Optimum Step-Up Converter by Employing Active-Clamp in Fuel Cell Power Generation
A.Bhuvaneswar & A.Gowtham
Possible Metrics and Relative Methods to Measure Human Intelligence
N S R Phanindra Kumar & Ramesh Bandaru
New Access Method Where Queries Give Results That Satisfy Spatial and Text Predicates
K.Anil Kumar, D.Shanthi & Dr.S.Arvind
Byte Level Encryption and Authentication Algorithms for Data Revocation in the Cloud While Protecting Data Integrity
Pilli Ashok Kumar Sai Charan, Mr.N.Vijay Kumar & Dr.S.Arvind
An Architecture That Integrates Cloud Database Services With Confidentiality, While Elminating Intermediate Proxies
Netikar Ashok Sundeep, Mr.K.G.N.Kumar & Dr.S.Arvind
Two Phase Validation Commit Protocol System for Trusted Transactions in Distributed Transactional Database Systems Deployed Over The Cloud
D.Prasad, Mrs. P.Rupa & Dr.S.Arvind
A Dynamic System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
G.Sindhuja & S. Siva Kumar
Fabrication and Determination of Mechanical Properties of Mild Steel Particle Reinforced Polyester Composite Material
Kunturi Madhan & Dr.Dara Eswar
Compatibility of Various High Ratio Gear Technologies to Fit in a Small Volume – A Review
Govada Tejaswini & G. Chandra Mohan Reddy
Power Reduction and Non-Linearty Errors Minimization Withsplit SAR ADC
Maram Anantha Guptha & B.Suresh Babu
New Breed of Network Fault-Tolerant Voltage-Source-Converter HVDC Transmission System
Konduru Sumalatha & M.Purushotham
Low Cost Sensor Network For Real Time Monitoring and Contamination Detection in Sea Water and Purifying Through Natural Process
Mr.P.V.S.Muralikrishna, K.Omprakash & A.Naveen Kumar
Automatic Pneumatic Stamping Machine
Mr.Ravipothina, B.Raju & G.Upendra Kumar
Experimental Analysis on Performance Improvement of Diesel Engine Utilizing Water Gas
Dr.B.Murali Krishna, Dr.P.Ramesh Babu & Mr.S.Sanyasi Rao
Design and Fabrication of A Steering Controlled Headlights in Automobile
N.Laxmi, B.Anil Kumar & D.Kiran Varma
Experimental Investigation of Composite Material (Al Alloy+E-Glass FRP) For Application of Aerospace
Mr.Ravipothina, Mr.Sunil Kumar Jena & Mr. P.V.S.Murali Krishna
Design and Fabrication of Rechargeable Catalytic Converter for IC Engine
N.Laxmi, V.Jhonson & R.Chandra Sekhar
Design of Remote Video Monitoring and Motion Detection System Based on ARM-Linux Platform and HTTP Protocol with SMS Capability
B.Saidulu & P.Jaya Krishna
Credential Based Publisher/Subscriber Technique Using Identity Based Encryption
A.Shirisha, B.Srikanth Reddy & T.Madhu
Behavioral Characterization of Proximity Malware Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks
Burri Divya, P.Rajendra Prasad & T. Madhu
Privacy Preserving of Outsourced Data Using Attribute Based Encryption
Bhandekar Harika, P.Rajendra Prasad & T.Madhu
Preserving User Privacy and Preventing Location Server Content in Location Based Service
K.Shireesha, G.Jhanardhan & T.Madhu
Development of Activation of Industrial Applications Using Arm7
M.Arunajyothi & M.Manju
Real Time Compressive Image Sequence Tracking
G.Shalini & G.Thomas Reddy
Self-Immunity Technique to Improve Register File Integrity Against Soft Errors
Parasa Ram Babu & Mr.K.Kotaiah
Design of a Parallel Self-Timed Adder Using Recursive Approach
Koti Reddy Naru & Mr.K.Kotaiah
A Novel Data Hiding and Image Authentication Technique for Enhanced Security
M.Renuka & Shravani
Heat Transfer Analysis of a Riser Tube in a Flat Plate Collector with Fins
Dr.Narsimhulu Sanke & Mohammed Mohsin Shkhair
Design and Heat Transfer Analysis of a Parabolic Shaped Solar Dish Collector
Mohand Mosa Mohammad & Mr.G.Narendar
CFD Analysis of Winglets for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Dr.Narsimhulu Sanke & Ali Salh Sawadi
Removable of Noise on MRI (Digital) Images by Using MDUTMF
Madhu Sudhan Reddy.S, Abdul Rahim.B & Fahimuddin.Shaik
Fabrication of Dual Powered Vehicle
Dr.P.Ramesh Babu, Mr.M.Anil Kumar & Mr.D.Pratap Varma
Fabrication of Low Cost Pneumatic Vice
Mr. Sunil Kumar Jena, Mr.P.Suresh & Mr.P.T.K.Ravi Teja
Linear Precoder Design To Minimize Peak To Average Power Ratio (PAPR) For MIMO-OFDM System
Venkatasubbaiah Y & Prasad K
Fabrication and Analysis of Sprocket Side Stand Retrieval Systems
Mr.V.V.R.Murthy, Mr.T.Seetharam & Mr.V.Prudhvi Raj
Design and Fabrication of Hand Gesture Controlled Wireless Robot
Mr. Sunil Kumar Jena, Mr.B.Arjuna Rao & Mr.B.Yellagi
Design and Fabrication of Compressed Air Vehicle
Mr. N.Govind, Mr.S.Sanyasi Rao & Mr.Manish kumar Behera
A Novel Method for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Using Virtual Machines
Ch.Anusha, Dr.K.Babu Rao & Mr.M.Srikanth
The Hardware Implementation of Moving Object Detection Based on Background Subtraction
Sambhireddy Sriveena & Gudupudi Ravikumar
Performance Evaluation of Multi-Level Inverter (MLI) Used in Low Power Renewable Energy Sources
G.Gopaiah Swamy & J.Srinivasa Rao
Text Dependent Speaker Recognition Using RASTA LPC and Discrete Wavelet Transform
Sailaja Mungamuri & P.P.S. Subhashini
Low Power Low Area Efficient Carry Select Adder
Gouda Venugopal, K.Radhika Reddy & D.Ravi Kiran Babu
Biometric Access Control Implementation Using 32 Bit ARM Processor
T.Mahesh & Jada Lingaiah
Electronic Voting Machine with Security Algorithm and Password Protection Using Biometric System on ARM Microcontroller and GSM
J. Prabhavathi, Mr.M.Ravi Teja & Mr. J.Lingaiah
Integrity Verification in Multi Cloud Storage
N.Soumya, E.Madhu & M.Srikanth
Smart Helmet: The Next Generation Solar Gadget
Dr. G.N.Kodandaramaiah, Dr. Prabhakar V. Hunagund & Mr. Santosh B Panjagal
Movable Pneumatic Crane
Sunil Kumar Jena, S.Uday Kumar & S.Mani Shankar
A Cloud Based Authenticity Verification for Storing Data without Knowing User’s Identity
M.Harshini Sharma & P. Dharshan
Comparative Study of IRIS Feature Extraction Algorithm
Miss.N. S. Jadhav, Prof. D.S.Patil & Prof. P.S. Patil
Design and Simulation of Pneumatic Clamping Fixture to Minimize the Idle Time and Maximize the Production Rate in Welding Process
T. Anji Babu & Sri. D.Vidyasagar Reddy
Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Vertical Axis Wind Mill
B. Mahesh & Sri. M.Rajesh
Enhancement of Image Using DCT Co-Efficient
T.Venu Gopal & Dr. B.C.Jinaga
Getting more Information and useful data from Fusion of images and Image Retrieval method based on Singular Value Decomposition
Pulla Pravalika & Jogu Praveen Kumar
Development of a Copper Based Material for Laser Rapid Sintering Process
B. Naveen Kumar & Dr. Dara Eshwar
Implementation of Model Reference Adaptive Controller by RCC Technique for Renewable Energy System
M.P.Reena & B.Srinu
Design Evaluation and Optimization of a Disc Brake
Susmitha Sankatala & Dr. Dara Eshwar
Implementation of Parity Prediction Scheme in OLS for the Detection of Concurrent Errors
Naresh Yarramsetti, Dr. N.Ravi Kumar & M.Basha
Byte Level Encryption and Authentication Algorithms for Data Revocation in the Cloud
K.Kiran & P. Dharshan
Design of a Sintered Spur Gear by Using Pro-E Modelling and Ansys Analysis
Orugonda Ravali, Konduru Ashok & Mohammed Mujtaba Ahmed
Active In-Hand Object Detection on Robot Using MEMS
B.Prasanna & Shaik Mohammed Rafi
Novel Method for Fast Search from Large Databases
G.Swathi, Dr.K.Babu Rao & M.Srikanth
A Novel Method for Controlling the Users in Online Social Networks R.Divya, E.Madhu & M.Srikanth
Sun Tracking Schemes for Photovoltaic Panels
B.S.Sai Deepika & J.Naga Raju
Fabrication of an Advanced Wind Powered Augmented Electric Vehicle
Ms. Nannoori Swathi & J.Naga Raju
Fabrication of Solar powered Grass Cutting Machine
Ms. Lanka Priyanka, Mr.J.Nagaraju & Mr.Vinod Kumar Reddy
Texture Enhancement Based on FBM Model Evaluation and a Single Image Regularized Analysis
Tanveer Begum, Ms. Amena Sayeed & Ms. Saleha Farha
Design of Intelligent Embedded System for Driver Vital Signal Monitoring
N. Mounika, Mr. V. Veera Babu & Prof. K. Niranjan Reddy
Decentralized Access Control of Data Stored In Cloud Using Encryption
Mahjabeen & V.Mallesi
Improved Privacy of Cloud Storage Data with Multi-Authority Cloud Storage Using CPABE
Vidyavati Bannatti & K.Arjun
Cryptographic Algorithms for Efficient and Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
Sweta Kori & G.S.Uday Kiran Babu
Cloud-Assisted Content Sharing Networks on Attribute-Based Access to Scalable Media
Mahjabeen & V.Mallesi
Optimized Balanced Scheduling Based Data Anonymization Using Two-Phase TDS Approach on Cloud
Vidyavati Bannatti Guptha & K.Arjun
Resource Allocation to Nodes to Reduce Peer to Peer Delay in Overlay Routing
Sweta Kori & G.S.Uday Kiran Babu
Enhancement of the Image under Different Conditions Using Color and Depth Histogram
P. Rama Thulasi & M.Subba Reddy
Design and Estimation of Delay and Area for Parallel Prefix Adders
R.Priyanka, K.Thirupathi Rao & M.Basha
A Novel Approach On simplifying Document Annotation Using Content and Querying Assessment
Nomula Ramesh & Ch.Srikanth
Assisting Article Annotation Using Content & Querying Value
Jyothi Kishore, P.Rajesh & D.Sreedhar
Captcha in Graphical Protection Scheme Using Hard Ai Endorsement
Ch.Amarendar Reddy, J.Vijayasree & Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad
A Novel Fuzzy Filter for Random Impulse Noise Removal in a Color Video
P. Vani, V. Santhosh Kumar & P. Rama Krishna
A Robust and Efficient Color Image Transmission over OFDM Fading Channels with Power Saving Approach
Md. Sohela Mubasher & Mr. K. Kiran Kumar
Protecting User Location Privacy in Geosocial Applications
Chithra.G & Komala.S
Discrete Anamorphic Stretch Transform for Image and Video Compression
Ramesh Goud. N & Krain kumar.V
Design of Reliable High Performance Multiplier Using AHL
U.Srinivasula Reddy, T.Lakshmi Narayana & M.Venkata Subbaiah
Fabrication of Wall Climbing Robot
K.Siddartha, P.Vinod Kumar, P.Sanjeev Kumar & Mr. P.Syam Kumar
Fabrication and Analysis of Roller Generator from Speed Breakers
U.Siddhartha Reddy, S.Sandeep Kumar V.N.Mani Shankar & Mr.P.V.S Murali Krishna
Testing of UART Protocol using BIST
K. Jagadeesh & Rajaiah Gabbeta
Design and Implementation of Network Topology for Digitally Enhanced Networks
K.Priyanka, D.Gopinath & G.Rajaiah
Solution for Minimizing the Latency Using Sequenced Latching
T.Sandhya Rani, B.Bashu & Rajaiah Gabbeta
Hardware Software Co simulation of Image Noise Cancellation by Adaptive Median Filter and Image Enhancement Using Sobel Edge Detection
D.Varalakshmi & Ms.S.Santhi Priya
Implementation of Image Fusion Algorithm Using Laplace Transform
S.Santhosh kumar & G Sahithi
Fabrication of a Novel wireless self powered Vehicle using Microcontroller and Photo Voltaic panel
Mr.Kinnera Kartheek & Mr.I.Paramesh
Android Smart Phone Operated Intelligent Home
Mr.Ashwin Kumar.B.D & Mr.P.V.Vara Prasad Rao
A Hybrid PV/BATTERY Energy System with Single-Stage, Multiple Power Application Converters
Yadagiri.D & Rajesh Boddupalli
Design and Implementation of Area Delay Efficient Booth Multiplier Based on CBL
G.Narender & Sudhir Dakey
Fabrication of Solar Augmented Automatic Water Level Sensing and Water Pumping System for Irrigation
Mr.Arutla Akhil Reddy & Mr.J.Nagaraju
A Novel framework for encryption of Public clouds Databses with flexibility to choose and tradeoff various options
J.Amreen Begum, N.Venkatesh Naik & Dr K.Madhavi
CP-ABE mechanism for managing confidential data efficiently in Disruption Tolerant Networks
N. Tejashwini, N.Venkatesh Naik & Dr K.Madhavi
An approach that enables the generation of structured metadata and attributes that are mostly present within the document
T.Sreevidya, N.Venkatesh Naik & Dr K.Madhavi
A cloud based authenticity verification for the purpose of storing information without knowing user’s identity
A.Swathi, N.Venkatesh Naik & Dr K.Madhavi
Enabling both islanded and grid-tied Operations of 3-Phase inverter deploying inner inductor loop and voltage loop in the synchronous reference frame as a control strategy.
R.Nithin & N.Avinash
Achieving the performance and efficiency in patient related operations Office Management System for Healthcare Institutes
J.Maheshwary & G.Vijay Kumar
Analysis and Design of a Low offset high speed and low voltage double tail comparator
K. Krishna Aditya & Dr.D.Nageshwara Rao
E-Restaurant: Online Restaurant Management System for Android
Mr. Maderla Rajesh, Prof. G.Satya Prabha & Mr. P.V.Vara Prasad Rao
Speed Control of VSI Fed PMBLDC Motor with Power Factor Correction Control Technique
Marla Mahesh & Bhukya John Wesley
Performance Analysis of Routing Algorithms: AODV, DSDV, OLSR, DSR in WPAN
Padmanabham.P & Ramesh.Y
An Efficient Implementation of Vedic Multipliers Using Reversible Gates
Bandi Mamatha & C.Madhusudan
Assertion Based Verification of AMBA-AHB Using System Verilog
N.Karthik, M.Gurunadha Babu & Ms. Muni Praveena Rela
Verification of AXI Bus Protocol using SystemVerilog
Sundararajan PH & S.Balaji
Impact of Sleep Transistor Channel Width on Threshold Voltage
Uzma Noormohad Shaikh & Prof. A.P.Hatkar
Texture Preserving Image Denoising Based on Patches Reordering
Sachi Pathak, Prakash Namdev & Mohd. Ahmed
ECG Signal Denoising by Using Least-Mean-Square and Normalised-Least-Mean-Square Algorithm Based Adaptive Filter
R.Karthika, K.Narender & Dr.B.R.Vikram
A Novel Approach for Square Computation Using Dedicated Reversible Quantum Circuitry
Shahela & D.RaviKiran Babu
Design and Implementation of Low Power Dynamic Thermometer Encoder For Flash ADC
Mr.Gangadi Raghu & Mr.K.Naresh
A Seven Level Cascaded MLI with Single-DC-Source Using PWM Based Modulation
A.Nagandula Uday Kumar & Ch Vinay Kumar
An Improved Performance Power Electronics Interface for Battery Based Electric Vehicles
Anusha.K, Sajith Shaik & Ch Vinay Kumar
A New Configured Three Level NPC Inverter with Integrated Fuel Cell and Battery Storage
Racharla Naveen & Ch Vinay Kumar
A Novel Solar PV based Half-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter using Boost PWM Control Strategy
Yanala Navya & Ch Vinay Kumar
Industrial Monitoring System Using Zigbee with Multi-Processor Support
Macherla Monica, Mastan Vali Shaik & C.Madhusudan
Micro Controlled Battery Charging For a Solar Powered Rover With Pick and Place System
Vellaturi Sreedhar, M.Varasundar & C.Madhusudan
Big Data: Data Mining Challenges and Related Research
D.Ramyatejaswini, Mrs.Y.Lakshmi Prasanna & Mr.Madhira Srinivas
VHDL Implementation of Built in Generation of Functional Broadside Tests Using Fixed Hardware Structure
B.Saidulu & P.V.Vara Prsada Rao
VHDL Implementation of High Performance Digital Up Converter Using Multi-DDS Technology For Radar Transmitters
Ganji Ramu & G.Satya Prabha
A Password-authentication system for the Electronic Protection for Exam Paper Leakages
Mohammad Abdul Naveed & P.V.Vara Prsada Rao
A Robust and Secure Text Transmission through Video Steganography Using Pixel Mapping
K. Keerthi & P. Sailaja
A Robust Texture Enhanced Image Denoising Using Gradient Histogram Preservation with Iterative Histogram Specification
Nukathoti Kejiya Kumari & M. Suresh
Location Recognition Using Nearest Neighbour Feature Matching
M Lakshmi Madhuri & CH Chalapathi Rao
Biometric Authentication Using Mouse Gesture Dynamics
Ms. B.Bharathi & Ms. Chandana
A Proposed RAISIN for BISR for RAM’s with 2D Redundancy
Vadlamani Sai Shivoni & Anitha Patibandla
Novel implementation of Wi-Fi technology using advanced encryption standard algorithm
Sandhya Bikki & Ashok Garrepally
Implementing Automotive Features Using CAN through Vector CANoe
Mr. Vinay Kumar.V & Mr. M.Raghava Charyulu
Gesture Based Object Handling By Robotic Arm Using MEMS Accelerometer Sensor
Mr.V. Venkata Naveen, Ms.Swathi Kambhampati & Mr. K. Yadaiah
Mobile Jammer for the Conferences Handling
E V Sravan Kumar & J Rajender
An area optimized FIR Digital filter using DA Algorithm based on FPGA
B.Chaitanya & Mrs. A. Jayalakshmi
Mobile Relay Configuration Wireless Sensor Networks
M Chandana & Mr K.Kishorekumar
An innovative system for Nearest Neighbor Searching Method Using Keywords
N. Rani Reddy & Mrs. N Sujatha
A Novel High Step up And High efficiency DC-DC converter for Grid Connected or Standalone PV applications
M. Kiran & N. Avinash
Reduction of power losses in voltage/current source inverter by using space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) Method
P. Prashanth & N. Avinash
Analysis and Design of a Bidirectional Isolated buck-boost DC-DC Converter with duel coupled inductors
B. Ramu & N. Avinash
Design of Quasi Resonant Boost Converter Using Zero Current Switching With Push Pull Technology
K.Sravanthi & N. Avinash
A high-speed, low-power conditional push-pull pulsed latches with split paths technology
J.Usha & Mr.N.Ravikumar
Design of Single Phase Continuous Clock Signal Set D-FF for Ultra Low Power VLSI Applications
K. Kavitha, K. V. Suresh Kumar & K. Srinivasulu
On-Chip Test Generation system for conducting functional broadside tests and achieves hightransition fault coverage for testable circuits
Pasupuleti Gopalarao, L.Nageswara rao & M.Basha
Social Networking -A platform for selecting a perfect friend
S.S.Madhavi & T.Sahithi
An efficient Body biased multimode power switches for low static power and process sensitive
Mr. J.Lingaiah, Adusumalli Venu Babu & Mrs. M.A. Asima Begum
RRE leverages Intrusion Response and Recovery Engine
Afroz Fatima, Sumera Jabeen & Ms.Saleha Farha
Fortify Data Recoup for DistributedSplitting-Tolerant ArmedWattles
Y Radhika, Mubeena Begum & Dr. E.Venkat reddy
Design and Comparative Analysis of Different Latch-Type Sense Amplifiers
Ch.Ashwini & Nihar
Implementation of Power Optimization Technique for Mixed Launch of Capture (LOC)andLaunch of Shift (LOS)
T.Divya, A.Akhila & Nihar
Low-Power and High Performance Charging/Discharging Flip-Flop Design Using Pulse Generator
T.Laxmi Bai, Sandeep Sunkari & Nihar
Implementation of Low power All-Digital PLL Architecture for Advanced Nanometer Technologies
T.Navatha Bai, D.V.Rajeshwar Raju & Nihar
Design and Implementation of Current-Mode Multiplier/Divider Circuits in Analog Processing
N.Rajini, A.Akhila & Nihar
Implementation of High-Efficiency Adaptive Power Using VLSI
M.Sandhyavalli, Sandeep Sunkari & Nihar
An efficient diagnosis method to identify the Segmentation and number of faulty power switches in a design
B.Shravani, D.V.Rajeshwar Raju & Nihar
A novel Approach for Cooperative Caching for Efficient data access in Interference lenient networks
Rajashekar Reddy Gaddam, J.Nagaraju & Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad
A Novel Approach for public exploration Data with Effective user Denial in the cloud
Mahankali Anitha, J.Vijayasree & Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad
A Novel System for a Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation
Anjali Markala, G.Srinivasa Rao & Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad
Key-Cluster Cryptosystem for ascendible Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
Sujitha Vadlamudi, Y.Laxmi Prasanna & Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad
Mobile Privacy Preserving for Location Based Services in Wireless Network
Haritha.P & S.Rajesh
A Novel Encryption Standard Against User Emulation Attacks
Bingi Uma Maheswari & K.Vasavi
A Build In Self Test Application For Motion Test Applications
Geddam Haneesha & K.Vasavi
Improved Carry Select Adder Design Using Dynamic Designing
Guntupalli Praveena & T. Suma Latha
An Improved Design of Router Structure for Fast Encoding
Kadiyala Bhavya & T. Suma Latha
A Security Enhanced Standard for Zigbee Network
Kantem Vanitha & A.Swathi
An Improved Image Compressor Using Fast DCT Algorithm
Kondle Bhagya Sri & A.Swathi
A Novel Multiplier for Finite Field Class Using Dynamic Algorithm
Mohammad Neha Samreen & B.Sowmya
Sign detection algorithm using carry look ahead adder for the RNS Module Set 2n+1,2n-1,2n.
P.Umamaheswari & B.Sowmya
A Novel CORDIC algorithm for fixed angle rotation
Vangapandla Shirisha & M.Shoban Babu
Power and area Efficient Decoder for DAB audio decoder
Pathuri Sateesh & M.Shoban Babu
Area Efficient system on chip processor for routing operation
Vankudoth Prabhakar & T.Venu Gopal
An Efficient OFDMA receiver using MIMO IFET Structure
Moudugula Vignani & T.Venu Gopal
Prediction-Based System for Cloud and Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System
Lahari Garine, J.Nagaraju & Dr.M.V.Siva Prasad
Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Based Multi-Authority Dynamic Data Sharing in Cloud
M.Manoj Kumar & M.Srikanth
Distributed, Contemporary, And Independent Access To Encrypted Cloud Databases
Gorige Raju & Dr.K.Babu Rao
An Efficient Public Auditing Mechanism with Preserving Identity Privacy and Supporting Traceability
E.Umarani & E.Madhu
Disruption Tolerant Networks Efficient Data Access in the Cooperative Caching
R.Prasanna Lakshmi & E.Madhu
Software-As-A-Service Clouds Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation
Diddi.Ajay Kumar & G.Rama Rao
Enhanced Synonym Queries Supported Encrypted Cloud Multi-Keyword Ranked Search System
Bhagya Chinthala & G.Rama Rao
Mining and Detection of Emerging Topics from Social Network Big Data
Divya Kalakuntla & Sowmya Abbu
The Detection of Abnormal Social Currents Linking Discovering Emerging Issues
K.Swetha & Pranay Kumar BV
Mobile Social Networks to Support the Evaluation of a Service-Oriented Reliable Service
T. Sai Krishan & G.Rama Rao
Dynamic and Cloud Computing Data Storage Systems to Support Indirect Mutual Trust
R.Arun Joshi & G.Rama Rao
Hellman Key Exchange to Share Data in the Cloud-Based Active Multi Key Shared Data
Shahana Farheen & G.Rama Rao
A Stochatistic Model to Investigate Data Center Performance and QoS in Laas Cloud Computing System
K.Srikanth & Pranay Kumar BV
Disruption Tolerant Networks Efficient Data Access in the Cooperative Caching
Md.Tajuddin & Pranay Kumar BV
A Novel Nine Level Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic System
Ms Bethi Jhansi & Mr.V.Balu
Enhancement of power quality by using renewable source based STATCOM for wind power stations.
Ms V.Laxmi prasanna & Mr.V.Balu
Management of Low- and High-Frequency Power Components in Demand-Generation Fluctuations of a DFIG-Based Wind-Using Fuelcell
Mr.M.Mahendar & Mr.V.Balu
Transformer less MCPWM Controlled 2-Stage IsolatedGrid Connected PV System
Mr.P.Shekar & Mr.V.Balu
A Set of Multilevel inverters to generate 10-MW from Wind Turbines
Mr.V.Rajesh & Mr.V.Balu
A New Type of Automatic Alarming Device to Rescue Accident Injured in Time
Kandakatla Sandeep Kumar & Srujana.M
Design and Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS/GSM Technology and Smart Phone Application
Sravanthi Modem & R.Harshavardhan
Implementation of Optical Reversible Multiplexer Using Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Nuwairah Abdul Azeez & A.VenkataReddy
A Grid Connected Single Phase Hybrid Renevable Energy Source Based on a Single Conversion Stage with Battery Energy Storage System
Nagesh Malothu & Narendar Reddy Narra
A Low Power Secure and Efficient LBIST for Feedback Shift Register-Based Cryptographic Systems
P.Sampath Kumar & T.Vimala
Instrumentation Oriented Fault Injection Tool Based on FPGA
P.Sampath Kumar & Rama Gopal T S V
Architecture for Matching Of Data Encoded With Hard Systematic Error-Correcting Codes Using Verilog HDL
P.Sampath Kumar & Bairi Sumanth Kumar
Area Delay Power Efficient Carry Select Adder
Deeti Samitha & K.Venkateshwarlu
Design of High Speed Hybrid Carry Select Adder
Theegala Ravinder Reddy & P.Anjaiah
Efficient Heterogeneous Face Recognition Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Karicheti Surendra & Syed Samiuddin
Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles
Mr.E.Sunil Kumar, Mrs.G.Satya Prabha & Mr.P.V.Vara Prasad Rao
Implementation of Sea Using Verilog HDL
P.S.J.Manogna & S.Naveen
A Novel Image Steganography Technique Implementation Using Edge Detection Process
B.Pravallika, B.Jamuna & Dr.P.Ram Mohan Rao
P.Sunny Gnan Abraham & M.Varasundar
Design & Analysis of Strength Check Analysis for Gear Shaft
Srinu, Mohd Mansoor Ahmed & Mr. S.S. Mahmood
Design Analyses Twist-Coupled Wind Turbine Blades
Shaik Wali, Mohd Mansoor Ahmed & Mr. S.S. Mahmood
Dynamic Analysis of Cracks in Composite Materials
B Prakash, Mohd Mansoor Ahmed & Mr. S.S. Mahmood
Computer Aided Design Analysis of Aircraft Wing Using Cad Software
Mohd Mansoor Ahmed & Mr.S.S.Mahmood
Implementation of Innovative Techniques for Authenticating Short Encrypted Messages in Mobile and Pervasive Computing Applications
Sunkaraboina Paramesh & Y.Geetha Reddy
Mining of Big Data Sets on HADOOP
S.Manasa & Y.Rama Mohan
Using Sensors to the Smartphone Functionality
G.Sumantha & Dr.S.Zahoor-ul-Huq
Mobile Application for AGRI SAAS
B.Tejaswini & Dr.N.Kasiviswanath
Traffic Information System Using Vehicle AD-HOC Network
P.Veeraswamy & B.Venkateswara Reddy
A New Architecture for Floating-Point Fused Add-Subtract Unit Design
N.Yerriswamy & K.Saifuddin
Reducing Network-on-Chip Energy Consumption through Data Encoding Techniques
K.Sayeeda Khanam & A.Chandra kala
Implementation of UART with BIST Technique for High Fault Coverage
M.Priyanka & A.Chandrakala
Zigbee and GSM Based Automated Irrigation System
Rayala Rajesh & D.Hathiram
Cloud Computing Based Authenticity Verification for Storing Data without Knowing User’s Identity
B.Anitha & A.Pradeep
Distributed Social Networks Based Mobile Q & A System with Low Overheads and Cost Effectiveness
C.Chandrashekar Reddy & A Pradeep
A Novel Framework for Empirical Evaluation of Classifier Security
P.Divya Vani & B.Suman
An Endorsed Duplicate Check Scheme for Eliminating Duplicate Copies of Repeating Data in the Cloud Environment to Reduce Amount of Storage Space
Mada Harish & A.Mounika
Novel Methods for Authenticating Short Encrypted Messages in Mobile and Pervasive Computing Applications
G.Sushmitha & H.M.Nagaraju
Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing Based on Stochastic Reward Nets Analytical Model
M.Vinay Kumar Reddy & A.Mounika
Autonomous Cars and Vehicular Clouds Connected to Intelligent Grid
Koppisetti Gowthami & Sivaprasad Budireddi
Performance Evaluation of Load Sharing Strategy in Micro-Grid by Distribution Generation (DG) Units
Kranthikiran K & B.Srinu
Compressed and Recycled Air Engine
N.V.Narasimha Rao, SK.Meeravali & N.Tulasiram
Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search
P. Swathi, M.Srikanth & M.Srikanth
A Method for the Nearest Position Retrieving System
Karunakar Reddy & Ajay kumar
An Efficient Packet Classification Algorithm Using Boundary Cutting and Improving Search Performance
Nazma & Syeda Nusrath Fatima
SIRDSS: Sharing Secret Images via high Quality Shares with Significant Visual Information
Izzath Unnisa Begum, Ms.Medapati Lalitha & Khadarbi Shaik
An Advanced Active Common-Mode Filter for Grid-Connected PV Inverters
Madhavi Ashanalu & Ch Vinay Kumar
A New Control Scheme for the FCI by Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer
V.Sreelekha, T.Venu Gopal & Ch.Satyanarayana
Extension of the Behavioural Characterization of Proximity Malware in DTN
Syeda Mehjabeen Fatima & Usha Puligadda
Improved Power Quality for the Harmonic Sensitive Loads by Using as New IUPQC Device
Ankita Dilip Tarpe & Ch.Satyanarayana
A Novel Control Strategy for the Mitigation of Power Quality Problems by using D-STATCOM
A.V.L Praffulla & Ch.Satyanarayana
Design of Low Power and High Speed Modified Carry Select Adder for 16 bit Vedic Multiplier
Sameena Begum & K.Venkateshwarlu
Hot Runner Mould Design and Plastic Flow Analysis for CAP
V.Chandra Sekhar & N. Jaya Krishana
Performing Relevance Similarity for Privacy in LBS
B.Saroja & E.Viswanath
Implementation of Advanced Architecture Using DES over AES
G.Gowthami, Srinivasa Reddy & Evuri.Geetha Reddy
Mechanical & Thermal Properties of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites with Different Fiber Orientation
A.Vikram, V.Nikhil Murthy & C.B.N Murthy
Characterization of Epoxy Hybrid Composition: Effect of Glass/Carbon Fibre on Mechanical & Thermal Properties
M.Mohith, C.B.N Murthy & V.Nikhil Murthy
Television Control Using Hand Gestures
S.Roja & B.Chandrakala
Arm7 Based Electronic Voting System Using Biometric Access
Rayala Saikumar, Gandham Srinivas & D.Veeranna
Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks: Filtering out the Attacker’s Impact
Mrs.Saba Sultana & Mr.Kanike Srinivasulu
A Flaw Lenient Interaction Design Behind Grave Regulatory with Wireless Sensor Networks
Mahender Reddy Bobbala & D.Prasad
A Flaw Lenient Interaction Design Behind Grave Regulatory with Wireless Sensor Networks
Mahender Reddy Bobbala & D.Prasad
Supportive Separation Safety in personalized web search
Burra Sabitha & Dr.K.Rameshwaraiah
A Novel Approach for Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Accessible Data Sharing in Cloud Storage
Panugoth Praveen, A Srinivas Rao, Y Sowjanya Reddy & Dr.A.Srinivasa Rao
AchievingProficiency of Encrypted Cloud Records with Substitute Based Temporary and Multi-Keyword Classified Data
Mohd.Jahangeer, G.Dayakar & Dr.S.K.Abdul Nabi
Secured Accepted Deduplication on Cloud Using Hybrid Cloud Method
Rathlavath Ramesh & Dr.S.K.Abdul Nabi
Supportive Confidentiality security Based Personalized Web Search
M Anil Kumar & Dr.S.K.Abdul Nabi
Energy-Efficient Configuration of Spatial and Frequency Resources in MIMO-OFDMA Systems
Firdous Jabeen & Sri .B. Siva Reddy
RFID based Attendance monitoring system Using IOT with TI CC3200 Launchpad
M.Praveen Kumar & B.Mani Kumar
GSM Based Data Acquisition and Industrial High End Equipment Protection Using Arm7
Dande Sreenivasulu & Swathi Kambhampati
Design of 64 Bit Variable Latency Multiplier Using AHL
Aruna.G & P.Renuka
A Novel Medical Image Segmentation by Using Image Foresting Transform
J.Dhanamma, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
A Novel PAPR Reduction by Using Constant Modulus Algorithm
J.Nagarani, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
FPGA Based Modified Distributed Arithmetic FIR Filter
Pogula Srivani & Vudthyavath Srinu
Design and Optimization of Four Wheeler Rocker Arm for Neck and Hole
A.Nagaraja & G. Suresh Babu
An Efficient Implementation of 16-Bit Carry-Select Adder Using Verilog HDL
G.Vijaya Laxmi & Mr.Rambabu Kambhampati
Web Based Monitoring System for Nuclear Plant
K.Mukesh & Mr.Ch.Rajendra Prasad
Area–Delay–Power Efficient Carry-Select Adder
B.Radhika, T.V.Suresh Kumar & D.Vijay Kumar
High Speed Single Precision Floating Point Unit Implementation Using Verilog
C.Rami Reddy, O.Homa Kesav & A.Maheswara Reddy
Scalable and effective service integrity verification system for SaaS clouds which automatically enhance result quality
Nagaraju.R & B.Ramji
Identifying functional and Performance related issues in a network based on Auto Test Packet generation
Kanakati Sravan Kumar & G.Venkatesh
Analysis and Performance of Multi Level Inverter with DC Link Switches For Solar Power Generation System
A.Mounika & Sri Harsha
Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Disruption-Tolerant Military Networks
Madishetti Mahesh Kumar & A Vasavi
Implementation of AES algorithm using Urdhwa Tiryakbhyam Sutra and Galois field
Kavuri Suresh & Jagadish Reddy
Regenerate Wind Power by Designing Bi-Directional Blades with 230V CFL Load Activation
Vallamasetty Swetha & G. Venkateswarlu
Delay-Limited Source and Channel Coding of Quasi-Stationary Sources over Block Fading Channels
Bobbala Manasa & P. Ramesh Reddy
Implementation of a New Methodology for ELD Problems
K.L.Naga Sandeep Kumar, Yerramsetty.Pavani & Boggavarapu Ramesh
Advanced 3d-Printer for Future
Kartheek Kandhi
Advanced Single-pole power Transmission Line Method for Electrical Economical change in wiring system
Kartheek Kandhi
Power and Delay Analysis of Critical Path Delay Design Using Domino Logic Multiplier
K.Anjaneya Reddy & D.Vidya Sagar
A novel SVPM for vehicle Buck–Boost Voltage Inverter
Mr. Vadla Mouneshwara Chary & Mr.V.Balu
Coordinated Control and Energy Management of Distributed Generation Inverters in a AC/ DC Microgrid
Mr. Karneti Vamsi Krishna & Mr.V.Balu
Power quality improvement by integrate AC/DC Micro grid
Mr. Katarapu Vinay & Mr.V.Balu
Implementation of Parallel Prefix Adders Using Reversible Logic Gates
Lakkakula Karthik & E.V.Nagalakshmi
Detection & Classification of Exudates Using Morphological Processing & Neural Networks in Color Retinal Images
Sneha Pondugula & V Swathi
Design of Area and Power Efficient 5:2 Compressor for High Speed Multipliers
Munta Padmavathi & K Hari
Solar Battery Powered Heating and Cooling Suit
T Ajay Kumar & S Vani
“Fridge in a Cooler” In Built “Thermo Effective Fridge (Without Compressor)” In A “Dc Fan Operated Cooler”
Kartheek Kandhi
Parabola Top Covered Solar E-Bike
Kartheek Kandhi
“Power Generation from Vk0001 Panel” Without Solar Panel Power Generation from Sunlight With Inverter 230V Ac for CFL Activation.
Kartheek Kandhi
An Effective Semi Automatic 3D-Detection of Tumors in Kidney’s Images
Akula Ramesh, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
An Efficient SINR and Side-Lobe Reduction by Using MIMO Radar Covariance Matrix
A. Sathaiah, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
Efficient Costume Decoration Acceptance For Optically Defective Humanity
Mokka Sathish Kumar, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
A Novel Railway-Detect Detection System by Using Fastener Classification
T.Tarun Teja, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
A Novel Multiview Video Based Face Recognisation System
V. Ramesh, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
Secrecy-Preserving Public Auditing for Common Data In the Cloud
B.Kalpana, Ch. Srikanth & K.S.Vijaya Simha
Fatigue Analysis of Piston Rod Used In Aircraft Nose Landing Gear
Janardhan B Hunusnale, C. Daksheeswara Reddy & Dr. P H V Sesha Talpa Sai
OutSourced database Method execute SQL queries with privacy and Client Data Confidentiality
V. Archana & V. Goutham
An efficient and Practical approach for preserving user privacy and protecting location data in the Location server
G.Madhu & Y.Bharath Bhushan
Automated Movablle Briidge Powered by Wiind and Sollar Energy
Ms.V.Spandana & Mr.J.Chandra Shekhar
Protecting Trader Distribute Systems Using Similitude-Stationed Cipher
P.Keerthi, Parimala & Dr. E.Venkat Reddy
Providing Security in Web Search with Greedy DP and Greedy IL Algorithms
M.Revathi, Parimala & Dr. E.Venkat Reddy
Operative Compensation System using Steganography plus Ocular Cryptography
P.G.K.Shobha, NVN Sowjanya & Dr. E.Venkat Reddy
Analysis of Lossless color image compression context adaptive Huffman Coding
Tallapaka Naresh, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
A Novel Optic Disk Segmentation in Retinal Images by using Markov Random Field
Nallamothu Srinath Babu & Dr. DRVA. Sharath Kumar
A Novel Face Recongnisation Algorithm Based On Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
K.Suchitra, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Mr.Sathish Parvatham
Individual Pitch Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbines with DFIG by Flicker Mitigation
B.Nirosha & C.Ch Mohan Rao
Smart Power Grids Using Bidirectional Synchronous-VSC Comprehensive Controlling Framework for Incorporating VSCs
B.Pavani & C.Ch Mohan Rao
Active and Passive Snubbers for Soft-Switching Bidirectional Isolated Full-Bridge Converter
K.Soujanya & C.Ch Mohan Rao
An Efficient Digital Signal Processing With Razor Based Programmable Truncated Multiplier for Accumulate and Energy reduction
S.Anil Kumar & R.Kalyan
32 BIT×32 Bit Razor-Based Dynamic Voltage Scaled Multi Precision Multiplier
P.H.Chandra Mouli & R.Kalyan
A New Hybrid Multilevel Converter with DC-Fault Blocking Capability: AAC
Md.Asmath Tharunnam & C.Ch Mohan Rao
A DC Distribution System with High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional AC–DC Converter Operation
R.Sowjanya & C.Ch Mohan Rao
Renewable Power Generation Systems with Active Power Filter Performance Improvement
B.Balakrishna & C.Ch Mohan Rao
Induction Machine Drive with Dual Stator Winding
B.Vinodh & C.Ch Mohan Rao
Power Factor Corrected Bridgeless Buck–Boost Converter-Fed with Adjustable-Speed BLDC Motor Drive
P.Anil Kumar & C.Ch Mohan Rao
An Effective Digital Video Water Marking Using Transform Technique
P.Surya Kiran & M.Sreedhar Reddy
Efficient Fixed- Point LMS Adaptive Filter Implementation on FPGA
G.Sirisha, M.Venkat Ratnam & G.Rajaiah
Enhanced Blind Signature based Secure Cloud Transactions
V.S.N Harshitha & P.Nagababu
Decentralization of BPEL Using Various Processes
A.V.A Sushama Sarvani & Dr. Paturi Radhika
Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Wind Energy System using various strategies
U.Swathi & C.Ch Mohan Rao
Mechanical Design and Analysis of Car Hit Simulator
I. Murali Mohan, K.Sudhakar Reddy & V. Srikanth
Implementation of sensor Data monitoring and Transmitting Using Raspberry Pi with reference to Healthcare Industry
A.Swapna & Md.Ammeenuddin
Lessening of power loss in voltage/current source inverter by using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) Technique
Bongoni Srilatha & J.Rajesham
A novel method that recommends friends to users based on their life styles instead of social graphs
E.Naveen Kumar & L.Vijaya Kumar
Secure data Retrival method using CP_ABE for Disruption-tolerant networks with implementation in Military Networks Scenario
B.Prabhakar& B.Suman
Effectual and isolation – alert statistics accumulation in Blower certification
M.Divya & Mrs. G.Kumari
A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication
Dyavarashetty Karthik & Mr. A. Hanuman Prasad
Performance and Cost Evaluation of an Adaptive Encryption Architecture for Cloud Databases
Ishwarya Rokandla & Miss.Sara Anjum
Oruta: Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Shared Data in the Cloud
Nalla Karthik Reddy & Miss. Sara Anjum
Automatic Test Packet Generation
Siripuram Kruthima & Mrs.B.Manasa
Building Confidentiality and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation
Lolap Pragnya & Miss. Sara Anjum
Captcha as Graphical Passwords—A New Security Primitive Based on Hard AI Problems
Satlawar Rajani & Mrs.B.Manasa
Decentralized Access Control with Anonymous Authentication of Data Stored in Clouds
Nampally Sushma & Mrs.B.Manasa
Secure Data Retrieval for Decentralized Discription- Tolerant Military Networks
Kommawar Swetha & Mr. A. Hanuman Prasad
Securing Broker-Less Publish/Subscribe Systems Using Identity-Based Encryption
Karnewar Vijaya Laxmi & Mr. A. Hanuman Prasad
Easy Billing System at Shopping Mall Using Hitech Trolly
S.Rohith & C Madhusudan
E-Cart System Based On Arm & Touch Panel for Easy Shopping
K. Srujana & S. Naveen
32 BIT×32 Bit Razor-Based Dynamic Voltage Scaled Multi Precision Multiplier
R.Deepika & Ashok Garrepally
Mitigation of Fault Currents in Unbalanced Grid System by DVR
Sreelatha, Dr. Samalla Krishna & Ms. Katkuri Laxmi Chaitnaya
Improving a New Approach For Providing Privacy Preserving With Attribute Based Encryption
T.Yamini koteswari & Dr. B.Bhanu Prakash
Automatic broken track detection using LED-LDR Assembly
Ms.N.Ramalingeswari & Mrs.K.Anitha
Digital Monitoring Cum Control of A Power Transformer With Efficiency Measuring Meter
Shaikh Ahmed Ali, Vishnu Pushadapu & V Swarna Rekha
Improving the Quality of Photos and Videos for Mobile Visual Media Processing
Ruhina Shereen, Medapati Lalitha & Ms. Saleha Farha
Design of dedicated reversible quantum circuitry for square computation
V.Shravya & Ch.Spandana
Real Time Portable Vehicle Counting Using Roadside Sensors with Arm11 Processor
Billa Ramesh & Shiva Kumar Dontula
Implementation of Text-To-Speech for Real Time Embedded System Using Raspberry Processor
Endarapu Vanitha, Pradeep Kumar Kasarla & E Kumaraswamy
Detection and Tracking of Human Faces with an Active Camera
Kenda Srinivas & Konda Suresh
An Efficient Implementation of High Speed Low Power Vedic Multipliers Using Reversible Gates
Gade Bala Veena Sravanthi & S.V.Devika
Design and Implementation of LTE for Low Power Operations
Srikanth Menda, Thanam Pullaiah & Sreevani Menda
SRAM Based Architecture FOR TCAM as Z-TCAM for Better Memory Utilization
Tirupathi Veeramani & S.Hanmandlu
Drag–And-Type: A Virtual Keyboard Resilient To Spyware in Smart Phones
Rathipelli Prasanna Kumari & Jillala Rajender
SRAM Based Architecture FOR TCAM as Z-TCAM for Better Memory Utilization
Konchada Ravi & B.Bashu
Design of Monitoring System for Coalmine Safety Based on Embedded Networks
E. Venkatesh & Mushkam Shirisha
Web of Things for Energy Management in a Smart Grid Connected Industrial
Annamalla Vindya Rani & Pradeep Kumar Kasarla
Multi-Storey Building Monitoring Using Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network
Kambampati Sahithi & Mahender Madipally
Dynamic Personalized Recommendation on Sparse Data
N.Shilpa Ambedkar & Vazed Ahmed
Wind Tunnel Simulation on Turbine blades of wind mills under various critical speeds
Boggaram V S Keerthana & J Nagaraju
An Asymmetrical Six-Phase Induction Motor Drive Operation Using Current Control Methods
Mr.Ch.Gouri Prasad & Sk.Shakir Hussain
Bidirectional DC/DC Converters using ZVS Technique
A.Bikshamyovelu, Sk.Shakir Hussain & Mr.Chettumala Ch Mohan Rao
Harmonic Immunity in Voltage Source Converter HVDC Transmission using Application of SHE-PWM
S.Chaithanya, Sk.Shakir Hussain & Mr.Chettumala Ch Mohan Rao
Privacy Preserving Mechanism for Data Integrity on Shared Data in the Cloud
Mohammad Rafath Ullah & T. Manohar
Modelling and analysis of robust Nonlinear controller of Three phase Grid connected system under structured uncertainties
G.Amani, Shyam Kumar & Mr.Chettumala Ch Mohan Rao
Voltage Support Control Strategies under Unbalanced Voltage Sags for Static Synchronous Compensators
M.Shireesha, Shyam Kumar & Mr.Chettumala Ch Mohan Rao
High-Frequency AC Power Distribution System with a Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based on Switched-Capacitor
M.Sandeep & K.Aravinda Swamy
Radial Systems Including DGs Allocation with Distribution Loss
R.Jagadeesh & K.Aravinda Swamy
Buck–Boost Voltage/Current Source Inverter with Space Vector Pulse width Amplitude Modulation
V.Durga Prashanth, K.Aravinda Swamy & Mr.ChettumalaCh Mohan Rao
A new Technique for Soft-Switching Buck Converter for a Coupled Inductor
Ch.Udaya Kumar, Sk.Shakir Hussain & Mr.Chettumala Ch Mohan Rao
Modulation for High frequencies for PWM-Integrated Resonant Converters
G.Balaji & Sk.Shakir Hussain
A Seven-Level Inverter using SOLAR Power Generation System
S.Uday, Sk.Shakir Hussain & Mr.ChettumalaCh Mohan Rao
Power-Quality Improvement with a Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM
R.Pravalika, V.Shyam Kumar & Mr.Chettumala Ch Mohan Rao
Integrating VSCs to Weak Grids by Nonlinear Power Damping Controller Capability
B.Mohan lal & C CH Mohanrao
A Symmetric Load Balancing Algorithm with Performance Guarantees for Distributed Hash Tables
Dr K S Vijaya Simha & Yarramsetty Naga Savitri
A Signcryption based Hierarchical Distributed Attribute based Access Control in Cloud aided information revealing Networks
Badavath Naresh & S. Suresh
Efficient and Identity based Distributed Key management Protocol for Re-encryption data in secure cloud
Peraboina Veeresh & B.Ram Mohan Rao
Hierarchical Groups Structure for Privacy-preserving Top-K Query Results in Sensor Networks
Vemula Naga Harish & K.Nageswara Rao
Design and Thermal Analysis of Heat Transfer Through an Ellipsoidal Pin Fin
Mr.Padamurthy Ankamma Rao & Mr. J.Nagaraju
An Efficient VLSI Architecture for Software Defined Radio by Using Montium Processing Tile
Design of the Evacuated Tube for Solar Water Heating System
Mr. Akula Saibhargav & Mr. J.Nagaraju
Evaluation of Four Stroke Diesel Engine Performance With Ferrocene as Fuel Additive
Mr. Madhu .S, Mr.J.Nagaraju & Mr. P.Sridhar
Wearable Gesture-Based Interaction Framework on Raspberry Pi
Ms. R. Sravya Reddy & Mr. E.Raghuveera
MIMO-OFDM Wireless Channel Prediction by Exploiting Spatial-Temporal Correlation
Mekarapu Laxman Rao & P.Ramesh Reddy
Solar Tracking And Panel Position System
Y S Prasanna & Dr.P H V Sesha Talpa Sai
A Capacitor less LDO Regulator using Push–Pull Composite Power Transistor with A Sub-1 V Transient An Enhanced Output
G.Jaswanth & B.Munilakshmi
Modeling and Control of PV-WIND Hybrid Microgrid in Grid Connected and Isolated Modes
P J Mohana Rao & M Durga Prasada Rao
Embedded Microcontroller Using GPS as A Security Resource for Disable People
Gurijala Kiran Teja & V Ajay Kumar
Finite State Machine Based Vending Machine Controller with Auto-Billing Features
T.Rahul Dutt & K.Venkateshwarlu
Flow Chart Approach to Scalable Encryption Algorithm Design & Implementation
Lakshmi Madhuri Uppe & M Venkata Sirisha
Comparative study of different techniques for Time-Frequency Analysis
A.Vishwadhar & Mrs. Lavanya
Parallel multiplier-accumulator based on radix-2 modified Booth algorithm by using a VLSI architecture
Baile Shruthi & K Venkateswarlu
Detection and Classification of Exudates Using Morphological Processing& Artificial Neural Network in Color Retinal Images
A Navya Sree & B J Sunil
Design and Analysis of a Compact Reversible Ternary Systolic Array
V Navya Sree & K Venkateshwarlu
A Low Power Fault Tolerant Reversible Decoder Using Verilog HDL
Chintakindi Mahipal & P Anjaiah
Energy Efficient Code Converters Using Reversible Logic Gates
Gade Ujjwala & N Ramesh
Performance Evaluation Panda for Data Storage and Sharing Services in Cloud Computing
Gunnala Ajay Kumar, Mr.S Dilli Babu & Mr.M V Narayana
Evaluate BestPeer++ for Large-Scale Data Processing
Kodam Kamalakar, Mr.S Dilli Babu & Mr.M V Narayana
The Client Assignment Problem for Continuous DIA: Analysis, Algorithms, and Evaluation
Koraveni Vijay, Mr.S Dilli Babu & Mr.M V Narayana
An Optimal Policy that stabilises the queues and reduces deficit in Wireless networks.
Kondam Pooja & P.Dharshan
Implementation of Scalable and efficient service integrity verification framework for SaaS clouds which automatically enhance result quality.
J.Pranitha & G.Thirupathi Reddy
Protection of Outsourced Data using remotely verifying integrity of regeneration codes approach in Cloud Computing.
R.Malleshwari, P.Dharshan & G.Thirupathi Reddy
Byte level encryption and authentication algorithms for user data revocation in the cloud.
Jankar Archana Shahajirao & N.Ashok
Detecting functional and Performance issues in a network using Auto Test Packet generation
Ediga Sai Haritha & P.Dharshan
Secure data recovery method for decentralized DTNs where multiple key authorities manage their attributes Using CP-ABE
Peddapaka Anusha & P.Dharshan
Ring signatures based framework for verification of shared data in Cloud Computing Environment.
Vutlapalli Anil Kumar, P.Dharshan & G.Thirupathi Reddy
A pairwise, cross-layer, time-synchronization framework for mobile underwater sensor networks to estimate the doppler shift.
Mounika & P.Dharshan
Improving Online Security Using Graphical Password
Avinash Manne & P.Dharshan
An Efficient Overlay Routing Framework for Competent Resource Allocation
Mohd Rafi Ahmed & P.Dharshan
Two Phase Validation Protocol System for Trusted Transactions in Cloud Computing
Bandari Tirupathi & B.Ganesh