VOLUME 2, ISSUE 9, September 2015

Privacy-Preserving Enhanced Collaborative Tagging
Thammalla Alekhya & S.S.Madhavi
Cloud-Assisted Mobile-Access of Health Data With Privacy and Audit Ability
Nallabothula Aruna, R.Adinarayana & S.S.Madhavi
A New Security Approach Based on CARP using Hard AI Problems
Y.Manohar Reddy & K.Phalguna Rao
Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
Kangala Narasimha Rao, N.S Vidya Sahithi & S.S.Madhavi
Consistency as a Service Auditing Cloud Consistency
Shaik.Reshma, Y.Laxmi & S.S.Madhavi
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
Rayala Sandeep Chowdary & S.S.Madhavi
Privacy Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
Bagam.Sabitha, N.Rajesh & S.S.Madhavi
Hardware Software Co-Design of Image Edge Detection Using Canny Algorithm
K.Padma & V.V.Ujwala
A Broad Behavioral Characterization of Proximity Malware Detection Approach Which Based on Bayesian Model in DTNS
Yadlapalli Suharika & Vedururu Sireesha
A Unique Method for Empirical Evaluation of Classifier Security (Performance Degradation) At Design Phase
Narayan Sudheer & Mr.Abdul Rahaman Shaik
Industrial Security System with Face Recognition and Authentication with GSM
Afzal Hossain & Syed Samiuddin
An Efficient Mechanism for Maintaining Privacy-Public Auditing to the Shared Data in the Cloud
Ch.Saikumar & K.Phalguna Rao
Versatile Distributed Service Integrity Check for Software-as-a-Service in Clouds
Sankranthi Mohan & E.Ramesh Reddy
Anti-Collision and Wiper Speed Control System for Abnormal Climatic Condition
M.Subramanyam & Ch.Nagaraju
Combined Transfer Routing and Circulation of Protection Services in Elevated Rapidity Networks
Bathala Subbarayudu & Dr.R.China Appala Naidu
Verilog HDL Implementation of Squarer Using Reversible Logic Gates
Tabrez Anjum & Shrikant Ahirwar
Traffic Sign Recognition using Matlab for Advanced Driver Assistance
N.Nagendra Babu, L.Nagaraju & V.Nagamahesh
Design of a Cell phone Based Solar Powered Electric Vehicle
K.Sunil, G.Priyanka & V.Nagamahesh
Regulate Capacity Sharing in a Federation of Hybrid Cloud Providers
Binay Kumar & H.Saidulu
Managing and Performing Secure Transactions on Cloud Data
N.Vijaya Lakshmi & P.Sree Lakshmi
An Effective Management of PHR in Cloud Environment using Attribute Based Encryption
K.Pallavi & Dr.Ashok Kumar Nanda
Parallel and Distributed Mechanisms for Data Access in Enciphered Clouds
T.Supraja Pavithra & Mrs.J.Manjula
Secure and Efficient Message Authentication Model for Source Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks
Md Akram Uzaman & Ch.Kranthi Kumar
Efficeint, Secure and Flexible Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
N.Tejaswi & P.Bhaskara Rao
Distributed, Concurrent and Independent Access to Encrypted Cloud Databases
K.Bharati Reddy & P.Vaishali
Cryptography Schemes on Distributed, Concurrent and Independent Access of Cloud Data
K.Bharati Reddy, P.Vaishali & V.Aruna
Detection & Classification of Exudates Using Morphological Processing & Neural Networks in Retinal Images
P.Sneha & V.Swathi
Density Based Traffic Signal System
R.Tina & G.Sharmila Sujatha
Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Building With Different Plan Shapes Resting on Sloping Ground
Haider Abdulazeez Ibrahim & Dr.N.V.Ramana Rao
Biodegradation of Paranitro Phenol
Hussein Alaa Lateef & Dr.B.Rama Devi
TDH: Accuracy- Constrained Privacy- Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data
Mahesh Kunam & Dr.Lakshmi Srinivasa Reddy
Data management using Virtualization in Cloud Computing
A.S.R. Krishna Kanth, M.Sitha Ram & M.Satyanarayana
Modeling and Simulation of AC/DC Grid Side Voltage Source Converter Used in Wind Power Generation System using fuzzy logic control
T.Ramakrishna, V.Chaitnya & S.Vara Prasad
GSM Based Home Appliance Control
P.Pravallika & M.Manasa
Design and Implementation of FPGA Based Mostly Economical Data Transmission Using Verilog
S.Shakeer & R.Vasim Akram
Reducing Space and Enhanced Speed Using Vedic Multiplier with Compressors
S.Pavan kumar & M.Amarnath Reddy
Analysis of Short Columns Support in RC Building Resting on Sloping Ground
Haider Abdulazeez Ibrahim & Dr.N.V.Ramana Rao
Implement Green Wave system and Detection of Stolen Vehicles
Vantala Hima Bindu & Sivaprasad Budireddi
FPGA Based RADAR Waveform Generator and Scan Pattern Simulator
K.Tejashwini & G.V.Maha Lakshmi
Auto Track Receiver using Amplitude and Phase Comparison
V.Sai Rama Lakshmi & G.V.Maha Lakshmi
Improved Proactive Source Routing Protocol Based Broken Link Management System for MANET
Mr.P.Suneel Kumar, Srimannarayana Aakula & Anil Sooram
A High Performance Clock Gated Flipflops Design Using Auto Gating Technique
M.Krishnaveni, D.Rama Devi & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Encrypting the Auto Detected Face Part of Human in a Image Using RC4 and Hiding the Data in Image
N.Mahesh Chandra & G.Sumalatha
Improving Performance of Secure Data Transmission in Communication Networks Using Physical Implementation of AES
K. Anjaneyulu, Y.Chalapathi Rao & Mr.M.Basha
A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
K.Subash Chandra Reddy & Abburi Ramesh
Study and Comparison of Sequence Analysis with Conventional Lumped Analysis Using ETABS
V.Subba Rao Jagarlamudi & K.Manoj
Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Penumudi Ravi Chandra & P.Prakash
EQ Analysis and Design of Building Frame Using ETABS
Bathula Syam & A.Sudheer
Dynamic Analysis of Bracing Systems in a Steel Turbine Building
Sukha Chandra Sekhar & P.Prakash
Flexural Behaviour of RC Beam Retrofitted With GFRP
Pappula Ravi Kumar & E.Balakoteswar Rao
Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Mohammad Ansari & P.Prakash
Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Metacolin Concrete
Nelakuditi Siva Prasad & E.Balakoteswar Rao
Experimental Evaluation of Nano Composite Concrete
Naralasetty Srinivasa Rao & A.Sudheer
A Low Power Single Phase Clock Distribution Using VLSI Technology
Y.Kavitha Rani & M.Amarnath Reddy
Fusion of Local and Global Features using Stationary Wavelet Transform for Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval
T.Krishna Kumar & M.Janaki Devi
An Efficient Carry Select Adder with Optimized Area and Delay by Using AOI Logic
G.Kamakshi & M.Sandhyarani
Image Binarization Technique For Degraded Document Images
C.Srujana & P.Asha Latha
Design of an Energy Efficient, Low Power Dissipation Full Subtractor Using GDI Technique
S.Saravana & D.Krishna Naik
Interference Alignment with Partial CSI Feedback in MIMO Cellular Networks
A.Kalpana & Raghavendra Swamy
Global Image Denoising
B.Sreenuvasulu & M.Janakidevi
Dynamic Traffic and Energy Aware Routing Algorithm for Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks
Pradeep Raj Savarapu
Experimental Study on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Sawdust and Robosand
Dr.P. Sri Chandana & Shaik Ahamed Mynuddin
DS-CDMA Implementation with Iterative Multiple Access Interference Cancellation
Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy & A.Manya Naik
A Novel Remote Data Integrity Checking Model ID-DPDP in Multi-Cloud
Tapa Sravani & H.Saidulu
Design and Thermal Analysis of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger by Using Fluent Tool
K.Maheswari Devi & G.V. Nagamani
Experimental Investigation on Pervious Concrete
Dr.P.Sri Chandana & Lingala Siva Reddy
Computation Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Spark Ignition Engine for Gaseous Fuels by Varying Crank Angles
G.V. Nagamani & K.Sreelatha
ECC: Multi Coding Schemes for Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
D.Maithili & Latha Parthiban
Health Monitoring and Controlling Using Zigbee
Chembeti Venkat Rao & A.V.Paramkusam
Built in Self Repair for Word Oriented Memories
Ayesha Tabassum, C.Santhi & Kumaraswamy Gajula
Design of Test Circuits for Maximum Fault Coverage by Using Different Techniques
Akkala Suvarna Ratna & Kona Rambabu
Design and Implementation of Asynchronous Pipelining Using Fir Filter on FPGA
Motalla Vedika & Srinivas Cheedarla
Novel Implementation of Encoding & Decoding Techniques for Reducing Power Consumption
Jakkula Sowmya, P.Sireesha & G Archana Devi
A Cadence Based Design of Channel Tapering Of Three Stage Amplifier for Maximum Gain
B.Jyothsna & Dr.N.S.Murti Sarma
Winds of Change: From Vendor Lock-in to the Meta Cloud
Konduru Bhuvaneswari & Syed Baji
Panda: Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
Aravabumi Divya & Nagala Venkatadri
A Stochastic Model to Investigate Data Center Performance and QOS in IAAS Cloud Computing Systems
Kavitha.P & Sailaja D.L
Accuracy-Constrained Privacy-Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data
C.Samatha & P.Vijayaraghavulu
Discovering Emerging Topics in Social Streams via Link-Anomaly Detection
C.Dedeepya Divya & T.Mallika Devi
ORUTA: Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing For Shared Data in the Cloud
R.Siva Jyothi & S.Suseela
Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
Gadekari Geetha Rani & P.Vijaya Raghavulu
ORUTA: Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing For Shared Data in the Cloud
Nahila Zaiba Ruksar & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Accuracy-Constrained Privacy-Preserving Access Control Mechanism for Relational Data
Kumba Bala Subramanyam & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Data Mining With Big Data
Y.Prasad & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Efficient Prediction of Difficult Keyword Queries over Databases
Gurramkonda Lakshmi Priyanka & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
Ponnaluru Surendra & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Optimal Distributed Malware Defense in Mobile Networks with Heterogeneous Devices
Muli Venkata Devi & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation for Software-As-A-Service Clouds
K.Bhavani Sankar & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
Kamatam Amala & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
Cooperative Caching for Efficient Data Access in Disruption Tolerant Networks
Vanaparthi Govinda Rao & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
An Integrated Vision Based Home Security System
G.Gayathri & R.Aruna
Power Efficient and Monitoring of Street Light System
C.Himaja & A.Godavari
Environment Monitoring System Based on The IEEE 802.15.4 and IOT For Low Cost Requirements
M.Karthika & M.Jagadeeshwar Reddy
Robotic System for Military Applications & Real Time Validations
R.Madhuri & R.Aruna
RFID Applications in Railway Industry
G.Sucharitha & A.Godavari
Cryptography Schemes for Accessing Distributed, Concurrent & Independent Encrypted Cloud Information
K.Chaitanya Lakshmi & M.Vasumathi Devi
A Secured way of Information Retrieval for Decentralized Interruption Tolerant Defense Data Networks
Rayapudi Nehru & S.Kavitha
A New Security Mechanism of Data Protection Using Location Based Queries
Pathan Shabnam Parveen Khan & G.Preethi
Design and Implementation of Fault Coverage Circuits for Testing All VLSI Elements
Mamidi Priyanka, B.Kasi Viswanath Reddy & Suneel
Efficient Multi-Operand Adders in VLSI Technology
K.Priyanka, D.Chandra Mohan & Dr.S.Balaji
An Enhanced Security in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Contingent Delivery Algorithm
Sujanya Nalli & Saka Umamaheswara Rao
Solar Dependent Power Tracking System
Kuruva Veeresh, M Sreenivasulu & K.Sudhakar
Wind Speed Measurement and Alert System for Tunnel Fire Safety
Mr.G.Lakshma Reddy & Mr.K.Sivarama Krishna
Human Pulse Detection Based on Eulerian Video Magnification on Arm Cortex A Processors on Linux Platform
N.Narayana Murty & A.Venkateswara Rao
Bluetooth Communication Using a Touch Screen Interface with the Raspberry Pi
V.Uday Kiran & A Venkateswara Rao
Data Accessing and Sharing Using SAPA Protocol in Cloud Computing
K.Siva Prasad & Syed Baji
A New Smart Seismic Approach for Earthquake Detection Using PIC and Raspberry PI
S.P.Venu Madhava Rao & Hemanth Mudigonda
Near Field Communication Detector – A Low Power SOC Implementation
S.P.Venu Madhava Rao & V.Manogna
Multiple Fault Diagnosis of Analog Electronic Circuits
S.P.Venu Madhava Rao & K.Atiksha
A Reconfigurable Pulse-Shaping FIR Interpolation Filter for Multi-Standard Digital Up Counter
Chittam Venkata Rakesh & Goni Mahendra
Developing Competencies Through Talent Management Strategies
Ms.Ch.Maheswari Rambai, Dr.Gandham Sri Rama Krishna & Smt.G.Madhuri
Determination of Heat Transfer Rate on Machine Guide Ways Using Different Coolants by Convention Process
A.Guru Prasad & G.V.Nagamani
Review of Travelling Salesmen Problem through Lexi Search Method
Nabeel Naeem Hasan
Modeling and Analysis of Propeller Blade with CFRP Material by Using Finite Element Analysis
Praveen Kumar Surisetti, M.Lakshmisramika & V Srinivas
Alternative Positions of Adjectives and their Uses in Arabic and English: A Contrastive Study
Ali Flayyih Hasan
Validation of RS6265 SNP in BDNF in the Involvement of Diabetes Type II
Saly Naser Abbas
Usage of Relative Pronouns in Arabic and English: A Contrastive Study
Alaa Tariq Abood
Enhancement of MRI Image Quality Using Preprocessing Techniques
G Harish & Ch Murali Krishna Yadav
Impact of Envelope Design on Energy Consumption in Buildings
Mr.M.A.Qhuddus Khan Atif, Ms.Fatima Azra & Dr.S.Siva Prasad
CAN Based Vehicle Condition Monitoring And Auto Detection of Speed Zones Using RF Technology
K.Hari Krishna Reddy & S.Md.Jakheer
RFID and Number Plate Based Two Level Authentication System for Vehicles
Takkedasila Johny & M. Maruthi Prasad Reddy
A Color Face Recognition Using PCA and KNN Classifier
K.S.Maheswari & C.Harinath Babu
Industry & Home Monitoring and Controlling Through IOT
G.Naveen Kumar & V.Shavali
An Effective Way to Secure Data Retrieval For Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Networks
Naidu Amrutha & Vedururu Sireesha
An Efficient Implementation of Cipher Text-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption (CP-ABE) Dependent Access Control Scheme for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage Systems
Konu Anusha & Vadlapudi Mamatha
Instantaneous Reactive Power Control for Electric Traction to Compensate Harmonics for Linear and Non Linear Loads by Using V-V or Scott Connection Transformers
Thippana Vinod Kumar Reddy, C.Hima Bindu & M.Naga Himaja
Simulation of Five-Level DC-DC Converter with Asymmetrical Control Strategy
V. Durga Bhavani & Dr. P. Surendra Babu
A PI and Fuzzy Controlled Two-Phase Interleaved PFC Boost Converter
K.Swathi & Dr.P.Surendra Babu
Design and Implementation of Folded and Unfolded Tree Architecture
A.Sravan Kumar & T.Rajashekar
A Fuzzy Controlled APF for Compensation of Harmonics in Distribution Micro Grid
P.Madhavi & Dr.P.Surendra Babu
Key-Cluster Cryptosystem for Ascendible Data Sharing In Cloud Storage
Gongati Malla Reddy & Kumar Sekhar Yetcherla
Reducing Initial Value Problem and Boundary Value Problem to Volterra and Fredholm Integral Equation and Solution of Initial Value Problem
Habeeb Khudhur Kadhim
Statistical Analysis of Agricultural Products of Iraq
Alaa Azeez Abed
Biosensor Types and Its Applications
Firas Sabah Hasan
Successful Security Implementation Using Graphical Password for Online Activity
Ramaraju Shruthi, N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy & P.Sunil Kumar
The New Approach to RFID Assisted Navigation Systems for VANETS and Accident Identification Using ARM7
Amarthaluri Asha Ratnam & Devathoti Rajendra Prasad
A Sliding Mode Observer for a Networked DC Motor with Time Delays and Sensor Faults Tolerance
M.Santosh Kiran, J.Uday Venkatesh & L.Dinesh
Simulation of Cascade Switched-Diode Multilevel Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive with Minimum Number of Power Electronic Components
S.Shivaraj Yadav & Naveen Kumar
Modeling and Simulation of AC/DC In Wind Generation Fed Induction Motor Drive
V.Sumalatha & Dr.P.Surendra Babu
One Cycle Control Based Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Logic Control
R.Srinivasa Rao & Ch.Ravi Kumar
Low Power, Compensation Technique for Sub-Micron CMOS Amplifiers Using Minimally Invasive Process
P.G.Santhiswaroop & T.K.Kalaiarasan
Mitigation of Voltage Sag/Swell by Using Battery Energy Storage DVR for Induction Motor Drive Applications
N.Vani Sunanda & M.Subramanyam
Framework for Secure and Dynamic Auditing Of Data Storage in Cloud Platforms
G.Jyothsna & Mrs.P.M.Jyothsna
A Traffic Redundancy Elimination System for Improving the Cloud Elasticity by Estimating Bandwidths
G.Yashwanth & T.Bharath Kumar
A Location Based Queries for Securing Content and Assuring Privacy
R.Tejaswi & Mr.V.Pradeep Kumar
An Efficient and Secure Management of the Confidential Data Distributed In the Disruption-Tolerant Networks
M.Swapna & P.M.Jyosthna
Clustering Algorithms with EMD for Microarray Image Segmentation
K.Ranga Narayana & Kuda Nageswara Rao
Design and Fatigue Analysis of Fuselage and Wing Joint
Rudrapala Kirankumar, Mr.M.Ganesh & B.Dinesh Kumar
Realization of Modular Multi-Level Inverter Fed Wind System Applications to Various Load Conditions
Radha Devi Pusala & P.Yedukondalu
Tandem Cold Rolling Mill
Nalla Praneeth Reddy & Dr P Mallesham
Analysis of Parallel Prefix Adders
T.Sravya, D.Chandra Mohan & Dr.M.Gurunadha Babu
Cold Rolling Mill For Aluminium Sheet Development
V V Rambabu & Dr P Mallesham
Implementation of Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier
Jannu Chaitanya & K. Rama Koteswara Rao
A Review on Electronic Shopping Cart Based on RFID
Mr. Mayur Subhash Chaudhari
A Review on Voice Based Passenger Bus Predicting Arrival of Bus for Easy Navigation of Blind
Mr. Kishor Vijay Patil
A compact Aggregate key Cryptosystem for Data Sharing in Cloud Storage systems
G Swetha, Dr.N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy & U V N Rajesh
Encounter-based distributed algorithm based security system to minimize the infected nodes & detection of malware and confining its propagation
G Surekha Goud, M.Kamala & Bala Kesava Reddy
Towards Differential Cloud Computing
Beravelly Anupriya, M Sharadha Varalakshmi & K Vinay Kumar
Implementation of novel method for empirical evaluation of classifier security
Nitu Sharma, S Sudeshna & D Kavitha
A New System for Constructing Location Centric Profiles (LCPS) Of Users That Have Visited Discrete Locations in Geosocial Networks That Guarantees Privacy
M Bharath, M Sreenivasulu Reddy & N Mahipal Reddy
Protecting Integrity of Networks using a Game-Theoretic Intrusion Response and Recovery Engine
Kedasi Srinivas, Mr.Anjaiah Adepu & M.Mounika
A Framework that integrates cloud database services with confidentiality, at the same time as removing intermediate proxies
C H R Upender Chary, Dr.N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy & T Shilpa
Implementation of a novel technique for computing top-k routing plans based on their potentials to contain results for a given keyword query
B.Jhansiratna, M Sharadha Varalakshmi & S Sudeshna
Result Quality improvement for SaaS Clouds using Scalable and operative service integrity verification Technique
V Vijay Kumar, M Sreenivasulu Reddy & Dr.N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy
DoS attack discovery framework using principle of anomaly based detection in attack recognition
Md Gufran Khan, Mr.Anjaiah Adepu & K Rajesh
An innovative method of protecting user privacy during personalised web search
T Shruthi, Bala Kesava Reddy & M Kamala
Two Level Auditing Framework in a large Cloud Environment for achieving consistency as a Service
Aruna V, N Mahipal Reddy & J Vijay Gopal
Privacy persevering system using Ring Signature Technique that supports Public Auditing in Cloud computing environment
S Sravani, N Mahipal Reddy & M Sharadha Varalakshmi
Implementation of a safe information recovery plan utilizing CPABE for decentralized DTNs where numerous key powers deal with their qualities autonomously
Kanigiri Srinivas, K Madhavi & G.Pavani
Content Protecting Privacy Preserving Location Based Queries
K Karthik Bhargav, Dr.N.Chandra Sekhar Reddy & K.Rajani
A robust Content-leakage detection scheme even in an environment subjected to variation in length of video
Jino Thomas, Mr.Anjaiah Adepu & L.Srinithya
Design and Analysis of Center Jack for Cars
Pandra Uday Kumar & G.Ramanjulu
Design and Analysis of Aircraft Wing
Sudhir Reddy Konayapalli & Y.Sujatha
Scalable Commit Protocol for Authorized and Secure Transactions over Clouds
Shaista Mubeen & Mrs.V.Sujatha
Service Correlation and Constraint Aware Composite Service Composition under QOS Context
A.Goutami & Mr.A.V.Rama Krishna Reddy
Multiple Key Authorities Manage Their Attributes in Secure Data Retrieval Method Using CP-ABE for Decentralized DTNs
Geggelapally Swathi & V.Sridhar Reddy
Automatic Test Packet Generation (ATPG) – An Automated and Systematic Approach for Testing and Debugging Networks
Gade Nagarjuna Reddy & N Srinivas
Implementation of Boundary Cutting Algorithm Using Packet Classification
Dasari Mallesh & V Sridhar Reddy
A Framework That Integrates Cloud Database Services with Confidentiality, At the Same Time as Removing Intermediate Proxies
C.Padma & V Sridhar Reddy
An Efficient Method to Verify Scalability and Service Integrity for SaaS Clouds Which Automatically Enhance Result Quality
Boreddy Sunitha & V Sridhar Reddy
Privacy Persevering System Using Ring Signature Technique That Supports Public Auditing In Cloud Computing Environment
B Krishna Naik, N.Srinivas & V Sridhar Reddy
An Optimal Policy That Stabilizes the Queues and Reduces Deficit in Wireless Networks
Tera Manju Sree, Mr.M Venkateswara Rao & Mr.M Venkateswara Rao
A Novel Combination Approach for Travel Package Suggestion System
Vasa Pallavi & V.Sridhar Reddy
A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards Organized Retail Outlets in Hyderabad
Dr.Pawan Kumar Varma & G.Srikrishna
The Influence of Career Commitment, Work Commitment and Organizational Commitment on Job Satisfaction
Dr.Pawan Kumar Varma & Vikram Valmikam
Grid Connected Wind Energy System Using Perturb and Observe Method
Krishna Degavath