VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8, August 2015

Graphical Passwords for Artificial Intelligence Problems
Mohammad Asif & A.Prathap Reddy
Improving the Performance of an Ac/Dc Power System by Using the Application of CSC Based SMES Unit
R.Srujanesh & Mr.S.Khadarvalli
Implementation of Adaptive Threshold Based Segmentation For Video Object Tracking
Ayesha Siddiqua & P.Santhosh
Implementation of Optimized Reconfigurable Built-in Self-Repair Scheme in SOCs
Vinuthna Kulkarni & Pasladi Satish Chandra
Significance of Multiparty Authorization Requirements with a Multiparty Policy Specification Scheme
Fatima Masood Quadri, Ms.Medapati Lalitha & Ms. Saleha Farha
Human Face Detection and Tracking Using Raspberry PI Processor
K.Shiva Prasd & M.Shirisha
Secure Provenance Transmission for Streaming Media Server in Video Monitoring
V. Madhuri & M.Shirisha
GSM Based Autonomous Lamps Illumination System for Efficient Power Management
B.Shiva Krishna & K.Pradeep Kumar
A Novel Control Method of Multiband Hysteresis Modulation for Multilevel Inverter Applications
Mohdzaheer Naser & Ramamohana Dasari
Power Flow Analysis of Micro-Grid Interconnected To Wind Energy Conversion System
Syed Shah Mohdsalmanimadi & Ramamohana Dasari
Automation of Object Sorting System Using Pick & Place Robotic Arm & Image Processing
Swarnendu Sarkar & K. Yadaiah
PLC& SCADA Based Measurement and Data Collection for Gas Filling Application
Mr.Mahammad Shakeel.M & Syed Abdullah Ahmed
Flash Flood Warning System Using Scada Systems
Mr.Vimmigari Karthik & Syed Ateequr Rahaman
PLC And SCADA Based Emergency Route Clearance Request for Traffic Signalling Application
Mr.M.Rama Krishna & Mohd Abdul Jabbar
Power Efficient Class AB Op-Amps with High and Symmetrical Slew Rate
Eswara Prasanna Kumar P, Madhukar Babu A & Nagendra Prasad G
An Efficient MIMO Periodic Feedback Channels in Wireless Networks
Doosa Venugoppal, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
A Generalized Flow-Based Method for Analysis of Implicit Relationships on Wikipedia
G. Kumar & Ayesha Siddiqua
A New Single Phase Shunt Active Power Filter with an Indirect Sensorless Control Strategy
T.Ashwini & Ch Vinay Kumar
An Advanced Control Strategy Based H-Statcom For Power Quality Enhancement
A Deepthi Reddy, K Madhavilatha & R Nagesh
An Effective Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Dual UPQC to Reduce the Power Quality Issues
K.Raviteja, Adinarayana Naik & R Nagesh
An Advanced Dstatcom Topology with Improved Efficiency and Current Compensation Capability
Janardhan, K Madhavilatha & R Nagesh
A Three Level NPC Based Hybrid System Using Simplified Control Scheme
K. Bhaskar, Vajramma & R Nagesh
A Novel Wind Energy Based Hybrid Power Conditioner for the Distribution Power System
A.Mamatha, M Anusha & R Nagesh
A New Advanced DG Based Three Phase Inverter For The Grid-Tied and Islanded Operation
Venu Gopal Rodda & Ch Satyanarayana
Control and Optimization of Power Flow in Transmission Line Using UPFC
A.Ashwini, G.Sirisha & Ch Satyanarayana
An Advanced Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Based Statcom with Power Quality Enhancement
S.Sravan Kanth, G.Sirisha & Ch Satyanarayana
Compensation and Harmonic Elimination of Unbalance Currents in SEIG Based Statcom
D.Ashok Kumar, T Venu Gopal & Ch Satyanarayana
A Comparative Study between the Use of Framed Shear Wall System and Framed Tube System in Tall Buildings
Abbas Ali Ibrahim & Dr. N. V. Ramana Rao
Preserving Location Privacy of User Participating in LBSs Through Collabaration
Sk.Shameen Taz, Syed Abdul Haq & Panidipati Babu
Performance Elevation Criteria for OFDM Under AWGN Fading Channel using IEEE 802.11a
Mr.G.Prasanna Kumar & Ch. Ganga Prasad
A New Three Phase Symmetrical Multilevel Converter for Grid Connected System Using PV Source
J. Srinu Naik & Mrs. Surekha Vadde
Design of Embedded Linux For Label Reading By Using OCR Algorithm
Vinusha & Sowjanya Devi
Automatic User State Recognition For Hand Gesture Based Low-Cost Television Control System
M.Sudha Rani & K.Santosh Kumar
Processing Dynamic and Indirect Mutual Trust Data in Cloud Computing Storage
Kanumuri J S Rama Raju & G Kiran Kumar
Arm Based Theft Control, Accident Detection Vechile Monitoring of Drivers Habit and Positioning System
S.Swathi, S.Swetha & P.Ramesh Reddy
A Novel NEURO-Fuzzy Controller for DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
Kalimela Venkateswarlu & Nayini Maheshwar Reddy
Comparative Study of RCC Slab Bridge by Working Stress (IRC: 21-2000) and Limit State (IRC: 112-2011)
Sudip Jha, Cherukupally Rajesh & P.Srilakshmi
Behaviour of an Elevated Water Tank for Different Staging Patterns and Different Staging Heights
Cherukupally Rajesh, Sudip Jha & P.Srilakshmi
Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Wind Energy Conversion System for Micro-Grid Applications
Akkala.Naresh, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms. Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Simulation Analysis of Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy Systems
T. Praveen, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms. Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Control Strategies For Interconnected Transmission Systems With Off-Shore Wind Farms
Srikanth akkapalli, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms. Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Microcontroller Managed Module for Automatic Ventilation of Vehicle Interior
Lakavath Ramesh, Gandham Srinivas Rao & D Veeranna
Empirical Evaluation of the Heuristics for Partitioning in Relational Data
Ireddy Rajender, Mr. S Dilli Babu & Mr. M V Narayana
A Novel Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
A .Thapan Chandra, Mr. S Dilli Babu & Mr. M V Narayana
Evaluating at Design Phase the Security of Pattern Classifiers
A.Raghu & Mrs. M.Jhansi Lakshmi
MONA- Secure Multi Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud
K.Bala Krishna, Mr.Syed.Mazharuddin & Mrs. M.Jhansi Lakshmi
WSN Based Harmful Gas Monitoring System Using GSM and Zigbee
Mandaporam Manorama & Vangalla Veerababu
Implementation of Low Power and Efficient Fault Coverage Circuit with LFSR Design
Mohd Nawaz Shareef & M V S Prasad
Design of Reconfiguring Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN Using GSM
Talakokkula Sandya & V. Vijaya Bhasker
Design of Surveillance and Safety System for underground Coal Mines Based on Low Power WSN
Battu Vishwasi & N.Uma Rani
Adaptive Risk Aware Response Mechanism for Manet Routing Attacks
Dumpala Padmavathi & Ch.Ramesh
Design and Implementation of Wearable RFID Tag for Real-Time Ubiquitous Medical Care
Tandrala Ramya & J.Sreelatha
Real Time Implementation of ANFIS Control for Renewable Source Connected To Distribution Grid
V.Naresh, G.Ravi & T.Sripal Reddy
Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
Ms.Priya Bhashini.K & P.Mamatha
Real Time Portable Vehicle Counting and Speed Measurement Using Arm11 Processor
A.S. Lavanya & S.Srivani
Real-Time Monitoring and Contamination Detection in Drinking Water Distribution System Using Embedded Technology
M.Sandhya Rani & Sahithi
Efficacious Architecture for Single Precision Floating Point Unit
Ch.Sreekanth & G.Uday Kiran Bhargav
Robust Resource Allocation in Resilient Overlay Routing Relay Node Networks
C.Siva Prakash & P.Karunakar Reddy
A Survey of Delegated Access Control in Public Clouds
G.Surya Raj & B.R.M Reddy
Implementation of Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for Large Data
K.Sireesha & S.Suresh
Authentication for Mobile and Advanced Computing
K.Mareswara Rao & P.Karunakar Reddy
Key-Factor Cryptosystem for Data Sharing in Clouds
N.Chandana & N.Naveen
Service based Similarity for Privacy in Location-Based Search Queries
N.Sateesh & P.Spoorthi
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
P.Uma Maheswara Rao & P.Nageswara Rao
A Mixed Approach of Negotiation in Internet of Things for cloud Envirnoment
S.Suneel Kumar & P.Spoorthi
A New Approach for Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage
S.Rainy Sushma & S.Suresh
Location among user queries for Privacy through Collaboration
B.Ravindra Naik & N.Naveen
Routing of queries By Keywords
B.Dharma Raju & P.Karunakar Reddy
Keeping the privacy safe for Back- Propagation Neural Network Learning Made Practical with Cloud Computing
C.Sampath kumar & P.Nageswara Rao
Random Scaling of Internet Applications for Cloud Computing Services
E.Sravani & B.R.M.Reddy
Cut Off for Boundaries through Packet Classification
K.Venkata Murali Krishna & N.Naveen
Encrypted Data for Various Path Security Architecture for Mobile AD HOC Networks
K.Gayathri & P.Spoorthi
A Semantic-based Friend System for Social Networks
M.Dinesh & P.Karunakar Reddy
A Cloud Approach for Secure Data Authorized Deduplication
M.Rajani & P.Nageswara Rao
Comparison of Different Security Solutions for Finding Vulnerabilities
M.Anusha & B.R.M Reddy
Denial-of-Service Attack for Networks using various Devices
M.Divya & P.Spoorthi
Finding the Shortest Path Computation in online
P.Charitha & S.Suresh
Detection of Boundaries in 3-D Wireless Sensor Networks
P.Sudheer Kumar & P.Karunakar Reddy
Developing Data Cloud Services in Various Environments
S.Nageswara Rao & B.R.M.Reddy
Detection of Malware Attacks in Large-Scale Networks
T.Ram Babu & N.Naveen
Solutions for Finding Network Traffic Measurements and Analysis
T.Durga Prasad & P.Spoorthi
Design and Working Model of Humidifier with Evaporative Cooling Pads
Mr.Thunga.Venugopal Reddy & Mr.I.Prasanna
Design and Heat Transfer Analysis of AC Condenser For Different Materials
Mr.Nadadari Bheemesh & Mr.N.Venkateswarlu
Natural Convective Heat Transfer from Inclined Narrow Plates
Mr.Gandu Sandeep & Mr.A.Ashok
Turbulent Natural Convective Heat Transfer from Narrow Plates
Mr.Golla Naga Joga Rao & Mr.J.Nagaraju
Coal Exploration & Reserves in Venkatesh Khani 7 Incline & Gowtham Khani Opencast Project ( G.K-OC ) in SCCL
Raju Macharla
Robust Document Image Binarization Techniques
T.Srikanth & Mrs.Lavanya
An Efficient implementation of 16-bit Carry-Select Adder Using Verilog HDL
R.Matri Bai & G.Sahithi Reddy
Real Time System for Determination of Drinking Water Quality and Distribution Systems
K.Sai Kiran & M.Sandeep
A High Speed Implementation of Reversible Adders Using PCTG
M Anil Kumar & V S Nagaraju Kommavarapu
An Adaptive Control Scheme for Solar Energy Conversion System by RC Controller
Prathibha Rani Uddem, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms. Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
A Novel Switched-Capacitor-Based Active-Network Converter (SC-ANC) For High Step-Up Conversion
U.Anusha & S.Srividya
A Novel Control Strategy for Distribution Static Compensator Under Power Quality Problems
S.Anil Kumar Reddy, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms.Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Development of an Embedded System with MATLAB Based GUI for Real Time Health Monitoring
Mr.Itreddy Vinod Kumar Reddy & Mr.M.Amarnath
PWS Applications that Model User Preferences as Hierarchical User Profiles
K.Laxman, Mr.Syed.Mazharuddin & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
A Novel Framework to Measure the Degree of Difficulty for a Keyword Query Over a Database
N.Srinivas & Mr.Syed.Mazharuddin & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
MIP Protocol: A Novel Distributed and Dynamic Mobility Management Strategy for Mobile IP
Madireddy Vijay Reddy & Chintareddy Venkat Ramana Reddy
The Design, Implementation and Performance Evaluation for Middle Tier Based Replication Scheme
Chintareddy Venkat Ramana Reddy & Madireddy Vijay Reddy
RASP for Data Perturbation Method to Provide Secure and Efficient Range Query and KNN Query Services for Protected Data in the Cloud
Jadala Mahesh & Mrs. M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Two Novel Techniques for Authenticating Short Encrypted Messages in Mobile and Pervasive Applications
C.Sudhakar & Mrs. M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Arm Managed Module for Automatic Ventilation of Vehicle Interior
Madasu Narayana Rao & M Swetha
An on Chip AHB Bus Tracer with Real Time Compression and Dynamic Multi Resolution Supports SOC
A Renuka & M Uma Rani
Contact Stress Analysis of Helical Gear by Using Finite Element Analysis and Numerical Methods
Deva Ganesh, V.Nikil Murthy & C.B.N Murthy
A Novel Multi View Video Based Face Recognition Methodology
M.V.Ramanaiah, S.V.S.Prasad & T. Srilakshmi
Design of Fault Coverage Test Pattern Generator Using LFSR
B.Saritha & T.Ravi Chandra Babu
High Level Security Authentication for ATM Machines Using Fingerprint
Ms.K.Abhilasha & Mrs.R.Bhanu
A Dynamic Privacy Model For Web Services Composition
Syed Shah Gulam Mujtaba Quadri, Mrs.Deeba Khan & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
A Novel Deduplication Constructions Supporting Authorized Duplicate Check in a Hybrid Cloud
B.Narasimha & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
A Novel Error Minimizing Framework Better Location Estimation in Wireless Networks
Mooda Yakanna, Mr.Syed Mazharuddin & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Design A Portable and Low Power Multi Parameter Signal Monitoring System
Ganta Mounika & Mrs.S Srilakshmi
A Low Cost Design of Audio Player Using Raspberry PI
Banavath Venkatesh Naik & Mr.S.Venu Prasad
Managing Mass-Mailing System in Distributed Environment
Implementation of Novel Reactive Power Control Strategy for Statcom under Power Quality Condition
S.Ramya & G.Anitha
A Novel Hybrid Power Conditioner for Power Quality Enhancement in Four Wire Distribution System
P.Anjaneyulu, M.Saida Rao & G.Satish
A Novel Solar Based Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped (NPC) Grid-Tied Inverter with Integrated Battery Storage
P.Sankarananda Swamy, G.Swetha & G.Satish
A Novel Control Strategy for Grid Tied Inverters with Improved Power Quality
A.Sukesh, G.Swetha & G.Satish
Brain Tumor Detection, Demarcation and Quantification Via MRI
K Sravanthi & Syed Samiuddin
A Stochastic Model to Investigate Data Center Performance and QOS in IAAS Cloud Computing Systems
Mohammed Abdul Gaffer & C Siva Jyothi
Stress Analysis on Diesel Engine Connecting Rod
G. Harish & Dr. G.Satish Babu
Role of Leadership in Developing Talent pool
Radhika Naidu & Dr.P.Venkateswarlu
Assessing Employees Perception Regarding E-HRM
Menda Sindu
HR Professionals Hit Glass Ceiling
Dr.Gandham Sri Rama Krishna, Smt.G.Madhuri & Dr.N.G.S.Prasad
Design, Analysis and Optimization of Axial Flow Pump For Enhancing Performance
Jayaram.V, Adarsh C K, Farooque K, Naveen kumar R, Mahesh Rajendran & Jayasankar.V
Stability Analysis of Voltage Source Inverter Used in Grid Integrated Renewable Energy Sources
D.Karuna & G.Anitha
A Nice Intrusion Detection and Defence System in Software as a Service
M.Lakshmi Priyanka & B.Sudhakar
Best Peer++: A Peer-to-Peer Based Large-Scale Data Processing Platform
N.Vijayalaxmi & Mr.B.Ramesh
Captcha as Graphical Passwords—a New Security Primitive Based on Hard AI Problems
S.Mounika & Mrs.P.Sravanthi
Data Mining with Big Data
M.Rajitha & Mrs.P.Sravanthi
Dealing With Concept Drifts in Process Mining
Ms.P.Aruna & Ms.P.Laxmi Priya
Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
M.Akhila & Mrs.P.Sravanthi
Distributed, Concurrent, and Independent Access to Encrypted Cloud Databases
M.Vijetha & Mr.K.Laxmaiah
Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation for Software-as-a-Service Clouds
Y.Navajyothi & N.Lakshmi Priya
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
I.Katyani & Mr.K.Laxmaiah
Towards Online Shortest Path Computation
B.Prameela & Mr.B.Ramesh
Cloud Computing and Security Challenges
Routhu Sreelekha
A Wireless Car Security System That Gives Instant Security Alerts Using GSM Technology
Podishetti Sravan & Mr.K.Rambabu
Efficient Multi-Keyword Ranked Query Scheme over Encrypted data in Cloud Computing
Shaik.Asifa, Prof.Rajendra.Chadalawada & Dr.A.Sri Lakshmi
A Cloud Based Authenticity Verification For Storing Data without Knowing User’s Identity
K.Jyoshna Srilakshmi & N.Lakshmi Chaitanya
Efficient AHB Bus Tracer using Multi Modes on SOC
B.Nagarjun Singh & T.Indira
Novel Implementation of Data Encoding and Decoding Techniques for Reducing Power Consumption in Network-On-Chip
B. Nagarjun Singh & M.Sandeep
Design and Implementation of Fault Coverage Circuits for All VLSI Elements
Nutalapati Venkatesh & Mastan Vali Shaik
Tour Planning for Mobile Data-Gathering Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks
P.Anuradha & Ms.K.Anuradha
A Novel Surgical Manipulator with Workspace-Conversion Ability for Telesurgery
Anusha Kola & Ms.Ch.Nirmala
A Wireless Sensor Network for Greenhouse Climate Control
Sd.Arifa & Ms.D.Jyothi
Zigbee-Assisted Power Saving Management for Mobile Devices
G.Chandrika & Ms.D.Jyothi
Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart Home: Sensor Selection,Deployment and Monitoring
R.Madhavi & B.Jyothirmayee
Elimination of the Voltage Unbalance Condition by Using the SFCS from the Line Fault
M. Thirupathaiah & G. Sadhya
Performance Evaluation of PV Energy Conversion System Fed Unbalanced Machine Load by Multi-Level Inverter
Shekhar Kadaganchi & Rosaiah Mudigonla
Sensor-Less Position Control of BLDC Motor Using PFC Based BL-BUCK-BOOST Converter
Tadakamalla Phanikanth & Rosaiah Mudigonla
A Stand-Alone Hybrid Wind-Hydro Energy Conversion System With Battery Energy Storage System
Kalimela Venkateswarlu & T. Ramesh
Efficient Heterogeneous Face Recognition using Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Shaik Imam Vali, B.Venkatesh & M.Srinivasulu
QR Code Watermarking and Dewater Marking Using Discrete Wavelet Transformation
Bakarapu Sunitha & Syed Samiuddin
Automatic Broken Track Detection Using LED LDR Assembly
B.Navya & V.Vijaya Bhaskar
An Efficient Approach for Node-to-Node Message Authentication and Source Privacy in WSN’s
Swetha.N & A.Anantha Bipin
A Novel Converter Topology for Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Microgrid Applications
Devarakonda Bhaskar, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms.Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Detection of Intrusions by Using Behaviour Rule Specification Based Technique for Providing Security to MCPSs
Jameela Jahan, Ms. Shilpa Karre & Ms. Saleha Farha
Steganography and Visual Cryptography Authentication System for Customer Online Payment Transactions
Rabia Basri, Amena Sayeed & Ms.Saleha Farha
A Noble Design of Battery Converter for Grid Integrated Solar Energy
T.Sripal Reddy, G.Ravi & Nimmala Soumya Sri
Implementation of High Performance AES Using Minimal Resources
S.Bhanusree & Mr.B.Naresh Reddy
Enhanced Memory Reliability against Multiple Cell Upsets Using Decimal Matrix Code
R.Bhavani & Mr.V.Srinivasa Rao
Design of High Performance 64 bit MAC Unit
T.Bhavani & Ms.K.Anuradha
High Speed Low Power Multiplier using a Vedic Mathematical Approach
Sk.Kaiser & Mr.V.Srinivasa Rao
Design and Implementation of Carry SelectAdder without Using Multiplexers
S.Karishma Sri & Mrs.D.Jyothi
Multioperand Redundant Adders on FPGAs
Kashivisalakshi.T & Ms.B.Jyothirmayee
A Novel Approach for Parallel CRC Generation for High Speed Application
K.Lakshmi & Ms.B.Jyothirmayee
Design of High Performance 64 bit MAC Unit
G.Pushpa & Ms.K.Anuradha
High Performance Hardware Implementation of AES Using Minimal Resources
I.Rama Devi & Mr.M.Narasimha Rao
Implementations of Low-Power and Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder
B.Sindhurmai & Mr.B.Naresh Reddy
Design a DSP Operations using Vedic Mathematics
P.Sreemantha & Ms.B.Jyothirmayee
A High Speed Binary Floating Point Multiplier Using Dadda Algorithm
J.Swathi & Mr.B.Naresh Reddy
An Efficient Implementation of Floating Point Multiplier
P.Saritha & Ms.Ch.Nirmala
Enhanced User Security Using Graphical Passwords
Soujanya Koorapati & Vishnu Vardhan Sarva
Supporting Discretion fortification Based Personalized Web Search
P.Chaitanya, R.Jayamma & R.Jayamma
Hop-by-Hop Communication Substantiation and Source Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks
K.Janardhan, P.Surender benerjee & R.Jayamma
Improved Schemes to Secure Distributed Data Storage against Untrusted Users
K.Nagaraju, P.Surender benerjee & R.Jayamma
A Novel Approach for scheming created cloud bandwidth and cost diminution method
R.Nagesh, R.Jayamma & R.Jayamma
Traffic outline-based content leakage revealing for trusted satisfied delivery networks
V.Saisanthosh, B.Narasimharao & R.Jayamma
Secure Cloud Storage using Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication
I.Sandeep Kumar, B.Anandaraj & R.Jayamma
Confidential-Protective Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
A.Srilatha, G.L.Chandrasekhara Rao & R.Jayamma
The Scalability Problem of Large-Scale Data Sets Using the Map Reduce Framework on Cloud
Apathi Haripriya & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
CaaS: A Large Data Cloud and Multiple Small Audit Clouds
K.Rakesh, Mr.Syed Mazharuddin & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Panda: A Novel Public Auditing Mechanism For the Integrity of Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in the Cloud
M.Mahesh, Mr.Syed Mazharuddin & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Cloud Partitioning is an Optimal Approach for Public Cloud
S.Vinod Kumar, Mrs.Deeba khan & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Product Aspect Ranking in Facilitating Real-World Applications
Vishnu Vardhan Anasuri & Mrs.M.Jhansi Lakshmi
Business Intelligence Using Data Warehouse And Adhoc Reports
J.Prasad & G.Kumar
Robust Content-leakage detection Technique
Umesh Kummari & B.Suman
A New Hybrid Power Filter Based Grid Connected System with Power Quality Improvement
K Murthy, M Anusha & R Nagesh
Solar PV Based Grid Connected System with Hybrid Control Scheme
P.Srilekha & R Nagesh
A Novel PQ Coordination Controller For A Unified Power Flow Controller
B.Ayyappa, Adinarayana Naik & R Nagesh
A Predictive Control Scheme Based Four-Leg Active Power Filter
J. Nagaraju, Adinarayana Naik & R Nagesh
SEIG based Facts Device for the Three phase Non-Linear Loads
Mithun Kumar Shetty H & R Nagesh
A Novel Control Scheme for both Island And Grid-Tied Inverter Operations
M. Satyanarayana, K Madhavilatha & R Nagesh
A Low Cost Nine Level Cascaded H-bridge Inverter for High Frequency Distribution System
K.Prakash & Ch Satyanarayana
A Novel Design and Optimization Method of an LCL Filter for a Shunt Active Power Filter
J.Kishor, V.Ashok & Ch Satyanarayana
A Novel Power Conditioner Based On Electronic Transformer for High Frequency Ac Link
S.Rajesh & K.Rajesh
Sensorless Control of a Switched Reluctance Motor by Using Sliding Mode Observer
M.Ravikanth & T.Srinivas
Manet Based Advanced Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Design
Eeraboina Anil Kumar & M. Devaraju
Characterizing the Strength of Different Deccan Traps by Evaluating the Mechanical Properties – In Some Indian River Valley Projects
Dr.K Venugopal & Dr.P.Mallesham
Efficient Data Retrieval Using Profile Matching In Military Networks
Tiruthani Ugesh & J. Velmurugan
An Efficient Reduction of Are In MultistandardTransform Core Sharing Using Common Sharing Distributed Arithmetic
M.Deepika & M.Ravikumar
Performance Analysis of an Efficient NOC Router System Using Data Encoding Techniques
Y.Geetha & K.Ravikumar
Detection and Classification of Exudates Using K Means Clustering In Color Retinal Images
Kondru Venkatesh & Mohd Rasheeduddin
Optical Character Recognition Based Video Retrieval Application for High End Application
Palla Madhava Reddy & M.Devaraju
A Novel Image Re-Ranking Framework for Query-Specific Semantic Spaces
G.Nagendra Kumar & M.Vinay
SecureDBaaS for Integrates Cloud Database Services with Data Confidentiality
A.Jayachandra & D.Prathibha
High Speed Floating Point Rns Based Mac Unit Using Vedic Multiplier
Jatavath Kishanlal, Mr.Suhail Afroz & Dr.P. Ram Mohan Rao
Design of Reversible Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) Using VERILOG HDL
Bobba Rajashekhara Reddy, Mr.D.Chakriya Nayak & Mr.S S G N Srinivasa Rao
Efficient Implementation of Parallel Prefix Adders Using Verilog HDL
Chinnagali Sreenivasulu, Ch Swapna & Mr.S S G N Srinivasa Rao
Dynamic transformation of huge volume Secret images into Mosaic Images
Sai Vinay & A.Bhanu Chandar
Identifying functional and Performance related issues in a network using systematic Auto Test Packet generation
S.Sowjanya & A.Pradeep
Elimination of extra copies using a Secure Authorized Deduplication framework in the Cloud Environment to Reduce Amount of Storage Space
Amboji Raju & M.Prasanna
Implementation of stringent levels of policy consistency constraints for trusted transactions in distributed transactional database systems in cloud environment
G.Vikas & B.Laxmaiah
Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images By Reserving Room before Encryption
G.Raj Kumar & Mr.Srikanth Ch
Two Phase Validation Commit Protocol to Ensure Balancing Performance, Accuracy, and Precision for Secure Cloud Transactions
Hajera Tahseen & Abdul Majeed
Two-Phase Algorithm to Evaluate High Utility Item Set Mining
Eswararao Boddana & Mr.J.Pradeep Kumar
Elimination of Conduction Losses using a bridgeless buck–boost converter for low power application in a cost effective manner
Rajesh Botcha & B. Venkata Ramana
A new method of Adaptive Traffic control based on Virtual Routing topologies for better QoS
Zakriya Asra & N.Venkatesh Naik
Modeling Of Grid Current Compensator for Distribution Generator under Non Linear Loads
D.Keerthi, J. Sreeranganayakulu & Dr.Shaik Rafi Kiran
A New Method for Voltage Control in Distribution Networks Using MATLAB
P.Keerthi, J. Sreeranganayakulu & Dr.Shaik Rafi Kiran
Compensation of current harmonic components using an active power filter with four-leg voltage-source inverter
Rajasekhar Mudadla & B.Venkata Ramana
Minimisation of Distribution Loss for Radial Systems Including DG’s
Koduru Sarada, L.Sagar & Dr.Shaik Rafi Kiran
Design of an Intelligent Electric Vehicle for Blind
M. Prathusha & Miss.Ch. Nirmala
Design of a Safety Vehicle for Blind
V. Saipushpa & Mr. V. Srinivasa Rao
Traffic Violation Detection Using Multiple Trajectories Evaluation of Vehicles
Shaziya Begum & Mr. B. Naresh Reddy
ARM Hardware Platform For Vehicular
Ch.Sritejaswi & Mr. B. Naresh Reddy
Automatic Lighting System Using Multiple Robotic Lamps
K. Swarupa & Mr. M. Narasimha Rao
Design and Analysis of UPQC Based Fault Mitigation for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution System
N.Swathi & J.Rakesh Sharan
Providing Secure Multihop Broadcast Solutions for Intervehicular Communication
Md. Ashraf Ali, T. Manohar & Abdul Majeed
A New Hybrid Power Conditioner for Suppressing Harmonics and Neutral-Line Current in Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution Power Systems
B.Rushi Anand, J.Karuna Kumari & Ch.Satyanarayan
An Advanced Multilevel Inverter Based Dstatcom with Improved Efficiency
G.D.Shingade & R Nagesh
Direct Grid Current Control of LCL Filtered Grid Connected Inverter Mitigated Grid Voltage Disturbances
M. Thejaswini, J.Karuna Kumari & Ch.Satyanarayan
Design and CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic of a Car with Various Aerodynamic Devices
Udayagiri.Lingaiah, B.Venkat Narayana & Ch. Ashok
BestPeer++: A Peer-to-Peer based Large-scale Data Processing Platform
Chatta Anilkumar & Ch.Balaji
A Robust and Efficient Image Cryptography by Using Private Key Matrices and Logical Scrambling
Sai Mounika Bolla & Ranga Babu Tummala
An Improved Audio Steganography Based On DWT and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
K.Baby Swapna & P.P.S.Subhashini
Computational Intelligence and AI in Games
T. Ravindhar Reddy & Dr. K.Suresh Babu
Vehicle Emissions Controlling Based On RFID Technology Using GSM & ARM7
D.Surya Aparna & Surender Moode
Design of Vehicle Positioning System Based On ARM
Gogikar Sandeep & Harshavardhan Velagapudi
Wireless Sensor Network Based Agro-Industrial Applications Using ARM7 Controller
R.Vishnu Priya & Sreekanth
Automated Electric Meter Reading and Monitoring System Using E Board Computer via Ethernet
Santhosh Kumar & K.Ramesh
Implementation of Novel High Radix Multiplier Using KOGGE Stone Adder
P. Naresh, Ms.B.Ramya & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
Porting Embedded Linux to ARM Processor
V.V. Hanuman Prasad & P. Sreekanth
Compensation of Reactive Power by Using STACOM under Dynamic Voltage SAGS
K. Harika, Dr.Samalla Krishna & Ms. Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Medium Voltage High-Power Converter Topology for 10MW Wind Generation with the Large Permanent Magnet Wind Generator Systems
B. Sri Nandini & Mr. Bhaskar Reddy
Permanent Deformation on Flexible Pavement; Rutting Effect on Bituminous Concrete Pavement
S.Subbarayudu, Mohammed Abdul Hameed & Mohammed Haris
Device Driver Development of External Human Interaction Device for the Android
Vadigepalli Prathyusha & Dr. I. A.Pasha
MZI Implementation of Reversible Logic Gates, Multiplexers Standard Functions and CLA Using Verilog HDl
Moguram Anil, B. Bhagavati Rao & S.S.G.N. Srinivas Rao
MCA-based DoS attack detection system using principle of anomaly based detection in attack recognition
Mohd Ayaz Uddin & Abdul Muqeeth
Design of Reversible Code Converters Using Verilog HDL
Vinay Kumar Gollapalli, K Koteshwarrao & SSGN Srinivas
Simulation of Grid Connected PV System with Power Quality Improvement Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
T.Sripal Reddy, G.Ravi & Kosuri Jayakar
Simulation of CHB Five Level STATCOM Based Multilevel Inverter for High-Power Applications
T.Sripal Reddy, G.Ravi & N.Rama Chary
Fuzzy Based Closed Loop Operation of DC-DC Converter for Separately Excited Motor
T.Sripal Reddy, G.Ravi & Battu Sivakrishna
Simulation of PV Based Grid Connected Inverter with Fuzzy Based Unified Control Strategy
T.Sripal Reddy, G.Ravi & B.Veerabhadram
A New Multilevel Z-Source Inverter for Distributed Generation
T.Sripal Reddy, A.Rajababu & P.Ravindra
A Single Phase Multistring Seven Level Inverter for Grid Connected PV System
T.Sripal Reddy, K. Raja Rao & Padrthi Anjaneyulu
Design and Simulation of Static Synchronous Compensator for PQ Improvement Using Active Disturbances Rejection Controller (ADRC)
R.Vajramma & S.Yeswanth
Solar Grid Connected Harmonic Filtering Using Current-Controlled Closed System
D. Daivaji
Hand Gesture Recognition and Interaction Prototype for Mobile Devices
D. Sudheer Babu
Steady State Thermal Analysis of Engine Cylinder Fin by Changing Geometry and Material
Polidas Varalakshmi & M. Lavakumar
Economic Load Dispatch of Thermal Power Plants Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
Ramu.S, B.Shankar & K.Madhuri
DC Voltage Regulation and Power Factor Correction with Lower Switching Stress Interleaved 5 Levels AC to DC Converter
Matta Durga Bhavani, M.Tejaswini & N.Sambasiva Rao
CFD Analysis of a Gas Turbine Blade Cooling in the Presence of Holes
Aqeel Jomma Athab & Dr.S.Naga Sarada
CFD Analysis of Ejector Refrigeration System for Different Fluids and Operating Conditions
Muayad Sabry Mahdi Al-Saedi & Dr. Bhramara Panitapu
A Novel TRE Framework Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System
Punuru Sindhu, E.Dayakar & D.Srujan Chandra Reddy
Research on Key Technologies of Data Mining For Cloud Computing On Data Storage Management Analysis Secret Sharing Algorithm
Mr.J.Muthukrishnan & Dr.G.T.Shrivakshan
Three Phase Grid Connected Photovolaicsystem Using Effective Linear Stabilization System
Lingamurthy Majjiga & Vuluchala Nirmala Devi
A Trust based Approach to reducing Noise and Spam wrt Tagging in online social networks (OSNs)
Prasada Rao Mandala & D.R.S.Swetha
Enhanced Privacy in a Resource Sharing Cloud Environment by Utilizing Proxy-Based Multicloud Computing
Mohammed Waheeduddin Hussain & Mohammed Abbas Qureshi
GPS and GSM Wireless Technology Implementation in Haze Monitoring
Nuvvula Sony, K.Babu Rao & Mr.P.Rama Koteswara Rao
A Novel Secure Distributed Access Control of Data Stored In Clouds
G.Divya Sree & R.Suresh
An Effective Privacy-Preserving Access Control Method for Relational Data
D.Chandra Sekhar & R.Suresh
An Effective Mobile Online Health Monitoring System In Cloud
P.Prabha & R.Suresh
Implementation of Security for Web Services Using of TrusteeBased Authentications from User Friends.
Talapareddy Susmitha & Endela Ramesh Reddy
Effect of mutagens on gene expression of amylases producing Bacilli SPS
Annam Sravan Kumar & Dr. M.L.N.Reddy
In Vitro Culture and Genetic Transformation Studies on Glycine Max L. (Soya Bean)
Hareesh Tulasi, Dr.M.Thiruvanganam, Dr.T.Shastree & Annam Sravan Kumar
Design and Implementation of Real Time Embedded Tele- Health Monitoring System
K Kishore Kumar & D.Vijay Kumar Reddy
Implementation of Exposure Fusion using Boosting Laplacian Pyramid
V.Mounika & K Srinivas
Traffic Sign Recognition for Advanced Driver Assistance Using MatlabAnd Embedded Systems
Ch.Pooja & K.Niranjan
Efficient Implementation of Reversible Square Computation Using Verilog
S Srikanth, Mr.S.V.S.Prasad & Saamala Sridivya
Exposure Fusion Using Boosting Laplacian Pyramid Using MATLAB
Pathipati Prasad & Syed Samiuddin
Novel Design and Implementation of MAC UNIT Using Efficient Multiplier-Adder Circuit
K.Lingaswamy & C.Madhusudan
Evolution of Efficient GOR for Multi-Constrained QOS Provisioning in WSNs
Ms.Bushra Anjum, Mrs.Shilpa Karre & Ms.Shaista Nousheen
Modified FCM Algorithm for Abnormal Image Segmentation
Mutyala Sudha Rani, Mr.M V Ramanaih & Mr.S.V.S Prasad
Novel Implementation of High Performance DDR SDRAM
J.Gnaneshwar & C.Madhusudan
Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Cloud
Ch.M Siva Rama Krishna & G.John Samuel Babu
Distributed, Concurrent and Independent Access to Encrypted Cloud Databases
Ch.Sudheer Pavan Kumar & Mr.K.Ramesh
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
Gunnam Rajasekhar Reddy & Prof.N.Vijay Kumar
Measurable, Safe and Secure Data Management for Sensitive User in Cloud Computing
Mr.Rajeshwarrao Kodipaka & Sanjeeva Polepaka
Incorporation of Third Party Auditor for Safe and Secure Data Storage in Cloud Computing
Sanjeeva Polepaka & Mr.Rajeshwarrao Kodipaka
Distributed, Concurrent, and Independent Access to Encrypted Cloud Databases
Kandadi Thirupathi Reddy & Mr.Shiva Skandha
Mobile Element Path Planning for Time-Constrained Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Nunna Gopi Krishna & Syed Samiuddin
Thermal Analysis of an Air Cooled Condenser Using Copper and Aluminium Material for Tubes and Fins of Condenser
Abdullah Kadhim Ali & Dr.A.Aruna Kumari
CFD Analysis of a Gas Turbine Blade Cooling in the Presence of Holes
Aqeel Jomma Athab & Dr.S.Naga Sarada
Survey on Data Mining With Big Data
Raghavendra Swamy.U, Ch.Srikanth & K.S.Vijaya Simha
Communicative Proficient and Revocable Data Access Organize For Multi-Authority Cloud Storage
Adapa Gopi, Srikanth Nangineni & M.Bharath Kumar
A Novel Approach for Traffic Pattern-Based Contented Leakage Detection for Trusted Content Delivery Networks
Adapa Gopi, Srikanth Nangineni & M.D.Azeem Pasha
A Novel Approach for Building Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with Rasp Data Perturbation
Adapa Gopi, Nanginneni Srikanth & M.Ramesh
Design Modeling and Analysis of a Single Plate Clutch
A.Rama Krishna Reddy, Dr.P.H.V.Sesha Talpa Sai & D.Mangeelal
Fusion of Local and Global Features with Stationary Wavelet Transform For Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval
Sudha Varalakshmi & D.Mastan Pasha
Area Efficient High Speed Parallel CRC Generation
M.Bhavani & Mr.P.V.Vara Prasad Rao
A Novel Method for Search the Nearest Neigbhour Search in Data Base
Thota Devendra & N.Jayakrishna
Design and Implementation of Multi Level Carry Save Adders on FPGA
B.Muni Kiran & R.Jafer Vali
Implementation of High Performance Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm
T.Sumalatha & K.Vasavi
Block Ciphers and Data Encryption Standard by using Feistel Decryption Algorithm
A.Swathi & T.Venu Gopal
Surface Modification of Metals by Using Laser Surface Engineering and Physical Vapor Deposition – A Review
B.Ramesh Chandra
Methodology Active Noise Control System for Real-Time Noise Reduction Using the Tms320c5416 Processor
Nahid Jabeen & Dr.Sachin Saxena
Research on Data Mining Association Rules in Cloud
Dr.Arvind K Sharma & Sateesh Nagavarapu