Modeling of Intelligent Energy Control Center for Distributed Generators Using Multi-Agent System
J.Rakesh Sharan, G.Hari Prakash & Prof.M.Shiva Kumar
Denoising of an Image with SVD-Based Method
N.Swathi & S.M.Subahan
Nonlocal Means Based Image Filtering Using Similarity Validation
Shavala Thulasi & R.Prabhakar
Design and Analysis of Testable Reversible Sequential Circuit Using Verilog HDL
Siva Prasad Kanna & R Prabhakar
Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Regenerating- Code-Based Cloud Storage
Sunkireddy Uma Rani, Banda Srikanth Reddy & T.Madhu
Efficient Design and Implementation of Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) Using Modified Novel Bit Adder in QCA
Thota Prasanna & N.Bhojanna
Web Based Industrial Monitoring System Using Sensors and Embedded Linux Board
G.Kranthi Kumar & K.Pradeep Kumar
Fuzzy Rule Base System for Open End Winding Transformer Based Voltage Source Converter for Voltage Compensation
U.Sankar & K.Kalyani
Elimination of Harmonics and Dc Voltage Fluctuations Due to Non Linear Loads using Hysteresis Controlled Active Power Filter
J.Venkatesh & B Sankar Prasad
Wind Energy Based Single- Stage Three Level Isolated Ac/Dc Pfc Converter
G Venkatesh & R.Bhavani
Enhancing the IC Engine Performance by Using the Electrolysis and Preheating Process
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Artificial Neural Networks for Internal Combustion Engine Performance and Emission Analysis
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Performance Evaluation of Four Stroke Single Cylinder C.I Engine Using Diesel and Methonal – Diesel Blended Fuel as Alternate Fuels
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Multi Cylinder Di Diesel Engine Operating on Jome and Diesel
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
AEROGEL-A Future Material for Aircraft Structure
Niharanjan Hazarika & Mr.M.A.Irfan
A Multi Variable Optimal Energy Management Strategy for Standalone DC Microgrids
Morthala Pramod
Design and Fatigue Analysis of Lug Joint on Landing Gear
Mr.Bhupal Rakham & P.Praveen Kumar
Data Sharing System to Avoid Inadvertent Data Leaks In the Cloud and Privacy for Preserving Data
Boga Nagesh & N.Srinivas
A Sensor Based Train Traffic Control Station (TTCS)
M.Chandini & B.Naresh Babu
Compensation of Utility Current and Supply Power to Non-Linear Load by Using Fuzzy Based PV-Active Power Filter
Mr.G.Siddartha & Mr.Y.Praveen Kumar Reddy
A Secure and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
Gadee Manasa & Vishnu Prasad Goranthala
A Novel Design of Balanced Quaternary Reversible Logic Circuits Using Verilog HDL
Pasupulety Sudheer & P.Jayarami Reddy
Optimization and Process Control in Small Diameter End Mill
Vanakayala Shiva & Mohammad Rizwan
Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost Rectifier with Soft Witching
Morthala Suresh Reddy & V.Achireddy
Design and Implementation of Sequential Counters Using Reversible Logic Gates with Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
A.Rudramadevi & P.Lachi Reddy
Detect and Performed with One Unique Set of Secret Keys in Cloud Provider for Duplicates
V.Shalini Sruthi & Mr.S.Velliangiris
Portable Camera-based Product Label Reading and Voice Based Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
Mrs.Sonal Singh & P.Suresh
Implementation of Deep Representation for Iris, Face and Fingerprint Spoofing Detection Open Source Platform
B.Vani & P.Ashok Babu
Design and Simulation of Al-SIC Graphite Piston and Comparison with Alluminium Alloy, Gray-Cast Iron Pistons
R.Johar & P.Bhaskar
Three-Level Hybrid Boost Topology for Renewable Energy Systems
Bolgam Naveen Kumar & U.Krishna Prasad
A Novel Power Electronics Interface for Battery Based Electric Vehicles
Fakehanaaz, V.Sravanthi & U.Krishna Prasad
A New MIC Control for the Three Level Switch Mode Rectifier
D.Mahesh & U.Krishna Prasad
A Seven Level Single-Phase Cascaded Inverter with Improved Efficiency
Kadasu Venu & U.Krishna Prasad
Transformer less Single-Phase Inverter with Hybrid Modulation
N.Vidyarani, B.Ravi Kiran & U.Krishna Prasad
A Reduced switch count Soft-Switching Current-Fed Full-Bridge Isolated DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Julakanti Mounika & N.Ravi
A Novel SVPWAM Control Scheme for the Fuel Cell Based Buck-Boost Voltage/Current Source Inverter
Pallapothula Soma Shekhar & N.Ravi
Design and Analysis of Washing Machine Drum
K.Venkata Krishnaiah & Mr.Rama Narasimha Reddy
A Novel High-Speed Carry Skip Adder with AOI and OAI Logic Using Verilog HDL
Enjam Sruthi & Kannekanti Vinay Kumar
A Method of Detecting Abnormal Program Behavior on Embedded Devices
K.Ramya & P.Sowjanya
Characteristics of a Diesel Engine by Using Biodiesel Extracted From Karanja Oil and Overall Performance and Emission Analysis
Bobbara Someswara Rao
Design of All-Optical Reversible Logic Circuits Using Novel Optical Reversible Gates
Sarfaraz Ahmed & Syed Jilani Pasha
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Using Modified QCA Adder
Umme Hani & Syed Jilani Pasha
Cutting Strategies for Forging Die Manufacturing on CNC Milling Machines
Kore Sai Kumar & Rayapuri Ashok
Design of a Reversible Carry Look-Ahead Adder Using Reversible Gates
Neela Shirisha, P.Kalyani & Dr.D.Nageshwar Rao
Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Metal Cutting Forces for Engineering Alloys
D.Ranjith Kumar & Rayapuri Ashok
Design of Carry Select Adder Using Brent Kung Adder and BEC Adder
Habeebunnisa Begum & Syed Jilani Pasha
Design of Reversible FIR Filter for Speech Signal Processing
Hajara Siddiqui & Syed Jilani Pasha
Analysis of Wear after Machining of Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Eluru Mahesh Babu & A Sreekanth Gowd
A DHT- Spread Technique for PAPR Reduction in ACO-OFDM Systems
Muddars Chandana & M.Krupa Swaroopa Rani
Experimental Investigation on Drilling of Composite Materials
Jangam Eraiah Swamy & G Veeresh
Double Profit Maximization Scheme with Guaranteed Quality of Service in Heterogenous Cloud Environment
D.Yamini & Sri K.Vasanth Kumar
Methodology in Building a Scalable and Reliable Matching Service for Content Based Systems
G.Kumar & Reni.T
Train Collision Avoidance Using ZigBee Technology
Suneetha Regulagadda & M.Ajay Kumar
Design and Implementation of High Performance MAC Unit
V.Ashok Kumar & C.Madhavi
Design and Implementation of High Performance Coded Techniques for Network on Chip
V.Ashok Kumar & V.Mahendar
Design & Implementation of DDFS Using VLSI Technology
V.Ashok Kumar & A.Mahipal
A Methodology for Embedding Iris Image into Hand Vein Image by Water Marking Technology for Data Security
Peddiboyina Harish, Mrs.Swapna Kumari B & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Mechanical Characterisation, Preperation and Comparision of Glass Fiber and Fiber Reinforcement with Aluminum Alloy (GFRAA) To Improve the Strengthening For Automotive and Aerospace Structural Applications
Cahedipothula Pothulaiah & K Trilok Kumar
Implementation of LTE Systems using FIFO
V.Ashok Kumar & M.Nagendra Babu
Implementation of an Efficient Multiplier Using Adaptive Hold Logic
V.Ashok Kumar & Sandhya Rani
Design & Estimating the Performance for Asynchronous Pipelining Using FIR Filters on FPGA
V.Ashok Kumar & D.Shravan Durgyala
Design and Implementation of Wi-Fi Technology using S-BOX
V.Ashok Kumar & T.Sumith Kumar
Design and Analysis of Combinational Circuit for Efficient Fault Coverages Using Built-In Self Test
V.Ashok Kumar & Shrama Parveen
Scene Text Deblurring Using Adaptive Version of Non Uniform Deblurring
Nerella Sathish, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A New Novel Approach for Online Offline Multi Object Tracking with Different Complex Scenarios
Mandapuram Venkatesh, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Robust Face Recognition Using Space Varying Motion Blur, Across Blur Illumination and Pose
Dharmasoth Venkatesh, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Novel Method for Canny Edge Document Image Binirazation Technique for Degraded Document Images
Kudurupaka Mahesh, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Novel Method for Secret Data Transmission Technique via Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by RGB Image Transformation Technique
Bandi Veera Swamy, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Continuous Duplicate Detection
B.Guna Harika, Dr.V.V.S.S.S.Balaram & Sunil Bhutada
Secure Data Propagation and Renovation of Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
B.Kiranmai & G.Sumalatha
Identifying Cancerous Tissues Using Dynamic Neural Network with Reuse
K.Nagi Reddy, Dr.B.Ravi Prasad & Dr.K.Suvarchala
Trust Management of Cloud Services Using Credibility Assessment Technique
U.Vyshnavi & P.Praveen Yadav
Data Tracing For Protecting Data Leakages in Malicious Environments
V.S.Viswanath & K.Sri Laxmi
Effect of Reynolds Number and Wall Temperature on Shock Wave / Boundary Layer Interaction
B.Nagaraj & MD.Zakiuddin
Design and Development of Android Based Remote Control Car Unit for Search Missions
P.Bhavana & S.Aruna
Occupancy Estimation in Smart Buildings Using IOT-Based Techniques
K.Sowjanya & Y.Raghuram Prasad
An Implementation of Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition for Security System
M.Jyothirmayee & S.Aruna
Embedded Web Server for Real Time Remote Control and Monitoring of an FPGA Based on Board System
Saritha Ramineni & R.Ramesh Babu
Implementation of Low Power 2:1 MUX And 1:2 DEMUX with Transformer-Coupled Technique for SerDes Interface
B.Pardhasaradhi & V.Prasad
Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN
Chandrashekar & R.Vyshnavi
Remote Control of Smart Household Based on DTMF Using PSOC Mixed Signal Array
Myaka Praneeth Kumar & T.Krishna Arjuna Rao
Analysis of Pulse Rate of the Patient Using Wireless Communication System
Sairam Ankhathi & E.Swetha
Design of Fir Filter Using Efficient Carry Select Adder
S.L.Sukanya & N.M.R.L.Rao
Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems
Macharla Ruby Priya & R.V.Prasad Bhookya
Design of High Speed Vedic Multiplier Using Carry Select Adder with Brent Kung Adder
Kathi Anoosha & Sasi Kiran
A Study on Gap-Acceptance of Unsignalized Intersection under Mixed Traffic Conditions
Vijay Pratap K & Deepika Ch
Design and Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake Rotor Using Aluminum Alloy 2014 and Generalized Experimental Analysis for Temperature Distribution
D.Maneiah, Levicus John & M.Saikrishna
Blood Vessel Segmentation from Retina Images Using Curvelet Transform and Multi-Structure Elements Morphology
Jonna Vamshidhar Reddy, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Robust Automated System for Detection of Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy and Theoretic Approach to Detect the Retinal Detachment
Sneha Nair
Nonlinear Load Current Compensation by PV-Active Power Filter Combination Using Fuzzy
Ravindar Moodu & Srinivas
Enhanced Dynamic Leakage Detection Scheme in CDN Using Anomaly Software Agent System
Ashlesha Kolarkar & Boge Sneha
Analysis of Modular Multilevel Converters with Dc Short Circuit Fault Blocking Capability Bipolar HVDC Transmission Systems
Navitha Petla & T.Achutharao
Real Time Eye’s off the Road Detection System for Driver Assistance
Bandi Ramagopal & Y.Raghuram Prasad
VHDL Implementation of FPGA Based OFDM Modem for Wireless Applications
Ms.P.Deepthi & G.Raju
Computational Prediction of Role of Vortex Generators in Combustion Enhancement
Santh Rajashekhar, Dr.Pramod K Dash & Kopparapu Vskc Mani Kumar
Towards Effective Bug Triage with Software Data Reduction Techniques
Ch.Ramesh Kumar & Arige Sairam
A Novel Approach for Optimal Sequential Route Recommendation
Arduino Based Robust Railway Track Deviation and Rail Crack Detection System
Ch.Sampath Kumar & Dr.M.Sudhakar
The New Hybrid Energy Based Modular Multilevel Inverter for Grid Interface Applications
Ragiboguda Sreevidya & N.Ravi
A Soft-Switching Isolated Bidirectional Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive
Gundoji Pavan Kumar & K.Suresh
A Novel Bidirectional Converter Based Space Vector Modulation Fed VSI for Electric Vehicle Applications
Kanakamedala Poojitha & K.Suresh
Analysis of Pulse Rate of the Patient Using Wireless Communication System
Sairam Ankhathi & E.Swetha
Detection of Lung Cancer Using Marker-Controlled Watershed Transform
Dasari Hemalatha, Ch.Raja Rao & Dr.S.J.Sugumar
Recursive Approach for Design of a Parallel Self-Timed Adder Using Verilog HDL
Kairamkonda Srinivas & G.Ramachandra Kumar
Construction of Tremor Resilient Buildings in Earthquake Zones By Employing Shear Wall Technique
Awari Mahesh Babu
A 32 BIT MAC Unit Design Using Vedic Multiplier and Reversible Logic Gate
Mounika & Ashraf
MATLAB Based Bomb Detecting and Diffusing Robot
L.Sandeep, Mrs.Swapna Kumari B & Dr.D.Subba Rao
An Efficient Fog Removal Method Using Retinex and DWT Algorithms
Mukundala Sowjanya, Dr.D.Subba Rao & M.Pushpalatha
Self Immunity Technoque to Improve Register File Integrity against Soft Errors
Bungai Karishma Kour Harjeet Singh & Mr.N.Ashok Kumar
LCC & LLC Resonant Converter For High-Power, Low-Voltage, High-Current Power Applications
B.Anurag & V.Sunil Kumar
Data Transfer with in the Future Microgrids by Using Zigbee & IOT
E.Aparna, Dr.M.Narsing Yadav & M.Naresh
Mechanical Properties of Poly Propylene Concrete
T Syamala & Srinivasarao Naraganti
Design & Analysis of Composite Cylinder for Aerospace Applications
Dr.M Satyanarayana Gupta & Abdul Subur
An Improved Design of Vedic Multiplier Using Reversible Logic
Cheripally Niresh kumar, N.Ravi Kumar & V.Teju
Sensor Based Train Collision Identification and Avoidance System
Malyala Prabhakar & A.Ashok Babu
Low Leakage Current and High Efficient Transformerless PV Grid-Connected Inverter
Banoth Suman & T.Rakesh
Remote Offshore Wind Farms (WFS) Connected Through Point-To-Point Dc Links
Naguru Ramadevi Satyam & S.Vijay
A Case Study of Road Accident Investigations on NH-163
Awari Mahesh Babu
Load Balancing Policies for the Cloud Ecosystem Which Are Energy Responsive
M.Parimala, J.Navaneetha & Muthe Swapna
Implementation of Attribute- Based Encryption in Maintaining User Privilege and Anonymity over Cloud Data
M.Parimala, K.Pradeep Reddy & G.Chaithanya
A Study on Panda: Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in Cloud
J.Navaneetha, K.Mahesh & C.V.Kavya Sree
A Novel Method to Estimate the Route and Travel Time with the Help of Location Based Services
M.Uday Kumar, K.Pradeep Reddy & S Navaneetha
An Eye Gaze Real Time Road Detection System for Driver Assistance
K.Pradeep Reddy, M.Uday Kumar & B Avinash
Development of Receiver Interfacing Board for Microwave and Digital Receiver
Spandana, Mr.V.Pradeep Kumar & Mr.Prasanth Tripati
A Methodology of Producing Security in AD HOC Networks Using Identity and Trust Key
S.Divya, Mr.M.Naresh & Prof.M.Narsing Yadav
Secure End-To-End SMS Communication over GSM Networks
Rajesh Kumar Chinthala, Dr.D.Subba Rao & E.Swetha
An Efficient Design of Serial Communication Module UART Using Verilog HDL
Pogaku Indira, Dr.D.Subba Rao & Ashok Babu Amudapakula
Design of Index Based Round Robin Arbiter for NOC
Routers Using Verilog HDL

Mohammad Thousif & Dr.D.Subba Rao
A Novel Design of Carry Save Arithmetic Using DADDA Multiplier
Gali Naveen Kumar Reddy & V.Naga Mahesh
Distributed and Concurrent Technique to Access Cloud Databases
K.Siva Prasad, M.Venkatesh Naik & Ms.M.Shiva lakshmi
Enhanced Security on Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks
K.Sreehari, S.Sravani & Ms.M.Shiva lakshmi
Improving the Quality of Search in Personalized Web Search
P.Ramya, S.Sravani & Dr.G.Prakash Babu
Feature Extraction Using Image Mining Techniques to Identify Brain Tumors
Mittakanti Jhansi, Pushpalatha & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
GUI Controlled Robot with MATLAB
Rajender, Pushpalatha & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Sharing Data Effectively and Economically
Koppula Kishore
Remote Server Cloud to Store Data through Topologies
Rongala Ravi
Biometric Finger Print Based Bank Locker System Using Arm 7 TDMI Processor Based Lpc2148 Controller
Allammala Suman, N.Malathi Raj & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Face Recognition and Facial Expression Identification Using PCA
Yapa Ashok & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Raspberry Pi Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse
Design and Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Using Composite Materials
K.Uday Kumar, N.Venkatramana Reddy & M.Ramanarasimha Reddy
Diet Aid Weight Machine
Etukala Jhansi & N.Dinesh Kumar
A High-Performance VLSI Architecture for Threshold Implementations Illustrated on AES
K.Anusha, M.Suman Kumar, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Realization of Reliable Aging-Aware Multiplier Design Using Adaptive Hold Logic
G.Lavanya, B.Mythily Devi, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Implemetation of Low Delay and Low Power Consumption Carry Skip Adder
Esvi Ravikumar Reddy, B.Mythily Devi, B.Kedarnath & Dr.M.Narendra Kumar
Efficient Fast Sign Detection Algorithm for the RNS Moduli Set
N.Nagender Patel, Dr.N.Srinivas, Dr.M.Narendra Kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Implementation of Efficient Algorithms for the Filter Design Optimization Problem
U.Sowmya Latha, M.Suman Kumar, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Web Based Automatic Irrigation System Using Raspberry Pi Processor on Embedded Linux
Gundlapally Prasanna, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
IOT-Based Smart Buildings Monitoring Techniques for Energy-Efficient Using Raspberry Pi
Prasanna Kumar Merugu, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Implementation of Light Intensity Monitoring System Based on Cloud and Linux Platform
Muthineni Srinu, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
IOT Based Occupancy Monitoring Techniques for Energy Efficient Smart Buildings
Merigala Srikanth & V.Rekha Andal
A Novel Realization of Reversible LFSR for Its Application in Cryptography
V.Naveen, N.Siva Kumar & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Finite State Machine Based Vending Machine Controller
Monali Nandkumar Swami & Mr.N.Ashok Kumar
Real Time Industrial Network by Energy Efficient Ethernet
Punna Vinod & V.Rekha Andal
Analysis, Design of Soft-Switching Current-Fed Push-Pull Dc/Dc Converter for Hybrid Vehicles
Chindham Manideepak & T.Rakesh
Noval Approach of Educates Detection in Color Retinal Images Using Thresholding and K-Means Clustering Methods
Danavath Jyothi, Dr.Dasari Subba Rao & Mrs.Swapna Kumari
Design and Implementation of Industrial Monitoring System through Wireless Sensor Networks
Y.Swathi, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Novel Method to Preserve the Privacy of User Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
J.Navaneetha, K.Pradeep Reddy & Mogurampally Padma
A Framework to Enhance the Data Security in Cloud Storage Auditing With Key Abstraction
J.Navaneetha, H.K.Maheshwari & M.Paramesh
A Novel Method to Identify and Rectify the Distorted Fingerprints
K.Mahesh, H.K.Maheshwari & Endla Dinesh
A Mechanism to Detect Malicious Facebook Applications
M.Parimala, H.K.Maheshwari & Akula Ranjtih
A Study on Fingerprint Image Reconstruction from Minutiae
M.Uday Kumar, K.Mahesh & B.Santhosh
An Efficient Multi-Keyword Search Which Supports Classified Sub-Dictionaries over Encrypted Cloud Data
M.Uday Kumar, J.Navaneetha & Guduru Mounika
CFD and Thermal Analysis of FIN Tube Evaporator
Kasireddy Tejashwi & Smt.V.Saritha
Design and Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake for Sports Bikes
Srinivas Talari & Sri.Lakshmi Jyothi
Design and Thermal Analysis of Hydrogen Gas Turbine
U.Adithya & Sri.B.C.Raghu Kumar Reddy
Salient Object Detection in Videos Based on SPATIO-Temporal Saliency Maps and Colour Features
U.Swamy Kumar & Smt.G.Hemalatha
Preventing Manet From Blackhole And Grayhole Attacks Using Reverse Tracing Technique
Pathan Aiyaz Khan & Mr.M.Dhanaraju
Crosslayer Network Model For Zigbee Based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Ravi Shankar Sharma & Naadem Divya
Efficient Stable Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Dr.Ch.Mukundha & R.Shireesha
Study and Analysis of Metakaoline in High Performance Concrete
Bhukya Krishnaveni & Ms.Nozeer
Implementation of Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System for Environmental Studies
CH.Kartheek, T.Krishnarjuna Rao & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
FPGA Realization of Multiplier less FIR FILTER Architecture
M.A.Aziz & Imthiazunnisa Begum
ARM Based Implementation Text to Speech Implementation for Real Time Systems
Koppula Sravanthi, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Optimal Energy Management in Multi-Machine Grid Connected Systems using Static Compensators and BESS
M.Abhinav & D.Shobha Rani
Design of low power high speed Domino Inverter Using Floating Gates
Periketi Lavanya, Mrs.P.Sony & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Matlab Based Traffic Sign Reconition for Autonomous Driving Robot
Podhisetti Suresh, Mrs.P.Sony & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design and Implementation of Network Based Data Acquisition and Control System for Industrial Applications Using ARM-Linux
Ranga Pravalika, G.Sreenivasa Rao & S.Anil Kumar
Intelligent Driver Assistant on Curved Path using Matlab
D Swathi, Dr.N.Sathish Kumar, Dr.M.Narendra kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Raspberry Pi Based Self Organizing of Heavy Traffic using Zigbee Communication
T.Srilatha, B.Ravi Chandra, Dr.M.Narendra kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Infrastructure Health Monitoring using Zigbee Communication
N.Spoorthi, J.L.Divya Shivani, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Arm7 Based Vehicle Tracking using Rfid and Gsm
M.Sai Prasanna, I.Sharath chandra, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Zigbee-Based Smart and Secured Buildings
B Rajitha, J.L.Divya Shivani, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Automatic Meter Reading using Gsm and Arm7
M Naveen Kumar, Dr.N.Sathish Kumar, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Arm Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse
V Divyabharathi, Shaik Saidulu, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Gsm Based Secure and Privacy-Preserving Traffic Information Systems
M Chandrashaker, Shaik Saidulu, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Design of Online Testing Approach for Fault Models in Reversible Circuits using Verilog HDL
Modala Kavitha Rani & Vijaykumar R.Urkude
Using Fuzzy Logic Control the Distributed Voltage Control with Electric Springs: Comparison with STATCOM
P Sravan, D Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Water Management System Using Wireless Embedded Web Server
P.Dilip Yadav, Dr.M.Narsing Yadav & M.Naresh
Bank Security System by Using Wireless Sensor with Arm7
K.Ajay, B.Ananth Kumar & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Power-Quality Compensation, as Well as in Microgrid Application with IUPQC
B.Renu Sri & T.Rakesh
IOT Based Health Care Monitoring System with SMS Alert
K.Sesha Sai Teja, M.Naresh & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Operation of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) With an Integrated Active Filter Capabilities Using Grid-Side Converter (GSC)
Deepa S Sonyal & S.Vijay
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using Modified QCA Adder
Rokkam Shravanya, T.Krishnarjuna Rao & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Implementation of Web Cam Server Using Raspberry Pi
D.Abinaya, T.A.Ashok Babu & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Flowchart Approach to Scalable Encryption Algorithm using Verilog HDL
Jadala Ravi Teja & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
An Improved Design of Vedic Multiplier Using Reversible Logic
C.Niresh Kumar, N.Ravi Kumar & V.Teju
Design of Wi-Fi MAC Layer for Transmitter using Verilog HDL
Moodu Balaji, T.A.Ashok Babu & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
GUI Based Performance Comparision of Noice Reduction Based on Wavelet Transform
Atiya Inam & Miss.Tabassum
Effect of Silica Fume on Steel Slag Concrete
Nimma Kiranmai & K.Harish Kumar
Flicker Mitigation by Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines with DFIG Using Fuzzy Controller
M Shravan Kumar, D Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Robust Human Body Segmentation Based on Bottom-Up Approaches
Pantrangi Sindhu Gowthami & Kallapalli Suseela
Effect of Shear Wall Area to Floor Area Ratio on the Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Azeez Ur Rahman Mohammad & Divya Bharathi
Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Cracked Composite Beam
Baleghat Rambabu & K.Sai Santosh
Experimental Study of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
Kola Harish Kumar & L.Shyam
Seismic Analysis of Multistorey Building with Floating Column
Mohammed Sameer Ahmed & S.Sameera Nasreen
Effect of Diaphragm Discontinuity in the Seismic Response of Multi-Storeyed Building
Nemali Deepika & K.Sai Santosh
Impact of Fire on Steel Reinforcement of R.C.C Structures
Saddam Hussain & K.Harish Kumar
Pozzolanas Effect on Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Meesa Mahendar & E.Narendar
A Novel Convertor and PWM Method Used to Control Voltage Stress for Fuel Cell Power System
B.Kalyan Kumar & M.Kishore
Cascaded Two Level Electrical Converter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High Power Utilization
D.Nagaraju & L.Ramesh
Improving the Power Factor Using D-STATCOM Inverter with FACTS Capability for Distributed Energy System
R.Rashmitha & M.Kishore
Building Design Using Site Specific Response Spectra to Resist At Earth Quake
Mahammad Samiuddin & Nozeer
Non-Linear Sliding Mode Control With Fuzzy Logic for Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(Pmsm)
B.Roopa Devi & V.Avinash
Optimized Design of a G+20 Storied Building Using ETABS
Md.Mustaq & Divya Bharathi
A Study on Provable Multi Copy Dynamic Data Possession in Cloud Computing Systems
R Bala Vigneshwar & Mr.M Venkateswara Rao
Data Acquisition & Intelligent Robot Motion Control System for Industrial Monitoring Using Image Processing
Manda Vema Reddy
Dynamic Resource Allocation using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing
Mr.N Srinivas & S.Sathwik
An Approved Mechanism to Evaluate the Redundant Data in Cloud
D.Saika & V.Sridhar Reddy
The Cost-Effective Iterative MapReduce in Big Data Environment Actualized on Hadoop
J Bhagya Lakshmi & Priya Vaijayanthi
Control Strategies for Harmonic Mitigation Using Two Voltage
Source Inverters in a Three Phase Four Wire System

J.Alekha & K.Kusal Kumar
Design and Analysis of Missiles
Mr.K.Veeranjaneyulu & Manohar Satti
Smart Monitoring of Poultry Farm
Ch.Swamy & Dr.B.Lokeswara Rao
An Efficient Design of Reversible Binary and BCD Adder Using Verilog HDL
M.Susmitha Reddy & Tahseen Fatma
Harmonic Reduction Using Voltage Source Converter Based Active
Power Filter with One Cycle Control

G.Madhavi Latha & K.Kusal Kumar
Implementation of Hybrid Switch Based Soft-Switching Inverter for UHE Traction Motor Drives
K.Praveen & L.Ramesh
High Power Approach of Solar Clump Simulater to Provide PV System Testing By Using LLC Resonant Converter
B.Swathi & L.Ramesh
12-Pulse Diode Rectifiers for Storage of Energy Integration and AC Harmonic Elimination
Vasanthi & M.Kishore
MEMS Based Controlled Wheelchair System Using Raspberry-Pi with Video Monitoring
Srilatha.Ch, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Direction Control of Wind Turbines Using MEMS Sensor and Damage Detection
Eemani Sai Koti Reddy, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
FIR Filter Implementation Using Novel Modulo 2n-2k-1 Adder for RNS
V.Nandini & A.Sivannarayana
Implementation of RISC Processor Using Radix-4 & Radix-8 Booth Encoded Multi-Modulus Multipliers
V.Sandhya & K.Lakshmi Sowjanya
A Dynamic Secret Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication
B.Priyanka, N.Siva Kumar & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design and Implementation of SMS based Home Security System
Santhosh Aitha, R.Vyshnavi & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
A Novel Approach on Supporting Reputation-based Trust Management for Cloud Services
Banala Ramya Sree & Dr.G.Prabhakar Rao
Users Compose Privacy Settings for Their Images Using Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction
M.Chandana & Dr.G.Prabhakar Rao
Fuzzy Based Three-Phase Converter for Compensating Harmonics and Reactive Power under Ac Voltage Source
B.Gandhi Mohan, D.Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Reversible Optimal Design of Linear Pseudo Random Number Generator (LFSR) for Cryptography Applications
Ashok Kumar Swasani, M.Pushpalatha & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using Modified QCA Adder
Suroj Sharath Chandra, Dr.S.Vamshi Krishna & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Travolution of Embedded System in Passenger Car of Road Safety
N.Sowjanya, MD.Ashraf & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Reduction of PAPR in OFDM System by Using Weighted Method
K.Anil Kumar & Mohammed Abdul Farida
WSN Based Smart Surveillance and Safety System for Coal Mines
S.Towseef Ahmed & K.Swarna Madhuri
Download Speed and Reliability Challenges of Network Coded Storage Systems
Manasa Jonnalagadda
A Single Phase Active Device for Power Quality Improvement of Electrified Transportation
K.Devasree & Rosaiah Mudigondla
Based on Zigbee Smart Home Energy Management System Using Renewable Energy
M.Swetha, N.Sivakumar & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Web of Things Based Monitoring System for Coal Mine Safety by Using Raspberry Pi Processor
P.Anusha, Dr.M.Narsing Yadav & M.Naresh
Three-Phase Grid Connected ZCT Inverter integrated Photovoltaic Systems
Kasukurthi Neelima & T.Kranthi Kiran
Cloud Based Control and Monitor of Appliances Using Raspberry Pi
Atchyutha Kumar Nidamanuru & Penchala Reddy Sura
Smart Health Care Diagnosys System
Vamsi Chakravarthy Nannapaneni & Ganadi Ramesh Babu
A Novel Design of a Reversible Central Processing Unit Components Using Verilog HDL
Akula Mounika, R.Vyshnavi & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
A 32 BIT MAC Unit Design Using Vedic Multiplier and Reversible Logic Gate
Mounika & Ashraf
Design of Carry Select Adder with Binary Excess Converter and Brent Kung Adder Using Verilog HDL
Andoju Naveen Kumar & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction Based On Low Resolution Satellite
Bhoyer Rahul, Mrs.Swapna Kumari & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design and Analysis of Approximate Compressors for Multiplication
J.Ganesh, Dr.S.Vamshi Krishna & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Photo Voltaic Systems Power Optimization under Cascaded Inverter Environment
Mr.Guruprasad G & Vijay Krishna M
Reconfigurable Approximation Technique for Video Encoding Using Arithmetic Units
A.Divya, N.Srinivas, Dr.M.Narendra Kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Automatic Fatality Prevention and Emergency Aid System
Chandnee & Godwin.B
A Robust DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy to Enhance the Performance of Shunt Active Power Filters without Harmonic Detection Schemes
Srividya Tammineni & Mr.Ravi Mali
The Model Test Stand on Diesel Engine Cooling System with Elevated Coolant Temperature Analysis
Bobbara Someswara Rao
A Real-Time Health Monitoring on Android Mobile
Dodda Sai Prasad Reddy & Md.Naseerudin
Power Optimized Programmable Truncated Multiplier and Accumulator Using Reversible Adder
Syeda Mohtashima Siddiqui & G Ramesh
Implementation of Reusable DCT Architectures with Reversible Adders
A Mehjabeen & Sri.T Thammi Reddy
Integrated Active Filter Capabilities for Wind Energy Conversion Systems with Doubly Fed Induction Generator Using Fuzzy
Ch Srikanth Reddy, D Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
FPGA Implementations of the Humming Bird Cryptographic Algorithm
Ganam Thirumalesh & T Krishnarjuna Rao
Fuzzy Controller Based E-Statcom for Power Oscillation Damping In Power Systems
C.Venkata Supraja & Mr.N.Vara Prasad
Design and Implementation of Sequential Counters Using Reversible Logic Gates with Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Gadaboina Thirumala & J.Ramaiah
Simulation of Wind PV System for Different Load Variation using Artificial Neural Networks
G.Spandana & S T P K Pravallika Jyothi
Secure End-To-End SMS Communication over GSM Networks
Vattemula Mallesham & N.Raj Kumar
Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems
Mohammed Riaz, M.Naresh & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
License Plate Extraction by Using Raspberry PI3
Malothu Sathish Kumar, K.Vamshi & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Face and Facial Expression Detection Using Viola-Jones and PCA Algorithm
Manda Vema Reddy
Load Balanced Clustering With MIMO Uploading Technique for Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr.G.Munisekhar & Dr.S.Maruthu Perumal
Highway Accident Modeling Influence of Geometrics
Gogineni Divya, Yenumula Anand Babu & P.Gopi
A Novel Approach for Malware Extension in LSN
B.Komali & R.Aruna
Resonance Propagation and Mitigation in Grid Connected and Islanding Micro Grids by Using Fuzzy Logic
K.Hari Prasada Reddy & Y.Ramaiah
Finite Element Analysis of Multi-Fastened Bolted Joint Connecting Composite Components in Aircraft Structures
Dr.M Satyanarayana Gupta & Paka Rakesh
MIMO-OFDM Wireless Channel Prediction by Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Correlation
Siva Leela Saggurthi & K.Suresh
An Enhanced iUPQC for Improve Voltage Regulation in Micro Grid Applications
Chenigaram Manjula, Pasam Venubabu & Fathima Azra
Experimental Investigation on Concentrating Parabolic Solar Collectors at 170.42’ N Latitude & 830.18’ E Longitude
Sankurubothu Tirumalesh & B.Ramanjaneyulu
Experimental Investigation on Strength and Durability Properties of Ternary Blended Geopolymer Bricks
M.Seshalalitha & Dr.K.Rajasekhar
Implementation of the Mechanism- Cost-Minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services into Hybrid Clouds
K.Pradeep Reddy, M.Parimala & Kusuma Geethika
A Study on DTC with solar PV cell as Input Power
P.Ramesh & B.Avinash
A Mechanism to Preserve the Content Protection in Cloud Based Multimedia
M.Uday Kumar, M.Parimala & B Swetha
Improving the Mobile Computing Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks by Using Distributed Three-Hop Routing Protocol
M.Parimala, K.Mahesh & M Praveen Kumar
Noise Reduction Technology
Mohd Zaheeruddin, Shaista Fatima & Dr. M Satyanarayana Gupta
Deliberative Agents and Simulation Systems, Biological, Economic and Social with the Applicable Reactive
Dr.Ramana (Naik) Banothu & Dr.A.Arun Kumar
A Theoretical Evolution of Problems and Remedies of English Language Regarding Engineering Students
Bookya Raju
A Study on Scope of Quality of Work Life of Employees
A Ramesh
A Study on the Performance and Combustion of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil, Its Blends and with an Additive
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Performance of the IC Engine Using Alternative Fuels
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu