Modeling of Intelligent Energy Control Center for Distributed Generators Using Multi-Agent System
J.Rakesh Sharan, G.Hari Prakash & Prof.M.Shiva Kumar
Denoising of an Image with SVD-Based Method
N.Swathi & S.M.Subahan
Nonlocal Means Based Image Filtering Using Similarity Validation
Shavala Thulasi & R.Prabhakar
Design and Analysis of Testable Reversible Sequential Circuit Using Verilog HDL
Siva Prasad Kanna & R Prabhakar
Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Regenerating- Code-Based Cloud Storage
Sunkireddy Uma Rani, Banda Srikanth Reddy & T.Madhu
Efficient Design and Implementation of Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) Using Modified Novel Bit Adder in QCA
Thota Prasanna & N.Bhojanna
Web Based Industrial Monitoring System Using Sensors and Embedded Linux Board
G.Kranthi Kumar & K.Pradeep Kumar
Fuzzy Rule Base System for Open End Winding Transformer Based Voltage Source Converter for Voltage Compensation
U.Sankar & K.Kalyani
Elimination of Harmonics and Dc Voltage Fluctuations Due to Non Linear Loads using Hysteresis Controlled Active Power Filter
J.Venkatesh & B Sankar Prasad
Wind Energy Based Single- Stage Three Level Isolated Ac/Dc Pfc Converter
G Venkatesh & R.Bhavani
Enhancing the IC Engine Performance by Using the Electrolysis and Preheating Process
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Artificial Neural Networks for Internal Combustion Engine Performance and Emission Analysis
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Performance Evaluation of Four Stroke Single Cylinder C.I Engine Using Diesel and Methonal – Diesel Blended Fuel as Alternate Fuels
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Multi Cylinder Di Diesel Engine Operating on Jome and Diesel
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
AEROGEL-A Future Material for Aircraft Structure
Niharanjan Hazarika & Mr.M.A.Irfan
A Multi Variable Optimal Energy Management Strategy for Standalone DC Microgrids
Morthala Pramod
Design and Fatigue Analysis of Lug Joint on Landing Gear
Mr.Bhupal Rakham & P.Praveen Kumar
Data Sharing System to Avoid Inadvertent Data Leaks In the Cloud and Privacy for Preserving Data
Boga Nagesh & N.Srinivas
A Sensor Based Train Traffic Control Station (TTCS)
M.Chandini & B.Naresh Babu
Compensation of Utility Current and Supply Power to Non-Linear Load by Using Fuzzy Based PV-Active Power Filter
Mr.G.Siddartha & Mr.Y.Praveen Kumar Reddy
A Secure and Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
Gadee Manasa & Vishnu Prasad Goranthala
A Novel Design of Balanced Quaternary Reversible Logic Circuits Using Verilog HDL
Pasupulety Sudheer & P.Jayarami Reddy
Optimization and Process Control in Small Diameter End Mill
Vanakayala Shiva & Mohammad Rizwan
Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost Rectifier with Soft Witching
Morthala Suresh Reddy & V.Achireddy
Design and Implementation of Sequential Counters Using Reversible Logic Gates with Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
A.Rudramadevi & P.Lachi Reddy
Detect and Performed with One Unique Set of Secret Keys in Cloud Provider for Duplicates
V.Shalini Sruthi & Mr.S.Velliangiris
Portable Camera-based Product Label Reading and Voice Based Home Automation Using Raspberry Pi
Mrs.Sonal Singh & P.Suresh
Implementation of Deep Representation for Iris, Face and Fingerprint Spoofing Detection Open Source Platform
B.Vani & P.Ashok Babu
Design and Simulation of Al-SIC Graphite Piston and Comparison with Alluminium Alloy, Gray-Cast Iron Pistons
R.Johar & P.Bhaskar
Three-Level Hybrid Boost Topology for Renewable Energy Systems
Bolgam Naveen Kumar & U.Krishna Prasad
A Novel Power Electronics Interface for Battery Based Electric Vehicles
Fakehanaaz, V.Sravanthi & U.Krishna Prasad
A New MIC Control for the Three Level Switch Mode Rectifier
D.Mahesh & U.Krishna Prasad
A Seven Level Single-Phase Cascaded Inverter with Improved Efficiency
Kadasu Venu & U.Krishna Prasad
Transformer less Single-Phase Inverter with Hybrid Modulation
N.Vidyarani, B.Ravi Kiran & U.Krishna Prasad
A Reduced switch count Soft-Switching Current-Fed Full-Bridge Isolated DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Julakanti Mounika & N.Ravi
A Novel SVPWAM Control Scheme for the Fuel Cell Based Buck-Boost Voltage/Current Source Inverter
Pallapothula Soma Shekhar & N.Ravi
Design and Analysis of Washing Machine Drum
K.Venkata Krishnaiah & Mr.Rama Narasimha Reddy
A Novel High-Speed Carry Skip Adder with AOI and OAI Logic Using Verilog HDL
Enjam Sruthi & Kannekanti Vinay Kumar
A Method of Detecting Abnormal Program Behavior on Embedded Devices
K.Ramya & P.Sowjanya
Characteristics of a Diesel Engine by Using Biodiesel Extracted From Karanja Oil and Overall Performance and Emission Analysis
Bobbara Someswara Rao
Design of All-Optical Reversible Logic Circuits Using Novel Optical Reversible Gates
Sarfaraz Ahmed & Syed Jilani Pasha
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Using Modified QCA Adder
Umme Hani & Syed Jilani Pasha
Cutting Strategies for Forging Die Manufacturing on CNC Milling Machines
Kore Sai Kumar & Rayapuri Ashok
Design of a Reversible Carry Look-Ahead Adder Using Reversible Gates
Neela Shirisha, P.Kalyani & Dr.D.Nageshwar Rao
Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Metal Cutting Forces for Engineering Alloys
D.Ranjith Kumar & Rayapuri Ashok
Design of Carry Select Adder Using Brent Kung Adder and BEC Adder
Habeebunnisa Begum & Syed Jilani Pasha
Design of Reversible FIR Filter for Speech Signal Processing
Hajara Siddiqui & Syed Jilani Pasha
Analysis of Wear after Machining of Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Eluru Mahesh Babu & A Sreekanth Gowd
A DHT- Spread Technique for PAPR Reduction in ACO-OFDM Systems
Muddars Chandana & M.Krupa Swaroopa Rani
Experimental Investigation on Drilling of Composite Materials
Jangam Eraiah Swamy & G Veeresh
Double Profit Maximization Scheme with Guaranteed Quality of Service in Heterogenous Cloud Environment
D.Yamini & Sri K.Vasanth Kumar
Methodology in Building a Scalable and Reliable Matching Service for Content Based Systems
G.Kumar & Reni.T
Train Collision Avoidance Using ZigBee Technology
Suneetha Regulagadda & M.Ajay Kumar
Design and Implementation of High Performance MAC Unit
V.Ashok Kumar & C.Madhavi
Design and Implementation of High Performance Coded Techniques for Network on Chip
V.Ashok Kumar & V.Mahendar
Design & Implementation of DDFS Using VLSI Technology
V.Ashok Kumar & A.Mahipal
A Methodology for Embedding Iris Image into Hand Vein Image by Water Marking Technology for Data Security
Peddiboyina Harish, Mrs.Swapna Kumari B & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Mechanical Characterisation, Preperation and Comparision of Glass Fiber and Fiber Reinforcement with Aluminum Alloy (GFRAA) To Improve the Strengthening For Automotive and Aerospace Structural Applications
Cahedipothula Pothulaiah & K Trilok Kumar
Implementation of LTE Systems using FIFO
V.Ashok Kumar & M.Nagendra Babu
Implementation of an Efficient Multiplier Using Adaptive Hold Logic
V.Ashok Kumar & Sandhya Rani
Design & Estimating the Performance for Asynchronous Pipelining Using FIR Filters on FPGA
V.Ashok Kumar & D.Shravan Durgyala
Design and Implementation of Wi-Fi Technology using S-BOX
V.Ashok Kumar & T.Sumith Kumar
Design and Analysis of Combinational Circuit for Efficient Fault Coverages Using Built-In Self Test
V.Ashok Kumar & Shrama Parveen
Scene Text Deblurring Using Adaptive Version of Non Uniform Deblurring
Nerella Sathish, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A New Novel Approach for Online Offline Multi Object Tracking with Different Complex Scenarios
Mandapuram Venkatesh, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Robust Face Recognition Using Space Varying Motion Blur, Across Blur Illumination and Pose
Dharmasoth Venkatesh, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Novel Method for Canny Edge Document Image Binirazation Technique for Degraded Document Images
Kudurupaka Mahesh, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Novel Method for Secret Data Transmission Technique via Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by RGB Image Transformation Technique
Bandi Veera Swamy, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Continuous Duplicate Detection
B.Guna Harika, Dr.V.V.S.S.S.Balaram & Sunil Bhutada
Secure Data Propagation and Renovation of Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
B.Kiranmai & G.Sumalatha
Identifying Cancerous Tissues Using Dynamic Neural Network with Reuse
K.Nagi Reddy, Dr.B.Ravi Prasad & Dr.K.Suvarchala
Trust Management of Cloud Services Using Credibility Assessment Technique
U.Vyshnavi & P.Praveen Yadav
Data Tracing For Protecting Data Leakages in Malicious Environments
V.S.Viswanath & K.Sri Laxmi
Effect of Reynolds Number and Wall Temperature on Shock Wave / Boundary Layer Interaction
B.Nagaraj & MD.Zakiuddin
Design and Development of Android Based Remote Control Car Unit for Search Missions
P.Bhavana & S.Aruna
Occupancy Estimation in Smart Buildings Using IOT-Based Techniques
K.Sowjanya & Y.Raghuram Prasad
An Implementation of Automatic Vehicle License Plate Recognition for Security System
M.Jyothirmayee & S.Aruna
Embedded Web Server for Real Time Remote Control and Monitoring of an FPGA Based on Board System
Saritha Ramineni & R.Ramesh Babu
Implementation of Low Power 2:1 MUX And 1:2 DEMUX with Transformer-Coupled Technique for SerDes Interface
B.Pardhasaradhi & V.Prasad
Locking and Unlocking of Theft Vehicles Using CAN
Chandrashekar & R.Vyshnavi
Remote Control of Smart Household Based on DTMF Using PSOC Mixed Signal Array
Myaka Praneeth Kumar & T.Krishna Arjuna Rao
Analysis of Pulse Rate of the Patient Using Wireless Communication System
Sairam Ankhathi & E.Swetha
Design of Fir Filter Using Efficient Carry Select Adder
S.L.Sukanya & N.M.R.L.Rao
Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems
Macharla Ruby Priya & R.V.Prasad Bhookya
Design of High Speed Vedic Multiplier Using Carry Select Adder with Brent Kung Adder
Kathi Anoosha & Sasi Kiran
A Study on Gap-Acceptance of Unsignalized Intersection under Mixed Traffic Conditions
Vijay Pratap K & Deepika Ch
Design and Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake Rotor Using Aluminum Alloy 2014 and Generalized Experimental Analysis for Temperature Distribution
D.Maneiah, Levicus John & M.Saikrishna
Blood Vessel Segmentation from Retina Images Using Curvelet Transform and Multi-Structure Elements Morphology
Jonna Vamshidhar Reddy, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Robust Automated System for Detection of Exudates in Diabetic Retinopathy and Theoretic Approach to Detect the Retinal Detachment
Sneha Nair
Grid Integration of PV System Using Active Power Filter for Instantaneous Power Quality Regulation
Gowthami Seepana & Dr.K.Shashidar Reddy
Nonlinear Load Current Compensation by PV-Active Power Filter Combination Using Fuzzy
Ravindar Moodu & Srinivas
Enhanced Dynamic Leakage Detection Scheme in CDN Using Anomaly Software Agent System
Ashlesha Kolarkar & Boge Sneha
Analysis of Modular Multilevel Converters with Dc Short Circuit Fault Blocking Capability Bipolar HVDC Transmission Systems
Navitha Petla & T.Achutharao
Real Time Eye’s off the Road Detection System for Driver Assistance
Bandi Ramagopal & Y.Raghuram Prasad
VHDL Implementation of FPGA Based OFDM Modem for Wireless Applications
Ms.P.Deepthi & G.Raju
Computational Prediction of Role of Vortex Generators in Combustion Enhancement
Santh Rajashekhar, Dr.Pramod K Dash & Kopparapu Vskc Mani Kumar
Towards Effective Bug Triage with Software Data Reduction Techniques
Ch.Ramesh Kumar & Arige Sairam
A Novel Approach for Optimal Sequential Route Recommendation
Arduino Based Robust Railway Track Deviation and Rail Crack Detection System
Ch.Sampath Kumar & Dr.M.Sudhakar
The New Hybrid Energy Based Modular Multilevel Inverter for Grid Interface Applications
Ragiboguda Sreevidya & N.Ravi
A Soft-Switching Isolated Bidirectional Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive
Gundoji Pavan Kumar & K.Suresh
A Novel Bidirectional Converter Based Space Vector Modulation Fed VSI for Electric Vehicle Applications
Kanakamedala Poojitha & K.Suresh
Analysis of Pulse Rate of the Patient Using Wireless Communication System
Sairam Ankhathi & E.Swetha
Detection of Lung Cancer Using Marker-Controlled Watershed Transform
Dasari Hemalatha, Ch.Raja Rao & Dr.S.J.Sugumar
Recursive Approach for Design of a Parallel Self-Timed Adder Using Verilog HDL
Kairamkonda Srinivas & G.Ramachandra Kumar
Construction of Tremor Resilient Buildings in Earthquake Zones By Employing Shear Wall Technique
Awari Mahesh Babu
A 32 BIT MAC Unit Design Using Vedic Multiplier and Reversible Logic Gate
Mounika & Ashraf
MATLAB Based Bomb Detecting and Diffusing Robot
L.Sandeep, Mrs.Swapna Kumari B & Dr.D.Subba Rao
An Efficient Fog Removal Method Using Retinex and DWT Algorithms
Mukundala Sowjanya, Dr.D.Subba Rao & M.Pushpalatha
Self Immunity Technoque to Improve Register File Integrity against Soft Errors
Bungai Karishma Kour Harjeet Singh & Mr.N.Ashok Kumar
LCC & LLC Resonant Converter For High-Power, Low-Voltage, High-Current Power Applications
B.Anurag & V.Sunil Kumar
Data Transfer with in the Future Microgrids by Using Zigbee & IOT
E.Aparna, Dr.M.Narsing Yadav & M.Naresh
Mechanical Properties of Poly Propylene Concrete
T Syamala & Srinivasarao Naraganti
Design & Analysis of Composite Cylinder for Aerospace Applications
Dr.M Satyanarayana Gupta & Abdul Subur
An Improved Design of Vedic Multiplier Using Reversible Logic
Cheripally Niresh kumar, N.Ravi Kumar & V.Teju
Sensor Based Train Collision Identification and Avoidance System
Malyala Prabhakar & A.Ashok Babu
Low Leakage Current and High Efficient Transformerless PV Grid-Connected Inverter
Banoth Suman & T.Rakesh
Remote Offshore Wind Farms (WFS) Connected Through Point-To-Point Dc Links
Naguru Ramadevi Satyam & S.Vijay
A Case Study of Road Accident Investigations on NH-163
Awari Mahesh Babu
Load Balancing Policies for the Cloud Ecosystem Which Are Energy Responsive
M.Parimala, J.Navaneetha & Muthe Swapna
Implementation of Attribute- Based Encryption in Maintaining User Privilege and Anonymity over Cloud Data
M.Parimala, K.Pradeep Reddy & G.Chaithanya
A Study on Panda: Public Auditing for Shared Data with Efficient User Revocation in Cloud
J.Navaneetha, K.Mahesh & C.V.Kavya Sree
A Novel Method to Estimate the Route and Travel Time with the Help of Location Based Services
M.Uday Kumar, K.Pradeep Reddy & S Navaneetha
An Eye Gaze Real Time Road Detection System for Driver Assistance
K.Pradeep Reddy, M.Uday Kumar & B Avinash
Development of Receiver Interfacing Board for Microwave and Digital Receiver
Spandana, Mr.V.Pradeep Kumar & Mr.Prasanth Tripati
A Methodology of Producing Security in AD HOC Networks Using Identity and Trust Key
S.Divya, Mr.M.Naresh & Prof.M.Narsing Yadav
Secure End-To-End SMS Communication over GSM Networks
Rajesh Kumar Chinthala, Dr.D.Subba Rao & E.Swetha
An Efficient Design of Serial Communication Module UART Using Verilog HDL
Pogaku Indira, Dr.D.Subba Rao & Ashok Babu Amudapakula
Design of Index Based Round Robin Arbiter for NOC
Routers Using Verilog HDL

Mohammad Thousif & Dr.D.Subba Rao
A Novel Design of Carry Save Arithmetic Using DADDA Multiplier
Gali Naveen Kumar Reddy & V.Naga Mahesh
Distributed and Concurrent Technique to Access Cloud Databases
K.Siva Prasad, M.Venkatesh Naik & Ms.M.Shiva lakshmi
Enhanced Security on Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks
K.Sreehari, S.Sravani & Ms.M.Shiva lakshmi
Improving the Quality of Search in Personalized Web Search
P.Ramya, S.Sravani & Dr.G.Prakash Babu
Feature Extraction Using Image Mining Techniques to Identify Brain Tumors
Mittakanti Jhansi, Pushpalatha & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
GUI Controlled Robot with MATLAB
Rajender, Pushpalatha & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Sharing Data Effectively and Economically
Koppula Kishore
Remote Server Cloud to Store Data through Topologies
Rongala Ravi
Biometric Finger Print Based Bank Locker System Using Arm 7 TDMI Processor Based Lpc2148 Controller
Allammala Suman, N.Malathi Raj & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Face Recognition and Facial Expression Identification Using PCA
Yapa Ashok & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Raspberry Pi Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse
Design and Simulation of Centrifugal Pump Using Composite Materials
K.Uday Kumar, N.Venkatramana Reddy & M.Ramanarasimha Reddy
Diet Aid Weight Machine
Etukala Jhansi & N.Dinesh Kumar
A High-Performance VLSI Architecture for Threshold Implementations Illustrated on AES
K.Anusha, M.Suman Kumar, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Realization of Reliable Aging-Aware Multiplier Design Using Adaptive Hold Logic
G.Lavanya, B.Mythily Devi, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Implemetation of Low Delay and Low Power Consumption Carry Skip Adder
Esvi Ravikumar Reddy, B.Mythily Devi, B.Kedarnath & Dr.M.Narendra Kumar
Efficient Fast Sign Detection Algorithm for the RNS Moduli Set
N.Nagender Patel, Dr.N.Srinivas, Dr.M.Narendra Kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Implementation of Efficient Algorithms for the Filter Design Optimization Problem
U.Sowmya Latha, M.Suman Kumar, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Web Based Automatic Irrigation System Using Raspberry Pi Processor on Embedded Linux
Gundlapally Prasanna, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
IOT-Based Smart Buildings Monitoring Techniques for Energy-Efficient Using Raspberry Pi
Prasanna Kumar Merugu, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Implementation of Light Intensity Monitoring System Based on Cloud and Linux Platform
Muthineni Srinu, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
IOT Based Occupancy Monitoring Techniques for Energy Efficient Smart Buildings
Merigala Srikanth & V.Rekha Andal
A Novel Realization of Reversible LFSR for Its Application in Cryptography
V.Naveen, N.Siva Kumar & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Finite State Machine Based Vending Machine Controller
Monali Nandkumar Swami & Mr.N.Ashok Kumar
Real Time Industrial Network by Energy Efficient Ethernet
Punna Vinod & V.Rekha Andal
Analysis, Design of Soft-Switching Current-Fed Push-Pull Dc/Dc Converter for Hybrid Vehicles
Chindham Manideepak & T.Rakesh
Noval Approach of Educates Detection in Color Retinal Images Using Thresholding and K-Means Clustering Methods
Danavath Jyothi, Dr.Dasari Subba Rao & Mrs.Swapna Kumari
Design and Implementation of Industrial Monitoring System through Wireless Sensor Networks
Y.Swathi, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Novel Method to Preserve the Privacy of User Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
J.Navaneetha, K.Pradeep Reddy & Mogurampally Padma
A Framework to Enhance the Data Security in Cloud Storage Auditing With Key Abstraction
J.Navaneetha, H.K.Maheshwari & M.Paramesh
A Novel Method to Identify and Rectify the Distorted Fingerprints
K.Mahesh, H.K.Maheshwari & Endla Dinesh
A Mechanism to Detect Malicious Facebook Applications
M.Parimala, H.K.Maheshwari & Akula Ranjtih
A Study on Fingerprint Image Reconstruction from Minutiae
M.Uday Kumar, K.Mahesh & B.Santhosh
An Efficient Multi-Keyword Search Which Supports Classified Sub-Dictionaries over Encrypted Cloud Data
M.Uday Kumar, J.Navaneetha & Guduru Mounika
CFD and Thermal Analysis of FIN Tube Evaporator
Kasireddy Tejashwi & Smt.V.Saritha
Design and Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake for Sports Bikes
Srinivas Talari & Sri.Lakshmi Jyothi
Design and Thermal Analysis of Hydrogen Gas Turbine
U.Adithya & Sri.B.C.Raghu Kumar Reddy
Salient Object Detection in Videos Based on SPATIO-Temporal Saliency Maps and Colour Features
U.Swamy Kumar & Smt.G.Hemalatha
Preventing Manet From Blackhole And Grayhole Attacks Using Reverse Tracing Technique
Pathan Aiyaz Khan & Mr.M.Dhanaraju
Crosslayer Network Model For Zigbee Based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Ravi Shankar Sharma & Naadem Divya
Efficient Stable Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Dr.Ch.Mukundha & R.Shireesha
Study and Analysis of Metakaoline in High Performance Concrete
Bhukya Krishnaveni & Ms.Nozeer
Implementation of Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System for Environmental Studies
CH.Kartheek, T.Krishnarjuna Rao & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
FPGA Realization of Multiplier less FIR FILTER Architecture
M.A.Aziz & Imthiazunnisa Begum
ARM Based Implementation Text to Speech Implementation for Real Time Systems
Koppula Sravanthi, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Optimal Energy Management in Multi-Machine Grid Connected Systems using Static Compensators and BESS
M.Abhinav & D.Shobha Rani
Design of low power high speed Domino Inverter Using Floating Gates
Periketi Lavanya, Mrs.P.Sony & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Matlab Based Traffic Sign Reconition for Autonomous Driving Robot
Podhisetti Suresh, Mrs.P.Sony & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design and Implementation of Network Based Data Acquisition and Control System for Industrial Applications Using ARM-Linux
Ranga Pravalika, G.Sreenivasa Rao & S.Anil Kumar
Intelligent Driver Assistant on Curved Path using Matlab
D Swathi, Dr.N.Sathish Kumar, Dr.M.Narendra kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Raspberry Pi Based Self Organizing of Heavy Traffic using Zigbee Communication
T.Srilatha, B.Ravi Chandra, Dr.M.Narendra kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Infrastructure Health Monitoring using Zigbee Communication
N.Spoorthi, J.L.Divya Shivani, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Arm7 Based Vehicle Tracking using Rfid and Gsm
M.Sai Prasanna, I.Sharath chandra, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Zigbee-Based Smart and Secured Buildings
B Rajitha, J.L.Divya Shivani, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Automatic Meter Reading using Gsm and Arm7
M Naveen Kumar, Dr.N.Sathish Kumar, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Arm Based Remote Monitoring and Control System for Environmental Parameters in Greenhouse
V Divyabharathi, Shaik Saidulu, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Gsm Based Secure and Privacy-Preserving Traffic Information Systems
M Chandrashaker, Shaik Saidulu, B.Kedarnath & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Design of Online Testing Approach for Fault Models in Reversible Circuits using Verilog HDL
Modala Kavitha Rani & Vijaykumar R.Urkude
Using Fuzzy Logic Control the Distributed Voltage Control with Electric Springs: Comparison with STATCOM
P Sravan, D Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Water Management System Using Wireless Embedded Web Server
P.Dilip Yadav, Dr.M.Narsing Yadav & M.Naresh
Bank Security System by Using Wireless Sensor with Arm7
K.Ajay, B.Ananth Kumar & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Power-Quality Compensation, as Well as in Microgrid Application with IUPQC
B.Renu Sri & T.Rakesh
IOT Based Health Care Monitoring System with SMS Alert
K.Sesha Sai Teja, M.Naresh & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Operation of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) With an Integrated Active Filter Capabilities Using Grid-Side Converter (GSC)
Deepa S Sonyal & S.Vijay
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using Modified QCA Adder
Rokkam Shravanya, T.Krishnarjuna Rao & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Implementation of Web Cam Server Using Raspberry Pi
D.Abinaya, T.A.Ashok Babu & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Flowchart Approach to Scalable Encryption Algorithm using Verilog HDL
Jadala Ravi Teja & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
An Improved Design of Vedic Multiplier Using Reversible Logic
C.Niresh Kumar, N.Ravi Kumar & V.Teju
Design of Wi-Fi MAC Layer for Transmitter using Verilog HDL
Moodu Balaji, T.A.Ashok Babu & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
GUI Based Performance Comparision of Noice Reduction Based on Wavelet Transform
Atiya Inam & Miss.Tabassum
Effect of Silica Fume on Steel Slag Concrete
Nimma Kiranmai & K.Harish Kumar
Flicker Mitigation by Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines with DFIG Using Fuzzy Controller
M Shravan Kumar, D Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
A Robust Human Body Segmentation Based on Bottom-Up Approaches
Pantrangi Sindhu Gowthami & Kallapalli Suseela
Effect of Shear Wall Area to Floor Area Ratio on the Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Azeez Ur Rahman Mohammad & Divya Bharathi
Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Cracked Composite Beam
Baleghat Rambabu & K.Sai Santosh
Experimental Study of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
Kola Harish Kumar & L.Shyam
Seismic Analysis of Multistorey Building with Floating Column
Mohammed Sameer Ahmed & S.Sameera Nasreen
Effect of Diaphragm Discontinuity in the Seismic Response of Multi-Storeyed Building
Nemali Deepika & K.Sai Santosh
Impact of Fire on Steel Reinforcement of R.C.C Structures
Saddam Hussain & K.Harish Kumar
Pozzolanas Effect on Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Meesa Mahendar & E.Narendar
A Novel Convertor and PWM Method Used to Control Voltage Stress for Fuel Cell Power System
B.Kalyan Kumar & M.Kishore
Cascaded Two Level Electrical Converter-Based Multilevel STATCOM for High Power Utilization
D.Nagaraju & L.Ramesh
Improving the Power Factor Using D-STATCOM Inverter with FACTS Capability for Distributed Energy System
R.Rashmitha & M.Kishore
Building Design Using Site Specific Response Spectra to Resist At Earth Quake
Mahammad Samiuddin & Nozeer
Non-Linear Sliding Mode Control With Fuzzy Logic for Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(Pmsm)
B.Roopa Devi & V.Avinash
Optimized Design of a G+20 Storied Building Using ETABS
Md.Mustaq & Divya Bharathi
A Study on Provable Multi Copy Dynamic Data Possession in Cloud Computing Systems
R Bala Vigneshwar & Mr.M Venkateswara Rao
Data Acquisition & Intelligent Robot Motion Control System for Industrial Monitoring Using Image Processing
Manda Vema Reddy
Dynamic Resource Allocation using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing
Mr.N Srinivas & S.Sathwik
An Approved Mechanism to Evaluate the Redundant Data in Cloud
D.Saika & V.Sridhar Reddy
The Cost-Effective Iterative MapReduce in Big Data Environment Actualized on Hadoop
J Bhagya Lakshmi & Priya Vaijayanthi
Control Strategies for Harmonic Mitigation Using Two Voltage
Source Inverters in a Three Phase Four Wire System

J.Alekha & K.Kusal Kumar
Design and Analysis of Missiles
Mr.K.Veeranjaneyulu & Manohar Satti
Smart Monitoring of Poultry Farm
Ch.Swamy & Dr.B.Lokeswara Rao
An Efficient Design of Reversible Binary and BCD Adder Using Verilog HDL
M.Susmitha Reddy & Tahseen Fatma
Harmonic Reduction Using Voltage Source Converter Based Active
Power Filter with One Cycle Control

G.Madhavi Latha & K.Kusal Kumar
Implementation of Hybrid Switch Based Soft-Switching Inverter for UHE Traction Motor Drives
K.Praveen & L.Ramesh
High Power Approach of Solar Clump Simulater to Provide PV System Testing By Using LLC Resonant Converter
B.Swathi & L.Ramesh
12-Pulse Diode Rectifiers for Storage of Energy Integration and AC Harmonic Elimination
Vasanthi & M.Kishore
MEMS Based Controlled Wheelchair System Using Raspberry-Pi with Video Monitoring
Srilatha.Ch, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Direction Control of Wind Turbines Using MEMS Sensor and Damage Detection
Eemani Sai Koti Reddy, Mr.Sathish Parvatham & Dr.Samalla Krishna
FIR Filter Implementation Using Novel Modulo 2n-2k-1 Adder for RNS
V.Nandini & A.Sivannarayana
Implementation of RISC Processor Using Radix-4 & Radix-8 Booth Encoded Multi-Modulus Multipliers
V.Sandhya & K.Lakshmi Sowjanya
A Dynamic Secret Based Encryption Scheme for Smart Grid Wireless Communication
B.Priyanka, N.Siva Kumar & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design and Implementation of SMS based Home Security System
Santhosh Aitha, R.Vyshnavi & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
A Novel Approach on Supporting Reputation-based Trust Management for Cloud Services
Banala Ramya Sree & Dr.G.Prabhakar Rao
Users Compose Privacy Settings for Their Images Using Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction
M.Chandana & Dr.G.Prabhakar Rao
Fuzzy Based Three-Phase Converter for Compensating Harmonics and Reactive Power under Ac Voltage Source
B.Gandhi Mohan, D.Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
Reversible Optimal Design of Linear Pseudo Random Number Generator (LFSR) for Cryptography Applications
Ashok Kumar Swasani, M.Pushpalatha & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using Modified QCA Adder
Suroj Sharath Chandra, Dr.S.Vamshi Krishna & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Travolution of Embedded System in Passenger Car of Road Safety
N.Sowjanya, MD.Ashraf & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Reduction of PAPR in OFDM System by Using Weighted Method
K.Anil Kumar & Mohammed Abdul Farida
WSN Based Smart Surveillance and Safety System for Coal Mines
S.Towseef Ahmed & K.Swarna Madhuri
Download Speed and Reliability Challenges of Network Coded Storage Systems
Manasa Jonnalagadda
A Single Phase Active Device for Power Quality Improvement of Electrified Transportation
K.Devasree & Rosaiah Mudigondla
Based on Zigbee Smart Home Energy Management System Using Renewable Energy
M.Swetha, N.Sivakumar & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Web of Things Based Monitoring System for Coal Mine Safety by Using Raspberry Pi Processor
P.Anusha, Dr.M.Narsing Yadav & M.Naresh
Three-Phase Grid Connected ZCT Inverter integrated Photovoltaic Systems
Kasukurthi Neelima & T.Kranthi Kiran
Cloud Based Control and Monitor of Appliances Using Raspberry Pi
Atchyutha Kumar Nidamanuru & Penchala Reddy Sura
Smart Health Care Diagnosys System
Vamsi Chakravarthy Nannapaneni & Ganadi Ramesh Babu
A Novel Design of a Reversible Central Processing Unit Components Using Verilog HDL
Akula Mounika, R.Vyshnavi & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
A 32 BIT MAC Unit Design Using Vedic Multiplier and Reversible Logic Gate
Mounika & Ashraf
Design of Carry Select Adder with Binary Excess Converter and Brent Kung Adder Using Verilog HDL
Andoju Naveen Kumar & Dr.D.Subba Rao
Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction Based On Low Resolution Satellite
Bhoyer Rahul, Mrs.Swapna Kumari & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Design and Analysis of Approximate Compressors for Multiplication
J.Ganesh, Dr.S.Vamshi Krishna & Dr.Dasari Subba Rao
Photo Voltaic Systems Power Optimization under Cascaded Inverter Environment
Mr.Guruprasad G & Vijay Krishna M
Reconfigurable Approximation Technique for Video Encoding Using Arithmetic Units
A.Divya, N.Srinivas, Dr.M.Narendra Kumar & Dr.S.Sreenatha Reddy
Automatic Fatality Prevention and Emergency Aid System
Chandnee & Godwin.B
A Robust DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy to Enhance the Performance of Shunt Active Power Filters without Harmonic Detection Schemes
Srividya Tammineni & Mr.Ravi Mali
The Model Test Stand on Diesel Engine Cooling System with Elevated Coolant Temperature Analysis
Bobbara Someswara Rao
A Real-Time Health Monitoring on Android Mobile
Dodda Sai Prasad Reddy & Md.Naseerudin
Power Optimized Programmable Truncated Multiplier and Accumulator Using Reversible Adder
Syeda Mohtashima Siddiqui & G Ramesh
Implementation of Reusable DCT Architectures with Reversible Adders
A Mehjabeen & Sri.T Thammi Reddy
Integrated Active Filter Capabilities for Wind Energy Conversion Systems with Doubly Fed Induction Generator Using Fuzzy
Ch Srikanth Reddy, D Srinivas & Dr.Samalla Krishna
FPGA Implementations of the Humming Bird Cryptographic Algorithm
Ganam Thirumalesh & T Krishnarjuna Rao
Fuzzy Controller Based E-Statcom for Power Oscillation Damping In Power Systems
C.Venkata Supraja & Mr.N.Vara Prasad
Design and Implementation of Sequential Counters Using Reversible Logic Gates with Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Gadaboina Thirumala & J.Ramaiah
Simulation of Wind PV System for Different Load Variation using Artificial Neural Networks
G.Spandana & S T P K Pravallika Jyothi
Secure End-To-End SMS Communication over GSM Networks
Vattemula Mallesham & N.Raj Kumar
Design and Implementation of Automated Blood Bank Using Embedded Systems
Mohammed Riaz, M.Naresh & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
License Plate Extraction by Using Raspberry PI3
Malothu Sathish Kumar, K.Vamshi & Dr.M.Narsing Yadav
Face and Facial Expression Detection Using Viola-Jones and PCA Algorithm
Manda Vema Reddy
Load Balanced Clustering With MIMO Uploading Technique for Mobile Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr.G.Munisekhar & Dr.S.Maruthu Perumal
Highway Accident Modeling Influence of Geometrics
Gogineni Divya, Yenumula Anand Babu & P.Gopi
A Novel Approach for Malware Extension in LSN
B.Komali & R.Aruna
Resonance Propagation and Mitigation in Grid Connected and Islanding Micro Grids by Using Fuzzy Logic
K.Hari Prasada Reddy & Y.Ramaiah
Finite Element Analysis of Multi-Fastened Bolted Joint Connecting Composite Components in Aircraft Structures
Dr.M Satyanarayana Gupta & Paka Rakesh
MIMO-OFDM Wireless Channel Prediction by Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Correlation
Siva Leela Saggurthi & K.Suresh
An Enhanced iUPQC for Improve Voltage Regulation in Micro Grid Applications
Chenigaram Manjula, Pasam Venubabu & Fathima Azra
Experimental Investigation on Concentrating Parabolic Solar Collectors at 170.42’ N Latitude & 830.18’ E Longitude
Sankurubothu Tirumalesh & B.Ramanjaneyulu
Experimental Investigation on Strength and Durability Properties of Ternary Blended Geopolymer Bricks
M.Seshalalitha & Dr.K.Rajasekhar
Implementation of the Mechanism- Cost-Minimizing Dynamic Migration of Content Distribution Services into Hybrid Clouds
K.Pradeep Reddy, M.Parimala & Kusuma Geethika
A Study on DTC with solar PV cell as Input Power
P.Ramesh & B.Avinash
A Mechanism to Preserve the Content Protection in Cloud Based Multimedia
M.Uday Kumar, M.Parimala & B Swetha
Improving the Mobile Computing Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Networks by Using Distributed Three-Hop Routing Protocol
M.Parimala, K.Mahesh & M Praveen Kumar
Noise Reduction Technology
Mohd Zaheeruddin, Shaista Fatima & Dr. M Satyanarayana Gupta
Deliberative Agents and Simulation Systems, Biological, Economic and Social with the Applicable Reactive
Dr.Ramana (Naik) Banothu & Dr.A.Arun Kumar
A Theoretical Evolution of Problems and Remedies of English Language Regarding Engineering Students
Bookya Raju
A Study on Scope of Quality of Work Life of Employees
A Ramesh
A Study on the Performance and Combustion of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil, Its Blends and with an Additive
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu
Performance of the IC Engine Using Alternative Fuels
Prof.R.Ramachandra & Prof.V.Pandurangadu