Moral Values in Modern Education
Protect Privacy of Data in Cloud Computing By Using Data Access Control Schema for Multi-authority Cloud Storage
Ahmed Mahdi Abdulkadium
The Efficient Prediction Review of Difficult Keyword Queries over Databases
Basim Ali Razooqi
Design and Implementation of Real Time Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network
Sivaratri Pitchi Babu & Ch. Balaswamy
Novel implementation of Data Encoding and Decoding Techniques for Reducing Power Consumption in Network-on-Chip
Rathod Shilpa & Dr.Manjula.S
An Efficient Multi Mode and Multi Resolution Based AHB Bus Tracer
Waheeda Begum & Mr. Basavalinga Swamy
High Performance Hardware Implementation of AES
Keerti Patil & Prashant Bachanna
High Availability Application platform
Mr. Syed Shareef Ali & Mr. G. Ahmed Zeeshan
Event Manager for Distributed Computing
Mr. Venkatesh Deshapande & Mr. G. Ahmed Zeeshan
Regulatory Reform of Iraqi Accounting on The Basis of IFRS
Mizikovsky Efim Abramovich & Mohammad Bilal Amjad
Image Compression Techniques Using Discrete Wavelet Decomposition with Its Thresholding Approaches
V. Manohar & Dr. G. Laxminarayana
Scalable Media in Cloud Assisted Content Sharing Network Based on Attribute Access
Fahad Ayad Khaleel
Security Enhancements from Single to Multiple Clouds
Firas Talal Ahmed
Secure Mining of Association Rules in Cloud Distributed Databases
Khalid Amjed Mohammed & T. Ramdas Naik
Implementation of Highly Predictable Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Haitham Ali Hussain & T. Ramdas Naik
Saliency Based Boosting Laplacian Pyramid Image Fusion for Multi Exposure Photography
Rama Nangavath & Shatabdi Nandi
Medium and Minor Irrigation Works
Sandela Haripriya & P.Venkat Reddy
Design and Development of Precision Agriculture Embedded Systems
Polkampally Akhila & Sandeep Moparthi
Key-Combination Cryptosystem for Scalable File Distribution in Cloud Server Storage
Wathq Asmael Hamed
Design of Level Shifter Circuit Using Double Tail Comparator
Naga Lakshmi Harisha A & K. Archana
A Hybrid-Radix Approach for Efficient Implementation of Folded CORDIC Architectures for FPGA Platforms
D.Leela Prasanna & P.Sasi Bala
A Novel Algorithm for Pose and illumination Invariant Image Matching
N. Reddy Praveen & M.Venkata Dasu
FPGA Implementation of Efficient Carry-Select Adder Using Verilog HDL
Lingappagari Raju & Dr.Tipparti Anil Kumar
Implementation of Optimized Reconfigurable Built-in Self-Repair Scheme for RAMs in SOCs
Manchikanti Divyasree, Nalika Aravind & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Optimized Multiplier Using Reversible Complex Multipliers
J.Sravan kumar, CH.Nishanthi & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
High Speed Reconfigurable FFT Processor Using Urdhava Thriyambakam
P. Mounica, B. Rekha & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Performance Evaluation of Fixed Speed WTGS and ATC in Power Flow Solutions
M.Vijayakumar Naik & Mr.B.Chandra Sekhar
A Low Cost Transformerless Inverter with Closed Loop PI Controller for Grid-connected PV Power Systems
D.Samba Siva & G.Ravi Prakash
A Dynamic Secret Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication
G.Deepthi & V.Santhosh Kumar
Development of a Cell Phone Based Vehicle Remote Control System
A.Sujitha & J.Ravi Sankar
Selling Techniques in Software Products: A Research Report
Fatima Abogila Mohamed Matog & Dr.Deva Raj Badugu
Foreground Speech Synthesis for REPET Pattern Extraction Technique
Aswini Midde & C.V.Keerthi Latha
Tracking Technique Using Extracted Feature Compression
Naveena.S, K.Thirupathi Rao & M.Basha
A Co-operative Bait Detection Approach for Collaborative Packet Drop infiltration by Hostile Nodes of MANETs
Mrs. A. Naveena & Dr. K. Rama Linga Reddy
Co-Operative Immune Model for the Mobile ADHOC Networks Based on the Immunizing Technique
Mrs. A. Naveena & Dr. K. Rama Linga Reddy
A New Embedded method of Muscle Stimulator with Duration and Intensity Control Using IR TV Remote
Mr. Mohammed Nayyef Gaser & Mr. Mohammed Faisal Jasim
Study and Analysis on Bio-Fuels
Sundara Setty Lavanya, Vommi Pradeep Kumar & Sundarasetty Harishbabu
Traffic Sign Recognition for Advanced Driver Assistance using Digital Image Processing
A.Shreya & T.Sreedevi
ARM Based Wearable Device for Blood Pressure,Weight and Temperature Measurement in Pregnant Woman
H.Suhasini & V.Sudarshini
ATDRED-HELMET: Accident, Theft, Drunk While Drive and Restricted Area Entry Detection HELMET
G.Kalyan, B.Bhuvan Chand & G.Kamal
Design and simulation of 4-bit ALU Design using GDI Technique for Low Power Application on Microwind 2.6K
Mr.Arshadali Rahut, Dr. Anil V Nandi, Mr.S.S.Kerur & Dr Harish Kittur
Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Crypto Techniques
R.Uday Kumar, G.Yedukondalu & D.Venkatasubbaiah
3D Seismic Filed Survey Becharaji Area in Gujarat
P.Sankara Rao
A Novel Approach for Public Data with Proficient User Revocation in the Cloud
Guguloth Vinoda, P.Lakshmi & Adapa Gopi
CAPTCHA in Graphical Protection System Using Hardoi Authentication
Satish Kumar Chunduru, P.Lakshmi & Adapa Gopi
Effective Extrapolation of Difficult Keyword Requests Over Databases
C.Sudarshan Reddy, T.Bala Krishna & P.Satish Reddy
Protected Approved Deduplication on Cloud Using Hybrid Cloud Method
G.Samatha, G.Venkatesh & P.Satish Reddy
Preservative Secrecy and Proficient Functionality with Profile in Geosocial Networks
B.Saraswathi, T.Bala Krishna & P.Satish Reddy
Secure Cloud Storage Using Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication
S.Raghavendra, M.Lavanya & P.Satish Reddy
Centralized Smart Road Transport Automation Using Radio Communication and Identification
A.Bharath & Dr.Thomas Pinto
Improving the Quality and Accuracy of Clustering Algorithms on Big Data Sets Using Hadoop
Mr. K. Naveen Kumar & Mr. A. Srinivasulu
Performance Analysis of Current Starved Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Mr. Pramod R.Gunjal & Prof. Sandip B.Rahane
Laser Applications in Nano Technology
Sridhar Goud Arelli
DPC Method for Three-Phase Matrix Converters Operating as Unified Power Flow Controllers (UPFCs)
K.L.Omprakash & B.Rajesh
Power Generation Method from Adaptive Control Power Point Tracking System
E.Ravinaik & Dr.A.Srujana
Secured Confidential Query Services Mechanism in the Cloud Computing
Raid Abd Alreda Shekan Alsamaraii & T. Ramdas Naik
Privacy Protection for Information Brokering System
Akba Zoheer Mohammed & T.Ramdas Naik
Data Mining With Application of Big Data
Aqeel Abbood Rahmah
A Distributed Privacy Protection on Social Network Data Using Sensitive Label Technique
P.Sai Ramya & A.Bhagya
A Privacy Based Two Tales over Online Social Networks
S.Laxmi Manasa & M.Komala
Avoiding Decentralized Disruptions across Tolerant Military Networks for Security
D.Gopi & D.Parvateeswara Rao
An Advanced GPA Based Secured Primitive Captcha Over Hard AI Problems
K.Prasad & K.Sindhura
Google Android based Advanced Home Automation System using Android and Bluetooth Technologies
Mrs. Bendarapu. Ramya Bhanu, Mr. Dasari.Ramesh & Mr. Boggarapu.Kantha Rao
A Novel Implementation of Reversible Multiplexer Design Using MZI
Atluri Sarath Raja & Padmanabaiah Gottipati
Design and Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device Using Wireless System
Kamjula Shravan & Obula Reddy
An Improved Approach for Bridging the Semantic Gap by using User’s Relevance Feedback in CBIR
Miti.H.Desai & Neeta Chudasama
Assertion Based Verification Environment Development Using System Verilog
N.Karthik, M.Gurunadha Babu & Ms. Muni Praveena Rela
Coverage Driven Verification Environment for AMBA Architecture
Sundararajan PH, S.Balaji, A. Sai Kumar Goud & Ms. Muni Praveena Rela
A Study Paper on Experimental Analysis of Aircooler for Optimum Performance Using Solar Tracking
M. Abdul Rahman, M. Madduleti, G. Maruti Prasad Yadav & G.Lokeswara Rao
Reading Based Anonymization Method in Which the Query Result Integrity Can Be Guaranteed By Verifiable Top-K Query (VQ) Schemes
P.Divyateja & U.Sivaji
A Trustworthy & Secure Probability Method for Intrusion Detection and Rouge Node Eviction in a Complex Wireless Sensor Networks
Karla Radhika, M.Supriya Menon & I. Narasimha Rao
Anonymous (Unidentified) Communication of Data from End to End Through an Algorithm Based on Sturm’s Theorem
Menavolu Rohini, J V S Arundathi & I. Narasimha Rao
Solar Powered Thermal Jacket For Soldiers in Extreme Temperatures
Ch.Sabarish & R.S.Reddy
GSM Wireless Technology Implementation in Haze Monitoring
Vajrapu Sravani & M.A Wajeed
Implementation of Solar Fridge with Fast Chilling Applications
Angala Anil Kumar & K.Venkateswarlu
Efficient VideoEnhancement Based on Histogram Equalization
Asma Ayesha & M.Basha
Modeling Of Three-Phase Drive System With Fault Compensation By Parallel Single-Phase Rectifier
Surepally Swetha & Narendar Reddy Narra
A Novel Distributed Access Control of Data Stored Clouds through Anonymous Authentication
Chandriga.C & B.Rama Ganesh
A Wireless Fall Detection System for Elder Persons
N.Swathi & S.Mohammed Rafi
A Realistic Technique to Resource Allocation & Distribution in Ever Changing Environments of Cloud Computing by Utilizing Virtual Machines (VMS)
Mr.Sunil Subhash Ligade & Mr. T. Santosh
A Multi Level Inverter for Reducing Switching Power Loss When Deployed in Solar Power Generation System
T. Shirisha & M.Karthik Reddy
Single Ended SRAM Array Design Using NBTI Technique
R. Sindhu, Mrs.Shivani Patel & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Design of a Approximate Compressor For DADDA Multiplier
B. Jhansi Reddy & Mrs. J.Sunitha Kumari
High Performance SRAM Design for Future Memory Circuits
B.Manasa Reddy, P.Sharmila Rani & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
A Decentralized Malware protection System For Mobile Networks with Heterogeneous Devices
Sowmya.K & B.Rama Ganesh
An Innovative Converter to Reduce Current Stress While Constraining Current Ripple in Renewable Energy System
B.Akshay & M.Karthik Reddy
A four-leg Voltage-source inverter using Predictive Control Scheme in Renewable energy systems
B.Raju & S.Mallikarjun Reddy
Rectifying Power Quality Problems Using a Static Compensator in Wind Energy System
G.Boaz & S.Mallikarjun Reddy
A Grid-Connected PV System Utilizing Transformer-Less Single-Stage Conversion for Tracking the Maximum Power Point
B.Ramesh & G.Madhuri
A Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) Method Where In Timing Calculation is Reduced in 3 Level Inverters
G.Kishore & S.Mallikarjun Reddy
An Integrated Circuit That Enables Synchronous Motor to Operate In Dual Mode in Order To Boost the output Torque
B.Hima Bindu & A.Swetha
Study of Variation of Mechanical Properties with Variation of Reinforcement and Matrix of Composite Material
Thota Lakshmi Prasanna Kumar & Dr.Dara Eshwar
An Efficient Area and Power Optimization of A Sequential Circuits Using Multi-Bit Flip-Flop
Vankudothu Rajesh Kumar & M.Varasundar
Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement By Using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
Mounika. Duggineni & N.Ravi Kumar
Low Power – Linear Feedback Shift Register Based Low Power Test Pattern Generator
Syed.Mujeeb Raheman & M.Basha
Home Security Robot with Live Transmission Video Transmission and Home Automation
Vipparthi Persis Priyanka & Dr.K.Sudhakar Reddy
Smart Home Energy Management System Including Renewable Energy Based on Zigbee
Sayyad Khaja Begum & B.Srinivas Rao
Freighter Fuel Level Detection and Overload Alarming System Using Wireless Sensor Network Using GSM
SK.Shaheen & T.Sreedevi
Identity-Based Integrity Verification Using PDP in Multi Cloud Storage
P.Venkata Amarnath & H.Ateeq Ahmed
Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles
Javaji Raju & Kommu Thirupathi Rao
Real Time Automizatio of Agriculture Environment Using Fuzzy Logic and GPRS Communication
Shivakumar.S.R & Dr.Thomas Pinto
A Novel High Radix Booth Multiplication Algorithm for High Speed Arithmetic Logics
Kanakam Srikanth, N. Rajkumar & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Low Power and High Speed Conditional Push-Pull Pulsed Latches
B.Santosh Kumar, P.Sowmithri & T.Venkateswara Rao
Low Power Dual Dynamic Node Pulsed Hybrid Flip-Flop Using Power Gating Techniques
Shaik Abdul Khadar & P.Hareesh
Android Based User Defined Device Monitoring and Controlling System
Ms. Shashanka S.Sawant & Prof. Prashant G.Salunke
Implemetation of Fast Compressive Tracking
Aitharaju Sowmya & Ch Cury
A Dynamic Secret Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication
P.Mamatha & R.Murali
Finger Print Based Authorized Recognition System
P.Praveen Kumar Reddy, B.Obula Reddy & G.Nagarjun
A Novel Approach for Calculation Based Cloud Band Width and Cost Diminution Method
Radhika Chowdary G, M.Lavanya & P.Satish Reddy
A Novel Approach for Public Analysis Record with Effective User Retraction in the Cloud
K. Naveen Kumar, R.Mrudula & P.Satish Reddy
Expressive Proficient and Unreliable Data Access Manage For Multi Permission Cloud Storage
M.Aswini, R.Mrudula & P.Satish Reddy
Precision Controlled Privacy Preserving Access Manage System for Relation Data
M.Ragasudha & P.Satish Reddy
Supportive Hoarding for Efficient Data Access in Interruption Tolerant Networks
Tahneyath Ahmed, M.Lavanya & P.Satish Reddy
Design of Reconfigurable Router for NOC Applications Using Buffer Resizing Techniques
Nandini Sultanpure & Prashant Bachanna
A Proposed Pulse Triggered Flip Flop Design for CDN Networks
K.Sarika & S.Nagi Reddy
A Novel Leakage Reduction Technique Circuit SDesign for Ultra Low Power Applications
Ch.Saritha & J.Sandhya
A Novel Topology of Network Fault Tolerant Voltage Source Converter HVDC Transmission System
Mr.G.Vengala Rao & Mr.U.Naresh Babu
Single-Phase Power Factor Correction Circuit Using Zero-Voltage-Transition Technique
A.Dhanumjaya Apparao & V. Anil Kumar
HVDC Transmission Using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller
V. Anil Kumar & A.Dhanumjaya Apparao
A Novel PAPR Reduction Scheme Using Pre-coding Matrix Based DH Transform for OFDM Systems
Y. Prasanthi & N. Renuka
Reducing Timing Jitter in OFDM Systems Using Oversampling
J. Harshitha & N. Renuka
An Effective Keyword Query Routing in Web Applications
K.Sudheer Reddy & P.Jagadeesh Babu
A Novel Privacy Protection System for Personalized Web Search
Sunkesula Shareef & V.Goutham Prakash
Discovery of Disturbances in Virtual Network Systems and Countermeasure Selection
Surepalli Suresh Babu & B.Rama Ganesh
Preserving Privacy in Participatory Sensing Applications
Thotla Varija & G.Lokesh
An Efficient Nearest Neighbor Searching Method Using Keywords
Paidekondala Mahesh Goud & B.Rama Ganesh
DSTATCOM with LCL Filter to improve the voltage sags and current harmonic distortion in power distribution system
T. Raghu & M.Karthik Reddy
An Optimum power control and current balancing scheme for High-Power LED Lighting.
J. Sumanjali & M.Karthik Reddy
Big Data Cloud Computing Safety Measures: A Case Study
Dr.Ifath Nazia Ghori
The Wireless Transmission Design of a Novel Electronic Current Transformer Using GSM
U.Soujanya & M.Ravinder
A Wide Range PLL Using Self-Healing Prescaler/VCO in CMOS
M.Srilakshmi & K.Archana
Design and Development of AFDX Transmitter Schedular
Sahithi Priya & B Swapna Rani
Correlation of Fluoride Concentrations with Time through Geochemical Evolution in the Surface and Ground Waters of Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Ranga Reddy District,Telangana State (India) – A State Of Art
T.Sanjeeva Kumar
A Dynamic Trust Computation Model for Secured Message in Multi-Agent Methods
T.Sri Hari Babu & Naga Bhushanam
Area Power and Delay Efficient Carry Select Adder (CSLA) Using Bit Excess Technique
G. Sai Krishna & P. Gayathri
Design and Implementation of Serial Port Communication by Using I2C Master Controller
B. Kanniram & Dr. D. Nageshwar Rao
Implementation of Pipelined 64-Set of Instruction Set High Performance Digital Signal Processor
R.Rajanikanth Reddy & Dr. D. Nageshwar Rao
Power Management in Micro Grid Using Energy Storage Systems Based on Battery/Ultra Capacitors
Naveen Kumar D, Pendyala Ravindar & Gajjeli Rajesh
RealTime Wireless and Wearable EEG Acquisition System
Karthik C & Dr Swaminadan V