K
Analysis of Piston Rod Used In Aircraft Nose Landing Gear
Mr.Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Panyam & Mr.K.Bicha
Design & Analytical Investigation of the Performance of Dual Pressure Condenser in a Thermal Power Plant
Puli Venkatesh & Mr.K.Rajasekhara Reddy
Value Analysis and Value Engineering of Two Wheeler Light Weight Y-Spoke Alloy Wheel
Vuradi Naveen & D.Prasuna Lilly Florence
Optimal Energy Management of Greenhouses in Smart Grids
Mr.M.Shiva Kumar & Mr.S.Naresh Reddy
Design of Low-Power and Area-Efficient Shift Register Using Pulsed Latches
Mr.K.Satyanarayana Nayak & Mr.A.Suresh Reddy
Design and Optimization of a Center Bearing Bracket Mount of a Propeller Shaft in BS-II Buses
Mr.Amara Raja Goud & Ms.T.Nina
A Novel Ternary Content-Addressable Memory (TCAM) Design Using Reversible Logic
Mr.Sabavat Rajiv Naik & Mr.A.Suresh Reddy
Design and Optimization of HTV Fuel Tank Assembly by Finite Element Analysis
Ms.Baseera Banushaik & Ms.I.Prasanna
Couple Field Analysis on Disk Brake with Different Conventional Materials by Using FEA
Ms.Machera Sowmya & Ms.I.Prasanna
Design and Analysis of Approximate Compressors for Multiplication
Sankooju Raghuram, T.Naga Raju & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Life Estimation of a Steam Turbine Blade Using Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
Ms.Aruna Devi Palakurthi & Mr.Dr.D.K.Nageshwarrao
An optimized Design of Reversible Carry Look-Ahead Adder Using RPA
P.Anil Kumar & Navanandula Praveen Kumar
Study of Comprehensive Treatment of Distillery Spent Wash by Adsorption System of Soil and Fly Ash
Bharat Kumar, Akash Rawat, Arun Upreti, Gagandeep Singh & Sparsh Munakhia
An Efficient Comprehension of Reversible LFSR for Its Application in Cryptography
Pabballa Mahesh & Dr.Arvind Kundu
Traffic Information System Based on Smartphone
Sumayya Naaz & D.Rajendra Prasad
IOT Based Home Automation Using Android
K.Venkatesh & P.Ramesh Reddy
A New Gate for Low Cost Design of All-optical Reversible Logic Circuit
Dr.K.Srinivasulu & Kasulabada Padma
A New Approach for Mobile App with Discovery of Ranking Fraud Detection
M.Dharma Vardhani & K.Parish Venkata Kumar
Fault Tolerant Parallel Filters Based on Error Correction Codes
Mr.Ponnakanti Ravikumar, Mr.K.Hari & Mrs.V.Teju
High Speed and Energy Efficient Carry Skip Adder Operating Under a Wide Range of Voltage Levels
L.Priyanka, Mr.Devireddy Venkatarami Reddy & Mr.T Narasimha Rao
P-Q Control Using Cascaded Two-Level Inverter-Based Multilevel Power Flow Controller in a Distribution Level
Kata Swathi & I.Vijay Kumar
Three Phase Four Leg VSI with Fuzzy Logic Control in Grid Connected Distribution System
Boda Balachandrudu & Md Yaseen
Online Signature Verification by Using FPGA
D.Sandeep & Ch.Chandrakanth
Prototype of a Fingerprint Based Licensing System for Driving
K.Murali Chandra Babu & P.Sreenivas
Network on Chip (NOC) Data Encoding Techniques Using VHDL
B.Santosh Kumar, Dr.N.Murali Mohan & P.Victoria Rani
An Efficient IC Layout Design of Decoders and Its Applications
Dr.Arvind Kundu, T.Uday Bhaskar & B.Suresh
Analysis and Optimization of Engine Mounting Bracket
Uppe Tejesh & Mrs.T.Nina
A 32 BIT MAC Unit Design Using Vedic Multiplier and Reversible Logic Gate
K.Kotiratnam & B.Ramu
Ultra Low Energy Variation Aware Design Adder Architecture Study
P.Sravani, Mr.Sk Subhan & Mr.Devireddy Venkatarami Reddy
Strength Improvement of Geopolymer Concrete Treated with GGBS over Conventional Concrete
Shaik Bajamma & Dumpa Venkateswarlu
An Interleaved High-Power Fly back Inverter for Photovoltaic Applications
S.Sudha Merlin & R.G.Nirmala
Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection
R.Appala Naidu, S.Sreekanth & S.Karunakar Reddy
Energy Efficient Power Adaptation and Spectrum Handoff for Multi User Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks
Kusuma Venkat Reddy, Y.Smruthi & P.Sravani
Performance Evolution of Downlink MIMO in LTE Technology
Mr.P.Rakesh, Mrs.Swapna Kumari B & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Frappe: Secure Malicious Identifier in Face Book Application
Ch.Ramesh Kumar, P Radhika & Thummala Pranay Kumar
Geophysical Surveying, Drilling Methods in Kothagudem Region Coal Mines
Raju Jangapelly
High Performance and Area Delay Efficient Interpolation Filter Architecture
Ankita Anshu, B.S.Priyanka Kumari & Surya Kumari
Impact of Leadership on Organisation Commitment of the Employees-A Study With Reference To Corporate Hospitals in Chennai City
Dr.M.Chanderan & P.Libia
Effect of Counseling on Employee Performance
Sumathi Devi Chigurupati & Padmavathi Uppu
Performance Evaluation of Flexible Pavement Using DCP on NH-18
Pragada Rambabu & M.Srinivasa Reddy
Finite Element Analysis of Aluminum Plates with First Order Shear Deformation Theory
Syed Sanaulla & Mr.C.Shashikanth
Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Fuzzy Controller
Bussa Janakamma & Deepa Nidanakavi
Solar based Simplified Multilevel Converter with Space Vector Modulation
Bala Sunitha & Deepa Nidanakavi
Role of Cooperative Banks in Rural Development through Agricultural Credit – A Study of Warangal District Central Cooperative Bank
Hybrid Technique for Inverter Using PWM
Banothu Vinod Kumar & Varun Kumar Panaganti
FPGA Based Approach for Impulse Noise Suppression using Adaptive Median Filter Architecture
Ayesha Nasreen & Abdul Wasay Mudasser
Biometric Quality on Finger, Face and Iris Identification.
M.Chandrasekhar Reddy & Ch.Hima Bindu
AC Phase-Shift Control and Traditional Interleaving PWM Control to Design Two-Phase Interleaved Boost Converter
B Saritha, Ramesh Lakavath & Kishore Mallela
The Cost-Effective Iterative MapReduce in Big Data Environment
M.Damodhar & A.Nagarjuna
Implementation and Analysis of ProMiSH (Projection and Multi Scale Hashing) in Multi-Dimensional Datasets
A.Nagarjuna & M.Damodhar
Energy and Area Efficient Three-Input XOR/XNORs with Gate Diffusion input Methodology
Bandi Anil & Tayyabunnissa Begum
Autonomous Robot Navigation
P.Sudha, S.Usha & G.Chamundi
Locking and Tracking of Stolen Vehicles
S.Pradeep, Mrs.K.Jyothi & Mrs.Vandana Khare
Evaluation of Smart Parking & It’s Applications
Avvuru Tharun & M.Srinivasa Reddy
Energy Control in AC Grid Integrated To Wind Energy Storage System with Reduced AC-DC-AC Wind Converter
M.Divya & R.Suresh Babu
Design of Full Adder Circuit using Double Gate MOSFET
Dr.K.Srinivasulu & Mooli Eswar Reddy
Design of a Low Power Area Efficient ALU Using Modified GDI Multiplexer
Chetempally Sridhar Goud, Dr.K.Srinivasulu & M.Shiva Kumar
ZigBee-Based Communication System for Data Transfer within Future Micro grids
A.Suresh Reddy & Ambore Ganapathi
Capability of Encryption in Cloud through KAC
Vajrala Krupa Rani, Pulipati Swaroop & P.G.K.Sirisha
Health Information Exchange Based on Cloud Computing System
Syeda Mariya Tanzil, Zehra Fatima & Fouzia Sultana
Fully Reused VLSI Architecture of FMO/Manchester Encoding Using Sols Techinque for DSRC Applications
P.Dhanunjaya Rao, B.V.Rama Gowri & K.Pradeep
Satellite Remote Sensing Image Based Aircraft Recognition Using Transform Features and Detection Using Fuzzy Clustering
K.Pavan Kumar & D.Rajesh Setty
Closed Loop Voltage Control of a Three-Phase PWM CSR for SMPS Applications
G.Mohan Rao & Dr.M.Kondalu
Analysis on Base Plates of CPU for Improving Heat Dissipation Characteristics
J.Ravichandra, Dr.K.Nageswara Rao & C.Shashikanth
Generation of a Very High DC Gain Power Electronic Circuit Based Parallel Charging and Series Discharging Active Switched-Capacitor-Inductor Network
R.Swathi, Ramesh Lakavath & Kishore Mallela
Fabrication of Pneumatic Three Axis Dumping Trolly
Shaik Shahed Ahamed, Shaik Mujeeb, Valdas Ravi Kumar, Jakkarigari Vijay Kumar & K.Rajesh Kumar
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of CNT Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminates
Dr.V V S Prasad, Ms.M.Lakshmi Sramika, Nalluri Samuel & M.Venkatesh
Material Coating Optimization and Thermal Analysis of a Four Stroke Piston by Using Analytical and FEM
Ms.Velagala Geetasree, Mr.A.Rupesh Venkata Ramana & Dr.T.Dharma Raju
Transient Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake Using FEM
Ms.Pallavi Pedapenki, Dr.T.Dharma Raju & Mr.A.Rupesh Venkata Ramana
Fabrication of Bicycle without an Chain
Pandith, S.Suneer Basha, N.Naresh Yadav, M.Ujwal Kumar, S.Rama Rao & A.Sai Prasad
Design and Analysis of an Integral Shaft Bearing
A.Nihar, S.Suneer Basha, N.Ashwin Siddhartha, M.Ujwal Kumar & V.Siva Ram
Analysing Doctor and Patient Medical Details Retrieval by Proxy Re-Encryption Method Using Cloud Computing
B.Avinash, T.Harish, G.Karthikeyan & Prof.D.Vinodha
The Voltage Injected By DVR Control with SRF Theory for Unsymmetrical Loads
Gadapati Vinay Kumar & Chinthamalla Sreenu
Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme in Cloud Computing
K.Mounika & B.Satyanarayana
Material Optimization of a Four-wheeler Cam Shaft
Dr.Kareem Dakhil Jasym
Contact Analysis of a Helical Gear with Involute Profile
J.Satish & Y.Suresh Kumar
Application of Narrowband Power – Line Communication in Medium Voltage Smart Distribution Grids
A.Saraswathi, Mrs.P.Sony & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Energy Efficient Wireless Monitoring System for Agrarian Areas in Indian Agricultural System
Dr.K.Srinivasulu & P.Krishana Gopal
A Novel High-Speed Carry Skip Adder with AOI and OAI Logic Using Verilog HDL
Mr.P.Anil Kumar & Mr.Sabbani Raju
New Trends in Initial Public Offer
Habeeb Tabassum, Iffat Ayesha & Mujeeb Tarnam
A Novel Multilevel Ac–Dc-Ac Converters with Improved Efficiency
Punati Mallika & Mr.T.Sreenivas
Routing Protocol to Improve QoS in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks
G.Hima Bindu, P.Swaroop & P.G.K.Sirisha
Design and Analysis of Piston in 4-Stroke CI Engine
B.Venkatanaidu, Ms.M.Lakshmi Sramika, Mr.SK.Hidayatulla Sheriff & G.Ramu
A Solar PV Based Input-Parallel Output-Series DC/DC Converter with Improved Voltage Gain
Sreekanth Reddy Kashireddy & Mr.N.Ravi
An Efficient IC Layout Design of Decoders and Its Applications
M.Jyothi & Dr.K.Srinivasulu
Experimental Investigation and Improvement of Surface Finish Analysis on HCHCR Steel Using EDM
K.Sai Kiran Kumar & S.C.Sireesha
Android Controlled Robotic Boat to Travel in Water with Wireless Video and Voice
Bhanu G & K.Rajeshwar
Patient Self Controllable and Multi Level Privacy Preserving Co-Operative Authentication in Distributed m – Healthcare Computing System
Dr.K V Prasad & Ankala Naveen Raj
Android Controlled Robotic Boat to Travel in Water with Wireless Video and Voice
Bhanu G & K.Rajeshwar
Patient Self Controllable and Multi Level Privacy Preserving Co-Operative Authentication in Distributed m – Healthcare Computing System
Dr.K V Prasad & Ankala Naveen Raj
Low Power FIR Filter Structure Design Using Reversible Logic Gates for Speech Signal Processing
V.Laxmi Prasanna, M.Chandra Mohan & Dr.K.Srinivasulu
Design and Analysis of Solar Water Heater
Challa Mohan Brahma Reddy & Dr.V.V.Prathibha Bharathi
Design of Performance Adiabatic Dynamic Differential Logic (PADDL) for Secure Integrated Circuits
Venkata Lakshmi B & D.Rajendra Prasad
Low-Complexity Tree Architecture for Finding the First Two Minima
Gyara Nirmala, P.Venkatapathi & M.Shiva Kumar
Implementation of High Performance of SRAM Cell Using Transmission Gate
Dr.P.John Paul & Ms.Anna Saipriya
A Modified Partial Product Generator for Redundant Binary Multipliers
Pinjari Subhan Basha, Mr.B.Kotesh & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Trade-OFFS For Threshold Implementations Illustrated on AES
Syed Kareem Uddin & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Multi-Port DC-DC Converter for Grid Integration of Photo Voltaic Systems through Storage Systems with High Step-Up Ratio
CH.Rekha, M.Vinod Kumar & R.Suresh Babu
Dielectric Road Waveguide by Using Wave Band MM and Sub Band MM in Antenna Technology
Boddula Ramesh Raju, Y.Nirmala, M.Pavani & M.Surendra Kumar
A Novel Approach for Multi Objective Linear Antenna by Using Baysian Linear Framework
Kallepally Venky, Y.Nirmala, M.Pavani & M.Surendra Kumar
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using Modified QCA Adder
Mr.Dr.K.Srinivasulu & Mrs.G.Udayasree Reddy
Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GSM/GPS Technology and Smartphone Application
B.Harish Babu, Mr.Shiv Kumar & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Effect of Admixtures on Strength and Compressibility Characteristics of Different Types of Soils
Deepika Bonagiri & G.Jasmine Vincent
Effective Ways to Use Internet of Things in the Field of Medical and Smart Health Care
M.Krishna & T.Prashanth
A Novel Design of a Reversible Central Processing Unit Components Using Verilog HDL
B.Shiva Kumar & Mursaleen
A Conceptual Framework for IOT-Based Healthcare System Using Cloud Computing
Kiranmai Kilaru & Santhosh Kanaparthy
“Employee Engagement”: Constructive Environmental Analysis
Natasha Tageja
Quality of Higher Education In India: A literature Review
Natasha Tageja
A Wireless System for Health Monitoring Using Mobile Phone Accessories
Perla Krishnakanth
Financial Services in India: The Road Ahead
Boselli Naveen
The Influence of Career Commitment, Work Commitment and Organizational Commitment on Job Satisfaction
M Prashanth Babu
Analysis on Secure Investments in Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms
Chittipothula Gangadhara Rao