VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11, November 2015

Achieving Assured Weight Loss and Fitness through the Combination of Physical Exercise with Diet
Anagha Tulasi Latha & Dr.Santhishri
Three Phase VSI using SVPWM Technique for Grid Connected PV System
K.Gopi Krishna & K.Ravi Kumar
Automated Solar Powered Irrigation System
Lokhanadam Varaprasad & Sivaprasad Budireddi
Traffic Sign Recognition Robot Using Matlab
Kakkera Geetanjali & Bojja Suresh
Artificial Neural Network Based Load Frequency Control for Steady State Load Variations
S.Kondala Rao & P.Chandra Mouli
An Embedded System Design of Detection a Break Down in Wireless Sensor Network
V.Tejaswini & G.Vijaya Padma
Establishment of Increased Security for Data Storage in Cloud Computing
Madhuri Mamidisetti & J.Suman
Conditional Feature Optimization for Intrusion Detection by Lib SVM
C.Bhanu Jyothi
Soft Switching Scheme for Three Phase Three Level Dc-Dc Converter with Asymmetrical Duty Cycle Control
G.Sowjanya & B.Vinod Kumar
Malicious-Behaviour-Detection in MANETS Using Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgment
Golla Subramanyam & C.Md Gulzar
A Novel Authentication Mechanism for Confidential Applications with Graphical Passwords and Persuasive Clicks
Amani Vojjala & T.Satish Babu
Data Encryption Using Square Grid Transposition
Bandlamudi.S.B.P. Rani, Dr.A.Yesubabu & M.Krishna
Classification and Segmentation of Non-Melanoma Skin Lesions Using Curvelet Based Texture Analysis
Shanigaram Vidya & V.Uma
An Innovative MTCMOS Technique Based Reduction of Leakage Power in Full Subtractor
Ms.Pola Santoshi, Mrs.G.Satya Prabha & Mr.P.V.Vara Prasad Rao
Driver Assistance System for Safe Driving
Ms.P.Sarika Bindu & G.Lakshma Reddy
Enhanced a QOS Oriented Vertical Handoff Scheme for WIMAX/WLAN Overlay Networks
N.Tejnag & Mr.N.Dinesh Kumar
Enhanced Image Transmission Using Wireless Sensor Network
A.Sriram & Mr.M.Obula Reddy
Privacy Preservation in Personalized Web Search
G.Anurag & B.Madanna
Active DC Volatge Balancing PWM Technique for Cascaded Multilevel Converters and Dc Motors
Marla Navya & J.K.Soni
Efficient Method for Periodic Outlier Detection in time Series Databases
M.Pramod & Dr.Prasanta Kumar Sahoo
Decreasing the Cost for Data Centers Using Big Data
Dr.K.V.Reddy, K.Abdul Bashith & V.Nagamani
Automating Query Cloud-Provider through Semantic Technologies
A.Sripal & Mr.J.Suman
Design of Smart Surveillance System using PIR and Ultrasonic Sensor
Mr.Srinivasa Reddy Gudibandi & Mr. M. Amarnath
Human Control of Robots Using Gesture Recognition
N.Mounica, Y.Pavan Kumar Reddy & K.Chandra Sekhar
High Step up Voltage Multiplier Module for a Hybrid Energy Conversion System
Gundepally Swathi & Dr.D.Padmavathi
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
Mrs.N.Pushpalatha, Mrs.M.Pallavi & Saireddy Mamatha
ML-Based Approach for Identifying Disease-Treatment Relations in Short Texts
P.Shirisha & K.Shirisha
Experimental Studies on Ferrous Slag as a Replacement of Fin E Aggregate in Conventional Concrete
Kandukuri Anitha & Dr.P.Sri Chandana
Drowsiness Detection and Secure Journey by Respiratory Synchronisation
N.Nagendra Chary & Ch.A.Swamy
Designing of Synchronous Clock Distribution Using VLSI Technology for Energy Consumption
Kambalapalli Lavanya, Dr.A.Balaji Nehru & P.Pavan Kumar
Data Conversion Techniques for Reducing Power Consumption in SOC/Network-on-Chip
Padmaja Bhamidipati &Srinivas Boosaraju
Implementation of a Special Arbitration Scheme for AHB of AMBA
T.Jamadagni & J.Mahesh Kumar
Performance and Cost Evaluation of an Adaptive Encryption Architecture for Cloud Databases
Mrs.Anipidi Kalyani, Mr.R.Adinarayana & Mrs.S.S.Madhavi
Mining Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images for Search-Based Face Annotation
Mr.Koppula Naresh, Ms.N.S Vidya Sahithi & Mrs.S.S.Madhavi
Building Confidentiality and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation
Mr.Kattam Sathish, Mr.R.Adinarayana & Mrs.S.S.Madhavi
Securing Broker-Less Publish/Subscribe Systems Using Identity-Based Encryption
Mr.Damalla Sreekanth, Mr. N.Rajesh & Mrs.S.S.Madhavi
Reduction of Harmonics in PV Based Eleven Level Transformerless Converter Topology for Grid Applications
Chigurlapalli Divya & M.Ugender Reddy
Self Tuning Pi Controller for STATCOM for Voltage Regulation and Reactive Power Control
M.Naganand, R.Venkata Subbaiah & G.Venkata Suresh Babu
Islanding Detection and Stability Improvement of DG by Using Inverter Control Scheme
R.Venkata Manoj, R.Venkata Subbaiah & G.Venkata Suresh Babu
Design and Analysis of Four-Bit Non Interleaved Data Converter Pair for Advanced Serial Links in VDSM Technology
K.Gopal Yadav & A.Mahendra Reddy
Performance and Analysis of Energy Spotting Method for Cognitive Radio Network Using AWGN Condition
M.Ajay Kumar & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Comparison of G.A and P.S.O in DG Allocation for Maximum Benefits in Distribution Networks
R.Pavan Kumar Naidu & Dr.A.Lakshmi Devi
Design and Optimization of Three Stages Hydraulic Cylinder Used In Dump Trucks
Jagadamba Potnuru & Hari Sankar Vanka
Optimization Analysis of Helicopter Tail Rotor by Using Metal Matrix Composites
Pagolu Sreenivasa Rao & Hari Sankar Vanka
Design of Convectional Deep Drawing and hydro Forming Deep Drawing via Experimental Finite Element Analysis
Mugada Jhansi Lakshmi & Hari Sankar Vanka
Modeling and Analysis of Knuckle Joint
Shaik.John Bhasha & Hari Sankar Vanka
Decision Making in an Organization for Formal concept Analysis of Management Information System and Business Analysis
Alahari Harsha Kannaiah Naidu & Aleti Manisha
Studies on Strength and Acid Resistance of Conventional Concrete and Self Compacting Concrete
Lankey Sowjanya & B.Ramesh
Regulated For Discrepancy Probe Service Station In Cost-Efficient Expends
K. Vanajakshi Devi
Protected standard Deduplication on Cloud Using Hybrid Cloud Method
Kalipindi S H Prasanna Kumar, K Surya Ram Prasad & DDD.Suri Babu
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search Methods for Improving Efficiency
Perumala Satya Sireesha, K Surya Ram Prasad & DDD.Suri Babu
An efficient Privacy Preserving and Content Protecting and
Search by using Points of Interest

Gottumukkala Bindu Madhavi, M.S.V.V.Ramesh & DDD.Suri Babu
Building Private and Humanizing Performance of Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation
Guthula Savitri, M.Ch.Sekhar Varma & DDD.Suri Babu
Confidentiality-Preserving Public Auditing For Shared Records in the Cloud
Alugu Easther Rani, P.Srinivas & DDD.Suri Babu
Key-Combined Crypto Method for Scalable Records Sharing in Cloud Storage
Vesemala Prem Kumar, M.Ch.Sekhar Varma & DDD.Suri Babu
Traffic Delineate-Based Content Outflow Revealing for Trusted Satisfied Delivery Networks
Juttiga Praveen & DDD.Suri Babu
MONA- Preserving Data Sharing and Identity Privacy for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
Mattela Sudheer Kumar & Shafia Shaik
Design and Analysis of Diode Free Adiabatic Logic Circuits for Dynamic Loss Reduction
Annepu Baburao & T Srinivasa Rao
An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen with a Trajectory Recognition Algorithm for Handwritten Digit and Gesture Recognition
M.Annie Priyadarshini & B.Naresh
Energy Saving in Cellular Radio Access Networks
Mandaloju Bhavana, Dr.Rajkumar L.Biridar & Dr.K.Rama Linga Reddy
Tracking and Computer Vision to Control a Robotic Upper Limb Prosthetics
D.V.V Sujitha Reddy & Y.Raghuram Prasad
Analysis of Subcarrier and Resource Allocation for Multiple Users in Relay Communication using MIMO-OFDM System
D.Vinoda, Mr.G.Krishna Reddy & Dr.K.Rama Linga Reddy
Analysis of Subcarrier and Resource Allocation for Multiple Users in Relay Communication using MIMO-OFDM System
D.Vinoda, Mr.G.Krishna Reddy & Dr.K.Rama Linga Reddy
Combination of SDBR and STATCOM to Improve Power Quality of Grid Connected Wind Farm in PSAT Environment
A.Manasa & G.N.S.Vaibhav
A Review on Safe Data Retrieval for Decentralized Interference-Tolerant Military Networks
Haritha Buddaraju, B.Nandan Kumar & DDD.Suri Babu
AchievingAbility of Encrypted Cloud Records with Additional Based Substitute and Multi-Keyword Confidential Data
V.S.N.Varma Gottumukkala, M.S.V.V.Ramesh & DDD.Suri Babu
Cloud Supported Mobile Admittance of Health Data with Confidentiality and Audit Ability
Penmetsa Jahnavi, B.Nandan Kumar & DDD.Suri Babu
Enabling Document Annotation Using Content and Probing Value
P.V.Purnima Sasikala, K Surya Ram Prasad & DDD.Suri Babu
Significant Proficient and Revocable Data Manage and Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage
Chekuri Vinod Varma, M.Ch.Sekhar Varma & DDD.Suri Babu
Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Scheme Based on Hybrid Wavelet Transforms and Interpolation Algorithms
Saripalli Kiran Kumar & S.H.V.Prasada Rao
A Novel ICI Mitigation Algorithm for Wide Band OFDM Systems under Rayleigh Channel
Shaik Mastan Vali & S.V.Naresh
A Reversible Color Transformations Based On Secret Fragment Visible Mosaic Digital Images
Jalli Chandrasekhar & K.Suresh
Effect of Gain Time on Soft-Tasking and Scheduling in Real-Time Operating Systems for Collision Aversion Applications
K.Divya Jyothi & Dr.P.Kesavarao
A Novel Switched Capacitor Based Cascaded H Bridge Inverter Using Symmetrical Modulation
Chanti Venkata Pavan Kumar, Yendluri Ramaiah & Dr.K.Venkateswarlu
An Advanced Interleaved Control Technique for The Three Level Switch Mode Rectifier
Tiruvaipati Narasimha Charyulu & Dr.K.Venkateswarlu
Integrated Energy Storage NPC Inverter based Motor-drive with Autonomous Power Control
Harmal Srujana, Naveen Arumulla & Jagadeesh
Energy Management and Control of Distributed Generation Inverter in a Domestic Smart Grid Technology
M.Shameem, Seetha Chaithanya & G.Venkata Suresh Babu
Modelling and FE Analysis of Bumper Using Honeycomb Sandwitch Structure
N.Harikrishna & Vinod Kumar Reddy.B
Low Cost Concrete from Paper Industrial Waste – An Experimental Study
Adisetty Archana Priya & Dr.P.Sri Chandana
Harmonics Reduction of SVPWM Control for Shunt Active Filter with 3-Phase, 3-Wire Distribution System
Ch.Suryakala & D.V.N.Ananth
Simulation of Grid Connected PV System with Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
T.Ravi Kumar, K.Sai Vasanthi & S.Sridhar
Minimizing of Fault Current Using SFCL with PV Based Distribution Generation Scheme
S.Manasa & G.Prasanth
Harmonic Compensation Using Shunt Active Power Filter In Non-Linear Load
V.Swetha, Ch.Ravi Kumar & M.V.V.Appala Naidu
Advanced Structural Material – Micro Silica
Swathi Rebbagondla
Growth of Public Libraries to Modren in Coimbatore District
Ecosystem and Cinder OS for Energy Efficient in Mobile Devices
Narra Aravind & Yalamanchili Nikhita
An Efficient Design of Fault Tolerant Reversible Decoder Using Verilog HDL
Mr.Vasam Adinarayana Swamy & Mr.G.V.Vinod
MZI Implementation of Reversible Logic Gates, Multiplexers,Standard Functions and CLA Using Verilog HDL
Mr.Rama Krishna A & Mrs.K.Jyothi
Design of Class -AB Op-Amps with High and Symmetrical Slew -Rate with Low Power Consumption
P.Swathi & K.Raju
The Implementation of 16-bit Carry-Select Adder in VLSI
Muvva Venu & Bhavani Thota
A BCD Parallel Multiplier Algorithm and Framework to Reduce Latency
M.Sumanjali, Poornima Padaraju & G.Mukesh
Finite Element Analysis of Pinned Joints Using Composite Materials
Kuchipudi Kiranmaie & Bala Shankar
Performance Evaluation of UPFC under LLLG-Fault Condition in an Interconnected Network
A.Damodaram & Dr.J.Vijaya Kumar
An Efficient Privacy Preserving Mechanism of Shared Data in Cloud by Supporting Traceability
B.Sarvani & Dr.K.Venkata Rao
Secure Authorized Duplication with a Hybrid Cloud Approach
Chavala Baji Babu & G.Mallikharjuna Rao
Access to Cloud Databases of Encrypted Through Distributed, Concurrent, and Independent Method
Rangisetty Pallavi & G.Mallikharjuna Rao
Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Storage Using Improved Aggregate Key Cypto System
Ravilla Srinivasulu & G.Mallikharjuna Rao
Secured Public Auditing Mechanism – ORUTA for Shared Data in the Cloud
Rangisetty Shruthi & Karpurapu Sudhakara Babu
Authentication for Mobile and Permeative Computing Efectively
Bathula Kotiratnam & Bhavanam Bhujanga Reddy
Distributed Access Control of Data Stored in Clouds by Authorized User
Bejjanki Neelima & Bolla Srikanth
Secured Multi-Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud
Moturi Veena Pani & Yalavarthi Leela Krishna
A Novel Privacy Preserving Public Auditing Mechanism for the Data Shared in the Cloud
Pathuri Lavanya & Yalavarthi Leela Krishna
Securely Searching Multi-Keyword over Theencrypted Data in Cloud
Ramisetty Pallavi & S.Suresh Babu
Design and Analysis of High Performance Fir Filter and Low Memory Adder
Bandaru Rajasekhar & S.Ismail Saheb
An Application Specific Reconfigurable Architecture Diagnosis Fault in the LUT of Cluster Based FPGA
B.Christian Sunil Kumar & P.Paramesh Naik
Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems Based on Wavelet Transform
Avuthu Siva Vardhana Reddy, Dr.T.Venkateswara Rao & K.Chandrasekhar
Adaptive Query Image Searching Method with Low Level Feature Extraction and K-means Clustering
Devadasu Jahnavi & Sujatha Chavakula
Vehicle Anti-Theft Tracking and Alarming System Based on Arm 11 Raspberry PI
G.Boujanya & P. Murali Krishna
Data Encoding and Data Decoding Techniques for Energy Consumptions in NOC
Asra Jabeen, Imthiazunnisa Begum & Md Abid Hussain
Sun Tracking Schemes for Photovoltaic Panels and Robot Controlling and Moving By Solar Energy
Md Mashkur Ahmad Khadmi, Muneerkhan MD & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Smart Drip Irrigation System Using Arm11 Processor and ARDUINO
Mohammed Ismail, M.Chanukya Rani & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Design and Implementation of Anti-Theft ATM Machine Using Raspberry PI
Gooli Rajasekhara Reddy & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Zigbee Based Smart Home System with Control with Internet Connectivity
Shaik Salman, Azra Fatima & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Gestures in Robotics
Farhana Hasan & Imthiazunnisa Begum
RFID Based Patient Monitoring System through Zigbee
Khushnawar Shamim & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Implementation of Advanced Architecture of TCAM ZTCAM
Arifa Shameeem, Imthiazunnisa Begum & MD Abid Hussain
The Integrated Secure RASE – RASP Query Services
Ponneri Srinivasulu & Kadiveti Koteswar Rao
A Fabrication of Military Robot Using Mobile Communication
Muchapathi Ramesh & B.Ravichander
Design and Development of Wireless RTU and Cyber security Framework for SCADA System
Ch.Hemasri & D.Rakesh
Touch Screen and Wireless Communication Based Personal Assistant for Dumb and Illiterate in Airlines
V.Chandra Shekher Rao & S Archana
GSM Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection with GPS Based Location Identification and Messaging System Using ARM7 TDMI Processor
Bangla Mohammed Ali & S.Archana
Integration of PV/Battery/ wind Hybrid Energy Conversion System to the smart Grid with Power Quality Improvement Features
Mr.N.Venkata Kishore & Mr.Mahesh Kumar
Power Control for Large-Scale Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Using Cascaded Modular Multilevel Converters with MPPT
Mr.Thorlakonda Ankamma Rao & Mr.Mahesh Kumar
Power Quality Improvement by 13-Level Inverter with FACTS Capability for Distributed Energy Systems
Mrs.Suneetha & Mrs.Raghavarani
Fuzzy Logic Controlling of a Single Phase Seven & Nine Level Grid- Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic System
Mr.Shaik Gouse Masthan & Mrs.Raghavarani
Design and implementation of Low-Frequency AC Transmission System for Offshore Wind Farms
Mr.Bharath Reddy & Mr.Mahesh Kumar
Power Quality Improvement in Multi Feeders Using MC-DPFC with Fuzzy Controller
Mr.Anji Reddy & Mrs.Raghavarani
10-MW wind generation with the Large Permanent Magnet Wind Generator Systems by using Fuzzy Logic controller
Mr.Ponnam Prasanna Kumar & Mr.Mahesh Kumar
A Secured Way of Information Retrieval for Decentralized Interruption Tolerant Defense Data Networks
A.Bala Durgesh Nandini & Md.Rafi
A Secured Way to Provide Privacy for User Location in Geo Social Applications
Mallela Narasimha Rao, Y.Suresh & N.Vijay Kumar
Multiauthority Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
Y Katama Raju, G.John Samuel Babu & N.Vijay Kumar
Grid Connected Current Controlled Boost Inverter Based Battery Supported Fuel Cell
Kalyan Chakravarthy Palagiri & Dasari Uma Maheswara Rao
A High Voltage Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Number of Switches for Industrial Applications
S.Harika & Mr.Sreepal Reddy
Enhancement of PQ with Fuzzy Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for RES Applications
Kubra Fatima & B.Veeranna
A Novel PV Interfaced Quasi Z-Source Multilevel Inverter for Distributed Generation Scheme
Jamma Revathi Chandra & Nagarju Subuddi
Grid Connected Boost Inverter Based Battery Supported Fuel Cell
Byri Prathyusha & Madhu Chandra Popuri
The Use of Basalt Aggregate as Coarse Aggregate in High Strength Concrete Mixes
Naruboina Siva Krishna & Dr.P.Sri Chandana
Implementation Of An Efficient Reliable Multiplier Using Adaptive Hold Logic
A.Nagamalleswara Rao & Ch.N.L.Sujatha
Harmful Gases Wireless Network Monitoring System Design Using Zigbee, GSM Technology
Maaturi Rakesh & B.Gajan
Performance Analysis of Boost and Cuk Converters under Variable Irradiation for Synchronous Drive Based Water Pumping Applications
B.Divya Bharathi & Mr.K.Sripal Reddy
Solar PV and Battery Storage Integration using a New Configuration of a Five-level NPC Inverter
K.Nooka Raju & B.Sridevi
Using Link-Anomaly Detection to Discover Emerging Topics in Social Streams
Pattan Imran Khan & Karpurapu Sudhakara Babu
Software-as-a-Service Clouds : Scalable Distributed Service
Integrity Attestation

Sikhinam Indira Priyadarsini & N.Veeranjaneyulu
Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage through Key-Aggregate Crypto System
Chekuri Amulya & E. Sambasiva Rao
Mobile-Access of Health Data in Cloud-Assisted With Audit Ability and Privacy
Merigala Jaya Lalitha & A.Praveen Kumar
Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
Kolisetti Lakshmi Pravallika & K Swaroopa Rani
Design of High-Performance Master/Slave Memory Controller with AHB Architecture
Pemma Ramya & Venkata Rao Param
Modelling Of Heat Exchanger with Shell and Tube by Using Finite Element Analysis
Jujjavarapu Anand Chowdary, B.Jithendra Kumar & Kalapala Prasad
Outline and Control of a Bidirectional Resonant Dc–Dc Converter and Multilevel Inverter at Load Side-Dc/Ac
D.Pavan Kumar & Ch.Naveen Kumar
An Enhanced Fall Detection System for Elderly Person Monitoring
Sajid Faisal Khan & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Moving Object Detection Using Median Filter For Video Surveillance
B.Prakruthi & Ch.Rajesh Babu
Power Factor Correction with 5-Level AC–DC Converter
A.Maheshwri & Mr.M.Ugender Reddy
Low Irradiation based Cuk Converter for Solar PV Stand-Alone Water Pumping System Employing PMSM Drive
Bade Sowjanya & Anilkumar Alamanda
Design and Implementation of Modified Booth Recorder with Add Multiply Operator
K.Sreedevi & K.Madanmohan
Hyper Spectral Image Compression Using Fast Discrete Curve Let Transform with Entropy Coding
S.Chaithanya & K.Penchaliah
An Efficient Fixed Point LMS Adaptive Filter with Less Area and Low Delay
A.Geethavani & P. Kullaya Swamy
Design And Analysis of Efficient Binary Adders in QCA
N.Anil Kumar Naik & P.Kullaya Swamy
A PV System with Transistor Clamped H- Bridge Based Cascaded Multilevel Inverter -MPPT Implementation
Penti Karthik & A.Mohandas
Bluetooth Based Wireless Device Control for Industrial Automization
V.Swathi & S.Archana
Performance Evolution of Downlink MIMO in LTE Technology
Abdifetah Mohamed Hosien & S.Anil
An Enhanced Majority Logic Fault Detection with EG- LDPC for Memory Applications
R.Hemalatha & K.Maheswari
Reduction of PAPR and Efficient Detection Ordering Scheme for MIMO Transmission Systems Using Power Control
V.Sreevani & K.Suma
Comparison and Analysis of Speed of a Motor Using PWM Technique
Jagan Koduru & B.Nanada Kumar
RES Based High Efficient High Gain MDIBC for Standalone and Grid Connection Applications
K.Mounika & Ravi
Implementation of Securely Sharing Critical Information in Cloud Environment Using Mediated Certificateless Encryption System
Bosubabu Sambana & Mula Sudhakar
Direct Control Scheme for IPM Synchronous Generator with Gearless Wind Turbine
Cheerala Sreenivasulu, M.Tasleema & G.N.S.Vaibhav
A Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Based Seven-Level Switched Capacitor Fed Induction Motor Drive
P.Venkata Gopi & K.Sarath Bhushan
Design and Implementation of an On-Chip Permutation Network for Multiprocessor SOC and Low Power Analysis
P.Padma & D.Praveen Kumar
Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Cotton Seed Oil Biodiesel Blend In CI Engine Using Artificial Neural Network
R.Ramachandra & V.Pandu Rangadu
Cryptosystem for Scalable Sharing Of Data Using Aggregate Key in Cloud Storage
B.Swaroopa & K.Rajasekhar Reddy
The Design and Evaluation of an Information Sharing System for Human Networks
Dr.Ch.G.V.N.Prasad, A.Ranjit Kumar & S.Rajender
GSM Based Health Monitoring System
Malapati Nanitha, Yarrakula Mallika & Balamuralikrishna Potti
Exploration of Enormousness for Tremor Discovery Using Major Waves and Minor Waves
L.Likhitha & Mrs B.Deepthi
Binary Obfuscation Scheme for Malware Detection
Bathini Sravani & S.Poornima
Analysis of Consumer Behavior towards Share Trading and Sales
Promotion of Indiabulls Securities Ltd

Srujan Kumar.K & Prof.Dr.Patrick Sir
Market Strategy of HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank
Srujan Kumar.K & Prof.Dr.Patrick Sir
Power Saving In Digital Circuits Using Reduced Transistor Flip
Flop With Fully Static and Compressed Topology

T.R.Sayi Nikhil, P.Rajesh & N.Pushpalatha
A Novel Haze Removal Approach for Road Scenes Captured By
Intelligent Transportation Systems

G.Bharath, Sreenivasan.B & N.Pushpalatha
An Efficient Design of Multi Component Distillation Column by
Approximate & Rigorous Method

Syed Mujahed Ali Rizwan
Smart Home Automation and Live Streaming By Using
Raspberry PI

K.Nagabushanam & Meka Subramanyam Ravikanth
Portable Roadside Sensors for Vehicle Counting, Classification,
And Speed Measurement

Rollakanti Raju & Sangem Saikrishna
A Keyless Approach to Image Encryption Using SDS Algorithm
Noonela Yerni Raju & Satish Kumar Yanamadala
Implementation of Data Protection as A Service Framework Which Features Protection and Privacy from Malicious Applications
S V Madhavi Kantamani & Galinki Chinnababu
A Novel Approach on Web Image Re-Positioning Using Semantic Monogram
Rajya Lakshmi Kode & K.John Paul
Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Available Data Distribution in Cloud Storage
Dommeti Dileep Kumar & M.Revathi
Design and Implementation of an 11-Level Inverter with FACTS Capability for Distributed Energy Systems
Pinnam Swetha & B.Mouli Chandra
Analysis of AC-AC Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Mitigation of Multiple Sag Condition
Sudeepthi Jangam & Sm.Rahman
Implementation of Single-Phase Rectifier for Reduction of Input Current Harmonic Distortions by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Prameela Podugu & P.Bapaiah
Performance Analysis of Pilot Symbol Aided Channel Estimation Algorithms under Rayleigh Distribution
Chamarti Karuna Pravaha & Dr.P.V.Naganjaneyulu
Optimum Strength Evaluation of Cement and Ordinary Concrete
by Using Tandur Stone Slurry Powder

M.Anitha, K.Mithili & G.Venkata Ratnam
Modeling Implementation and Comparison of Wind Turbine
System Using Induction Generator

K.Prakash & V.N.Vinay Kumar
Compensation of Distribution Feeder Loading With Power Factor
Correction by Using D-STATCOM

N.Shakeela Begum & N.V.Vinay Kumar
Optimization of Switches by Using Ac Link Buck Boost Inverter
with Space Vector Modulation

P.Sree Tejaswee & A.Ganga Dinesh Kumar
5-Level Distributed Static Compensator for Power Quality

Jakkula Rajini & P.M.Sarma
A Competent Overlay Routing Technique for Proficient Resource Allocation
Madini Vasudevu & P.Chaitanya Vandavasu
Design of Adaptive FIR Filter using Distributed Arithmetic
Saladhi Alekhya & A.Vivek Babu
FPGA Implementation of Convolutional Encoder and VD for TCM Decoders Using T-Algorithm
Konangi Naresh Babu & D.P.Raju
Implementation of a Special Arbitration Scheme for ML-AHB of AMBA
T.Jamadagni & J.Mahesh Kumar
Power Quality Improvement with Eleven Level Inverter Based Active Power Filter
V.Umamaheshwari & A.Ganga Dinesh Kumar
Implementation of Intruder Detection System Using Passive Infrared Sensor on PSoC
N.Prakash & P.Gopalareddy
Design of Low Power Fault Coverage Circuit Using LT-LFSR
M.Snehalatha & K.Prasanth
Secrecy Defending Multi Keyword Graded Pursuance over Encrypted Cloud Data
V.Gopalarao Goripathi & M.Ravi
Adjustable Frequency–Duty-Cycle Hybrid Control Strategy for Full-Bridge Series Resonant Converters in Electric Vehicle Chargers
S.Sai Krishna & A.Bhaktha Vachalaa
Accuracy Authentication & Validation for Secure Data Storage without Knowing Client’s Identity in Cloud Environment
Bonthu Rajasekharam & P.Chaitanya Vandavasu
A Novel Design of a Low-Voltage High Speed Regenerative Latch Comparator
M.Balachandrudu & M.Rami Reddy
A Novel Approach for Designing Testable Reversible Sequential Circuits
V.Harshavardhan Kumar & M.Ramireddy
Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Image Fusion Method Based on DSW and TFT-CW Transforms
P.V.Ritu Karun & Bala Krishna.CH
Distributed and Secure Data Storing and Retrieving in Multicloud Storage with Identity Based Cryptosystem
Mr.Kadavergu Jayanth & Mr.G.Venkanna
A Comparative Study of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Mahua and Cotton Seed Biodiesel Blended With Diesel
Prof R.Ramachandra & Prof V.Pandu Rangadu
An Effective Approach for Mixed Noise Removal Using WESNR and Modified Discrete Curvelet Transform
N.Durga Sowdamini & Dr.P.V.Naganjaneyulu
Multi-Type Flexible AC Transmission Systems Devices in Power Systems
M V K N Priyanka B & Chella Surendra
Smart Features of New Inverter Operation in Low Voltage Distribution Networks with Penetration of Photovoltaic Systems
K.Rajasri & D.Ruthkezia
Dynamic Power System Model Operation with Highly Integration of Wind Power
V.Vijay Kumar Naik & Vadlamudi Naresh
Economic Growth, Poverty and Energy Trends in Colombia: Long Run Relationship and Short Run Dynamics Effects
Sanjeva Reddy Ambati & V.Brahmam Yadav
A Novel Embedding Algorithm for MR Image and Video Steganography Using Pixel Mapping
V.Yamini, V.Maheswari & A.Ravi
A Framework for Secure Sensor Node with Raspberry Pi
C.Yamuna & K.Balachandra
A Framework for Secure Sensor Node with Raspberry Pi
C.Yamuna & K.Balachandra
A Study on Friction Stir Processing of AA6061
B.Prashanth & K.Shravan Kumar
Performance Analysis of BER in Wavelet-OFDM under Various Channels For 4G Wireless Communications
Godudunuri Mastan Reddy & M.Rajan
Integration of Ultra-Capacitor Using Bidirectional Converter with RES Applications
Ch.Srikanth & Surya Prakash.A
Design of Single Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Developed H-Bridges
M.Jyothish Kumar, C.Himabindu & M.Nagahimaja
Impact Analysis of Front Frame Car Bumper
B.Vinod Kumar Reddy & Chagantipati Sridevi
Reduced Architecture Based Fixed Width Multiplier with Radix-8 Booth Recording
P.Lohith Kumar & V.C.Madhavi
Design of Advanced MAC Using Improved Radix-4 Architecture
Shaik Akthar Basha & Sri S.Suresh babu
The Design of Control Enabled UART
Nidumukkala V P Raviteja & S.Suresh Babu
Design and Analisys of Heavy Vehicle Chassis by Using Composite

K.Venkatarao & J.Chandra Sekhar
Buckling and Vibrational Analysis of Functionally Graded
Materials on Beams

D.K.S.Manasa & C.Shashi Kanth
Analysis of Loader Arm of Pneumatic High Speed Loader
G.Prashanth & B.C.Raghukumar Reddy
Design and Finite Element Analysis of Aircraft Wing Using Ribs
and Spars

Guguloth Kavya & B.C.Raghukumar Reddy
Design, Manufacturing and Analysis of Transmission Device
Cutting Tools for Automobiles

Divya T & I.Prasanna
Design, Manufacturing and Analysis of Transmission Device Cutting Tools for Automobiles
A.Tulasi Ram & Anil Kumar Mahapatro
FEA Study on Vibration Analysis of Tapper Roller Bearing
Vishwagna Ramya & J.Chandra Sekhar
Strength Analysis on Automobile Chassis
B.Ramana Naik & C.Shashikanth
Investigations in Contact Stress Analysis in Roller Burnishing Process
B.Pattabhi Reddy & C.Shashikanth
Improving Power Quality of Distribution Grid with Ultracapacitor Integrated Power Conditioner
D.Naveen Reddy, D.Subramanyam & A.Venkat Rao
Fabrication of Moving Robotic ARM using Raspberry Pi with zigbee controlled for Video surveillance
Birasalapati Doraswamy & K N Chandra Sekhar
Wind Energy Based Single Stage Three Level Isolated AC/DC PFC Converter
Chukka Lavanya & SH Suresh Kumar Budi
Minimizing the cost of carrying Traffic Using Link state routing in Packet-switching Networks
Bhargavi Nagasuri & K.V.Srinivasa Rao
Simulation of loopback virtual channel router
Jajala Naresh Goud & P.Dhaneef Kumar
Manifold Optimization of an Internal Combustion Engine by Using CFD Analysis
B.Venkata Sai Kiran & Mr.K.Balashankar
Three-Phase Four-Wire VSI Parallel Connected Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
D.Kalavathi & I.Ramesh
VHDL Implementation of Optimized Cascaded Integrator Comb (CIC) Filters For Ultra High Speed Wide Band Rate Conversion
J.Lingaiah, Mr.M.Raviteja & M.Srisailam
Gaussian Pulse Shaped QPSK Modulator
J.Lingaiah, Mrs.K.Sridevi & Kasula Ajay Kumar
Data Storage security in Cloud Computing Environment Using Decentralized Access Control without knowing client’s identity
Praveen Kumar Kota & Showri Rayalu.B
High Image Resolution for Industrial Applications Using LLOYDS Cluster Segmentation Technique
P.Anjaneyulu, S.V.S Prasad & Vottikonda Sreevidya
Data Resources Portions in Cloud Using Describe Data
Goda Srinivasa Rao & Dr.R.Rajeswara Rao
Embedded System for Home Automation Using SMS
Kasaram Priyanka & B.Nanda Kumar
Design and Development of Precision Agriculture Embedded Systems
Bosupally Ambica Sree & Bosupally Nanda Kumar
Securing Adhoc Networks Using Group Key Management
D.Rambabu & A.Durga Praveen Kumar
Devising a Solar Power Standalone Vehicle Using GSM Communication Network
Bhonagiri Radhika & B.Gajan
Design and Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device Using Wireless System
Yelala Kavitha & B.Gajan
Railway Track Misalignment Detection Using Sensors and Wireless Communication
Kalvakurthi Shruthi & G.Vijaya Padma
PI Controlled Short Message Service -Update Notification System
K.Sharanya, P.Swathi & D.Rama Krishnaa
An Effective Pedestrian Detection Method for Driver Assistance System
Kota Venkata Gowthami & Pratyusha Pushadapu
Health Care Services Based On Bio-Sensor and Intelligent Medicine Box
Kotha Sirisha & Billi Suresh Babu
An empirical model of cloud computing technique over Cloud database
Molleti Vineela & Mrs.S.Jhansi Rani
Finite Element Analysis of Shaft Using Composite Materials Without and With Damping
Mohd.Azharuddin & C.Shashikanth
Rural Marketing Strategies for Selling Products & Services – Issues & Challenges
Mr.G.Nanda Kishor Kumar & Mr.G.Srikrishna
Seclusion Security and Data Protecting Position Based Search
Yellinedi Hari Krishna & M.Aparna
A Novel Hybrid Wind Energy Control Scheme for a Rural Based Telecom Station
Chandana.N, V.Shekar & Dr.Venugopal.N
M2M Architecture for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services Using ARM7
Miss.Ashwini Vijay Borse & Mr.M.D.Jakhete
Coverage Driven Verification Environment for AMBA Architecture
B.Saisruthi, V.Swetha & D.Suresh Kumar
A Secure Semi-Fragile Watermarking Method for Image security Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Singular Value Decomposition
Devashree Sadawarti & Narayan Sahu
Access Control Framework for Relational Data with Privacy and Accuracy
Chandrakala Adari & Suraj Kumar Akkireddy
Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud Storage
Bade Chandrakala & Panuganti Ravi
Automatic Test Packet Generation using DFT
K.Deepthi & Pydipala Laxmikanth
SORT: A Self-Organizing Trust Model for Peer-to-Peer Systems
Dharmapuri Vasu Dev Rao & Pydipala Laxmikanth
A Secure Cloud Storage System for Supporting Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing
Yenduva Venkata Mukesh Naidu & Panuganti Ravi
A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
Y.Sireesha & I.S.Srinivasa Rao
A New Type of Automatic Alarming Device To Rescue Accident Injured In Time
D.Venkatramana & B.Bala Chandrudu
Minimizing Movement For Target Coverage And Network Connectivity In Mobile Sensor Networks
Shamshad Begum & B.Bala Chandrudu
An Energy Awareness of Power Management in Intelligent Buildings Using WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuators
U.Krishna Murthy & Y.Raghu Ram Prasad
Secure and Privacy-Preserving Smartphone-Based Traffic Information Systems
H.Gulzar & B.Bala Chandrudu
Design and Implementation of a Shunt Active Power Filter Using SVPWM Technique
Mr.Mahammad Shakeel.M & G.Ravinder Reddy
Efficient Control of PMBLDC Drive With Power Factor Correction Using Cuk Converter
K.Nookaraju & R.Ramakanth Reddy
A New Secure Image Transmission Approach for Videos Based On Mosaic Image and Pixel Color Transformation
Mohd Khadeer, Priyanka Thakur & Imthiazunnisa Begum
Analysis of MIMO Systems with MMSE and ZF_SIC Receive as for different Modulation under various Channels
Lakku Naveen Kumar & P.N.Venkateswara Rao
Material Flow on Tandem Cold Rolling Mill
Nalla Praneeth Reddy & Dr P Mallesham
Web Image Re-ranking using Query precise Semantic Marks
Varagani Pavan Kumar, P.Guru Lingam & M.V.Siva Prasad
Design and Analysis of Heat Sink and Heat Pipe Use for Mother Board
Pannem Balaji Babu & Yarlagadda Venu Babu
Collect Formation Resources Commission Routing and Node Transfer Algorithms
K.Bhanu Sudha & Dr.Penmetsa Vamsi Krishna Raja
Compressed Air Vehicle
T.Pothuraju & Mr.V.Pradeep Kumar
Importance Shrinkage Rule with Objective Security and Data Represent in Cloud Storage
Vatsavayi Dharmaraju & Dr.Penmetsa Vamsi Krishna Raja
Protection and Systematic Serving in Public Data Investigate In Poverty Cloud Computing
Gundabattula Saikumar & Dr.Penmetsa Vamsi Krishna Raja
Respecting Independent Query Services and Specified Systematic In Clouds Computing
T.Swathi & Dr.Penmetsa Vamsi Krishna Raja
Expedient Activity in ARQ Model Packet Repudiate In Content Delivery Networks
Velidi Saibaba & Dr.Penmetsa Vamsi Krishna Raja
Outstanding Cloud Security Service For Modify Data Distribute In Cloud Method
A.Manikanta Sharma & Dr.Penmetsa Vamsi Krishna Raja
A Load Balancing Model Using a New Algorithm in Cloud Computing For Distributed File with Hybrid Security
Dhafar Hamed Abd
Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds from Alpha- Beta Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds
Abdul Kareem Hamad Eyfan
PSO-PID Tuning Technique for Load Frequency Control Problem
D.Rajani, Dr.B.Venkata Prasanth & R.Sathish Kumar
Simulation Studies on Integration of Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) In Weak Grids
SK Parveen, V.Haribabu & Dr.M.Bala Subba Reddy
A Solider Detection on War Field Using Vision Based Robotic System –Design and Real Time Validation
Nagalla Vidya & Mr.B.P.V Subbarao
Multiphase distributed vulnerability discovery and counter-action selection framework using OpenFlow network
Kirla Satyavathi & Vana Tatarao
A Secure Plan: Encryption with the Rank of a Dynamic MultiKeyword
I Surya Prabha & Dr Mohammed Ali Hussain
Methodology for Adaptive Noise Cancellation for Speech Signals Using GES Method
Nahid Jabeen & Dr.Sachin Saxena
Power Factor Correction Using CUK Converter by Peak Current
Control Technique for PMBLDC Motor Drive

Krishna Degavath
Sino-Indian Relations during the Era of Indira Gandhi
Dr.D.Chandramouli Reddy